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Chapter 1107 - Jin Diyi’s Debut, The Morning Sun Rises, Rides A Phoenix In The Sea of Clouds, Gradually Approaching

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Chapter 1107: Jin Diyi’s Debut, The Morning Sun Rises, Rides A Phoenix In The Sea of Clouds, Gradually Approaching

“The leylines?”

After hearing the Dean’s words, everyone observed the Void Valley’s leylines with strange looks on their faces.

“The leylines here have been destroyed.”

“No. Not only the Void Valley’s leylines but the leylines in tens of millions of kilometers have also been destroyed!”

“In other words, an Earthen Immortal has no way to mobilize earth qi to support himself. Tsk, tsk. They’re well prepared.”

“If I’m not mistaken, Chu Kuangren is good at formation techniques, especially the Earth Qi Formation, which is extremely powerful. But now, with the leylines here all destroyed, he can’t utilize his Formation Techniques anymore.”

“Ha! The Yokai Hall has taken great pains to choose a combat venue. It looks like they’re determined to take down Chu Kuangren this time.”

“It’s unfair to battle like this.”

“Tsk. The Earth Qi Formation is a means of cheating too. In fact, I think this will make the battle more interesting.”

The crowd was engaged in a discussion.

Some people thought the Yokai Hall was despicable, while some thought it had been adequately considered. However, most looked like they were waiting for a show to unfold.

“Shall we persuade Brother Chu not to come to the battle?” suggested Gong Yue with a frown.

The Yokai Hall clearly had been preparing for the battle for a long time, but Chu Kuangren had been forced to respond to the battle hastily. It had been unfair from the beginning.

“Honorable Teacher, that’s impossible.”

Shang Honghua shook her head and said, “Since he has accepted the challenge, there’s absolutely no reason for him to be absent. Even if everyone in Yokai Hall shows up, he’ll still come for the battle because he is the King!”

Whether a King or cultivator, Chu Kuangren’s ego would not allow him to retreat without fighting. It was just not his style.

Shang Honghua knew him well.


At that moment, storm clouds suddenly rolled in!

A magnificent golden warship was seen gliding through the air, and a group of Golden Crow Guardians in golden armor stood on the warship.

Besides the Golden Crow Guardians, there were dozens of rare, top-notched yokai at the Earthen Immortal level.

“The Honorable Yokai Hall has come!”

“Tsk. With such intense yokai qi, that is no doubt the Honorable Yokai Hall. Apparently, the Honorable Yokai Hall has annexed Divine Dragon Island. I reckon it won’t be long before their strength rises to another level.”

“Yeah. If Jin Diyi wins this battle, the Planquilon Immortal World will be under the Honorable Yokai Hall one day.”

“Won’t humans be in danger by then?”

“It won’t. The humans have Hundred Academy, Jade Clarity Immortal Sect, and other ancient immortal orthodoxies. They’re enough to compete with the Yokai Hall if they join forces.”

As everyone discussed, they all found Yokai Hall’s current background surprising. Shortly after, a figure attracted their attention.

The great yokai were gathered on the golden warship, and in front of them was a young man.

The young man was dressed in dark golden armor covered with thorns, emanating yokai qi and ferocious qi that merged and swept across the universe.

With just a glance, everyone could feel the terrifying and domineering aura coming from the young man, crushing them like a tsunami!

“What a powerful aura. He’s Jin Diyi!”

“Yokai Hall’s Crown Prince, Jin Diyi, is indeed extraordinary.”

Everyone looked at the dark golden body and knew that he was one of the protagonists of the combat, the Yokai Hall’s Crown Prince, Jin Diyi.

After sensing his aura, they could not help but admire him.

Although it was rumored that he had killed a Fifth-grade Earthen Immortal within an instant, it was just a rumor. However, after seeing him for themselves, they were sure that he possessed the strength to kill a Fifth-grade Earthen Immortal easily!

Among the crowd, Qing Feng looked at Jin Diyi with shock in his eyes. “He has grown much stronger!”

In the past, Jin Diyi had captured Qing Feng and brought her to the Yokai Hall. He initially intended to use her as a bargaining chip to force Sycamore Mountain to surrender in the future.

However, Qing Feng had awakened the Azure Phoenix bloodline and was motivated by the Azure Phoenix Mirror to escape. Then, Chu Kuangren rescued her, and she returned to Sycamore Mountain.

That was how she met Jin Diyi. However, under her Azure Phoenix’s Eye, the Jin Diyi in front of her was very different from the one in the past!

“Is he the last Fated One? Can Chu Kuangren handle him?” Qing Feng was a little uncertain.

Since the last time she parted with Chu Kuangren in Sycamore Mountain, she had not seen him for many years and had no idea how much his strength had grown.

However, as someone without any destiny, Chu Kuangren was not easy to deal with.

Qing Feng breathed a sigh of relief when she thought of that.

“He’s weird.”

Shang Honghua frowned as she looked at Jin Diyi.

Ever since seeing him, she felt that her body’s will of the Immortal World was about to burst and fly toward him.

‘Is he the Heavenly Champion chosen by the will of the Immortal World?’

Jin Diyi had also noticed Shang Honghua, but he ignored her after taking a glance.

Shang Honghua, who only had one will of the Immortal World, was not a threat to him. Right now, he was only concerned about one thing.

His eyes swept across the crowd. “Isn’t Chu Kuangren here yet?”

Everyone looked at the academy’s Dean as Chu Kuangren was widely known as the academy’s Thirteenth Master.

“Heh. It’s not time for the battle yet, so don’t worry. Brother Chu is always on time.” The Dean chuckled.

Indeed, it was only the ninth day, and tomorrow would be the tenth day.

“In that case, I’ll wait for him all night!”

Jin Diyi glanced at the gradually darkening sky before he jumped down from the warship and onto the Void Valley.

When he landed, the entire valley trembled, causing the fragile space to shatter even more!

Everyone was stunned.

‘With such ferocious momentum, how terrifying would it be when he starts fighting?’

Soon after, the night fell.

The night in Void Valley was exceptionally bright today for the cultivators.

Even the air was scorching hot.

In Void Valley, Jin Diyi stood proudly in dark golden armor with golden flames burning all over his body.

The flame was so bright that it illuminated all directions and dispelled the darkness of Void Valley. The tens of thousands of kilometers radius were as bright as day!

Not only that, but the flame contained battle intent!

Jin Diyi was excited about the upcoming battle.

“Is that the Golden Crow Flame? That’s terrifying.”

“Same as the Phoenix’s Flame, the Golden Crow Flame ranks third in the Divine Fire List. With that aura, he’s probably a pure-blooded Golden Crow.”

All Immortals looked at Jin Diyi with amazement.

Soon, the night passed.

Further away, dawn came as the sun rose.

“The ten-day period is due. Isn’t Chu Kuangren here yet?”

Jin Diyi looked at the Dean.

“Please be patient, Crown Prince,” said the Dean.

“Hmph. If Chu Kuangren is absent, I don’t mind visiting the academy to turn it upside down!” Jin Diyi snorted and said in a domineering tone.

A cold look flashed across the Dean’s face. “Watch it, lad. I’ll kill you with a palm attack.”

“Dean, why get annoyed?”

The Yokai Ruler said indifferently, “The ten-day period is due, but Chu Kuangren isn’t here yet. Could he be afraid?”

“The sun hasn’t fully risen, so the ten-day period isn’t due yet,” said Shang Honghua as the corners of her lips tugged.

At that moment, a loud phoenix’s cry suddenly resounded through the sky!

Seemingly sensing something, everyone looked into the distance.

In the center of the rising sun, a stunning Godly Phoenix was flying in from afar along as it broke into dawn. Its Phoenix’s Flame surged and dyed most of the sky red.

A person in white was standing on the back of the Godly Phoenix. The morning ray shone on his face, and his appearance was extraordinary!

As the morning sun rose, Chu Kuangren rode a phoenix in the sea of clouds and gradually approached them!

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