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Chapter 479 - Hardcore Cultivation Begins, Entering the Thunder Soul Earth Again!

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Chapter 479: Hardcore Cultivation Begins, Entering the Thunder Soul Earth Again!

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Of course, it was a very suitable main cultivation technique.

If it could successfully cultivate, Wang Che was not sure what would happen to the Firefly Dream Spirit.

However, it should be helpful to its own unique skills, Phantom Blessing and Destiny Blessing.

There were even some other soul skills that could appear.

This cultivation technique also focused on cultivating divine sense. There was no lack of offensive methods.

Affecting luck was only one of the core abilities of cultivation techniques.

In addition, it was modified thoroughly after Wang Che learned the flaws of the demonic beast mighty figure’s cultivation technique during the battle and improved them one by one.

Unfortunately, he did not have any divine beasts that he could use at that time and gave them to his friends.

“This will be its main cultivation technique.”

Wang Che nodded slightly, “There’s no hurry. It’ll begin cultivating the main cultivation technique when it has a certain cultivation base. The prerequisite cultivation technique for the Life Orbit Star Confusion Technique is the Purple Star Observation Technique, a cultivation technique to cultivate divine sense.”

“Cultivate this first.”

The more powerful a cultivation technique was, the more prerequisites there were.

The Purple Star Observation Technique was used to condense a Heavenly Fate Star Soul that matched the Great Dao in the body through observing the stars.

With the Heavenly Fate Star Soul, one could cultivate the Life Orbit Star Confusion Technique and obtain various uses.

“This shouldn’t be difficult for a Firefly Dream Spirit that specializes in mental strength to condense a Heavenly Fate Star Soul.”

“It’s just that the materials needed for cultivation might be a little troublesome.”

“Cultivating the Heavenly Fate Soul requires materials that contain the power of the stars…”

The power of the stars here was not the stars or aliens of the scientific civilization.

If that was the case, it only needed some meteorites.

However, in fact, meteorites had nothing to do with this cultivation technique, so it was naturally not referring to aliens or meteorites in the universe.

It was the will of the stars in the cultivation world.

The will of the stars in the cultivation world was condensed from the will of countless lives. It hung above the nine heavens and was a unique power.

It could also be called the Power of All Life.

Every time there were major changes in the cultivation world, it meant that the fate of some lives had changed. For example, some hot shots with great luck were about to be born!

Or perhaps, some mighty figures with boundless negative karma had reincarnated and were about to descend!

It could be that calamity was coming.

For example, in other worlds and civilizations, it was called armageddon, the recovery of spiritual qi, the descent of mysteries, and so on.

In any case, it was related to this.

At this moment, the will of the stars above the nine heavens would descend at the same time and hide somewhere to become special materials.

Those who were fated could obtain it.

“It’s only troublesome to find materials that contain the will of the stars, but it’s definitely not difficult.”

Wang Che’s gaze landed on the Firefly Dream Spirit.

The little guy was now focused on the little caterpillar.

In the eyes of the Firefly Dream Spirit, the little caterpillar was probably not a caterpillar.

Instead, it was a bee that was diligently gathering honey.

It was like a cub waiting to be fed.

“Wu! Wu! Wu!” The Firefly Dream Spirit cheered for the little caterpillar.

Wang Che: “…”

“The fall of the star will means that the civilization of the world has changed in some way. Its fate is ethereal. This means that something major must have happened in the world.”

Wang Che pondered and said, “Therefore, if you want to find this material, you usually only need to see the history of different worlds and what heaven-defying things happened.”

“Combining it with the changes in the known world, we can easily find it.”

“The biggest change in this world.”

“That was the invasion of the foreign races. The ancient civilization was destroyed during the invasion, forming a break in civilization. Later on, in the Fallen Ancient Era, humans developed a life contract and changed the outcome of the world that should have fallen.”

“Eh, every time the Dark Demon World invades, this will happen. In many worlds they invade, the will of the stars will descend. In order to protect themselves, the Heavenly Dao will send some experts with great luck to change the direction of the world.”

“Moreover, there is an existence similar to the will of faith in this world.”

“That egg capsule machine is…”

“Therefore, the will of the stars must have descended in that era.”

Thinking of this, it became clearer.

“After the foreign races invaded back then, there should be some phenomena in this world…”

Wang Che immediately walked out of the martial soul and checked the history.

Speaking of this, Wang Che had always been quite curious about this world. However, because his soul pets were cultivating, he did not have time to explore.

If he did not check, he would not know. But now, there was nothing?


Wang Che was slightly stunned and immediately reacted. The history given by the officials should not be recorded.

Therefore, Wang Che asked the Oracle Heavenly King through his communication device.

Before long, the Oracle Heavenly King replied, “There were indeed some special phenomena back then, but no one paid attention to what they were.”

“After all, at that time, humans and soul beasts were almost extinct. The remaining humans and soul beasts were all focused on fighting the foreign races.”

“Therefore, no one knows what phenomenon it is and what changes it caused.”

“However, the more famous phenomenon was that one night, three meteor-like stars appeared at night and illuminated the day. Later on, nothing happened.”

“Some scholars think that these phenomena might be related to the invasion of the foreign races or the appearance of the life contract. However, nothing happened later because the foreign races had already begun to invade at that time, and the life contract was only created decades later.”

“Moreover, although the life contract was created by a human predecessor, there were actually many human predecessors who perfected it.”


“Starry sky in broad daylight, the reversal of Yin and Yang. That’s right, this is one of the manifestations of the Star Will.”

“It seems that I was right. As for the human ancestor who first proposed the life contract, he should be the Child of Destiny of that world. The Heavenly Dao of this world sent him to save the world.”

Wang Che smiled.

This was normal.

After a phenomenon appeared, there might be an obvious change after decades or even a hundred years.

It was impossible to change at the beginning.

“Moreover, that egg capsule machine is most likely made of the will of the stars. It gathers the power of faith through the life contract.”

“This method has two benefits. Contract Soul Masters can also obtain treasures. The power of faith in the world will not dissipate, forming a high level of harmony. At the same time, it will not overly affect this world. The civilization of the world will also gradually increase.”

“An egg capsule machine…”

Wang Che pondered for a moment.

Dino Technology was in charge of the egg capsule machine.

Therefore, if he wanted to trace the source, he could only find Dino Technology.

“I remember that Lin Xi is related to this corporation… but the capsule machine is definitely a very confidential matter.”

“Lin Xi is the granddaughter of the Blazing Sun Heavenly King.”

“We only need to find a chance to ask the Blazing Sun Heavenly King.”

“After the King’s Cup, the Blazing Sun Heavenly King seems to have something on and is not in the Eastern War Zone…”

“We’ll talk about it when he comes back.”

For the soul pet’s cultivation, Wang Che had put in a lot of effort and thought for a long time.

Therefore, half a month later.

In the middle of July.

In the past half a month, Wang Che had the little caterpillar, the Magnetic Sword, and Bear Treasure slowly enter a normal state from their original resting and playing state.

It focused on pill refinement resources and cultivation.

As for Wang Che, he personally activated the sword furnace to create the Myriad Sword Engine needed for the Magnetic Sword, as well as the third modification of the Red Lightning Sword Guard and normal cultivation.

At the same time, he paid close attention to the news from the Divine Light Whale and the Ancient Fiend, as well as the Blazing Sun Heavenly King.

“Tomorrow is the summer break.”

“The soul pets’ closed door cultivation will begin during the summer break.”

Wang Che arrived at the Myriad Treasures Dao Palace again.

At this moment, 90% of the materials on the first level had already been transformed into the medicinal pills they needed.

“There are a total of more than ten thousand medicinal pills and countless staple foods.”

“The soul plant reserves grown for more than half a year in the spiritual field have been exhausted. Coupled with the materials bought as a reward from the King’s Cup, the soul pets can enter seclusion in the soul ring.”

It was the best place to cultivate.

“The reward for the King’s Cup’s two crowns also includes two sets of soul-conducting furniture. It can provide 300 square meters of soul realm spatial equipment.”

The cost of soul-conducting furniture was even more ridiculous than soul devices.

Moreover, these pieces of furniture could not be used. They were arranged in the soul ring to increase the soul pet’s mood, increase its cultivation speed, assist the soul pet in cultivating soul skills, and so on.

It could not be used in battle or equipped but only be in the soul realm.

The effect was naturally excellent.

For example, in the past, when the little caterpillar was practicing its soul skill, other than dreaming in the dream realm, it needed to go to the school’s training room in reality.

In the soul-conducting furniture, one could directly set up a training room.

Therefore, soul pets could directly train their soul skills in the soul realm.

It could cultivate at any time.

It was as convenient as possible!

It could be said that after the soul realm was decorated with soul-conducting furniture, it was very suitable for seclusion cultivation!

This was also the reason why Wang Che chose to let them cultivate in seclusion.

The cost of this set of soul-conducting furniture was very ridiculous.

This was equivalent to moving something from reality into the soul realm.

These were two different spaces.

Soul pets could enter and exit because of the life contract.

If the physical object wanted to change in these two spaces, it did not matter if it was only simple furniture. It could be placed in the soul realm.

However, in order to have a special-function furniture, it had to have an effect in the soul realm. Then, the materials needed had to contain subtle spatial power.

“The average cost of making three sets of soul-conducting furniture should be at least ten million, and there’s a lot of room for improvement…”

“It’s almost equivalent to buying a villa in the core area of the capital city.”

“Many Contract Soul Masters in the middle and late stages have to borrow money to buy furniture for their soul pets…”

It did not matter if he did not buy it.

Soul pets could also cultivate.

However, if others bought it, his soul pet’s soul power cultivation would increase faster, his soul skill training would be better, and it could also affect the soul pet’s self-created soul skill. The soul pet’s favorable impression would continue to increase and the life contract with the Contract Soul Master would become even closer.

It was actually not a big deal to just mention one benefit.

With so many benefits gathered together, how could one not buy a cute soul pet a set of furniture with various functions?

In this era, Contract Soul Masters also had to borrow money to buy soul pet furniture, but it was closer to the later stages.

Because the soul realm was relatively small in the early stages, there was nothing to dress up. At most, they would dress up one or two soul pet furniture. The effect was not obvious.

Only when a soul pet reached ten thousand years of cultivation and the soul realm greatly increased would it have a chance to decorate a set of furniture.

At this moment, ordinary Contract Soul Masters who graduated and had ten-thousand-year soul pets had a certain status and strength. They also had the qualifications to borrow money to buy houses… and furniture.

With the loan, the Contract Soul Master also felt the pressure. After entering society, he would not lie flat casually. Instead, he would be more motivated.

“Soul guide furniture is a huge money-sink in the soul pet society.”

Wang Che smiled.

If it was just an amateur Contract Soul Master, the pressure would actually not be much. There was no need for soul-conducting furniture, just ordinary furniture would do.

It wasn’t difficult to maintain a good impression and mood every day.

For example, Wang Che’s mother’s Cuckoo Bird didn’t even have soul pet furniture because it was used to living in the family and didn’t need to cultivate in the soul realm.

The professional Contract Soul Master felt immense pressure.

“These two sets of furniture are mainly training. They’re standard ‘Steel Wind’. The color is mainly gray with green as support. The gray is mostly training equipment made of various alloy meteorites. The highest can withstand the cultivation of a ten-thousand-year soul skill. The green-blue ones are mostly entertainment furniture.”

“When there are more materials and I have money in the future, I’ll refine another set of furniture.”

After Wang Che counted the pills, he took out the two sets of furniture.

“This is the soul-conducting furniture rewarded by the King’s Cup. The medicinal pills have been prepared. Tomorrow, you can begin to enter seclusion to cultivate. I won’t disturb you. Put this set of furniture, the little caterpillar, and the Magnetic Sword back into your soul realm first.”

Wang Che took out various pieces of furniture, “Set it up however you feel comfortable. When the time comes, the soul realm will be the place where you cultivate in seclusion for the next two to three years.”

The little caterpillar did not like the style of these pieces of furniture.

However, compared to the previously empty soul realm, it happily accepted this furniture.

The Magnetic Sword liked it better. It liked some clanking steel.

Bear Treasure liked this set the most because these pieces of furniture were very sturdy!

But there were only two sets. It did not have them.

Moreover, it did not have a soul realm yet. Even if it did, it had to wait until it reached ten thousand years to decorate.

“Roar!” Bear Treasure asked anxiously.

‘What about me?’

The soul realm of the little caterpillar and the Magnetic Sword was large enough.

It was more suitable to decorate.

“I’ll help you find a place to cultivate to ten thousand years of cultivation first.”

Wang Che smiled.

After the little caterpillar and the Magnetic Sword were done dressing up, Wang Che brought Bear Treasure and put the Firefly Dream Spirit in his pocket before heading to the Thunder Soul Earth.

The Firefly Dream Spirit did not like to stay in the soul ring.

It was interested in everything in this world, so it wanted to stay outside.

At the same time, its cultivation increased very quickly, from ten to twenty years every day.

At this stage, the little caterpillar’s Beast Origin Skill and staple food would increase by at most three years a day.

In half a month, the Firefly Dream Spirit gained 200 years of cultivation.

Its food, the spiritual field, also planted various soul plants that contained soul energy, was naturally not lacking.

Other than the ones used to refine the Spirit Wonder Pill and the Spirit Marrow Treasure Pill, there were still many left. Coupled with the subsequent planting of the spiritual field, they could completely afford it.

After eating the little caterpillar’s Spirit Wonder Pill on the first day, the Firefly Dream Spirit acknowledged the little caterpillar’s attainments.

It waited for the little caterpillar to refine pills and cook every day.

On the first day, it was still unfamiliar with the little caterpillar. After spending half a month together, the Firefly Dream Spirit had successfully become the group pet of the three little guys…

Feeding Little Firefly became the little caterpillar’s daily joy.

It probably wanted to experience the feeling of Wang Che feeding it…

“Bear Treasure, your bitter cultivation is divided into two stages. The first stage is in the Thunder Soul Earth.”

Wang Che smiled and said, “There’s a senior of yours here, and he’s also a very powerful senior. I’ll give you the little caterpillar’s medal. There are the medicinal pills you need this time. When you cultivate to nearly ten thousand years of cultivation, I’ll teach you a new cultivation technique.”

“When you learned the Titan True Body, I wanted to bring you here, but your senior was also in seclusion and only opened it recently.”

“Roar!” Bear Treasure understood.

‘Got it!’

It knew who it was.

“Titan Beast!”

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