What Frank did and why he shot himself in Barbarian


Barbarian keeps the audience guessing, but it doesn't answer many questions, such as what Frank did to his victims and why he chose the ending he did. 

In Barbarian, Richard Brake played Frank and Georgina Campbell played Tess. 

This post has spoilers for Barbarian, so be warned. 

Content Warning: There will be talk of sexual violence and suicide in what follows. 

Barbarian took people on an adventure, but there were still some questions about who the real barbarian was. 

The Mother looked like a typical movie monster, but the real barbarian isn't shown until the third act, when Frank is introduced through a flashback. 

Frank (Richard Brake) used to live in the house, and he did some really terrible things inside. 

Barbarian doesn't tell us a lot, but just enough to see how Frank did his crimes and got away with them. 

In the flashback, Frank was seen following a young woman home and then dressing up as an electrician to get into her house. 

Once he was inside, he opened the bathroom window so he could get back in. 

Frank does this in a steady, smooth way that shows he has done it a lot of times before. 

The fact that AJ (Justin Long) found so many tapes showed that he had a lot of victims, and this short flashback showed how he did it for so long without getting caught. 

At the end of the flashback, Frank went into his basement and heard a woman screaming. 

Even though the flashback is short, it was important to understand who the real bad guy in the movie was and how he got away with his crimes for so long. 

The Mother seemed to be the bad guy in the first act of Barbarian. 

Even though she killed Keith, she was always hurt by Frank and only knew abuse. 

The homeless man Tess met said that Frank was also abusing the children. This means that The Mother, who seems to be his daughter and granddaughter, is the result of Frank's deep incest. 

Frank set up the circumstances that led The Mother to do scary things. 

The Mother just wanted someone to be her baby, and she got angry when they didn't do that. She probably saw Frank get angry when she or other women did something wrong. 

From the many tapes that AJ found, it's clear that Frank sexually abused women often and filmed it for years. 

The dirty cages in the basement also suggested that he had trapped the victims, who probably died of neglect. 

The Mother didn't get any love, and all she knew were the terrible things Frank did to her and others. 

Why Frank had no choice but to kill himself in "Barbarian" 


In Barbarian, Frank is in bed. 

At the end of "Barbarian," AJ found Frank in bed and unable to talk. 

Frank probably didn't have much time left, but when AJ found his hideout, he decided to end his life. 

After seeing the tapes, AJ said he would call the police. 

Even though AJ yelled at him and called him sick, Frank probably didn't kill himself because he felt guilty. Instead, he was probably afraid that his secret would finally be found out. 

He killed himself to get away from the consequences of not only his sexual crimes, but also of making The Mother and what she did. 

Frank thought that killing himself was the only way out of the terrible situation he had put himself in. 

Through the character of Frank, the movie's real barbarian was compared to the person who was mistaken for the monster.