Post-Reunion Photos From "Top Gun 2" Don't Show Any Sign Of Rooster And Hangman's Rivalry From The Film.

Co-Production of Top Gun and Maverick 

The feud between Rooster and Hangman is resolved when Miles Teller and Glen Powell work together again. 

Miles Teller and Glen Powell 

Reunited in Top Gun 2 

An updated photo of Miles Teller and Glen Powell shows that the on-screen tension between their characters, Rooster and Hangman, from Top Gun: Maverick isn't real. 

In the sequel to Top Gun, Tom Cruise reprised one of his most recognisable roles. 

In Top Gun: Maverick, directed by Joseph Kosinski, the heroic pilot goes back to TOPGUN Academy to lead a fresh mission with a group of his fellow students.

Although Maverick was the primary protagonist, Top Gun: Maverick also included a number of new Navy recruits who were meant to symbolise the next generation of great pilots. 

Rooster and Hangman are two of them. 

It's easy to draw parallels between their dynamic at the beginning of the film and that of Maverick and Iceman when they were TOPGUN trainees. 

The young pilots in the Top Gun sequel all brought something unique to the Navy and the job at hand, but they found a way to cooperate and maybe even become friends by the end. 

On the other hand, Teller and Powell don't appear to have ever had any rivalry with one another. 

They demonstrated this in a photo Teller posted to his verified Twitter account showing the two of them reuniting at a recent event. 

Co-stars from Top Gun: Maverick pose for a photo together, with the Rooster actor making a reference to their respective roles from the Top Gun film series in the photo's caption. 

Have a look at this picture of Teller: 

The job of Rooster in Top Gun: Maverick eventually went to Teller, but not before Powell tried out for it. 

Nevertheless, Cruise was so impressed by the Set It Up actor that he worked something out to have him appear in the sequel. 

Powell has been forthright about the situation, and he never gave any indication that he was bitter about his co-star being cast in the position he had hoped for. 

Well, things turned out okay in the end. 

Teller gave a fantastic performance as the younger Bradshaw, emulating Goose's famous Great Balls of Fire act from the original film. 

Powell, meantime, was equally fantastic in the role of the arrogant Hangman. 

Despite having a smaller part than his co-star, he managed to steal the show in virtually every scene. 

Some even contend that Hangman is the rightful successor to Maverick. 

The antagonistic triumvirate of Hangman and Rooster put aside their differences and worked together to achieve a shared objective in the final moments of Top Gun: Maverick. 

Both made it through the ordeal unscathed, and with talk of a Top Gun 3 becoming louder by the day thanks to Kosinski's film's popularity, it's likely that they'll play the leads in the sequel, with Cruise may be taking a backseat. 

The fact that Teller and Powell get along so well bodes well for Paramount's future action series, since the two actors may end up working closely together in the years to come.