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Chapter 485

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Chapter 485

Many experts of the Raging Flame Star Area were watching the sky. They could only see the void get pressed down while the corrosive air was crossing the sky. An unknown energy fluctuation made people want to kneel down and worship it. Their souls didn’t have a bit of power to resist.

After an unknown time, fierce explosions echoed, shaking the entire sky. The corrosive air shrank and then expanded and exploded right afterward.

A magnificent soul altar shot out from the cluster of erosive air, turning into an electric light. Before anyone could react, it tore through the void and disappeared into a space slit in just a blink of an eye.

All the warriors could see that the marvelous soul altar didn’t have three tiers. It had four tiers!

The four-tiered soul altar disappeared into the space slit. It vanished in just a blink, leaving no aura.

“Leylin can you chase him?” Leona asked. She had witnessed the marvellous feats Leylin could achieve with his space power upanishad, she had witnessed it’s glamour first hand when they first met.

[Beep! Task finished! Space net connection failed! Space network unstable! Host advised to take precaution and not intercept!]

*Sigh* A azure light flash past Leylin’s eyes as a series of data and notifications intoned.

“It’s not possible.. ”

Even before Leona asked, Leylin had already started to evaluate the situation and probably find a breakthrough. Frankly speaking, he would have also appreciated a dead foe but the risks were higher than the reward.

“No matter.. ”

The corrosive air in the sky moved as if it had consumed a lot of energy, and it was trying to gather again. A tired Fiona revealed herself but it seemed she didn’t have the extra energy to chase after the four-tiered soul altar. She could only look at him leave.

“Still can manage to escape… The God Clan is truly powerful as the legends say.” Leona shook her head listening to Leylin’s response, looking at the four-tiered soul altar disappearing into the space slit. She muttered, her countenance heavy.

Fiona slowly landed near Leylin and Leona, speaking deliberately. “We don’t need to worry about that God Clan man. He doesn’t have extra strength to mess around with. I’ve integrated my corrosive power in his soul altar. He will need to use all of his energy to protect himself. He won’t be free to do anything else.”

Fiona’s words sounded easy and deliberate. It seemed like the corrosive air would trouble this God Clan expert a lot.

Her confidence was completely reflected in her relaxed bearings.

“He was stronger than you?” Leylin asked. He knew that if there was any chance to kill him, Fiona wouldn’t have stopped even if she had to pay a price.

“He was at the Second Sky of Ethereal God Realm, and he has formed the four-tiered soul altar. It can’t be broken easily. I can’t do it.” Fiona sighed. “I’ve spent several thousand years to enter the Ethereal God Realm. This realm is profound and mysterious. If you don’t have a great deal of patience, a great mind or amazing luck, it’ll be very tough to enter the threshold. That man is just an anonymous member of the God Clan, but he’s at the Ethereal God Realm. This clan is intimidating, indeed.”

Leona’s team wore heavy visages.

“Thank you, precursor. Thank you for protecting Heaven Punishment City for so many years!” Weerlig led his Pirates and kneeled down to conduct their grateful ceremony towards her. “We look forward to receiving your leadership. Please lead us to a brighter future!” Weerlig gave a low shout, his face incomparably sincere.

The reason why the Land of God Punishment and the Heaven Punishment City were able to stand tall for several thousand years was that of Fiona. Seeing her formidable realm today, all the pirates had admiration and respect for her.

Although the God Clan couldn’t threaten them now, But Derrick, Alavid, Shane, Adidas were all intimidating experts at Original God Realm. If they wanted to attack the pirates, Weerlig knew they wouldn’t be able to fight Fiona.

As long as she nodded and agreed to protect them, no threat could actually threaten them. Derrick and the other experts of the three big forces couldn’t do anything.

Destroying people of the three big forces was the wish of Weerlig and the pirates. If Fiona helped them now, their expedition would have no obstacles anymore.

Thus, they waited for her answer.

Seeing Weerlig lead the pirates to beg Fiona, Derrick team were frightened, their faces grimaced.

Even for a Third Sky of Original God Realm expert like Derrick, Fiona was too strong. She was at the Ethereal God Realm!

“I have nothing to do with your dispute. I protect the Heaven Punishment City because I don’t want to see the city collapse. My devil of a man had built this city. I have to protect it. It’s not because of you Pirates.” Fiona snorted. It was obvious that she wasn’t interested in handling their business. “This place isn’t the Heaven Punishment City. I don’t care about your rotten plans. If you want to finish your grudge, manage it yourself.”

She didn’t care about it.

A vague, giant shadow slowly approached in the void. A pungent smell slapped their faces. It smelled like the saliva of wild beasts.

A heavy pressure immediately covered the warriors. Gradually, more and more shadows emerged from the thick, dark mist. Dozens of them had blocked the exits of the broken Soul Confining Platform.

The threatening force filled the void and reflected in people’s soul. All felt extremely anxious.

Savage beasts!

The ferocious beasts had paused their barging. After the fight in the Soul Confining Platform ended, they started to move again.

Fiona furrowed her brows, facing the sky and talking coldly. “Just be patient for a little while.”

She was talking to the wild beasts in the void!

And the strange thing was that the flock of strong beasts had slowed down after she said that. It seemed like they were listening to Fiona.

The tremendous shadows halted in the mist as if they were waiting for something. They didn’t move any further.

The largest figure seemed to be the leader. It was very close to Fiona, so close that it could snatch her away with only one jump. However, it didn’t do that. It seemed like this giant beast was afraid of something. The beast leader was using its magical mind to control the other beasts.

Under the beast’s control, the flock of ferocious beast didn’t do anything. They were waiting uneasily for something.

Seeing them pause, Fiona glanced at Leylin, Kato and Leona, urging. “We should go ahead, I can’t stop them for long, the leader is forcefully suppressing the savage beast but there is a limit to their patience. With thousands of years of imprisonment, they can’t help but lust for nutrients humans could provide for their recovery.”

“We will follow precursor advice.” Leylin said with a smile.

“Hn” Fiona looked at Leylin for a while and grunting faintly. She then grabbed something in the void. The star map Kato was holding appeared in her palm.

A block of thick darkness shrouded Leylin and Kato. Leona took them, plunging into a place in the bottom of the broken Soul Confining Platform.

In that area, countless lights congregated, creating a multilayered space passage that looked like an illusion.

“If you don’t want to be meat in their mouths, follow us.” Fiona’s voice arose in the darkness.

Everybody was startled. They didn’t dare linger, flying towards the vague space passage.

As the absolute darkness covered all of them, they couldn’t see anything around as they flew forward.

However, it didn’t take a long time before they started to fall into a deep chasm, sinking rapidly.


They landed one after another, feeling the entire world tumbling. After a long while, they finally gathered their consciousness.


The Undying Wood star map on Fiona’s hand suddenly exploded all of a sudden. Its dust scattered in the air.

The darkness faded away.

A beautiful scenery was slowly revealed in people’s sight…

It was a luxuriant forest with dense, ancient trees. Small, ancient trees were dozens of meters tall, while the bigger ones had so many branches that it made them look like a small mountain that was several-hundred-meters high. The tree trunk could occupy a couple kilometre of land that would require more than one hundred people to circle it.

The gravity here was hundreds of times heavier!

No King God Realm warriors could fly in such terrifying gravity. The Original God Realm could float a little higher than the ground. Only existences like Fiona could escape the gravity and hover dozens of meters in the air.

Earth and heaven energy here was thick and abundant. It surged like the immense ocean, making people feel relaxed. They felt indescribably cozy, sinking into the sea of energy.

Not far from them was a lake that hadn’t been contaminated yet. The water was so clear that they could even see the bottom. Mist hovered above the water surface with dense Water Qi. The humidity in this area was pretty high.

Beautiful floras of all kinds of colors and species grew by the lake. Some had five-colored leaves and branches while others had jewel-like roots. Their vitality was immense as if those plants were intelligent.

Alchemist Jester was shocked. Bright light sparkled in his eyes as he studied the foliage by the lake. He muttered as if he was dreaming. “Three Leaf Crown Orchid, the top grass to nurture the soul… Jade Water Lily…”

He mumbled to himself as if he had just fallen into bedevilment. The alchemist instinctively walked towards the lake, completely forgetting where he was.

Fiona frowned. Her face was dark and heavy as she spoke to Leona, “The star map exploded by itself. I don’t know where the hollow channel is. Even if we find it, without the star map, we can’t get back.”

Leona slightly changed her visage. She was startled and she muttered to herself. “Where are we?”

“Many people followed us but it seemed some were sent elsewhere. Did the destination change slightly after the map was burned, and before the channel completely closed?” Leylin said, stroking his chin, even his A. I. Chip wasn’t able to figure out much for the channel teleportation.

Hearing him, people started to react. They looked around, but no one could see Derrick, Alavid, Shane, Adidas, Weerlig, Barrette and a portion of warriors from three big forces and pirates. It was unclear why their destinations were different.

Only dozens of Kato’s pirates, Fatima, Carthew and his people, and Zahira were here as well!

Carthew and Zahira were among the last group of people who entered soul confining platform. Apparently they were with Alavid and everyone else but mid way, Zahira found a place basin with a faint essence of God light which was beneficial for her cultivation.

Hence she separated from the main group, accompanied by Carthew and a few retainers.

Not so long after Derrick who came from Nine Chambers of commerce to Land of God Punishment met Zahira and her team.

Although they were from competitive powerhouses Derrick didn’t move against them and even invited them to move with him.

Carthew knew that this isn’t because the aloof and arrogant master of Nine Chambers of commerce was merciful but rather because of some rumors that Derrick Simmons and Caligula Arman settled to a negotiation about the marriage of Zahira to Derrick’s eldest son.

Zahira and her team followed Derrick without any obstruction, and thankfully also survived the huge ordeal in the Soul Confinement Platform. It was even a bit surprising that Zahira had actually broken through to Original God Realm!

In total there weren’t many people Leylin knew.

“Why should we care about their lives!” Leona snorted, speaking indifferently.

She neither had a good feeling for the experts of the three big forces nor the pirates. Except for Kato and Leylin, the ones with secret inheritances, Leona didn’t mind anybody else, including Zahira Or Fatima.

“They headed to the same place with us. However, their stop was different. I need to check it out.” Fiona squinted calmly as if she started to release her transcendent Soul Consciousness to search.

After a long while, she shook her head. “This place is really magical and so vast. My Soul Consciousness couldn’t cover it all, but I didn’t see them anywhere in the areas I could reach.”

“Rank 7 Stars are something else.” Leylin muttered.

Fiona was at the Ethereal God Realm, the strongest realm he had seen until now. Although the Land of God Punishment was so vast, her Soul Consciousness could observe every corner. Nothing could avoid her sensing.

However, she said that she couldn’t sense this luxuriant, boundless forest entirely. So it either means that this forest is larger than the Land of God Punishment or her powers are suppressed.

“Level 7 life star, at least! My my, the place the star map marked isn’t just a hoax! It’s a level 7 life star!” Jester was dedicatedly collecting spiritual grass and plants by the lake. He was so excited that he acted like a child finding treasure. He swung his hands. “Spiritual herbs nurtured by Nature in a level 7 life star are the best ingredients to refine pellets and medicines! Being able to see those top-quality materials. It is worth it even if I have to die.”

“You should jump your heart out right now, we don’t know if this place is gonna be a blessing or a curse.” Leylin chinded.

“What do you mean, Master?” Kato asked surprised. Even if he was at Original God Realm currently which was higher than Leylin, he was still very respectful and submissive to him.

“This place has abundant earth and heaven energy. We hope that there’s no life here. Otherwise, it would be very intimidating!” Leylin said calmly.

“Raging Flame Star Area doesn’t have a level 7 life star, but have uncountable King God Realm and numerous Original God Realm warriors. And Senior Fiona had even entered the Ethereal God Realm. This place has so much energy. If creatures can cultivate here, they will receive a lot of benefits. Their progress would be tremendous.”

“Besides the spiritual grass and plants, a level 7 life star can produce materials like ores, divine crystals, and other precious crystals. It will be beyond your imagination. If the creatures here know how to cultivate with abundant earth and heaven energy here, combined with the access to spiritual herbs and crystals, they would progress rapidly. I think cultivating to the Ethereal God Realm wouldn’t be as much of a struggle like in the Raging Flame Star Area.”

Listening to Leylin, everyone suddenly quieted down.

The Grace Mainland had entered the last phase of its energy cycle, but it still had the Peak of True God Realm warriors. The Raging Flame Star Area had level 5 life stars so it could have characters like Caligula, Derrick and even Fiona who’s at the Ethereal God Realm.

This place had better natural resources and plenty of earth and heaven energy. If creatures here knew how to cultivate, their attainment would surpass the Raging Flame Star Area for sure.

“What should we do!?”

“Walk forward, we’ll see if this is a calling for calamity or a fate of fortune.”

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