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Chapter 761 Jerome and Maggie- Part 2 (extra scene)

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Maggie spent quite some time staring at the letter she had in her hand. She had been staring at it for more than two hours now wondering if she should go to the soiree or stay back here in the mansion. She didn't mind going to the soiree but it was the rumors and the eyes that judged her that made her feel aware of what people knew of what she had done.

Unlike her younger brother, Damien, Maggie didn't grow with a thick skin and she was easily hurt by words that belonged to the people whom she cared for.

After another two hours had passed, Maggie sat in the carriage which was headed to Mrs. Jillians' mansion. When she did reach the mansion, she noticed the man who had broken her trust.

Sven was here. Her ex-fiance.

"What is wrong with Mrs. Jillian calling people who aren't worth anyone's time," she heard Sven speak to the woman who was accompanying him today.

"Who are you speaking about?" asked the woman. When the woman's eyes fell on Maggie, the woman giggled, "Now I know who you are speaking about."

Her pride didn't let her leave from there. Sven's eyes met hers and he looked away as if she didn't exist, ignoring her very presence and it was done by the man who once had whispered words of promises filled with love. This was the reason why she didn't come to believe in the concept of love.

If there was something she had learned, it was that emotions never stayed the same and it would always fleet and change. Even the weather didn't stay still, what was the guarantee about a mere mortal or immortal's soul?

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Not heeding their words and ignoring them, Maggie stepped inside the mansion she was used to as she came here to teach little children. She loved children and in the past, she had hoped she would be able to love the child who she would bore but right now it was too far.

"Maggie dear!" Mrs. Jillian warmly welcomed her, "It is so good to see you back here. I was worried about you until I finally received a word from you through the letter."

"Apologies for the late notice. I wished I could have let you know about it sooner," Maggie didn't want to go into details of how her sister Grace had tattle taled about her working in here.

"No worries, Maggie. I had the children's parents know that you were caught up with something personal to do. They are already very impressed and happy that you take your time for their children. Surely, they would be able to understand," said Mrs. Jillian as they walked through the halls to see the guests who had arrived, "Looks like Mr. Greg is having trouble with the servant. Let me go check that," excusing herself the woman left Maggie who looked at the guests she knew.

She offered them a polite smile and spoke to some as it would only come out to be rude to stand here doing nothing. After some exchange of words, she heard Jerome say, "You should smile more, Lady Maggie," he walked towards her, "You came."

"It would be rude to refuse the invitation sent by Mrs. Jillian as she was the one who set up the time and place for the children so that I could work here."

Jerome gave her a knowing smile, "Yes, it would be rude. Did you take something to drink?" he asked her and he picked up the glass from the maid who was carrying a tray full of glasses that had blood in it.

"Thank you," Maggie thanked him. She held the glass in her hands, her eyes darting around to fall on the man she disliked who appeared to be approaching where she stood with Jerome next to her.

"Good afternoon, Lady Maggie," Sven greeted her with a sarcastic smile on his face. The man then turned to look at Jerome, "I think I forgot your name."

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"Jerome Wells," Jerome reminded the man.

"Yes! You were the one who helped in the building designs," said Sven, "Are you trying to woo Lady Maggie, Mr. Wells? You should be wary if you're doing that. You don't know if you will be the next one in line after what she did to me."

Maggie had no interest in being humiliated in front of the guests in here and she said, "What did I do to you? Mr. Wells is unaware of it."

Jerome looked at the man whom he had worked for and then at Maggie to understand this was the man who had broken her heart. The woman who had come with Sven came up to his side to tell, "Why are you getting in a discussion with her? She isn't worth your time."

Maggie didn't want to waste her breath one someone she didn't know.

"If I were you, I would be careful, Mr. Wells," Sven smirked looking at Maggie, "She killed the woman I loved, tearing her into pieces."

She who had been trying to get away from this discussion every time it was brought up she finally decided to say in a stone-cold voice, "Yes, I did. I killed her and you know what, Sven?" she asked looking straight into his eyes, "I enjoyed every second when I tore her as she screamed in agony."

Sven hadn't expected this from her and his blood boiled hearing this. He raised his hand ready to slap the vampiress that only got held back by Jerome, "It is rather rude to slap a woman, don't you think, Sir?" asked Jerome to push away the man, "For a man who cheats on another woman when he's engaged, you should feel ashamed about it. Just because a pureblooded vampire who is a male does it, it doesn't mean it is right. I am sure many in this room would agree to me."

The man gritted his teeth, glaring at Maggie when he left, Maggie said,"You didn't have to do that."

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"Not used to being sided?" he asked her, and then said, "I know you must have been hurt in the past and what you did was caused because of the pain you felt. The man deserved it."

"I know that," Maggie knit her eyebrows together. He didn't have to tell her that.

With a smile on his lips, he said, "I thought you needed to hear it apart from your own self."


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