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Chapter 425 - Don\'t Tell Me This Is Your Plan?

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Chapter 425: Don’t Tell Me This Is Your Plan?

Bai Xiaoluo could not understand other things like the Soul Guiding Diagram and patterns.

However, in reality, wasn’t this equivalent to having three more soul skills?

If they fought in battle, who could withstand it?

In a battle of three against three, the Contract Soul Masters’ soul skills were the same, so the difference in soul pets wasn’t too great.

If it learned many soul skills, it would take longer and could not maintain high standards.

If they had three more soul skills than others, the battle situation would have been reversed, right?

“This modification component has its own soul skills… and it’s three of them…” Bai Xiaoluo looked at Wang Che and muttered, “Your modification component can probably shock the mechanical soul pet world, right?”

In any case, she had never seen any other soul pet modification component that could use this soul talisman.

In the past, she had heard that some modification parts, if forged with extremely rare soul bones, would indeed bring special soul skills to mechanical soul pets.

But how many modern soul bones were there? It was almost impossible to find.


They could also use some natural treasures to forge the modification parts. There was a chance that there would be an additional soul skill. After modification, the soul pet would automatically have this soul skill.

This situation was also very rare.

“You can think of it as a soul skill,” Wang Che said. “It’s still very different from a true soul skill. There’s also a fourth pattern.”

“There’s more?” Bai Xiaoluo was a little stunned.

“Of course, there are four patterns.” Wang Che continued, “The last one is called the Spirit Cleansing Talisman. This can reduce the consumption of mental strength by the Pulse Moon Blade and accelerate the recovery of mental strength. You can last for a longer time in battle.”

Bai Xiaoluo was speechless.

After hearing this ability, she could not accept it.

Good fellow, she could still accept that the first three were normal defense-type soul skills.

However, the effect of this soul talisman was already related to a mental-type soul skill!

A mental-type soul skill!

This noble soul skill could be used so easily?

Moreover, the effect was so compatible with pulse-type soul pets.

Bai Xiaoluo was stunned.

The others were also confused.

“You can try it now. Pay attention. After these four patterns are activated together, the soul power consumption of the Pulse Moon Blade will increase. It’s usually not recommended to activate them all. According to the situation on the battlefield, you can activate a few. You can activate the Wind Control Talisman and the Clear Divine Talisman when attacking, the Shield Talisman when defending, and the Soul Guiding Talisman when cultivating.”

Wang Che explained the effects of the spirit talisman.

Bai Xiaoluo attacked again.


This time, she felt completely different. She felt that she had reached another level.

Various soul skills flickered and moved smoothly. Its speed increased again as if it had stepped into a new world.

Although they did not touch Wang Che’s clothes, after fighting for half an hour, Bai Xiaoluo and the Pulse Moon Blade were still very excited.

There was not much weakness.

The effect of the Spirit Cleansing Talisman was still very obvious.

“This…” The others were confused.

“Did Sister Xiaoluo hide a soul skill? Why is she suddenly so powerful and can last so long?” Wang Ka was puzzled.

They could not see the activation of the spirit talisman.

Only Bai Xiaoluo and the Pulse Moon Blade knew.

On the other hand, after the spirit talisman was activated, there would not be any exaggerated special effects. At most, there would be some slight changes. They were not good at this and could not tell.

“I don’t know…” Ludi shook his head, “I don’t know.”

“I think it’s still the problem of the modified parts, right?” Shen Mingluan thought about it.

The battle was over.

Bai Xiaoluo had a good time fighting. The main reason was that she could not adapt to the increase brought by the Pulse Moon Blade.

Especially after activating the Soul Talisman, it felt as if its speed had suddenly increased from 80 miles per hour to 120 miles per hour. While it felt good, she could not control it.

After feeling good, Bai Xiaoluo fell into a deep shock.

This was because she could no longer comment on the value of this handguard.

She felt that she was in no position to comment.

As for the modification technology contained in this hand guard, it had completely exceeded her imagination.

Not to mention anything else, just that soul talisman was definitely a cheat-like existence that could turn the situation around!

Moreover, it was a domain that other mechanical modification masters had never come into contact with!

Bai Xiaoluo had already come into contact with mechanical modification a long time ago. Her first soul pet was a mechanical soul pet.

She knew many mechanical masters.

For the modification of the handguard this time, she had originally made an appointment with another mechanical master in advance. However, Wang Che’s recommendation midway made her prepare the materials as a gamble.

But unexpectedly…

After walking down the stage, Bai Xiaoluo fell into deep thought.

“Sister Xiaoluo, what happened to you just now? Tell me? Why did you suddenly become so strong?” Wang Ka came over and asked.

Bai Xiaoluo looked up at the curious expressions on the other three’s faces and briefly explained what had happened.

“Soul Talisman? What’s that?”

The three of them were stunned.

“I don’t know either…” Bai Xiaoluo said slowly, “I feel that this junior’s mechanical modification level might be a little ridiculously high.”

“It’s definitely a unique power!”

Bai Xiaoluo looked at Wang Che and asked in an uncertain tone, “Junior Wang, did you make this soul talisman yourself?”

“I have a deeper understanding of the Soul Guiding Diagram.” Wang Che casually said, “As for these soul talismans… they can be considered improvements. They aren’t my original creations… the patterns were discovered in some ancient books. I thought that fusing them into modern mechanical parts should be able to bring a very good increase in soul pets.”

“I don’t know if other mechanics have tried it.”

“Isn’t that original…” Bai Xiaoluo thought for a moment, “As far as I know, this is the first time I’ve heard of the concept of a soul talisman. I’ll help you register the patent later. Also, you have to gain ownership of these patterns immediately!”

“This thing, tsk tsk, junior, I dare say that after the King’s Cup, it will definitely shock the entire mechanical soul pet world!”

“It’s not that exaggerated.” Wang Che smiled.

“Eh…” Bai Xiaoluo shook her head, “The value of your soul talisman is too exaggerated. I have more soul skills than others out of thin air! Although the effect is smaller, this is too exaggerated! The changes this can bring to a mechanical soul pet are definitely heaven-defying!”

“You’re really an absurd uncertified master.”

“Stop bragging.” Wang Che coughed.

Bai Xiaoluo shook her head.

“I’m not bragging. You’re so amazing that you can open up a precedent. Anyway, I’ll register the patent for you first. You’ll be the founder of the soul talisman in the future. You can also use the King’s Cup to make a name for yourself.”

“Hmph, I can’t help but want to fight with the Pulse Moon Blade now! If only I had known you earlier. If you had completed the first modification, Little Moon’s strength would be even more abnormal now!”

“But now, Junior Wang, as a trump card reserve, you might not have many chances to appear in the team competition. After all, with the current Little Moon, my strength has increased a little exaggeratedly… Eh, wait, don’t tell me this is your plan?”

Wang Che: “…”

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