Difference Between Bond and Gray Man Roles, According to Ana De Armas


Some may accuse Ana de Armas of ripping off her Bond part in The Gray Man, but the actress insists that this is not the case. 

Ana de Armas discusses her parts in The Gray Man and No Time to Die, contrasting the two films. 

In the forthcoming action film The Gray Man directed by the Russo brothers and starring Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans, De Armas plays the role of Dani Miranda. 

De Armas portrayed Paloma in No Time to Die, which also starred Daniel Craig as James Bond and Rami Malek as Lyutsifer Safin. 

In addition to Paloma and Dani, de Armas has played roles in films in which they fight. 

The Night Clerk, Blade Runner 2049, and War Dogs are just a few of the films in which De Armas has appeared. 

In the forthcoming John Wick prequel Ballerina, she will also portray a deadly killer. 

De Armas has voiced concern about being typecast as an action actress despite the fact that the majority of her Hollywood résumé has been in the action genre. 

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To that end, de Armas would prefer that her female action protagonists from The Gray Man and No Time to Die not be grouped together. 

There's "something extremely refreshing about" The Gray Man's Dani, according to de Armas, who spoke about her at a panel that Screen Rant covered. 

Dani's "strength in a new manner" is emphasized in The Gray Man, she says, noting that she is not Gosling's love interest in the film as she has been in previous roles. 

Read the entire passage from de Armas below here: 

I can speak from personal experience on the subject. 

I have already taken that step. 

I looked the part, wore the heels, and did the damage as a badass female Bond villain. 

But there's a nice change of pace in this one because that's not the point at all. 

To clarify, I am not Ryan's romantic interest. 

Yes, we've been there, too! 

There, we said it. 

It's awesome, and it relates to her strength in a unique manner. 

Put women in action films in that light and with that vision, and you'll help highlight the badass side of women. 

The Gray Man is a CIA manhunt thriller, and while at first glance it would seem like de Armas is continuing work from No Time to Die, the actress dispels any such notions. 

Despite the fact that both Dani and Paloma are female action stars, they should not be confused with one another. 

The character of Paloma in No Time to Die has lately come under fire for being underdeveloped in the film, with some pointing out that she disappears from the movie just after a pivotal action scene. 

If what de Armas says about The Gray Man is accurate, then at least Dani will be different from Paloma in that regard. 

The accuracy of de Armas's assessment of Dani in light of her performance in No Time to Die is up in the air. 

Early reviews of The Gray Man have been mixed, with many applauding the primary performances but also finding fault with the film's comedy and storylines. It will be fascinating to see how audiences react now that the picture is out in cinemas and will be available on Netflix in the next week. 

To right previous wrongs toward female action actors, The Gray Man will feature Dani Miranda as a dynamic, forceful figure. 

Hopefully, The Gray Man will live up to the promise of de Armas's remarks and provide a fascinating experience for its viewers.