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Chapter 1593: Defeating An Army

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Chapter 1593: Defeating An Army

The sounds of rubbing metal grated against my ears as around a dozen Seven Star City magic knights stepped into the cavern. Shield shining with the light of Holy Shield Protection, they slowly urged their mounts to walk toward me.

The magic knight leading at the forefront had a thick mustache and a spear in his hand. His ID was "Knight Roger", and he was a Level 255 Heroic Bannerman. He was at least a named player in the Northern Alliance. He ordered with an arrogant smirk on his face, "Immobilize him with Trapping Net if he tries to approach us! There is only so much space in his cavern, so there’s nowhere for him to escape! Mages and archers, you may attack now!"


I frowned a little. Knight Roger was a smart guy who brought only Level 255 players to the hunt and immediately figured out that my Flight ability was near useless in this confined space. A different player would’ve been hard-pressed to dodge a constant hail of crowd-control skills, much less do anything against the enemy. The me from the day before certainly would’ve activated my invincibility skill and teleported back to the main city already.

But I wasn’t the brain-lagged wreck of a player of yesterday, so there was nothing to be afraid of. I wouldn’t even need the Xuanyuan Art to play these people like a fiddle.


A Shock Arrow struck my Scarlet Dragon Armor, failing to stun me but dealing over 130k damage. Whoever had shot this had to have top-tier Attack and at least 30% armor penetration. They wouldn’t have hit me for six digits otherwise.

I pulled out the arrow and stared at the incoming God Devil Breaks and Galaxy Storms. Then, I abruptly dashed away from my original spot, kicked off the wall and sped straight toward Knight Roger. After dodging some spells and Trapping Nets with a zig and zag, I thrust my sword straight at the mustache man!


Roger lowered his head to dodge the attack. At the same time, he thrust his spear through the gap between his shield and the shield of a magic knight next to him, aiming for my waist.

I parried the spear thrust with the Dihai Shield, sidestepped and slashed at the magic knight next to him using Crushing Blow. Holy Shield Protection was considered Guard stance, so he immediately took a massive amount of damage—


His complexion turned purple because the skill had left him with just a sliver of HP despite his full buffs. Without hesitation, I backed away like lightning and threw my sword using Coiling Dragon Revolution at the same time!


The spinning blade cut a giant hole in the low-health magic knight’s chest and struck three mages and two bards exactly as I had planned. Each player ate over 5 million damage and was one-shot without question.


I slowly descended to the ground after catching my returned blade. Knight Roger’s complexion also turned purple when he realized that I had killed 6 players in just one casual assault. He thought that I was going to kill him, but I was really targeting the players around him in search of a different breakthrough point. It was because he had at least 14 million HP at full buffs. Rather than wasting my DPS on him and allowing his allies to whittle me down little by little, I would rather kill his allies first. Once he was alone, he was as good as dead. After all, there was no one I feared in a 1v1 fight!

Knight Roger gritted his teeth so hard it looked like he might break them. He shouted angrily, "H-he dares attack our weak point? How despicable! Archers and mages, keep attacking. Someone, tell the people waiting outside to come in, we need those griffin riders to bombard him with Thunder Spears! This despicable bastard isn’t escaping us today!"

It was quite the speech considering they were trying to corner me with sheer numbers, but I simply launched another assault using the exact same method and tactic. Five seconds later, another five players had died. Although Knight Roger was a Heroic Bannerman, he was at best a first-rate player. He was neither skilled nor powerful enough to counter my lightning-fast player-sniping tactic. To put it simply, he and his allies were utterly helpless to stop me from doing anything.


Roger clenched his fists tightly while shooting a glance behind his back. Dozens of griffin riders had entered the cavern, but he chose to bide his time, probably because he thought that there weren't enough men to kill me yet. Succumbing to his impulses could give me an opening to kill off the new arrivals.

"Not yet. Shielders, hold the line as best you can. Griffon riders, ready your Thunder Spears and shoot him down the second he comes close to you!"


Dozens of griffin riders immediately raised their weapons and charged them with lightning energy. It was their mount skill, Thunder Spear. I had to admit that the Northern Alliance had the China server beat in terms of aerial cavalry. Our strongest aerial units were the dragon knights, but they couldn’t be mass-produced like the griffins. Moreover, the griffins were fairly powerful and mobile despite being weaker than the dragons. Our server might have the strongest land cavalry in the world, the Dragonlight Cavalry, but that strength was greatly offset by our inability to produce griffin mounts.

Anyway, I didn’t wait for the enemy to muster enough numbers to kill me as a matter of course. It wasn’t long before I launched a third assault!


I knocked a magic knight back with Mad God Lunge at the same time I cast a bunch of Ancient Seals on the griffin riders. A follow-up Burning Blade Slash, the 65%-HP griffin riders were torn to shreds without much resistance. Simultaneously, magic knights on the ground were being ravaged by War Crush, dying one after another.

All this time, the mages and archers continued to pepper my Scarlet Dragon Armor with spells and arrows. After my HP had fallen to a certain point, I knocked my attackers backward with a horizontal sweep before backing nearly 50 meters away in an instant. Then, I drank a health potion to recover my HP.


"This… this is just…"

Knight Roger looked utterly flabbergasted. He couldn’t believe how easy it was for me to navigate around his players and reap their lives[1].

"Boss… I think…" a magic knight beside Roger said in a hushed voice, "I think we’re no match for Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand. Both his stats and skill are out of our league. If he keeps evading and attacking us like this, our griffin riders won’t even be able to touch the corner of his sleeves… This just isn’t winnable[2]…"

Roger growled, "Silence! The battle isn’t over yet, and you’re losing heart already? All experts have a battle rhythm of their own. Once it is disrupted, even Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand can bleed. Listen! This man is our greatest enemy in the south bar none. If we don’t kill him here, we may never be able to lift our heads in the future. Just because Vienna’s Sorrow has deleted his account doesn't mean that we have no one left who can stand against Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand! I may despise Vienna’s Sorrow’s arrogance, but even I must admit that he was a hero. Now is our best chance to take revenge for him!"

"Yes, boss!"


I still remained silent as Knight Roger encouraged his players.

More and more griffin riders gathered at the cave entrance. Soon, the small cavern was packed with 500 griffin riders hanging in midair and 200 players on the ground at least. It was almost amusing how many people they had mustered to kill me!


Knight Roger raised his spear and yelled, "Charge and kill Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand! We will reclaim Vienna’s Sorrow’s honor!"

I backed away some more while thinking of a way to take the enemies out when a beautiful figure approached me from behind. It was of course Lin Yixin. She waved a white pouch at me and shot me a sweet smile. "I’ve gathered everything, Little Cheat! I got 29 stacks in total. It’s a jackpot!"

Suddenly, she noticed the swarm of players not far away from us and blanked out for a second. Then, she exploded in anger, "What… what the hell is this? Did Seven Star City seriously send over a thousand players to bully us? This is unacceptable! Unacceptable!"


She furiously unsheathed her Wind Severing Sword and uttered, "I absolutely will not stand for this shit! Little Cheat, follow me to kill ‘em all! Let’s go!"

"We can just go invincible and teleport back to the city, you know?"

"It’s so much more fun to kill them all before we teleport though!"


I had already been flying at the enemies when I was giving that answer. After buffing myself with Battle Astral Wind and Profound Armor, I activated the Death skill of Xuanyuan Art and removed 70% HP from all enemies within 1,000 yards. At the same time, Lin Yixin cast Thundercloud Storm that unleashed deadly storms, icy blades, lightning and more natural elements at the enemy. In just 5 seconds, nearly every griffin rider in the cavern had evaporated, just like that. The combined power of two of the Twelve Divine Armaments couldn’t be stopped by mere griffin riders!

While charging toward the exit, I took out Knight Roger with a single basic attack—he only had 5% HP left after the double whammy—and aimed my palm in his direction. The poor guy could only stare wide-eyed as I sucked his spear into my hand with the power of my Domain. It was a Lower Divine Armament. Not bad at all…

After we had returned to the main hall, we looked up and saw more flying units making their way toward us from above.

I let out a laugh as the Xuanyuan Sword erupted in a burst of light. Lin Yixin and I cut down foe after foe as we slowly made our way upward. Someone died nearly every time she made a turn in the air. Her burst damage was just off the charts.

A few minutes later, we finally escaped the darkness that was the Immortal Cloud Ice Cave!

Several thousand Chaotic 27 and Seven Star City players were waiting for us on the surface, but Lin Yixin and I weren’t going to bother with them now that we had made it to the surface. As we soared through the sky, we crushed our return scrolls and teleported away. The next moment, we were floating above the peaceful and tranquil Sky City, the King of Cities.


I set up a stall and sold some equipment. When it was almost dinnertime, I checked my friend list and noticed that He Yi wasn’t online.

I asked Lian Xin, "Where’s Eve, Little Xin?"

She answered, "I don’t know. She logged out a few hours ago…"


It was at this moment I heard my phone ringing from outside the game. I accepted the call inside the game and heard Murong Mingyue’s voice—

"Lu Chen. You need to know something."

"What is it?" I asked.

"Something’s happened to Eve’s eyes!"

I jolted upward. "What?!"

"Are you free to come home? I’ll explain it to you once you get back."

"I’ll be there soon!"

1. T/N: Suuuuuuuuure, he totally can’t imagine even though Lu Chen had whooped their ass again and again throughout the game. ☜

2. T/N: Also Resurrection Art ☜

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