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The strength of Qiao Qing Shan's attack could be imagined. Qiao Xiaomeng felt a sharp pain on her face and blood began to flow out from the corner of her mouth.

"You … "You hit me?" She looked at Qiao Qing Shan in disbelief.

"It's still light if I hit you, you innocent little demon! "This is so infuriating!"

Qiao Qing Shan glared angrily at Qiao Xiaomeng. No wonder why Lu Jingbei would rush over to stop him today. At the beginning, he had thought that Lu Jingbei was because Tang You Ran was Tang Mubai's daughter.

Only now did they know that Lu Qun went north to stop them for their own good.

Qiao Xiaomeng covered her face and looked astonished at the ferocious Qiao Qing Shan.

In her memories, Qiao Qing Shan had always been very kind to her and never scolded her, let alone beat her up.

Qiao Xiaomeng had once compared her to Qiao Luting and realized that Qiao Qing Shan was treating her coldly. His smile didn't change at all.

But she smiled at her and refused to say anything.

Qiao Qing Shan did not feel sad at all after Qiao Yuting's death. Even though she wanted to be with Lu Quanbei, he was very supportive.

After a few comparisons, Qiao Xiaomeng assumed that she was the only one in Qiao Qing Shan's heart.

However, he didn't expect that Qiao Qing Shan's kindness would only affect him without affecting him. If it affected his career interests, then Qiao Qing Shan would treat her like he treated Qiao Yuting.

Qiao Xiaomeng was panicking. This was the first time she felt the coldness of a loving father.

Seeing that Qiao Qing Shan was furious, the secretary who was driving the car saw that Qiao Qing Shan was furious and could only be the peacemaker: "Director Qiao, please calm your anger! Miss Qiao … she didn't do it on purpose. "

"Not intentional? This bitch, she's really angering me to death! " Veins popped out on Qiao Qing Shan's face as he looked at Qiao Xiaomeng in disgust.

Last night, when he saw Tang You Ran blatantly hanging from Ye Xiao's neck, he knew how important Tang You Ran was to Ye Xiao.

If Qiao Xiaomeng had told him Tang You Ran's identity, he would not have gone in and left.

This would not cause a dispute, losing tens of millions of dollars and those antique calligraphy and paintings, nor would it offend Ye Xiaohe.

He could earn more money, but offending Ye Shaohe was suicidal.

Ye Xiao had never been slow when dealing with people like Lei Fengxing. In the future, it would be difficult for him to stay in River City.

This wasn't just a matter of tens of millions. With Ye Xiao constantly adding fuel to the fire, his future life would definitely be very difficult.

Since he couldn't inherit the Seven Stars' wealth, and also had to face the suppression from Ye Xiao, with the addition of Han Mu Yang, the difficulty of his survival could be imagined.

The secretary was naturally clear of all this, and he saw Qiao Qing Shan's urgent suggestion.

"Director Qiao, don't be too anxious. When the car arrives, there will be a path ahead of us. We will take the initiative to find Ye Xiao and explain. He shouldn't be making things too difficult for us."

"That's the only way." Qiao Qing Shan sighed.

He still had to find Lu Li and get the latter to mediate between the two of them. When he met someone lower than him, Lil 'Ye would definitely let him off.

He thought about it in his heart, then picked up his phone to call Lu Jingbei, "Station North, I'm preparing a meal tonight. Can you help me get Boss Ye out?"

"In two days." "Yes," replied Lu Jingbei. "Big brother Xiao He shouldn't have much free time in the next two days."

Even a fool would be able to tell that Lu Jingbei was just being perfunctory. Qiao Qing Shan glared fiercely at Qiao Xiaomeng at the side, and changed his tone to one of sincerity.

"I had no choice but to stand at the north. How would I have known that Xiao Meng would be so stupid? You have to help me on this matter, just for Tingting and her mother's sake."

When Qiao Qing Shan used Qiao Luting to play the card of kinship, Lu Jingbei could only sigh in his heart.

No matter what, Qiao Qing Shan was Qiao Yuting's father. For her sake, he would help her this once.

"I understand. I will tell Xiao He ge. Don't worry."

Qiao Qing Shan and the secretary planned to treat Ye Xiao to a meal at a certain hotel and arrange the dishes. Qiao Qing Shan and the secretary turned a blind eye to Qiao Xiaomeng, who was bleeding from the corner of her mouth.

Qiao Xiaomeng's face was pained to the extreme, and her heart turned cold. She could finally understand Qiao Yuting's feelings back then.

It was no wonder that Qiao Qing Ting would often confide Qiao Qing Shan's ruthlessness and coldness to her. She laughed in her heart at that time.

He even purposely told her what he had said to her so that Qiao Qing Shan would hate her.

Her goal had been achieved. Qiao Qing Shan was becoming more and more disgusted with Qiao Wanting. He was becoming more and more fond of her, pampering her to the heavens.

She'd always thought that Qiao Qing Shan would spoil her until the end, but today she realized that it was only her one sided wish.

As long as his interests were to be affected, Qiao Qing Shan would treat her the same way he treated her.

Lu Bei came back from the villa at the top of the mountain. He first went to Qiao Xiaomeng's house to ask Li Yuzhen for the pink diamond in Qiao Xiaomeng's hand.

Qiao Qing Shan had called Li Yuzhen a long time ago, so Lu Jingbei came to Li Yuzhen and quickly gave him the powder diamond.

After taking the drill and preparing to leave, Li Yuzhen asked, "North station, what happened?"

"You can ask Uncle and Xiao Meng when they return, right?" Lu Jingbei did not want to say more and hurriedly left.

He quickly drove home, and upon seeing him return in a hurry, Madam Lu was a little curious. "What happened?"

"Is my sister home?" Lu Jingbei called Lu Wanxin several times, but no one answered.

"He's upstairs. He hasn't come out for a long time. I wonder what he's doing."

"I'll go up and take a look." Lu Bei hurried upstairs.

He knocked on the door to Lu Wan Xin's room, "Sis, can I come in?"

When Lu Wan Xin saw the explosive news of Ye Xiao and an unknown woman outside the hotel early in the morning, her heart was filled with mixed emotions.

He had long since known about this matter, so he did not feel much anger.

Too many is sour, he actually did not hesitate to flirt with that bitch in public, is he completely ignoring her feelings?

It seemed like Ye Xiao He was also prepared to have a showdown with her. Lu Wan Xin smiled bitterly.

She had been dreaming for two years and had always thought that she would be able to sit firmly on Madam Ye's throne. She never thought that her beautiful dream would be shattered so early.

How could she be so willing to give up like this?

She turned off her cell phone, refused all calls and text messages, and quietly pondered in her room.

She wouldn't lose, she definitely wouldn't lose to such a woman!

So what if Ye Xiao loved her? If she didn't withdraw, how could Ye Xiao force her?

After all, she was his savior. He had promised to take care of her for the rest of his life.

Ye Xiao promised the most that if he didn't break his promise, he would be left with a dilemma.

Even if the little demoness wanted to reach the top, she still had to give way. If she didn't, she could only hide behind her back and wait.

Lu Wan didn't believe that she could wait. She just wanted to keep on wasting time with her.

She definitely wouldn't divulge anything about this matter. The newspaper didn't have any positive descriptions of Tang You Ran and Doggie didn't know his identity. She just assumed that Ye Xiao had found a woman outside to play with him.

Just as Lu Wan was planning her next move, she heard someone knocking on the door. She cleared her throat and said, "Come in!"

Lu Jingbei pushed open the door and walked in, "Sis, where's your pink diamond?"

"Why do you ask in the safe?"

"Hurry up and give it to me. I'll return it to Tang You Ran."

"What do you mean? "Why should I return it to Tang You Ran?" Lu Wan was stunned.

"Isn't this pink diamond Tingting's? Tingting left behind a will and left all of her assets to her uncle and his descendants. Now that her uncle has passed away, these things naturally belong to Tang You Ran. "

"What is that thing?" How could Qiao Yuting leave a will? "The will must have been forged by that Tang You Ran." Lu Wanxin and Qiao Xiaomeng had the same reaction.

She and Qiao Xiaomeng were the ones who designed Qiao Yifeng's death. Where did she get the time to leave a will?

Lu Jingbei frowned, "Sis, that will has already been notarized by the notary's office and it's real and valid. Moreover, how do you know Tingting didn't leave her will?"

"I just don't believe it."

"If she can leave a will, she will."

"Anyway, I don't believe that I will not hand over this pink diamond."

Lu Wan's heart was aching. That pink diamond was worth hundreds of millions. She could only feel pain in her heart if she gave it away like that.

"Right now, it is not a question of whether you are willing to hand it over, but rather, you must hand it over!" Lu Jingbei frowned.

"Today's incident caused a huge commotion. Tang You Ran brought her to collect the villa, Qiao Xiao Meng and Qiao Qing Shan brought them to confront her. Qiao Xiao Meng was beaten black and blue by Tang You Ran, and finally Han Mu Yang brought her in as well."

"What does this Han Mu Yang have to do with him?"

"The villa has been taken back by Tang You Ran. The pink diamond Qiao Xiao Meng gave him previously was also returned. She also paid Tang You Ran for two years' rent. You not only have to hand over the pink diamond, but you also have to return Tingting's car to Tang You Ran."

"I won't return it!"

"I already said that now is not the time for you to be in charge. Don't tell me that you want Xiao He brother to know about this matter?"

Naturally, Lu Wanxin did not want Ye Xiao to know. After all, she had no reason to take the pink diamond that belonged to Qiao Wanting.

"With my understanding of Tang You Ran, she definitely won't let this go. Everything that happened today will be reported in the newspaper. If you don't want to be talked about, you'd better return the pink diamond and come up with some excuse to deal with Xiao He."

"This little demoness is truly vicious!" Lu Wan knew the seriousness of the situation. The pink diamond definitely had to return it to Tang You Ran. But why did it hurt so much?

The key point was that she still had to spend time to explain. Something worth several hundred million only cost her two years of storage to change hands. No matter what, she felt infuriated.

Tang You Ran retracted his villa and pink diamonds. He even earned a large sum of money. His mood was elated.

In the evening, he specifically treated her to a meal at River City's most luxurious Hyatt Hotel.

Not only had she invited Han Mu Yang and Lawyer Wang, but she had also sent Guan Jie's underlings to Kaiyue.

Tang You Ran had his men arrange a large room for them. There were a total of twenty people.

Tang You Ran, Han Mu Yang and Lawyer Wang were having a meal in the small room. After half an hour of drinking, Tang You Ran called for Guan Jie.

Give him a card and tell him to cash in the one million that he promised everyone at the villa today, for a total of 20 million.

Han Muyang smiled at Tang You, "Am I supposed to have a million too?"

"Giving you one million yuan wouldn't be a disgrace, would it?" Lawyer Wang laughed.

"It's no disgrace. If Ran Ran is willing, I can always be her little brother." Han Mu Yang's bright eyes stared at Tang You Ran.

Lawyer Wang looked at Tang You Ran as he spoke. Tang You Ran sighed but didn't say anything. He simply picked up the cup of wine on the table and gulped it down.

For the rest of the day, she continued to drink.

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