Chris Pratt's Tomorrow War 2 Gets Update After Years Of Silence

The Tomorrow War 2, directed by Chris McKay and released a few years after the original video that broke records for Prime Video, with an updated plot. Starring as Dan Forester, a former Green Beret in 2022 who is recruited by warriors who have journeyed back in time from the year 2051 to face an invading alien army that has nearly wiped off mankind, Chris Pratt headed the ensemble cast of the 2021 science fiction actioner. McKay's first live-action feature picture received mostly negative reviews, with some positive feedback focused on the performances of Chris Pratt and Sam Richardson, as well as the exciting action set pieces.

The Tomorrow War, which received mixed reviews, became one of the summer's greatest streaming blockbusters, smashing many records on Prime Video and becoming the streamer's most-watched movied, while also outperforming the Fear Street Trilogy on Netflix and Black Widow and Luca on Disney+. Soon after the film's release, discussions began between Skydance and Amazon about making a sequel, with McKay, Pratt, Richardson, Betty Gilpin, Yvonne Strahovski, Edwin Hodge, and J.K. Simmons all being mentioned as possible returning cast members.

McKay's latest post suggests that after two years since the film's premiere and sequel announcement, Dean, who also contributed to the script for Fast X, has began working on The Tomorrow War 2. Although McKay has not yet revealed specific plot points, he has said that the sequel will explore the origins of the White Spikes and the invention of the wormhole device used to travel between the past and the future.

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Reports of The Tomorrow War 2 wanting to resurrect Hodge and Strahovski, despite the fact that Hodge perished in the original film's climax and Strahovski only existed as a future version of Pratt's daughter, suggest more time-travel adventures are in store. It seems plausible that McKay will return as director for the science fiction-focused sequel, given his apparent familiarity with the project's development, and Pratt's continued partnership with Amazon for The Terminal List season 2 further strengthens the likelihood that he will also return to lead the cast.