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Chatper 380

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The starship locks and sails, and does not stop until it reaches the set destination

It was only at this time that Garan knew that Grant also had his own station. It was a piece of land floating in the universe. It was not a planet, but a flat oasis. Grant\'s mercenary headquarters is located here.

According to Grant, he found this by accident when he was wandering in the universe. He thought it was a good place, so he occupied it as a base.

This place is really good, and Garan likes it very much. After arriving here, Garan tried to contact his family far away from Moxing.

It has been two months since Jialan left home, and there has been no news. Although Mu Yunshen let them go, he was still worried, not because he was in danger, but because he was recovering his memory. After that, I was emotionally hurt again.

It wasn\'t until Jialan sent a message to the family that Mu Yun knew that they were already together, so he was completely relieved.

Jialan hesitated for a moment before saying: "Dad, does my father still disagree with me and Grant being together? Mu Yunshen comforted: "No, your father only wants you to be happy, if you really love each other, you can be together again. , he will surely bless you. "

Jialan was moved, "Thank you, Dad, I will contact him on my father\'s side."

Mu Yunshen: "When are you coming back?

Garan: "I\'ll be back soon."

In this way, Mu Yunshen was completely relieved.

Half a year later, Grant, who had secretly stole His Highness Garan from the Demon Star, brought Garan and the fleet back to the Demon Star. The main purpose of this return was to get married in the presence of all of Garan\'s relatives and friends.

Her Royal Highness Galan, who is common to the Rose Empire and the Warcraft Empire, is about to get married, so the two empires will naturally scramble to report. Due to Grant\'s sensitive identity, he has some reservations when he announces it to the public, especially when he gets a high-level advice. The major media are even more afraid to report it casually.

In the eyes of the people of the two empires, Grant is a very handsome man, mature and stable. He is the leader of the top mercenary group with the most mysterious origin and the leader of the king\'s mercenary group. Only such an excellent man can be worthy of His Royal Highness Garan

Jialan\'s relatives and friends attended the wedding. The media reported that apart from the two newlyweds, they were Jialan\'s two fathers. Mu Yunshen was really happy. He was satisfied to see them succeed in cultivation. , Trolase doesn\'t have the same mind as Mu Yunshen, the three children are his favorites, no matter who their partner is, Trolase will feel unhappy, especially Grant, who has hurt Garan , which made him even more upset.

However, he has always been good at hiding his emotions. In front of the media, he is still gentle and graceful, with a constant smile. In private, he treats Grant with eyes, not eyes, and nose, not nose. He doesn\'t even know how to solve this problem after they get married. Just a mess.

In Mu Yunshen\'s words, "No matter what Grant\'s identity is, neither of your fathers have ever called him by any unexpected name, so just call him the same name."

Trolasse felt that Garan was his son, so he was so cheap on Grant, and he couldn\'t bear it without being outstanding in his identity. So he decided to squeeze Grant as an elder.

Grant was even more unbearable. He was not only Garan\'s elder, but also Trolise\'s elder. Trolise wanted to be his elder in return. How could this be possible? It had to be impossible.

So, although the marriage is over, the conflict between these two people has not been resolved. Not only now, but in the years to come, as long as they meet each other, they will definitely have a dispute over the title issue. This makes Mu Yunshen and Jialan disagree. They are very helpless, since they can\'t solve it, they will go with them.

Trolasse didn\'t have to take advantage of the title, he just didn\'t want to make Grant easier, he just wanted to stimulate him.

Getting used to arguing, Grant never tires of it. From time to time, he will deliberately show his affection in front of Trolasse, so angry that Trolase is about to go berserk.

It was not until a few years after Jialan and Grant got married, when they returned to Magic Star, they received a big gift from Mu Yunshen.

Garan looked at the exquisite box in his hand, opened it, and there was actually a potion inside.

"What is this? Why did Dad send me the medicine?" Jialan looked at Mu Yunshen in confusion.

Grant knew that Mu Yunshen had a lot of potions with various effects, but he couldn\'t guess what the effects of this potion were?

When Trolasse saw the potion, his face darkened immediately, "Why give him this potion? Take it back, don\'t give it."

Grant looked at Trolasse\'s reaction and couldn\'t help thinking, it seemed that this potion was a good thing.

When Trolasse was about to take the box back, Grant grabbed it and put it in his storage fingers.

Trolasse was immediately angry, "Return the potion."

Grant said shamelessly: "Yunshen has already given it to Jialan, do you still want to go back? Is this your bearing as Emperor Rose?" Lorelei pursued. "Don\'t think about it" Grant wouldn\'t give. "Okay, the two of you are no longer children. I\'ll be thankful if you don\'t quarrel when you meet each other." Mu Yunshen has lost his sight. It\'s not normal for these two to not quarrel someday.

Jialan was not surprised by such a thing, "Dad, what kind of medicine is that?"

Ji Muyun smiled deeply: "Grant is not too young, it\'s time for you to have children of your own."

Garan was stunned, and Grant was also stunned. They did not expect that the effect of this medicine was actually this Garan hesitated for a moment before saying: "Dad, Grant, me and... Our child, maybe..." No matter what. How to say, going back, they are still related by blood. After they decided to be together, they all considered that they don\'t want children in this life, they don\'t want to have unhealthy children, they can\'t let their selfishness harm the next generation of children, So they prefer not to have children.

Grant came over, put his arms around Garan\'s shoulder, patted him comfortably, and said to Mu Yunshen, "We have discussed not to have children." Mu Yunshen of course knew what they were worried about, "Don\'t worry, this medicine It was me who specially researched it for you, and the blood of similar blood will be isolated, and your descendants will only inherit your best genes, and there will be no problems."

Neither Jialan nor Grant thought that Mu Yunshen would actually develop such a potion for them.

Trolasse reached out his hand impolitely, "Since you don\'t want children, then just return the medicine to me."

Grant dodged immediately, dragged Garan and ran out, saying as he ran: "Yunshen, thank you, I want to have a child too, hahaha, I will finally have an heir, that\'s great, hahaha. "

Grant was so happy that he was dragging Garan to run, but he didn\'t get far, picked Garan up, and ran to his house in the magic star.

"Trolesse, bye bye, we\'re going to have a baby."

Trolasse: ""

Almost spit out a mouthful of old blood.

Mu Yunshen looked at his extremely aggrieved appearance and couldn\'t help but laugh.

Trolasse also laughed helplessly.

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