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Chapter 217 - Side story (6)

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Side story (6)

On the weekend, Leisure Cloud and Wild Crane finally came.

In order to allow the family of three meet each other as soon as possible, Qin Yang and He Jin planned to take Lantern to the airport. Naturally, Dumpling refused to stay at home alone, and it was eager to tag along.

These few days, the two babies had been playing with each other often, and they’d become very close now.

After arriving at the airport, He Jin called Wild Crane who just got off his plane, and told them where he was.

Lantern seemed to have a telepathic induction and it immediately became quiet. It was lying on the car window and staring at the outside intently. When seeing Leisure Cloud and Wild Crane appearing in sight, it started yelling excitedly, holding its head against the window glass. It was beyond anxious to meet its daddies.

“Ah! Drop down the window!” He Jin was worried that Lantern might crush itself, and he hurriedly reminded Qin Yang.

As soon as Qin Yang pressed the button, Lantern immediately rushed out like the wind, and it crashed into the arms of the Wild Crane. It was jumping up and down with excitement while yelling “baba”, and it didn’t look as timid as before.

“Oh!” Wild Crane looked so happy. He might not have imagined the feeling of having his baby in the game appear in front of him. At this moment, he was too excited that he didn’t know what to do.

It’s the same for Leisure Cloud, he let go of the suitcase in his hand and lifted his both hands in the air. It seemed that he also wanted to hug Lantern, but it was still in the arms of Wild Crane, and he didn’t want to intervene.

Dumpling initially wanted to fly along, when seeing this scene, it was emotionally influenced as well. It flew quietly back to He Jin and wanted some love from his daddy.

Qin Yang said jealously, “I’ve noticed that Dumpling is closer to you, when obviously I was the one who’s mostly taking care of him these three years.” It’s also weird for Lantern. After seeing the two daddies at the same time, it went to hold Wild Crane first.

He Jin didn’t think that much. He smiled, “of course, I gave birth to it.”

“Yeah, no wonder.” Qin Yang teased Dumpling, “baby, why don’t you call Ah Jin your mother in the future?”

Dumpling’s eyes went bright, “okay!”

He Jin, “…”

A few days later, it would be the New Year’s Day. Leisure Cloud and Wild Crane especially brought them a bunch of local specialties, including seafood, rice cakes and black sesame dumplings prepared by Wild Crane’s mother. The two had wanted to stay at the hotel, and since Qin Yang found them so enthusiastic, he invited them to stay at his place as well.

“Ah, wouldn’t it be inconvenient? We can just open a room near your place.” Wild Crane said.

Qin Yang hit his steering wheel and jokingly said, “even if you are willing to go to the hotel, your son might not agree.”

Wild Crane, “oh? Why?”

Qin Yang, “it has belonged to our Dumpling already. Right, my son?”

Dumpling nodded with determination, “yes! Lantern is my wife!”

Lantern glanced at Dumpling and quickly buried its face in Wild Crane’s arms. He didn’t deny nor admit. He just shyly replied, “baba…”

Leisure Cloud, “…”

Wild Crane madly said, “who allowed you to get married?!”

Qin Yang, “well…didn’t you say that Lantern would be together with my Dumpling?”

Wild Crane had obviously just said in the game for fun. After seeing the baby himself, he’d of course feel differently. Wild Crane held Lantern tightly and he looked like he’s afraid it being taken away, “but still, you can’t let them know so early! How old is Lantern now? Only half a year old! Ruthless, you’re such a beast!”

Qin Yang shrugged, looking innocent, “what does it have to do with me?”

Wild Crane, “you must have persuaded Dumpling to do this! You even said that you’d take Lantern earlier to build a relationship. You had a plan earlier on! My God…my baby, I don’t want you to get married so early.”

Qin Yang looked at the sky helplessly, looks like it’s not just He Jin who’s very much attached to the game…

In the end, Wild Crane and Leisure Cloud stayed in Qin Yang’s place. Qin Yang initially wanted to invite them for dinner in the hotel, but Leisure Cloud said that the crab wouldn’t stay fresh after staying in the air for too long, and he suggested the four of them finish it that night. After much discussion, they had finally decided to order some dishes from the hotel and to prepare the crab at home. They also invited Dead Water and Nine Hall over.

The six gathered. After drinking some wine, Wild Crane yelled, “boil the dumplings! There’re also some dumplings!”

Dumpling was shocked, as it thought that Wild Crane wanted to cook it alive. Its eyes were instantly filled with tears, and it was crying sorrowfully, “baba…baba…”

The crowd burst into laughter after having reacted. He Jin found it hilarious and he explained it to Dumpling, “we aren’t going to cook you, but another kind of dumpling.”

Then, He Jin took Dumpling to the kitchen and told it that since it looked like dumplings after birth, they had named it “Dumpling”.

Dumpling curiously looked at the pot of white sticky dumplings. The handmade dumplings were uneven in thickness, and some of them broke during the cooking process. Some black sesame fillings came out. Dumpling yelled with curiosity, “it’s black inside!”

He Jin, “yeah, there’s black sesame inside.”

Dumpling asked again, “is baby’s tummy black inside too?”

He Jin burst into laughter, “you’re the black thing inside, the one part has disappeared.”

Dumpling went thoughtful, and then asked again, “then what is Lantern?”

He Jin, “it’s more or less the same thing as you, but the way of cooking is different. You were wrapped and Lantern was rolled.”

Dumpling blinked its eyes and asked curiously, “what does it mean?”

“Lantern is based on the stuffing. We cut the assorted or nuts into small pieces and shake them in a large bowl filled with glutinous rice noodles. In the end, it will become something that looks like you.” He Jin explained with patience. After a while, he recalled that Dumpling was an intelligent baby, “can’t you look it up yourself?”

Dumpling answered seriously, “under normal circumstances, baby can ask daddy for anything that he doesn’t understand.”

He Jin was speechless, “you can’t pretend that you don’t know when you do!” Gosh, when he’s not paying attention, this baby was already fooling him around!

Dumpling looked at its fingers and retreated to one side sadly. After looking it up, its eyes flashed and it concluded, “it turns out that Lantern is a little sweetheart wrapped in a layer of glutinous rice!”

He Jin, “…”

After dinner, the six gathered to play cards. The group played until 11pm. Then, Dead Water and Nine Hall left.

At night, Wild Crane and Leisure Cloud slept in the guest room. After getting its daddies’ approval, Lantern went into the room to recharge.

After turning off the lights, Leisure Cloud and Wild Crane started caressing and kissing each other. Lantern, who had never seen this intensive act of affection before, almost fainted out of shyness.

Before its daddies found out, it sneaked out of the room and looked for Dumpling.

The lonely Dumpling was alone in the room, when it saw Lantern coming in. It was so excited, “how come you’re here?”

Lantern got close and the two babies’ faces were sticking to each other. They were communicating with telepathy, “my daddies are kissing and I dare not watch them.”

Dumpling, “wow! So your daddies are kissing as well. Do you feel anything?”

Lantern nodded shyly, “yes.”

Dumpling covered its face, “me too. When my daddies are kissing, I feel so shy and comfortable…”

Lantern blushed and said, “I just checked online, and only couples do that.”

Dumpling held Lantern and rolled it on the cushion, it was imitating its daddies’ position on the bed and pressing against Lantern.

Lantern felt that its CPU was going to be burnt. It whispered coyly, “brother…”

Dumpling recalled what Qin Yang always said to He Jin. It lowered its head and kissed Lantern, then ordered childishly, “call me husband~”

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