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Chapter 630: Dragonrider Hall\'s game experience

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Chapter 630: Dragonrider Hall’s game experience

“What are they doing?”

I frowned, were they planning to tame the dragons? That was a little too ambitious, how could things be so easy. One couldn’t just forcefully become dragonriders.

Sylvia said, “This bunch… What do they want to do?”

“I don’t know but they look like they are asking for it.”

I sat beside the rock, “In a while, you should beat them up viciously.”


Sylvia sat beside me and smiled, “What do you mean, didn’t we have an agreement? We won’t attack any humans on this trip.”

“But what if they threaten us?” I asked.

She sucked in a deep breath, “Then we can slightly punish them…”


Ten minutes later, another bell rang. Along with the dragons eating, my quest reached SSS Grade. This quest was a little too simple. At that moment, something funnier occurred. Many more boars appeared. We had stabbed their den and they actually charged out at the dragons.

Are they dumb?

The dragons raised their claws and smashed the boars down toward the ground. They then used their dragon breaths to cook them. Wang Shuang said solemnly, “Oh my god, so there are so many boars here. Fortunately, we didn’t come to wipe them out, if not the vanguard camp would be wiped out.”


The other soldiers looked terrified.

Horse hooves sounds spread from the distance. People appeared in the forest and it was Dragonrider Hall. The one at the front was Wine and Poems, Only Shooting God, Summer Ice, Wang Siyu etc.

“Damn… It is true!”

Male Bear frowned as he looked at the dragons that were eating, “So many of them, all types, some are Legacy Grade, some are Chaotic Grade, some I can’t even see their level…”


Peng Haoren was solemn, “We don’t have much chance so we need to split them up and then gang up but we can’t kill them. I searched for strategies, for mounts, once they are low health there is a small chance to tame them. Let’s try that out. Even if it is a quasi dragon, we would still be dragonriders. We would be able to rule Winter Sun City!”


Male Bear smiled happily, “We are called Dragonrider Hall, how can we not have dragons? If that is the case won’t we become jokes? No matter the price we pay we have to tame one!”


Wines and Poems squinted his eyes, “There is no need to worry later, anyone that dies, I will give them 5000RMB. The dropped equipment will all be returned. Apart from that, whoever gets the dragon and becomes a dragonrider, not only will the dragon belong to you, the guild will give you a brand new Audi A4. I will do it!”

Everyone’s expression changed and they were all pumped up.

I kept silent. Although money couldn’t achieve everything but it was enough to make all these people risk their lives. Apart from that, their eyes didn’t fear the dragons and they only cared about the A4.

To be honest, even I was tempted. I nearly wanted to join them!


“Male Bear you are in charge!” Wines and Poems said.


Male Bear was always in charge of the skills. All their strategy were basically down to him while Zhou Datong was in charge of the money and highest orders. In the next second, he slowly rode forwards and pointed at a mixed blood fire dragon that was swallowing a boar. That fire dragon’s flames weren’t as strong as saint fire dragons and it had rock armored scales. It was probably a child of a fire dragon and earth winged dragon. The bloodline was a bit messy but it should be quite strong.

“This fire dragon!”

Male Bear raised his brow, “It is 100 meters from the others. Summer Ice use ice arrow to draw it over. Peng Haoren and Ghostwalker intercept it. Ranged and supports follow up and ensure that the frontline doesn’t die. Paladins all stand at the back, heal and use self sacrifice. Once the boss is down to low health, all use tame. Whoever tames it will get the prize of the first dragonrider on the server. That is enough for you to brag for the next ten years!”


Everyone nodded.

After which, Summer Ice walked out and grasped the distance quite well. After she shot she retreated right away. When the fire dragon was hit she was already dozens of meters back. The fire dragon was enraged and charged out before shooting a dragon breath.

“Sister Ice, move!” Peng Haoren shouted.

Summer Ice’s reaction speed was good and used her skill right away to jump out of the range. Peng Haoren, Male Bear, Ghostwalker etc used assault. The Archers and Mages all started and used various skills on the dragon.

Level 145 chaotic grade boss, enough to take up a long time, moreover they might not be able to kill it!



I looked at the battlefield while stabbing Sylvia’s shoulder with my dagger, “Sylvia, they are attacking that fire dragon.”

“I see that.”

Frost appeared on her face, “July Wildfire, you were the one who said that these adventurers can be killed right?”


I pointed, “Their shoulders have dragon head marks. They have a bad reputation amongst adventurers and today they are actually bullying the dragon race. Even if you can accept that, I can’t.”

“I won’t!”

When she spat those words out she had already started roaring. A storm surged out from around her and I was forced back. I watched as she transformed and instantly I felt calm, “Go Sylvia, let those who dare bully the dragons regret!”


Sylvia nodded and flew into the sky. She roared, “A bunch of clowns dare to attack us. All the full dragons, it is time for you to digest. Follow me and kill them!”

“Kong kong kong—”

Hundreds of dragons roared at the same time and flew into the sky, charging toward Dragonrider Hall alongside Sylvia.


“What… What is going on?”

Along with the roars, Peng Haoren retreated and his eyes were filled with shock, “What the… What is… Why did the other dragons come? What is going on?”


Wines and Poems slashed and were knocked aside by the fire dragon. He fell and said, “Since we set the plan then just continue!”

Male Bear frowned, “Right, the dragons might not be aiming at us!”

I laughed. I turned into Darkness Shura Transformation and walked out of the forest. Lightning flashed around me and I was like a demon that descended. I laughed, “Do you think the dragons are so easy to bully? You don’t have to pay a price?”

“July Wildfire you!”

Male Bear raged, “Was it you?”

“What does it have to do with me? You are the greedy ones.” I said calmly.

“July Wildfire.”

Summer Ice gritted her teeth, “Do you have to be enemies with us?”

I frowned, “Why do you say that, aren’t With You and Dragonrider Hall always enemies?”


Peng Haoren raged, “So what, we won’t admit defeat. So what if there are dragons, we won’t bend over!”

But in the next second, Sylvia flashed across and spat out silver flames which swept the ground. Before Male Bear could finish his words, his body evaporated. 370 thousand damage, it was not what a Warrior could tank. My heart felt cold, was she so strong?”

In the future I had to watch my tone when talking to Sylvia–

Winged Dragons circled the sky and formed a storm that charged at the people. Peng Haoren cried out before he knelt on the ground. Many fire dragons, ice dragons and wind dragons wrapped around from all sides and sent their dragon flames to the ground. In a blink of an eye, only dozens were left.

The quasi dragons flew close and bit them one by one to kill the remaining few. The poison dragons spat poisons all over and pierced through the shields of the Paladins with their claws. It was brutal.

In the end, in just three minutes, their main force was wiped out again.


I shook my head and smiled, “Dragonrider Hall’s game experience is so bad. They lose a level every day, who knows what makes them continue playing…”

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