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Chapter 565: Army System

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Chapter 565: Army System

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Lin Xi used Assault and I used my damage. Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi followed up and in just ten seconds, the first Tree Demon fell and dropped a few gold. However, there wasn’t the legendary level 120 skill book.

No rush, slowly. As one of the top teams in Illusionary Moon, what we had was patience.

Moreover, Shen Mingxuan and Ruyi hated others calling them useless. After all, in With You, their strength couldn’t compare with Lin Xi so they had to rely on other things. Patience was an important thing, for this, Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi spent many nights working hard. This was the reason why With You could reach such a stage.


A minute later, a few more human ships descended. It was Light Lantern and the team. In a blink of an eye, With You’s hundred men team were here and their average level was 115. As for those above level 120, only Lin Xi and I were here.

Lin Xi rode her horse forwards and said, “Light Lantern apart from Lu Li, Shen Mingxuan, Ruyi and I, form 200 men teams and split up. Be careful of their vine attacks. If you buff the tanks then they basically won’t get killed.”

“Understood, let me make arrangements!”

Light Lantern was one of the cornerstones of our With You team and since he joined he treated us as his home. Not many of the management level players contributed as much as he did. He was an important soul in Light Family and With You.

Not long later, we spread out across this map. –

A few minutes later, more boats descended and they were from Cloud Ocean. Among them included Northwest Kidney King which didn’t want to sell the book to us. Apart from that were the elite Cloud Ocean players who were on average above level 112. They didn’t hunt monsters in Spirit Realm Battlefield but chose to get books here, they were finding another way to survive.


Northwest Kidney King noticed us from afar and summoned his war horse. He brought men over and frowned, “With You… How did you know about this map?”


A Cloud Ocean Archer said, “This map is so secretive, how did you know that this place drops level 120 skill books?”


I showed a shocked expression, “This place actually drops level 120 skillbooks?”


Northwest Kidney King stared at the Archer, “You talk too much!”

He turned and looked at me, “July Wildfire, how did you find this map?”

“Was it very difficult?”

I raised my brows and pointed to the west, “Do you know where that is?”

“No.” The Cloud Ocean players shook their heads.

“Bright Moon Pass!”

I said solemnly, “Black Castle’s pass in the east is Bright Moon Pass, this is Black Castle’s gate to the east and I am from Black Castle. This place is mysterious to you but I am sorry, this place isn’t mysterious to me. I see it everyday.”


Northwest Kidney King was speechless but killing intent appeared in his eyes. He looked into the distance and place planning how he would be able to have a chance of winning.


Lin Xi smiled, “You want to attack us here? I think you should reconsider. With your strength, you can get skill books but if you want to touch With You, are you our match? Even if all of you add together, can you beat me or even Lu Li?”

All of a sudden, Cloud Ocean members’ faces were really ugly.

But Lin Xi didn’t say that they had only 60 people here and if we really fought, they might not even beat Lin Xi and me. They would just be dying for nothing.


“Forget it!”

He bit his teeth, “Since With You is here then there is nothing we can do, let’s get books peacefully and not harm one another. How about that?”


Lin Xi nodded, “Okay you do yours and don’t disturb us.”


Northwest Kidney King pointed west, “Brothers let’s head west and get monsters there. Don’t come into contact with With You.”



Just like that, With You and Cloud Ocean split between east and west and didn’t disturb one another.

A few minutes later, along with me using Hunter’s Edge to kill, a Tree Demon dropped a golden skill book. Lin Xi and I smiled–

Elemental Heart (S Grade skillbook): Passive, all spells cooldown +25%, required level: 120, Required Job: Mage


“Not bad!”

Lin Xi smiled, “Ruyi’s skill is here first!”

“Really not bad.”

I tossed it to her and asked, “Ruyi how many levels are you to 120?”

“2 hours.”

“Okay, good luck!”

After half an hour, along with another drop, Lin Xi found another skill book. My heartbeat sped up–

Energy Well (S Grade Skillbook): Passive, energy limit increased to 200, required level: 120, required job: Assassin


“So quick?”

After getting the skillbook from Lin Xi, I smiled, “Very good, saved 30 thousand gold, if not that would be a huge waste…”

“En en!”

Lin Xi smiled, “I hope to get Energy Reflux so that I can use more skills!”


I raised my hand and learned the skill. My body was filled with power and my energy bar doubled. The limit became the legendary 200 points. Once it was full, I tried it. I used Soul Star Explosion and used White Cloak+Annihilation+Gouge+Backstab+Flames of Karma+Hunter’s Edge on a Tree Demon.

“Peng peng peng–”

The Tree Demon’s body shook and its health fell by 60%.

Shen Mingxuan was stunned, “This fellow’s damage… Too overpowered!”


Gu Ruyi held her staff and didn’t say a word. In terms of single target damage, the two of them couldn’t compare to me. As for group damage, that might not be the case. Apprehension+Wooden Dummy+Muddy Waters+Dragon Will was strong too. If I had enough attack space, I might have more damage than them too.



At 3pm, there was a loud ring–


System Notification: Players please note, new War is Here path is released at 12! Players who join factions can kill opposing faction units to get points, when it reaches a certain point you will obtain a rank. The higher the rank the higher the stats increase. Players can choose to be a general or you can choose to recruit your own troops. Hope all players can have a fun time in Illusionary Moon!


“It is here… Army system…”

Lin Xi smiled, “Destiny had a complete army system so it seems like Illusionary Moon is continuing it. Li Xiao Yao who became the Marshal really was strong…”

“A new emperor is about to arrive.” I said.

Lin Xi laughed, “Are you talking about yourself?”

“Why not?”

“Rest well!”


Shen Mingxuan smiled, “Speaking of which… If we kill these Tree Demons, we won’t get any points?”


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I shook my head, “It has to be an enemy faction and Xuanyuan Empire’s opposing faction… Dimension Legion territory is definitely it. Blood Dynasty is one, among them should be some random tribes. As for Tree Demons, they are just wild monsters. So if you want to get a rank, we can’t hunt tree demons.”

Lin Xi nodded, “Leave a few people here to get books before we move away. Either we head to Spirit Realm Battlefield to get guild rankings or head to Dimension Legion Territory. I suspect that the moment it refreshes, many people would head out to get points.”


I nodded, “These leveling demons are everywhere like Light Lantern, Haotian, Fanchen etc, if they say that they won’t stay up to get their ranks I won’t trust them.”

I was interested, “Lin Xi, why not… We stay up too? If we fall behind it won’t look good right?”

“En, we can consider!”

Lin Xi smiled, “If we get the books early then we can sleep for a few hours and then wake up early in the morning.”

“Okay, then let’s work hard.”


All of a sudden, when the army system descended, the bored players suddenly became energised. The guild was also really excited and everyone said that they wanted to become the first marshal. With me here, how would that fall to them! Hahaha—

But, one thing was for sure.

In a few days, the guild will definitely have someone selling health products in a few days.

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