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Chapter 482

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Chapter 482

In the Soul Confining Platform, everyone’s soul altar was restrained, hence no one could urge their energies. At this moment, the three big forces were engaged in a deadly battle against the pirates who vastly outnumbered them.

Relying only on their God body strength they fought valiantly but suffered gruesome casualties. Eventually the big forces group didn’t dare to linger.

They protected their injured subordinates, and retreated fast to the illusory formation from the Soul Confining Platform.

The biggest powerhouse Derrick Simmons, master of Nine Star Chamber Of Commerce has yet to come, the three big forces had greatly underestimated the might of pirates, and fought hastily despite a number disadvantage but considering their plight they made the right choice to fall back and regroup with Derrick Simmons to attack them again.

Even if one can’t use their soul alter in this strange place, Derrick was a Third Sky of Original God realm and he cultivated metal upanishad to boot, against him not even Weerlig won’t be able to withstand for long.

As the fight ended, the Soul Confining Platform now had the dead bodies of one-third of the three big forces’ members.

Many pirates were dead too. However, this number was much smaller than what the three powerful forces had to bear. Most of them were killed by Shane, Adidas and Alavid

The battle, which was supposed to be fierce, had ended just like that, leaving people with many surprises.

But Leylin who was paying a close eye to everything didn’t seem happy, but more solemn. He didn’t look at Kato and the others but squinted, and glanced towards a stone stele in front of them. The flower-like drawing on that stele had become more… oddly beautiful.

“Strange… ”

Leylin who was overtly sensitive to Essence Qi of dead people could sense that all the beam of Essence Qi from the dead members of the three forces or the pirates turned into gray thread-like smoke, congregating at one of the stone steles, the one that he was looking at.

The eccentric flower on that stone tablet was just a drawing. But at this moment, it looked so vivid and lively, as if it had been revived with beautiful colors.

The iron chain connected to the center of the stone stele shimmered. The rusted spots on it were all gone, as if someone had just cleaned the chain. Leylin could feel a faint energy beaming moving inside the chain.

Many dead people who fell near the chain had their flesh and blood taken away, leaving only the skin bag and softened bones. The marrow inside the bones was also sucked away.

The flower drawing on the stone tablet started to glow amidst a beautiful halo. It looked more like a massive, open mouth…

An eccentric flower drawn in the center of the one-hundred-meter tall tablet caught everyone’s eyes even though it occupied just a small part of the tablet.

That bizarre flower was fresh and vivid, living on that stone tablet. All of a sudden, it seemed like it wanted to leave the stone stele as it released a strange and evil energy fluctuation wave.

Boom Boom Boom!

The iron chain connected to that flower suddenly burst off. Pieces of chain floated up, flying towards the demonic flower.

Jester discolored in fear. He suddenly recalled something, shouting hoarsely. “Dark Prison Demonic Flower! It’s the Dark Prison Demonic Flower!”

Everybody was startled, looking at him instinctively.

“Please elaborate Alchemist Jester.” Weerlig walked forward and asked sternly.

Jester, “The Soul Sucking Demonic Flower originates from the Dark Prison Demonic Flower, which is one the most malignant parasites used against human cauldron. They said that when the Soul Sucking Demonic Flower ascends to the acme, it will become the Dark Prison Demonic Flower. However, I don’t know how magical it would be. I only know that Dark Prison Demonic Flower doesn’t belong to the Raging Flame Star Area. I used to see it in an ancient book I’ve read. The flower on that stone tablet is a Dark Prison Demonic Flower!” said Jester uneasily.

“Madam Leona, do you know about this strange flower. It seems to be related to the God Clansman.”

Leona glanced at Leylin and nodded, “I don’t think many people in the Raging Flame Star Area would know about the Dark Prison Demonic Flower. For this alchemist to even know about it’s existence is rather impressive.”

“Fortunately my Dark Sky family had a domineering status in the past and we know many ancient secrets that have been lost in annals of time.”

“This Dark Prison Demonic Flower is an object that belongs to the God Clan. It’s a peculiar thing that restores people who are wounded severely. The person that this demonic flower shrouds should be a God Clan’s member who is hurt and needs to use the Dark Prison Demonic Flower to recover.”

“It seems to be something very valuable.”

“Not that much for an existence like God Clan…” Leona sighed, “The demonic flower can absorb the Blood Qi and energy to give a tonic to the wounded warrior. You can see that whenever the demonic flower swallows a warrior, the God Clan man is restored a little bit.”

“Then this whole place is actually a recuperating prison?”

“Yes, It’s an important ward which the God Clan used to heal their wounded members. Everybody knew that the God Clan was strong, but they didn’t have a large population, and it’s not easy for them to give birth. They couldn’t afford to lose even one warrior. They did anything to protect and lengthen the bloodline of the God Clan.”

“This place is a magical place they used to preserve their members. They captured the warriors of other races to absorb their energy and heal their wounded members.”

“If we let this flower devour more warriors then the God Clan member would wake up, but you already know that.” Leona squinted as she stared at Leylin.

“Yeah, and unlike you, neither me nor Precursor Fiona wants to stop his awakening.”

“It’s not that I don’t understand, the new star area is very important to us but still it’s a huge risk and knowing that all the burden would be shouldered by my aunt is a discomforting thought.”

“You didn’t really care that much when you broke through in Heavenly Punishment City and stirred the pot.”

“That’s different, I knew that no one could trouble her in that crowd but this God clansman is different. It’s too dangerous… ”

“Risk and rewards go hand in hand. And what’s there to be afraid of? I don’t think after so many years of isolation and regression that God Clansman could be Precursor’s match. He’s an Eternal Realm Warrior so she can manage him, if not for that then I would be the first one to suggest retreating.”

While they were talking, the stone stele cracked.

The beautiful, fresh flower in the center swayed continually. All of a sudden, the stone stele exploded under their gazes. The three-meter-tall demonic flower emerged from the stone tablet.

The demonic flower shrouded a strange creature. It looked human. However, they could only see from the shoulder up. The skinny face made him looked more like a skull with some viscous substances. A trickle of some blood-like liquid rolled down from his closed eyes. He seemed to be in deep sleep, unconscious of what was happening.

The peculiar fresh flower covered him entirely. He looked like a person rolled in a thick blanket, leaving only the head out.

This demonic flower hadn’t bloomed yet. Although the petals looked beautiful, they hadn’t completely expanded. A strange, evil aura diffused from the demonic flower and the man.

That man hadn’t opened his eyes yet, but the aura of his had scared everybody else as if that man would jump up and kill them all in a second.

Swish Swish!

The demonic flower suddenly jumped out of the stone stele, attacking the pirates.

The demonic flower flashed then disappeared. The flower opened like a giant mouth of a beast. It didn’t leave it’s victim with time to react, swallowing them immediately.

Chew! Chew!

The demonic flower devoured the Blood Qi and became more fresh and beautiful. The man in the flower’s shroud seemed to have more blood and flesh on his face.


Weerlig screamed with a fearful gaze, “Attack!”

The pirates collectively joined hands and risked their lives swarming forward red eyed, striking their sharp weapons on the demonic flower. Various lights flashed.

A clear, bright halo appeared on the magnificent petals of the flower. The petals just swayed and they were able to send all the sharp weapons backward. None of the petals were damaged. They were flexible and agile as if they were human limbs. They were so peculiarly dangerous!

After activating, the demonic flower didn’t pause for even a second despite the all out attack from all the pirates. A sound like a fan whirling came from the flower’s stamen and pistil. The flower floated, moving in the air.

One after another pirates who was standing nearest to that demonic flower became its next target. The pirate didn’t have the power to resist as the flower engulfed him. The sounds of bones being chewed had numbed people’s scalps. The King God Realm pirate couldn’t even scream. Blood splashed as he died instantly.

The bony face of the man who was covered by the demonic flower now had more flesh. Some spikes started to grow on his exposed shoulder.

However, he still had his eyes closed as if the energy from the victims weren’t enough to wake him up yet.

He used the Dark Prison Demonic Flower to swallow blood and flesh from the warriors instinctively since his body and this demonic flower had been fused together completely and perfectly. The demonic flower had become his mouth, continually taking in blood and flesh to make up for the loss or damage to his body in order to ultimately wake him up.

People looked at that flower dazedly, their countenance panic-stricken. A deep fear arose in their heart.

More sounds of hair-raising chewing occurred. The flower bud spurted out pieces of bones and flood. The thick scent of blood nauseated people.

All of the pirates were startled. They couldn’t help but retreat as far away from the flower as possible. They were afraid that they would become the next target.

Weerlig, Kato, Jashin, Barrette shouted frantically to order their men to stay away and to not let the demonic flower target them.

They were constantly backing off but the demonic flower seemed to know what to do. It was able to spot out lives on this Soul Confining Platform.

Just as they were contemplating about leaving, they found the warriors of the three big forces returning haggardly. They returned from the illusory formation with deep fear in their eyes.

Everybody was baffled.

Roar! Grrrrr!

Thundering roars came from the illusory formation outside the Soul Confining Platform. It seemed some creatures had escaped from their cages, starting to hunt in the illusory formation.

This time Derrick Simmons was together with the hotshots of the three big forces, but it looked as if they were running for their lives. When those people returned to the Soul Confining Platform, many of them were wounded. Some had lost their limbs, and they all looked frightened.

The pirates were baffled and unfortunately they didn’t have the leisure to inquire about the strange situation because of the immense pressure from the Dark Prison Demonic Flower.

The pirates didn’t see anything but Leylin and Leona knew exactly why those warriors from the three big force returned so tragically.

After the three forces retreated inside the illusory formation and moved forward, they eventually met with Derrick Simmons who found them.

And just as they were contemplating their revenge against the pirates, something horrific happened.

They collided with a horde of intimidating beasts.

There were many never seen before strong beasts charging with intimidating force. They were exceedingly bloodthirsty, hunting them in the formation out there…

Many of them are at level 11… and even beasts at level 12 (Eternal Realm)…

Those beasts aren’t from the Monster Clan. But they looked hybrid. An existence foreign to Raging Flame Star Area.

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