Rachel Zegler of "Snow White" condemns "Little Mermaid" critics who dislike Halle Bailey


Disney's live-action Snow White star Rachel Zegler had the perfect response to the criticism of Halle Bailey's The Little Mermaid. 

Portrait of Rachel Zegler and Halle Bailey 

Actress Rachel Zegler, who played Snow White, has spoken out in favour of Halle Bailey's choice to play Ariel in The Little Mermaid. 

Recently, Disney has made efforts to increase the number of live-action films that are based on their animated classics. 

Disney has continued to release animated features starring Lily James since 2015's Cinderella, with 2019's Aladdin and 2020's Mulan. 

Live-action remakes and reimaginings of these animation masterpieces sometimes work as direct remakes and sometimes place their own unique perspective on the original stories. 

While some audiences may question the need for live-action remakes of classic Disney films, others relish the chance to watch their favourite tales given the Disney touch with a modern budget. 

A live-action Hercules, The Little Mermaid, and Snow White are all under production at the moment. 

Ziegler will play the title role of Snow White opposite Gal Gadot. 

As Ariel, Bailey will take centre stage in the upcoming live-action adaptation of the 1989 Disney animation classic The Little Mermaid. 

Bailey has received racist vitriol since her casting because the studio chose to cast a Black actor in the part, and the criticism has only increased since Disney released a trailer for the film. 

Those who see themselves in Bailey's interpretation of the Disney princess have responded emotionally to the clip, and she has earned acclaim from fans and fellow actresses, including the original Ariel voice actor, Jodi Benson. 


The Little Mermaid's Original Ariel Actor Explains Why Casting Is Crucial 

Ziegler has joined the ranks of many who have taken to Twitter to show their approval of Bailey. 

A fan of Zegler's casting as Snow White but not Bailey's, who concluded their tweet with "#NotMyAriel," were quickly silenced by the new Disney star. 

Look at her pithy reply down here: 

Since Zegler has experienced criticism for her casting as Snow White while being Latina, her support of Bailey is an act of solidarity. 

It's inspiring that both performers can keep their cool in the face of criticism for bringing these classic characters to life for a new generation of fans. 

The new Disney princesses have shown that the royal franchise is in good hands, and it's inspiring to see the two women support one another despite the hatred directed at them. 

For every racist comment made about Bailey and Zegler, there is a strong show of support. 

As evidence, she recently posted a movie of her reactions to young girls of colour viewing her Little Mermaid clip with joy, showing that she has chosen to bask in the positivity rather than give in to the negativity. 

While Hollywood keeps making baby steps toward diversity in cinema and television, critics will always make themselves heard. This is why it's so crucial for actors of colour to support and stand with one other, as Zegler has done in Snow White. 

Audiences who see The Little Mermaid for themselves will quickly forget the criticism after witnessing Bailey's excellent performance in the Disney-released preview. 

For the first draught of Beauty and the Beast, Angelina Jolie was the model for Belle.


Paige O'Hara, who voiced Belle in Disney's 1991 animated classic Beauty and the Beast, has revealed that the princess's fashion choices were at first more Hollywood. 

In Beauty and the Beast, Belle brightens up her hometown. 

Paige O'Hara, who provided the voice of animated Belle in Disney's Beauty and the Beast, has revealed that the princess's appearance was drastically altered before being finalised. 

The animated musical masterpiece was directed by Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise and released in 1991, during Disney's Renaissance period. 

The lush and romantic Beauty and the Beast won over audiences of all ages, earning $440 million worldwide. 

The story of a young woman named Belle who yearns for adventure but must give up her freedom to save her eccentric father and who develops an unlikely friendship with her jailer, the Beast, was the inspiration for the film, which was based on a 1756 fairy tale by French author Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont. 

The 1991 animated film Beauty and the Beast was a critical and commercial success for Disney, and the company capitalised on the film's enduring popularity with a live-action remake starring Emma Watson in 2017. 

Earning over $1.2 billion at the box office, Watson's retelling of the classic character brought the princess into the modern world. 

The original Beauty and the Beast, the first animated film to be nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards, has had a greater and more enduring impact than any other film. 

Audiences adored the likeable, relatable Belle, but she almost had a very different appearance. 

A related concept is an idea that both "Beauty and the Beast" and "The Little Mermaid" take place simultaneously in history. 

The original voice of Belle, Paige O'Hara, is reportedly featured in the new Emily Zemler book Disney Princess: Beyond the Tiara. 

O'Hara claims in the book that the original concept art for Belle resembled Hollywood It Girl Angelina Jolie in terms of glitz and glamour. 

Here is what she says about it: 

Beautiful, in a way reminiscent of Angelina Jolie. 

I couldn't fathom how anyone could relate to such a character. 

You would admire her so much that you would put her up on a pedestal. 

Her appearance was altered by the animators. 

A touch of perfection would have been nice, but she was too good. 

Although Jolie had not yet been a household name at the time of the 1991 premiere of Beauty and the Beast, O'Hara's comparison to her shows the enticing appearance animators were originally looking for when they envisioned Belle. 

O'Hara is correct in saying that spectators wouldn't have been able to relate to a more glossy take on the heroic princess. 

Belle has the same kind of beauty as her other Disney princesses, but it's meant to be more every day because she plays a small-town heartthrob at the beginning of the film. 

Though the villagers in the opening song "Belle" gush over her beauty, Belle has trouble making friends and family members because of her odd behaviour, high IQ, and love of literature. 

Because of this difference, it is essential that Belle be lovely, but in a more low-key, daily way than the sophisticated, glam style that O'Hara depicts. 

Considering the film's impact on Disney's animation canon, it's safe to say the animators made the proper choice in updating Belle's appearance. 

What makes Belle and the other Disney princesses so wonderful, as O'Hara points out, is not that they are perfect, but rather that viewers can find aspects of themselves in them. 

It was Belle's compassion and yearning for a more fulfilled life that connected with fans at the time Beauty and the Beast were released, earning the film four Oscar nominations and a win for its stirring soundtrack. 

It's a relief that the animators went with their guts on Beauty and the Beast, which has become the norm for the mass appeal of recent Disney productions with its more mature take on a children's fairy tale. 

When Idris Elba said he wasn't interested in playing James Bond, producers shot back with a response.


When Bond actor Idris Elba said he didn't want to play 007, producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson responded. 

The actor Idris Elba, dressed in a suit and coat for his role as Luther, strikes a dramatic pose on a downtown street. 

Producers of the James Bond films address Idris Elba's rejection of the role of 007. 

In the climactic moments of 2021's No Time to Die, Daniel Craig's James Bond was slain in a spectacular explosion. 

This means that, for the first time in many years, the role of 007 is wide open. 

Of course, No Time to Die had already introduced a different 007 in the form of Lashana Lynch's Nomi, who briefly assumed the identity before handing it back to Bond. 

However, producers have effectively killed any hope of an actual woman playing James Bond 007. 

Now, any number of eligible male actors, including Tom Hardy, Henry Cavill, Richard Madden, James Norton, and Tom Hiddleston, might take over for Craig as Bond. 

See also: The Flaw in the Original Theory About James Bond's Face Changes. 

Elba is another option, and he's a favourite among Bond fans. 

If Elba were to take on the role of James Bond, he would make history as the first actor of non-white ethnicity to do so. 

Elba just eliminated himself from consideration, suggesting he has no desire to play James Bond 007. 

Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson don't appear to be fazed by Elba's comments. 

Mr Broccoli told Variety: 

Idris is a wonderful person, and we adore him. 

However, that time is still a few years away. 

And when we cast Bond, we're committing for ten or twelve years. 

So, he's probably debating whether or not he needs the item. 

Obviously, not everyone is up for that. 

The process of obtaining 

Moreover, Wilson mentioned that Craig was already in his 30s when he assumed the role of 007 in 2006's Casino Royale. 

Elba, on the other hand, is already 50 years old, so he would be in his sixties by the time he was ready to retire from the role of James Bond if he committed to portraying Bond for another ten years. 

It's also true that Elba seems to have emotionally moved on from all the chatter about him becoming Bond, despite the fact that it's been going on for years with no results. 

Even more recently, the actor said, "I have no more answers for it,” suggesting he is sick of being asked about Bond. 

Just "ah, don't ask me that," I always say. 

Of course, none of these completely rules out Elba as Bond in the future. 

One or both parties may be engaged in secret negotiations at the present time. 

However, Elba may be completely serious in his public comments and have no desire to play Bond. 

If Elba isn't available, there are plenty of other interesting actors waiting in the wings to meet with Broccoli and Wilson for an audition. 

The James Bond franchise has been going strong for sixty years, and the role of 007 still has significant attraction among performers. 

Doll Actress Declares Script the Best She's Ever Read

Star of the Barbie film franchise Emma Mackey says the script by Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach is "one of the greatest" she's ever read.

Dressed all in black, Emma Mackey of Sex Education wore a scarf over her black hair, and her inquisitive expression set the tone.

Actress Emma Mackey, who plays Barbie in the film, says the script is the best one she's ever read.
In 2009, Universal began brewing ideas for a film adaptation of the iconic Mattel doll brand Barbie.
There have been rumours over the years that Amy Schumer and Anne Hathaway might star as Barbie.

Nonetheless, Barbie's future was not set in stone until 2019 when the brand was transferred to Warner Bros.
It was rumoured in July of that year that Margot Robbie would play Barbie.
It was also announced that screenwriters Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach would be involved.
Finally, in 2021, it was announced that Gerwig, who had been nominated for an Oscar, would be directing the picture.
Early in 2022, Ryan Gosling was cast as Ken, completing the Barbie cast.

Since the confirmation of Robbie and Gosling as the leads, further cast members have been announced.
Mackey, star of Sex Education, has a secret part in the Barbie movie.
Mackey just spoke with Total Film (via GamesRadar) about the Barbie script, and he had nothing but praise for Gerwig and Baumbach.
She remarked, "It's pretty special," and continued, "It's one of the best scripts all of us have read."

That one of the film's actresses would sing the praises of Gerwig and Baumbach's work on the Barbie storyline is, of course, not unexpected.
After all, Gerwig has been nominated for an Academy Award for her writing twice: in 2018 for Lady Bird and again in 2020 for her adaptation of Little Women.
Both The Squid and the Whale (2006) and Marriage Story (2020) earned Baumbach writing nominations for the Academy Awards.

Having Gerwig and Baumbach receive their third Oscar nomination for creating the screenplay of a film based on a doll line would be very bizarre.
But if you take Mackey at his word, the two authors' efforts on Barbie are admirable enough to merit such high praise.
Of course, facts on the narrative of Barbie are scarce, but it has been established that the story involves numerous Barbies and Kens, suggesting that the film is not a typical attempt to mine expensive IP for the sake of humorous screenplay.
Involvement from Robbie and Gosling alone automatically raises the film's profile above that of your average popcorn flick.
When the movie is out, people will be able to see for themselves whether or not Mackey is correct in her evaluation of Barbie. 

New Concept Art Shows Off the Powerless Multiverse Version of Doctor Strange 2

Ancient Doctor Strange 

Concept art from the Multiverse of Madness features an unpowered Strange variation who appears to be dressed as a lowly street magician. 

Dr Strange, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, is depicted in concept art wearing a fez and a ridiculous street magician's costume. 

Concept art for Doctor Strange 2 includes Melvyn, a street magician version of Doctor Strange who was cut from the final film. 

The arrival of the much-anticipated Doctor Strange sequel in 2022 marked a turning point for the MCU's cosmos. 

The chaotic thriller by director Sam Raimi was highlighted by a fight between Elizabeth Olson's surprisingly nasty Scarlet Witch and Benedict Cumberbatch's Stephen Strange. 

However, Raimi, the famed director of Evil Dead, wasn't always planned to helm Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness. 

There was talk of Scott Derrickson reprising his dual roles as writer and director for the Doctor Strange sequel. 

However, Derrickson eventually left the project for personal reasons, prompting Raimi to replace him. 

Since Raimi took over for Derrickson, many things have changed for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. 

After the filmmaker left the project, at least one really funny notion by Derrickson fell by the wayside. 

During this meeting, Stephen Strange would have encountered one of his own variants, a kind street magician named Melvyn, as described in the official Doctor Strange 2 audio commentary starring Raimi, writer Michael Waldron, and producer Richie Palmer. 

Finally, thanks to concept drawings provided by Darrell Warner, fans have a glimpse of what Melvyn Strange might have looked like in the early stages of development. 

Check out the funny and wacky illustration below: 

According to the audio commentary for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the first Marvelous Melvyn was an unpowered version of the character who had a "sweet, enlightening" conversation with Strange Prime. 

However, it was ultimately decided that the villainous Sinister Strange should replace this likeable version of Strange in the final cut. 

If the above concept art is any indication, it would have been great to see Benedict Cumberbatch dress up as Melvyn Strange and play a much kinder and milder-mannered version of Strange than what fans are used to seeing. 

The actual Strange isn't necessarily the most appealing figure, even if he's not bad per such. He can be bossy, if not downright arrogant. 

Seeing this entertaining Melvyn Strange concept art simply helps to remind us of how many fantastic ideas are conceived throughout a film's protracted production process but do not make it into the final product. 

Maybe another Marvel Cinematic Universe film will give Marvelous Melvyn his due. 

The overstuffed and fairly dark Doctor Strange 2 that Raimi and colleagues finally delivered left little room for this playful and ludicrous idea. 

Every Piece of Information Regarding Marvel's Thunderbolts Film


Now that a Thunderbolts film is actually being made for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, find out what we know about the film's plot, actors, and release date. 

Thunderbolts team members in split screen 

Here's all we know about Marvel's Thunderbolts so far, including the cast, the release date, and the plot, despite years of rumours to the contrary. 

Marvel Studios has a long history of looking to the independent film community for directors, and with the casting of Jake Schreier to helm the Thunderbolts feature, that trend will continue. 

The long-rumoured project will eventually become canon after announcements at SDCC and the D23 Expo in 2022. 

Fans of Marvel films had long hypothesised that the Thunderbolts would make an appearance in the MCU, long before the film's existence was confirmed and the actors announced. 

Part of this is due to Valentina Allegra de Fontaine's subtle recruitment strategy throughout The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Black Widow, and part of it is due to the stalwart presence of Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier, who audiences believe deserves more of a leadership role than what he has been given to date. 

The introduction of morally ambiguous new characters, Marvel's darker tone in Phase 3, and the commercial success of DC's The Suicide Squad all lent credence to the rumour that a Thunderbolts film would be in the works. 

To be expected from a Marvel Studios production, the Thunderbolts MCU film will diverge significantly from the Marvel Comics source material. 

However, many of the film's key players have already been confirmed, and much of the necessary infrastructure for a Thunderbolts movie has already been built in the MCU behind the scenes. 

Read on to find out all the details regarding the upcoming Marvel film Thunderbolts. 

In the comic books, the Thunderbolts are an organisation of former bad guys who have become good. 

Baron Zemo formed the original team when the Avengers were eliminated, but the public didn't know that the new Thunderbolts were truly his Masters of Evil. 

However, as time progresses, the Thunderbolts come to appreciate the attention they receive as heroes and do away with Zemo as their commander. 

Just like every other comic book super team, the Thunderbolts have gone through several rosters and leadership changes over the years. 

The Thunderbolts have always had a more morally ambiguous reputation than the Avengers, and this hasn't changed. 

Over the years, the Thunderbolts comic book team has had a steady stream of new recruits join the ranks. 

However, several actors who have appeared in (or left) the Marvel Cinematic Universe have ties to the comic book team. 

This includes former Thunderbolts team leaders including Sebastian Stan's Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier, Daniel Brühl's Baron Zemo, Jeremy Renner's Clint Barton/Hawkeye, Mike Colter's Luke Cage, Vincent D'Onofrio's Wilson Fisk/Kingpin, and Norman Osborn/Green Goblin (Willem Dafoe). 

The official cast of Marvel's Thunderbolts was announced at the 2022 D23 Expo, therefore most of these are unlikely to show up. 

Bucky Barnes, Yelena Belova (Floriane Pugh), Red Guardian (David Harbour), Taskmaster (Olga Kurylenko), John Walker/U.S. Agent (Wyatt Russell), Ava/Ghost (Hannah John-Kamen), and Contessa Val (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) are the members of the Thunderbolts. 

While more comic book characters may make cameo appearances or be introduced to the team in the future, for the time being, this is the core MCU Thunderbolts lineup. 

The Thunderbolts script is still in the works, and at this time we know very little about the film's plot. 

Still, the MCU can take a number of different approaches. 

Considering how the events of "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" left the door open for more of Baron Zemo in the future, it's not out of the question that the MCU may adapt the comics' version of the team's origin narrative, in which Zemo recruits a band of villains dressed as heroes. 

Now that Contessa Val is involved and Baron Zemo appears to be playing both sides (though he has been conspicuously absent from announcements), it seems more likely that Marvel will skip the villain beginnings and make the squad outright antiheroes and other heroes who have fallen from favour. 

It's unknown what they would encounter, but it wouldn't be surprising if the plot of the Thunderbolts movie was established in at least one Disney+ programme. 

Director Jake Schreier was named for the 2022 Thunderbolts film, and Black Widow's Eric Pearson is writing the story. 

Production on the film is scheduled to kick up in the summer of 2023, with a tentative release date of July 26, 2024. 

Marvel has a full slate of projects and a busy release schedule, which means that plans for the future may shift, but hopefully won't. 

Marvel's Thunderbolts has a special place at the end of Phase 5 since it stars characters who have been presented extensively but marks the foundation of a brand new team. 

So, it will be a major watershed moment for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Hot and heavy: an exclusive clip from Ruth Wilson's new film True Things


A new film, True Things, stars Ruth Wilson and Tom Burke in a risky affair, and Screen Rant has an exclusive clip from the film to share with you. 

The True Things Role of Ruth Wilson 

True Things, a spicy and thought-provoking new film, opens in cinemas across the United States on September 9. Screen Rant is proud to provide an exclusive clip from the film. 

From the best-selling novel by Deborah Kay Davies, "True Things About Me," the film is adapted by co-writers Molly Davies and Harry Wootliff (Only You), who also serves as the film's director. 

Starring Ruth Wilson (Luther, His Dark Materials), Tom Burke (The Musketeers), Hayley Squires (The Essex Serpent), Frank McCusker (The Tudors), and Ann Firbank, the picture is a blazing psychological thriller (Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker). 

Wilson plays Kate, a lady who is sleepwalking through life at her mundane office job in the film True Things. 

She has an intense sexual experience with a stranger (Burke) at work, who both challenges and excites her in ways that her routine life cannot. 

Kate's attraction to this mystery man grows quickly, and the thrill of a new connection with someone so exciting and interesting propels her onto a path that could ultimately destroy her emotionally. 

The wild side of Kate is revealed in this exclusive clip from Screen Rant. 

During a heated argument in the car, Kate takes off her clothing and becomes physically hostile toward her date, Rob (Tom Weston-Jones). 

But her friends aren't too keen on the idea, so Kate ends up walking home alone, feeling rejected and bewildered. 

In the complete video embedded below: 

The protagonist of True Things is an outcast who struggles mightily against the gender and social expectations placed upon her. 

It delves into the dangers that women like Kate confront when trying to live up to society's expectations of their gendered roles. 

Audiences are left to discover for themselves how her trip concludes, but it's an adventure well worth pursuing. 

In addition to Attack on Finland, The Royal, and The Art of Love, Samuel Goldwyn Films has released a number of other titles that are sure to appeal to moviegoers. 

In addition to True Things, the documentary Blind Ambition, about Zimbabwean exiles who become competitive wine tasters, will also be released in September. 

Next month, they will also release in theatres in the United States Possession, a horror film directed by Norwegian filmmaker Henrik M. Dahlsbakken. 

After making its world premiere at last year's Venice International Film Festival, True Things will finally hit theatres in the United States on September 9. 

Despite the fact that Darling's reviews are consistently negative, you shouldn't let it get you down.

Despite all the positive buzz surrounding Olivia Wilde's Don't Worry Darling, the picture has received generally poor reviews from critics ever since its screening at a film festival. 

Relax, Sweetheart. 

Review Website With a 100% Failure Rate: Rotten Tomatoes 

Considering the impressive cast of Don't Worry Darling, it has been met with a surprisingly high percentage of unfavourable reviews. 

Booksmart, Olivia Wilde's debut feature as a director, was well received and sparked interest in her foray into the genres of dark drama and suburbia horror. 

Don't Worry Darling, which premiered at the Venice Film Festival, has received less enthusiastic reviews than some of Wilde's other films. 

Considering the talent of Florence Pugh and Harry Styles, what went wrong with the film? 

Alice (Pugh), a 1950s suburban housewife living with her husband Jack (Styles), begins to suspect that things are not what they appear in the beginning of Don't Worry Darling. 

This thriller boasts an A-list ensemble including Chris Pine, Gemma Chan, and Nick Kroll. 

Moreover, it has been mired in controversy, with rumours of a dispute between Olivia Wilde and Florence Pugh, accusations of dismissal from the film by Shia LaBeouf, and an apparent spitting incident between Harry Styles and Chris Pine at the premiere. 

Contextualized: The Debate Over Don't Worry, Darling and Its Rating 

Listen to Harry Styles's "Don't Worry, Darling" 

Don't Worry Darling initially generated a lot of buzz due to the impressive cast and promising trailers, but it has since been met with a slew of critically poor reviews. 

Don't Worry Darling has a 43% on Rotten Tomatoes with an average reviewer score of 5.3 out of 10. 

Reviews have been mixed, although the most common complaints centre around Olivia Wilde's direction, the movie's muddled plot and themes, the film's plodding pace, and Harry Styles' acting. 

Here are some excerpts from the reviews that have been critical of Don't Worry Darling: 

It's in The Guardian. 

"The picture, directed by Olivia Wilde, haughtily steals plot concepts and characters from other movies without investigating their success. 

It ruins its own ending by revealing it, demonstrating the necessity for extensive rewriting to address inconsistencies and other issues with a brilliantly ridiculous twist-reveal." 

Club de Audiovisual 

"In the 1990s, before Truman unlocked the prison cell or Neo ingested the red pill, Don't Worry Darling would have been seen as moderately controversial. 

Wilde's picture, however, grafts these ideas onto a banal, you-go-girl structure that, alas, feels all too basic." 


"Saying "Don't Worry, Darling" has a twist is a stretch because it is so obviously not set in a wholesome 1950s suburb. 

Like the picture itself, it begins off well before collapsing into puzzling storytelling decisions that are made worse by the disgusting intents behind them." 


With his flat line delivery and lack of contrast in his interactions with Pugh, "Harry Styles doesn't feel up to the material here." 

Every Day Weird 

"Styles has trouble keeping up with [Florence Pugh's] all-in fervour. 

A scene in which the singer sobs in the car after a very heated argument with Pugh is more replete with crocodile tears than Charlie Sheen's being dragged away from his office by the police at the conclusion of Wall Street (not to mention, his bastardised British accent is distracting)." 

Why You Should See Don't Worry, Darling with Florence Pugh 

Critics think there are positive aspects to Don't Worry Darling, despite the film's generally poor reaction and the issue of whether Harry Styles actually spit on Chris Pine at the premiere. 

Reviews have unanimously praised Florence Pugh, saying her performance is the best in the film. 

Many have praised cinematographer Matthew Libatique for his work on the film. 

Some of the better things said about Don't Worry, Darling include the following: 

In Conclusion 

Pugh's performance as a woman who won't be gaslit but may find that the alternatives are far terrible anchors the film with her expertly balanced blend of ferocity and scepticism. 

The U.S.A. Today 

"As she has done in previous works such as "Black Widow," "Midsommar," and others, Pugh improves the quality of every project she is a part of; this is especially important as the plot thickens. 

She expertly conveys Alice's wide range of emotions, from constant doting to paranoid conspiracy theorist and back again, making joy and fear feel remarkably real even in a waxwork world." 

Rock & Roll 

And it is unquestionably beautiful, with cinematography by Matthew Libatique, production design by Katie Byron, and costume design by Arianne Phillips that creates a ring-a-ding '50s fantasy world that is hard not to be beguiled by. 

Daily News of Los Angeles 

"Perhaps Wilde's most eye-catching visual flourish is a homage to the colourful dancing displays... 

These dizzying, fleeting images contribute to a mounting sense of temporal dislocation and support the prevailing impression of a male-orchestrated society in which women exist primarily for the sake of display." 

Don't Worry Darling has received mixed to positive reviews, with most critics saying the film is only slightly below average. 

Many things are criticised while others are praised; for example, Florence Pugh's performance and photography are praised while Styles' acting and Wilde's direction are criticised. 

The critical consensus is that Don't Worry Darling isn't that terrific, despite all the hoopla around the film. 

Yet, after the film is released to the masses, opinions may diverge widely. 

John Boyega's Reasons for Not Wanting the Role of James Bond

John Boyega, speaking after Daniel Craig's departure in No Time to Die, gives his reasons for not wanting to be the next James Bond. 

Boyega, John 

In this case, James Bond 

John Boyega explains why he does not believe he will replace Daniel Craig as James Bond. 

The Bond film series has been a box office hit since its inception in the early 1960s, and a number of actors have since played the iconic role. 

For Daniel Craig, who took over the role of James Bond in Casino Royale in 2006, his final film as Bond was 2016's No Time to Die. 

The film's conclusion marked a first for the series, as Bond heroically gave his life to protect his loved ones and the world. 

It has been speculated upon who would succeed Daniel Craig as James Bond ever since his final departure from the series. 

Tom Hardy, Tom Hiddleston, Idris Elba, and Richard Madden were all frequently fan-cast as James Bond before Daniel Craig left the series. 

The next Bond will be a "complete reinvention," as stated by producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson, but the identity of the actors competing for the role remains a mystery. 

One month after expressing interest in playing James Bond, Boyega now reveals why he thinks it's highly unlikely that he would get the role. 

Correspondingly, Does James Bond's Age Really Matter in 2022? 

Boyega initially resists the idea of aggressively contending for the role of Bond, citing his race as a big factor, in a recent interview on Josh Horowitz's Happy Sad Confused podcast. 

The actor reveals that he is suspicious of any Black actor playing Bond and that it would be "extremely unexpected" to him if the company went that path. 

Read on for Boyega's entire response to a question about the role: 

"I'm sorry, but I can't help it; I'm Black. 

I don't know how things work out when you're Black. 

Since you are a white male, it is natural for you to have experienced life primarily through the lens of your race. 

For you, that's the norm. 

The term "Black Bond" makes me go "Oh, OK." 

Just saying: yeah, I don't necessarily believe it, but if that's what they're doing, then okay, that is extremely shocking to me." 

Despite the franchise's 60 years of existence and the dozens of actors who have played Bond over the years, all of them have been white guys. 

Although No Time to Die broke new ground by casting Lashana Lynch as the first Black and first female to adopt the 007 designations, only white men have ever portrayed James Bond on screen. 

Boyega's comments reflect his scepticism, but they also come as fans have urged Elba to play the role despite the actor's lack of enthusiasm. 

Producers have stated that the next Bond film will be a "totally new depiction of the character," leaving the door open for the first time for an actor of a non-white ethnicity to play the role. 

Lynch's inclusion in No Time To Die was a significant step toward increasing the franchise's diversity, but it is uncertain if the actor would reprise his role in future instalments. 

Boyega has expressed serious doubts about being selected as James Bond, but he hasn't walked back his enthusiasm in the job, so he's still in the running. 

Post-Reunion Photos From "Top Gun 2" Don't Show Any Sign Of Rooster And Hangman's Rivalry From The Film.

Co-Production of Top Gun and Maverick 

The feud between Rooster and Hangman is resolved when Miles Teller and Glen Powell work together again. 

Miles Teller and Glen Powell 

Reunited in Top Gun 2 

An updated photo of Miles Teller and Glen Powell shows that the on-screen tension between their characters, Rooster and Hangman, from Top Gun: Maverick isn't real. 

In the sequel to Top Gun, Tom Cruise reprised one of his most recognisable roles. 

In Top Gun: Maverick, directed by Joseph Kosinski, the heroic pilot goes back to TOPGUN Academy to lead a fresh mission with a group of his fellow students.

Although Maverick was the primary protagonist, Top Gun: Maverick also included a number of new Navy recruits who were meant to symbolise the next generation of great pilots. 

Rooster and Hangman are two of them. 

It's easy to draw parallels between their dynamic at the beginning of the film and that of Maverick and Iceman when they were TOPGUN trainees. 

The young pilots in the Top Gun sequel all brought something unique to the Navy and the job at hand, but they found a way to cooperate and maybe even become friends by the end. 

On the other hand, Teller and Powell don't appear to have ever had any rivalry with one another. 

They demonstrated this in a photo Teller posted to his verified Twitter account showing the two of them reuniting at a recent event. 

Co-stars from Top Gun: Maverick pose for a photo together, with the Rooster actor making a reference to their respective roles from the Top Gun film series in the photo's caption. 

Have a look at this picture of Teller: 

The job of Rooster in Top Gun: Maverick eventually went to Teller, but not before Powell tried out for it. 

Nevertheless, Cruise was so impressed by the Set It Up actor that he worked something out to have him appear in the sequel. 

Powell has been forthright about the situation, and he never gave any indication that he was bitter about his co-star being cast in the position he had hoped for. 

Well, things turned out okay in the end. 

Teller gave a fantastic performance as the younger Bradshaw, emulating Goose's famous Great Balls of Fire act from the original film. 

Powell, meantime, was equally fantastic in the role of the arrogant Hangman. 

Despite having a smaller part than his co-star, he managed to steal the show in virtually every scene. 

Some even contend that Hangman is the rightful successor to Maverick. 

The antagonistic triumvirate of Hangman and Rooster put aside their differences and worked together to achieve a shared objective in the final moments of Top Gun: Maverick. 

Both made it through the ordeal unscathed, and with talk of a Top Gun 3 becoming louder by the day thanks to Kosinski's film's popularity, it's likely that they'll play the leads in the sequel, with Cruise may be taking a backseat. 

The fact that Teller and Powell get along so well bodes well for Paramount's future action series, since the two actors may end up working closely together in the years to come. 

Disagreements within the star-studded cast are hinted at in two new images from the series "Knives Out."

The all-star cast of Knives Out 2 is seen in fresh photos that hint at tensions within the group. 

In the film Knives Out 2, starring Kate Hudson, Leslie Odom Jr., and Kathryn Hahn, the three of them may be seen looking intently at a mobile device. 

In a fresh trio of first-look pictures for Knives Out 2, things are heating up. 

Rian Johnson, director of the epic space opera The Last Jedi, shifted gears to direct the murder mystery Knives Out. 

The star-studded 2019 movie ended up being a huge success, earning $311 million throughout the world. 

Having signed on with Netflix, Johnson is prepared to turn Knives Out into a full-fledged franchise, bringing back many of the offbeat characters from the first film, including Daniel Craig's investigator Benoit Blanc. 

Knives Out's success can be attributed in large part to the calibre of its cast, which will be replicated in the sequel, which will be called Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. 

Craig is joined by a slew of A-listers in the sequel, including Edward Norton, Janelle Monae, Kathryn Hahn, Leslie Odom Jr., Jessica Henwick, Madeline Cline, Kate Hudson, and Ethan Hawke. 

Empire has released three new first looks for Knives Out 2, giving fans a glimpse at some of the film's biggest names in action. 

The new photographs are missing Craig, but they do feature Bautista, Norton, Hahn, Odom Jr., Hudson, and Monae. 

Look at the pictures down here: 

Multiple Visuals: 3 

The stars of Knives Out 2, Kate Hudson, Leslie Odom Jr., and Kathryn Hahn, are all mesmerised by their phones. 

Knives Out 2 features a tense stare-down between Ed Norton and Dave Bautista. 

In Knives Out 2, Janelle Monae and Kathryn Hahn get into an altercation. 

The first picture shows Birdie Jay (Hudson), Lionel Toussaint (Odom), and Claire Debella (Hahn) looking at a very exciting phone. 

Then, in a very heated stare-down, Bautista's Duke Cody and Norton's Miles Bron look each other dead in the eye. 

Finally, Claire (Hahn) and Cassandra (Monae) Brand (Andi) get into it. 

We can see from these pictures that interpersonal conflicts will play a significant role in Glass Onion. 

That's hardly shocking because the original Knives Out was all about the drama that ensued among a large, rich family with questionable ethics. 

Casting is undoubtedly the most important aspect of any film, and with Knives Out 2, Johnson appears to have done an excellent job creating a cast that will keep viewers entertained with their portrayal of a bunch of people that are always bickering with one another. 

In addition to Craig's Benoit Blanc, the murder mystery plot was essential to Knives Out. 

It remains to be seen how the hostile characters of Glass Onion become involved in a mystery. 

However, fans may have been given a helping hand by Johnson, who has said that the film Last of Sheila had a major influence on him. 

Of course, Agatha Christie was also an influence on Knives Out 2, with Johnson intending to repeat the success of the first film while confounding certain audience expectations. 

Multiple Batmen in Aquaman 2: A Teaser In other words, Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa has hinted that, in light of Ben Affleck's comeback, there may be more than one Batman in his next DCEU sequel Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. 

Possible Inclusion of More Batman in Aquaman 2 

Jason Momoa has dropped hints that the next Aquaman sequel, "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom," may have a Batmen crossover. 

Fans were crazy with James Wan's Aquaman film in 2018 thanks to its ridiculous humour, colourful visuals, and nonstop action. 

Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, and Nicole Kidman all played significant parts in the film that featured Momoa as Arthur Curry. 

After the incredible success of DCEU's first film to earn over $1 billion at the box office, Aquaman, a sequel was promptly greenlit with Wan and Momoa returning. 

While interest in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has always been great, it spiked once Momoa announced that Ben Affleck will reprise his role as Batman. 

Although Momoa has been mum on plot elements involving Affleck's character in Aquaman 2, he has said that it was great to work with Affleck again. 

The release date of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has been pushed back from March to December 2023 as a result of the WB Discovery merger, which will not affect Ben Affleck's involvement in the film but may result in other modifications. 

See also: Essential News About Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom 

Now, at the Red Carpet event for the finale of his Apple TV+ series, he's talking to AP about it. 

See, Momoa seems to be hinting that Aquaman 2 will include more than one Batmen. 

The actor makes no hard assertions but makes light of the situation by joking that fans have limited information and that Batman's presence in Aquaman 2 maybe even smaller than anticipated. 

Take a look at what he has to say below. 

Regarding the reunion, I am not at liberty to share any details. 

It's possible he won't show there, and there may be anywhere from one to a dozen Batmen. 

Who can say? 

You are limited in your knowledge. 

Before Affleck's involvement was announced, rumours circulated that Michael Keaton's Batman would appear in Aquaman 2. 

Apparently, Keaton's Caped Crusader made a cameo in the test screenings, but viewers were confused as to where exactly Keaton's Batman fit into the overall narrative. 

Since then, fans have debated whether or not Aquaman 2 has both Batmen, or whether or not Affleck has replaced Keaton as Batman (which was the more plausible scenario prior to Momoa's statements). 

However, things are made more difficult by his new taunt. 

If Aquaman 2 takes place after The Flash, then having many Batmen in the film makes logical, given fans have known for some time that the DCEU universe will be revealed in that film. 

But in the midst of the constant reshuffling of the DCEU release calendar, it is difficult to identify the initial intention for Aquaman 2, since the film has been planned to premiere both before and after The Flash. 

Since the new release date is after that, the multiverse may be used to cast both Keaton and Affleck in the film. 

Nonetheless, the DCEU's long-term commitment to a certain Batman remains unclear; ideally, this will become clearer as the release of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom approaches. 

Director of "Prey" Amber Midthunder explains why she was cast in "Predator."

Director of "Prey," Dan Trachtenberg, describes his immediate confidence in casting Amber Midthunder for "Predator" and why she was so suitable for the role. 


Director Dan Trachtenberg of Prey reveals why he thought Amber Midthunder was the right choice to play the title role in his film adaptation of Predator, which is now receiving widespread acclaim. 

The character of strong mutant Kerry Loudermilk, who shared a body with mutant scientist Bill Irwin, propelled Midthunder to fame in the first place. This role appeared in the FX X-Men spinoff series Legion. 

The 25-year-old actor has also acted in shows including Roswell, New Mexico on The CW, the second adaptation of Melinda Metz's science fiction drama books, and the Netflix action thriller The Ice Road. 

Naru, played by Midthunder, is a brave Comanche woman in Prey who is eager to show her worth as a warrior and puts her talents to the test when a terrible and dangerous extraterrestrial menace emerges and begins hunting down the people she loves. 

Dakota Beavers, Michelle Thrush, Stormee Kipp, Julian Black Antelope, and Bennett Taylor join Midthunder in the cast of the Predator prequel film. Dane DiLiegro plays the role of the original film's famous adversary. 

Director of the Predator picture, Dan Trachtenberg, looks back on the one thing he knew would be a hit from the beginning, and how it led to worldwide accolades for the film's Indigenous casting, Trachtenberg's direction, and Midthunder's performance. Prey premiered on Hulu earlier this month. 

When asked about the making of Prey, director Dan Trachtenberg spoke with The Filmcast. 

The Predator film's director discussed his decision to cast Amber Midthunder as heroine Naru, recalling how he knew she was the right choice the first time they met. 

Please read on to see what Trachtenberg has to say: 

Sincerely, I had already made up my mind the moment we had first met. 

Before the outbreak, we held an online audition using either Zoom or FaceTime. 

She did a fantastic job, and I found out that in addition to being a casting director, her mom also performs stunts. 

And I thought, "Oh, yeah, it must be a part of the equation for her," since her dad is an actor and he's extremely muscular. 

After that, there was a chemical quiz. 

To sum up, we're talking about an audition with a touch more rigour. 

She tried out three alternative interpretations of a conversation she might have with her mother. 

She performed it verbally in both English and Comanche, and then again without using words at all. 

That's something I'm familiar with doing. 

No, I've never done it for an audition, but I have for scenes in productions I've been a part of. 

It was fascinating to try to act out a scenario with speech without the benefit of actual words. 

And that's why the movie relies so much on visual storytelling rather than dialogue. 

Then there was the physical aspect; we brought in a stunt coordinator and set up an obstacle course to observe their movement. 

Much of the entertainment in an action film comes from the character's actions on the screen. 

That intrigued me, and upon closer inspection, I saw that her emphasis on physical activity was more than simply a means to an end; rather, her endless running, crawling, and leaping served as a means to an end—a means to further develop the tale she was telling. 

I guess that proves what I suspected all along. 

Starring Amber Midthunder, Naru is the focus of the film Prey. 

Prey, like Mad Max: Fury Road, was a far more subdued affair than the first Arnold Schwarzenegger Predator movie, preferring to let the suspense develop and the action do the talking. 

Some viewers were let down by the absence of memorable catchphrases in the prequel, but the film has received widespread acclaim for its strong character development, especially in regard to Midthunder's Naru, who is consistently ranked as one of the finest female action heroes. 

Trachtenberg's comments on Prey's casting process are consistent with Midthunder's earlier statements on the film's pre-production, namely the extensive training regimen he through in preparation for the film's action sequences. 

Prey may have only been the beginning of Amber Midthunder's meteoric climb to fame, which is expected to continue unabated thanks to the success of the Predator picture. 

Despite widespread speculation that she has been cast as Princess Yue in Netflix's live-action Avatar: The Last Airbender series, the actor has been tight-lipped about the status of her involvement in the project. 

In the meanwhile, fans of Midthunder's performance as Naru in Prey may watch the show on Hulu right now. 

The latest Black Adam poster offers our best look so yet at Pierce Brosnan in the role of Doctor Fate.

In anticipation of the imminent release of Black Adam, a poster has been released that focuses on Doctor Fate and provides fans with a clearer look at Pierce Brosnan in his role as the formidable figure. 


In a brand-new image that highlights Doctor Fate, DC Extended Universe (DCEU) fans are getting their finest look yet at Pierce Brosnan's portrayal of the character Black Adam. 

Teth-Adam, also known as Black Adam, is the titular anti-hero of the upcoming film. He has been freed from imprisonment almost 5,000 years after receiving his powers from the Egyptian gods, and he is now attempting to unleash his own form of equity on the world while attracting the attention of the Justice Society of America. 

In addition to Johnson and Brosnan, the film also stars Aldis Hodge, Noah Centineo, Sarah Shahi, Marwan Kenzari, and Quintessa Swindell. It is scheduled to be released in theatres on October 21, 2022. 

Fans of the comics are probably already familiar with Brosnan's character, Kent Nelson. Nelson is a powerful sorcerer who wears the magical Helmet of Fate, which was given to him by the ancient entity Nabu. Nelson is also a founding member of the Justice Society of America. Brosnan portrayed Nelson in the film Justice Society of America. 

Throughout the course of his publishing history, Nelson/Doctor Fate has faced a variety of challenges related to Nabu's eventual attempts to seize control of his body. Additionally, he has made cameo appearances as a guide to a number of other well-known heroes. 

Brosnan alluded to the fearsome nature of Doctor Fate during a recent conversation in which he discussed his participation with Black Adam. In this conversation, Brosnan said that Doctor Fate had the ability to teleport, see the future, and revive the dead. 

Now, Johnson, who has been aggressively pushing Black Adam across social media since production began more than a year ago, has turned to Twitter to share the first official character poster for Doctor Fate's appearance in the series. 

The actor acknowledged Brosnan's performance in the part before writing that "Fate does not make errors," which is a quote from Kent Nelson. 

Below, you can view the brand-new poster that features Doctor Fate that was just released: 


Brosnan has previously explained how he was able to provide input for the character's costume design, which is prominently displayed on the poster. He noted that director Jaume Collet-Serra was great to work with and would send him different ideas. Brosnan has also previously explained how he was able to provide input for the character's weapon design, which is prominently displayed on the poster. 

In a different interview that took place not so long ago, Collet-Serra discussed the reasoning for his decision to cast Brosnan as Doctor Fate. He explained that he needed someone who could infuse the role with a sense of moderation. 

He then went on to say that Brosnan is "one of the coolest individuals in the world," after remarking that it would take a "unique actor" to play the role of Fate. 

In addition to continuing to provide new information on Black Adam, Johnson has also publicly lauded Brosnan's performance, which has added to the enthusiasm of the fans. 

Those who are familiar with the character and the original source material are probably excited to see how the upcoming film portrays Doctor Fate and the Justice Society of America. 

However, as seen by this poster, DC Comics has at least been able to effectively adapt the comic book version of Doctor Fate's look for the big screen. 

Black Adam will be released in cinemas this autumn, and viewers who are interested in learning more about the character and Brosnan's portrayal of him should make it a point to go watch it then. 

This fan poster for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker imagines the ending that we all deserve.

A new fan poster for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker imagines a different conclusion to the film, one in which the ghosts of those who died in the line of duty stand up against the terrible Emperor Palpatine. 

Star Wars 

The Ascension of Skywalker, Luke, and Palpatine's Ghost Force 

A new fan poster for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker depicts an alternate ending to the film that the fan thinks should have really been used. 

After Disney's acquisition of Lucasfilm in 2012, fans were overjoyed to learn that Star Wars: Episode VII will be produced, but the film studio has encountered more than a few challenges in attempting to extend the series through theatrical releases. 

Although The Force Awakens was met with generally favorable reviews, the film is frequently referred to be a reimagining of A New Hope. 

After that point, things went from bad to worse, with The Last Jedi being the most polarising Star Wars picture to date and The Rise of Skywalker garnering mediocre reviews at best. Things only got worse from there. 

After what seemed to be his death at the conclusion of Return of the Jedi at the hands of Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine's appearance in The Rise of Skywalker was one of the most contentious aspects of the novel. 

Many people were upset that Snoke was eliminated from the story in The Last Jedi without them getting to know more about his character, and that the major antagonist in The Rise of Skywalker was a clone of Palpatine who had the consciousness of the original Sith Lord. 

The conclusion of the sequel trilogy is sometimes criticized for being unsatisfying, despite the fact that the battle between Rey and Palpatine was a magnificent visual spectacle. 

A new fan poster imagines that the Force ghosts of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Yoda, and Mace Windu truly emerge in the third and final act of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Rey heard the voices of numerous departed Jedi, including Yoda and Mace Windu, among several others. 

Along with the poster, the user Italian creative also suggests an alternate ending in which Luke Skywalker, Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, and Qui-Gon Jinn all have a role in helping to destroy Palpatine once and for all. 

Below is the artist's original poster, as well as their concept for the story: 

If figures like Qui-Gon Jinn, Anakin, and the others seen in the artwork above had returned to assist Rey, it is plausible that it might have been lambasted for being nothing more than fan service. 

Since a lot of people think that Palpatine was brought back as the main villain to make up for what Rian Johnson accomplished in The Last Jedi, it's feasible that injecting the conclusion with even more fan service wouldn't have been received very well by audiences. 

In addition, as Force ghosts are often unable to have an effect on the material world, with the exception of a brief sequence including Yoda in The Last Jedi, it is uncertain how much assistance Force ghosts would have been able to offer Rey had they been present. 

It would have made sense for them to make an appearance to Rey before she battles one of the most powerful figures in the Star Wars galaxy, even if they wouldn't have been able to assist combat Palpatine. 

It was unquestionably a wise financial decision to merely feature these performers' voices instead of paying them to physically film scenes for on-screen appearances because doing so saved a significant amount of money. 

Having said that, it would have been quite the show to have so many beloved characters return as Force ghosts in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, even if their appearances weren't absolutely necessary to the plot of the movie as a whole.