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Chapter 22:enihsnuS

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Asher POV:

My heart was beating quickly. I can't believe Kate got killed...

"No-" Chains reached out and wrapped around me. I looked back startled and there was a hospital bed just waiting. The chains then tied me onto the bed.

"Argh! What's happening?!" I was struggling to break free of the chains but they were as cold as ice and it just got tighter and tighter bruising me as I struggled more.

I looked at my surroundings and we was no where but a red room. The red almost looked like blood... Was it??

Then... That girl again. Annabelle. She appeared from thin air and floated down from the ceiling to me. "Oh poor Asher. I bet you're wondering what in the world is happening to you hehe." I can't believe she had the nerves to chuckle right in my face.

"Annabelle what is wrong with you! Who are you?!" I wanted answers. This mysterious girl shrouded in mystery. Was she even good or bad... I don't even know!

"...You don't know me... You don't know me at all... I'm doing this for my own pleasure... I love torturing people like you ASHER!" Annabelle stared at me face to face. She was grinning.

Somehow... I just didn't believe that she was happy about this. "No... No you're not... You're not getting anything good out from torturing me! I can see it in your eyes." Annabelle's grin went away and she had a plain expression.

"N- Ack!-" I was trying to tell Annabelle that she's wrong but I couldn't speak. So I bit her hand.

"AHHHHGGG!!!" She backed away again holding her hand that I bit her at.

Then a hologram of Annabelle and her mom appeared. It was another memory of..... Annabelle? The room I was in turned white. Like there was no sign of red anywhere.

Past Annabelle POV:

I always loved painting. I was painting on my canvas until I heard a loud shout coming from my mom.

"A n a b e l L e !" Mother yelled.

I quickly hid all my painting materials away and covered my canvas with a blanket. "Coming!" I replied.

I scurried down to the kitchen where mother was calling me. "Yes mother-"

She smacked me before I can fully greet her.

"You think it's okay to do what you want! I never said you can play outside!" My mother grabbed my hair and launched me at the wooden floor.

"But m- mother I was bored-" She threw a chair at me and I started to cry.

Asher POV:

The room was now white but with red spots on them. The holograms faded away, but they reappeared showing that this time it was a different memory.

"No... Stop...." Annabelle said.

Past Annabelle POV:

"Finally!" I looked at my final artwork. It was finished. I've been working on it for so long.

"A N N A B E L L E !" Mother burster into my room and found me and my artwork I was painting.

My painting was me, a girl, and a boy holding hands.

"WhO saId YOu caN PaiNt!!???!?!?" Mother grabbed my painting and tossed it out the window.

She grabbed me by my arm and took me outside. She threw me inside a shed and locked me in.

I kept banging and yelling, but she never came to free me...

I spent 3 weeks in there......

Asher POV:

Then the white room was almost completely red but there was still a little white left.

"....." I was just shocked and infuriated with how Annabelle's mom treated her.....

Then another memory played.

"Please stop...." Annabelle started to tear up.

Past Annabelle POV:

It was a rainy day. I don't like rainy days... They always feel gloomy. It was my birthday and I was finally going to turn 10! I'm so excited!

I run down to the living room and put on my raincoat and boots. Mother was still asleep. She wouldn't want me doing things on my own, but if I get back in time she won't notice. I slowly unlocked the lock.

I left the house and quietly closed the door. The rain was pouring fast. I was headed to my friend Rin's house. Me her and my other best friend James were going so birthday hangout together. It's gonna be so fun!

I reached the house and rang the doorbell.


Rin came and opened the door. She was so happy to see me.

"Happy Birthday Annie!!" She gave me a big hug and told me that James was already here. When I hug Rin I feel like..... Like I'm in love... But I also feel the same way around James...

I walk in the house and to Rin's room. Her parents were at a very important meeting she told me.

James and Rin sang happy birthday to me and we all just played together.

When I laugh with Rin and James I feel like I'm in the safest part of the world...

I lost track of the time and an hour already passed...

"Oh no! I gotta get home now!!" I was rushing to clean myself because I had confetti and cake everywhere.

"Let me and James take you home Annie." Rin said.

"Yeah I'll go get an umbrella." James got and umbrella and the three of us left the house.

It was a long walk and my anxiety kicked in as soon as I saw my house. My heart was beating fast, but I remembered that Rin and James were with me.... So I felt safe and calm again.

We got to the door and when I opened it my mom was there waiting. She saw that I was with my friends so she didn't do anything.

"Oh. Did you have fun sweetie?" Mother asked. I nodded and said bye to my friends. Then I walked inside and my mom closed the door.

Rin POV:

"I wonder why we are never able to come over to her house..." James didn't have an answer for me. He just shrugged his shoulders. I decided to check the windows and I couldn't believe it. I gasped and quickly backed away from the window covering my mouth. My legs were shaking uncontrollably and my heart was beating quickly. I couldn't believe this...

Annie's mom was beating her with her hands..... There was blood all her, Annie....

"James..... Call 911....." I asked James. He just asked why, but I yelled and told him to hurry. He pulled out his phone and called it.

I told him to give the phone to me and I told the operator that my friend was being abused by her mother. They said that cops would be arriving soon and also an ambulance.

I looked back in the house and I couldn't believe that the mom was still beating Annie. It was a horrific scene.

When the sirens sounded and the cops pulled up to the yard the mom noticed. Annie was so beat that she couldn't move.

They soon arrested her mother and the ambulance came and took Annie in the back.

(Hours after the incident)

Doctor POV:

"Move her to room 277." I ordered the other doctors to move the girl into the room where she will be staying. So far the results are gonna end bad... She might never wake up.

As I was walking away another person was brought into the hallway. It was a boy. He looked like he was in high school.

Asher POV:

"Wait.... That's.... Me....???" I was confused. I don't remember being there.

Doctor POV:

"Asher, status.... Coma.... I'm sorry. Are you his mother? He- he will most likely never awaken from this. After a car hitting him..... No..." I had to give his mom the bad news.

"Put him in room 277 with that other girl..." I ordered.

"I don't care..... I'm never leaving. I'm going to stay here for my son-"

Asher POV:

I watched as Annabelle destroyed the holograms and the memories disappeared.

The chains were all of a sudden loose and I was easily able to get free from them. After stretching I walked up to Annabelle and I hugged her.

"...... NO" Annabelle pushed me away.

"Annabelle... I know how you're feeling. I can help you if we just talk!" Annabelle didn't listen at all... She.... She morphed into a horrific being with 8 arms and legs covered in ripped dirty black clothes and her neck grew as long as a yard stick and her teeth and fingernails became sharp and pointy. Her eyes went pitch black.

The wall behind me stretched and there was a hallway that seemed to go on forever. There was darkness so I couldn't see the end of it.

"ASHER! IM GOING TO KILL YOU. IM GONNA TEAR YOU LIMB FROM LIMB AND EAT EVERY PART OF YOU!!!!!!" Annabelle came charging at me with a demonic scream.

I gulped and I couldn't believe this... Thing. My only decision was to.... Run.

I quickly turned around and I started to run.


I looked back and I saw her horrifically opening her jaw. It tore the sides of her rotten flesh of her cheeks from ear to ear. Her face was split open and all the sharp bloody teeth were visible.

"No..... I can't stop running...!" I kept telling myself. I was still running like there was no end. I started to get tired, but I know that if I stop I'd die.


I could hear Annabelle's footsteps pounding louder and louder. Faster and faster. Was this it? Was this the end....

Soon there was light at the end of the hallway. "...! Yes!!" I kept running and running. I was so close, but....... I tripped and fell.


Annabelle pinned my body down with her arms and leaned over me with you snake tongue sticking about and licking my face. Her dirty bloody saliva dripped all over me.... I think some got in my mouth...

"... Annabelle this is not you! You're just and innocent girl who's mad because.... You died didn't you?! Your mother killed you and now you're mad so you want others to feel the same way..... I know how that feels... I hurt people because I was mad and I wanted them to die but I was still myself! You can do that too! You don't have to be like this!" I was yelling in her face ".............. Asher...........What

Do You Want... ?

"I..... I want to wake up from my coma..." I told Annabelle what I wanted and she reverted back to her original form.

"Really...? That's it. That's all you want. Just to wake up from it." Annabelle asked.

"Yes. I know I'm in a coma... So this world isn't real... I bet you created this world just to mess with me... But how is that even possible-"

"Shhhh..." Annabelle hushed me.

"Okay... Then I guess you'll wake up from your coma." Annabelle agreed.

I can't believe she agreed so easily. Just like that.... I find it weird... But if I was going to wake up and leave this cursed depressing world then.... It'll do...

"And Asher...... Never mind. Goodbye.... Hehehe" Annabelle tapped my forehead and I blacked out.


I could see a light coming toward me and everything else was black again. The light was warm...

"Am I really going back...?" I reached out..... And let the light engulf me...

(GASP!)" I was gasping for air and I was immediately welcomed back by two warm long big hugs. From.....!!!!!!! Kate and Hans!!!!!! "KATE! HANS!" I hugged them back, but it was weak because I lost a lot of energy in the coma.

"My baby!!!!!!!!!" Then a third person hugged me....... Mom?

The doctors came in and they dropped their clipboards and ran out to inform everyone else.

I felt so protected and happy..... I never thought that nightmare would ever end....

"Asher I'm so happy that you're back! Like..... I can't even describe it.... I have something important to tell you..." Hans was blushing.

".... Y- yeah...???" I started to blush too.

"... I.... I got a boyfriend! His name is Evan and we met at school and I found out he was gay! So we got together." Hans sounded so happy.

"Oh......." I was sad inside... But if Hans is happy with it... Then it's okay with me. I gave out a big smile to show Hans that I was truly happy for him. I really was.

"Asher me too... I have a boyfriend... His name is Owen. He's a really nice guy and we just found interest in each other." Kate blushed talking about it.

"........Oh...." I was heartbroken... Both of my best friends have already found someone.... But if that's who they're happy with then..... I'm happy too.

"Asher... We are going to get your stuff ready okay." I'm pretty sure this woman is my mom. She bent over and kissed me on the forehead. Then she left with Hans and Kate.

I looked beside me and there was another hospital bed.

"....... Annabelle..." I felt bad for her.

Outside the window was a bright red sunset. I guess I was lucky to have this room since there's a sunset I could look at.

It was so beautiful... And I couldn't ask for a better life than this... I'm so happy.

I started to cry.

Another chance.

Another try.

Another life.

I'm so happy to be here right now.... Huh?

I spot a black butterfly flying across the window.

"..... That's... Weird... I don't think there are any black butterflies around here.... I guess there are. Whatever. At least.....

I'm back.

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