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Chapter 319 - Sword Ruins

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Chapter 319: Sword Ruins

Although it did not look strange, the little caterpillar still picked up the Origin Water Exquisite Bead.

Wang Che took out a rope from the little caterpillar’s medal and tied it around its neck.

It did not matter if he could not tell. He would go back and slowly study it.

“Alright, you can go out now!”

The Great White Shark chased him away impatiently, “Don’t look for Boss if there’s nothing else. Normally, we won’t come out unless there’s something else.”

“Wait, there’s something else I want to ask.” Wang Che thought for a moment, “Where did the Divine Light Whale seal the Deep Sea Ruins?”

This was actually something the Heavenly King had instructed.

Wang Che was not interested in it himself.

After all, the Soul Earth concerned the safety of humans.

“What, you humans still don’t trust our boss’s methods?” The Great White Shark snorted, “Our boss’s seal is extraordinary. When the other world invaded, our boss woke up a few times and knew the importance of these remnant ruins. That’s why it was sealed. Don’t worry.”

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“That’s not the reason,” Wang Che said. “Although the Soul Earth is dangerous, as long as it doesn’t absorb the energy inside, it also has rich resources.”

“Every Soul Earth buried many human experts and soul beasts. Humans want to develop the Soul Earth and obtain resources from it. This sea area is a neutral sea area. According to the rules of the modern Federation, whoever discovers the Soul Earth first will be in charge.”

“Therefore, you need to know the exact coordinates and location of the Deep Sea Ruins.”

The discovery of any new Soul Earth meant that there would be many resources inside.

The war zone only needed to send a group of experts to investigate. If there were no overly dangerous existences, they would divide the inner area of the Soul Earth and open it to the war zone.

Be it universities, clubs, or companies in society, they could all obtain the qualifications to enter and explore.

Every new Soul Earth appeared, the sooner they explored, the better.

There were naturally many good things.

The Great White Shark pondered for a few seconds and said, “It’s not far from here. Boss arrived in a flash. It’s a water mountain. There was a seal originally, but it was damaged. When Boss discovered it, he accidentally broke the seal… Hmm, then he sealed it.”

“Boss said that there are many soulless soul beasts inside… Forget it, I’ll tell you the location.”

The Great White Shark explained the exact location.

This place was really special.

It was in an underwater mountain range.

The Great White Shark said that there were many traces left behind by the great calamity back then…

Wang Che was too interested in this for the time being. He would tell the Heavenly Kings later.

The development of the new Soul Earth was very dangerous.

This was because the area inside was not divided. It was not like the Floating Island or the Thunder Soul Earth. There were one level, two levels, and the lower and middle levels. They were divided according to the different degrees of danger.

Without an expert leading the way, they might disappear after entering.

“Alright, see you next time!”

Wang Che brought the three little guys to bid farewell to the Great White Shark and ended this short period of cultivation that was like riding a rocket.

After coming out of the domain, Wang Che returned to the sea level.

“Friendly reminder: There’s still half a month until school reopens.”

Wang Che: “…”

Cultivation was endless.

When they arrived at the surface of the sea, the Sky City was still there.

However, many people had already evacuated.

The tsunami did not happen again.

Wang Che looked back.

“A week ago, the eye of the vortex had already begun to gradually disappear,” Wave Zero explained, “This storm has finally ended.”

When they arrived at the Sky City, the three Heavenly Kings were all smiling.

It was naturally best to resolve this matter peacefully.

“Student Wang, thanks to you, I can have a good new year’s celebration when I go back.” Lin Yang laughed loudly, “Otherwise, I’ll have to drag it here for who knows how long.”

When Lin Yang said that, Wang Che remembered that the new year was in a few days.

The new year’s celebration in this world was still very grand.

Other than the basic festival, there were still many benefits like free entry to amusement parks.

The greatest benefit was the arrival of the lucky beast.

On the last night of the year.

In each of the seven war zones, the lucky beasts represented by each region would appear.

These lucky beasts represented different historical civilizations in different war zones. They were Transcendent soul beasts that brought good luck.

This tradition was about two thousand years old.

It was set by humans and soul beasts after they shook hands in the Fallen Ancient Era.

Therefore, every year, there would be Transcendent soul beasts in the various war zones. At the end of the year, on the day when the new year was about to arrive, they would appear in various cities.

Bringing a grand event for humans and soul pets would scatter many good things.

Every year, when the lucky beast appeared, every city that it passed would have a large number of flying soul pets following behind it to pick up things.

It would create a spectacular scene.

At the same time, the arrival of the lucky beast would also cause the soul power between heaven and earth to change.

It brought about an increase in the concentration of soul power in different regions, causing the concentration of soul power in that region to increase greatly.

Wang Che scanned the memories in his mind.

The lucky beast that appeared last year was a Heavenly Qilin.

Transcendent soul beasts had an ancient history.

To ordinary people, that might be the only chance to see Transcendent soul beasts every year.

If nothing went wrong, it should be the same this year.

Lucky beasts usually changed every few years or more.

Then, it repeated.

According to Wang Che’s memories, there were only four lucky beasts appearing in the Eastern War Zone every year.

They were the Heavenly Qilin, the Rainbow Auspicious Cloud, the Nine Glazed Divine Phoenix, and the Cloud Sea Azure Dragon.

The one that appeared the most should be the Rainbow Auspicious Cloud.

Next was the Heavenly Qilin, then the Nine Glazed Divine Phoenix, and lastly, the Cloud Sea Azure Dragon.

Among them, the Cloud Sea Azure Dragon was related to the Emperor Azure Dragon.

As the continental soul beast of the Eastern War Zone, although the bloodline had long been severed, it could only be used as a totem symbol.

However, there were still similar dragon bloodlines.

This Cloud Sea Azure Dragon was a dragon similar to the Emperor Azure Dragon.

However, their bloodlines were different.

“Without me, you can still have a good New Year.” Wang Che smiled and said, “You definitely have a way. Oh right, I’ve found the location of the Deep Sea Ruins. I remembered it. I’ll let it tell you later.”

“Student Wang, you’ve made a huge contribution this time!” The Chaotic Sea Continent’s Cloud Sky Heavenly King was all smiles, “It’s the best outcome that you resolved this peacefully with the Divine Light Whale.”

“That’s right, you don’t have to be modest.” The Northern Dark Heavenly King also smiled and said, “As the owner of the Azure Dragon Merit Emblem, the Chaotic Sea Continent has to reward you with something good this time.”

“Of course.” The Cloud Sky Heavenly King laughed loudly, “Student Wang, if you want any resources or evolution materials, you can mention them. Our Chaotic Sea Continent’s soil is not much worse than the North River Continent’s.”

“The Soul Earth inside also produces various resources and rare soul plants.”

“I see that among your three soul pets, only that Magnetic Sword seems to have been modified. The other two haven’t begun to evolve. If you lack anything, feel free to mention it.”

“Moreover, now that we know the location of the Deep Sea Ruins, geographically speaking, it should belong to our Chaotic Sea Continent. After the new year, we will definitely send experts to investigate. Under normal circumstances, we can also find many rare resources.”

The Cloud Sky Heavenly King was very serious.

At the university stage, soul pets that had yet to evolve were truly rare.

In his opinion, he felt that Wang Che might be lacking some rare evolution materials because he did not take the ordinary path.

“Old Hai, you don’t know his situation is special…” Jiang Ming shook his head and said,” That green caterpillar walks the path of martial soul evolution. That Bamboo Bear can’t evolve… As for Magnetic Sword, you can provide a batch of modification materials. ”

“That’s fine too. Our Chaotic Sea Continent doesn’t lack mechanical modification materials,” Hai Yunkong said.

Wang Che pondered for a while. It was difficult to reject the Heavenly King’s kindness, so he did not delay it.

He directly wrote down a list of modifications for the Magnetic Sword and planned to modify it again.

After the Magnetic Sword saw Wave Zero, it became even more interested in the modification.

It could not be helped. Wave Zero was too cool.

It could also change forms.

The Magnetic Sword indicated that it also wanted to try this…

Hai Yunkong took the list Wang Che had written and glanced at it.

“I’ll send someone to send it to you in a few days.”

Wang Che nodded and was about to bid farewell to the Heavenly King.

At this moment, Jiang Ming said, “Don’t be in a hurry to leave. I have something to tell you.”

“What is it?” Wang Che asked, “Is this related to me?”

“Of course. Half a month ago, a ruin was discovered at the border of the north of our North River Continent. The Edgeless Heavenly King has already gone to explore it. There’s been some news these last few days.”

“A ruin?” Wang Che thought for a moment, “What ruin?”

“It’s a ruin that buried countless swords, the Sword Ruins,” Jiang Ming said. “According to the research of the archaeological team these days, the history of this ruin is confirmed. It was built about 2,300 years ago. The swords were forged during the era when the Sword Dao was prevalent in the Eastern Ancient Kingdom. Its history is rather complicated…”

“Currently, a large number of sword souls are stored in the ruins. They haven’t been opened to the public yet, but before long, they should be opened. At that time, many Contract Soul Masters who cultivate the Sword Dao or soul pets related to swords will head to the ruins.”

Wang Che thought for a few seconds.

Sword Ruins?

After the Fallen Ancient Era, there were more than three thousand years of history.

Among them, there was indeed a very popular Sword Dao.

At the time, Contract Soul Masters were proud of various sword martial souls. Many sword-type soul pets had extremely high statuses.

The reason for its popularity was said to be because of a peak expert who resisted the other world, a Contract Soul Master known as the Seven Absolutes Sword God.

This Sword God was so powerful that he was one of the few Hero Emperors left in humanity.

At that time, there were several peerless heroes in the Eastern Ancient Kingdom who led the Eastern humans to resist the peak experts of the other world.

This Seven Absolutes Sword God was one of them.

“2,300 years ago, could this ruin be related to the Seven Absolutes Sword God?” Wang Che asked.

“That’s right.” Jiang Ming nodded, “Currently, among the ruins unearthed, there are about 32 ruins related to swords. However, there are only two that are related to the Seven Absolutes Sword God. This is the third Sword Ruins. Among the other two, although they are also products of the Seven Absolutes Sword God’s era according to the era of forging the swords inside, in fact, the ruins are all ancient items without any sword souls.”

“This ruin still has the sword soul.”

The so-called sword soul was the soul of the sword, the remnant soul.

The origin was very complicated.

Some were developed from martial souls before the Contract Soul Master passed away. There were also swords that developed intelligence and soul beasts.

It was very complicated.

In the cultivation world, it was called the Sword Spirit.

The name was different, but the essence was similar.

“This is the only Sword Ruin with a sword soul.” Jiang Ming said, “If it can be chosen by some powerful sword souls, it will have a qualitative leap for a soul pet like the Magnetic Sword. In fact, if a Contract Soul Master can be chosen by the sword soul, they will awaken a powerful sword-type martial soul.”

“Your Sword Dao cultivation is very high. If you can awaken your second martial soul, it will be… very helpful to you.”

Wang Che: “…”

He was not interested in the sword-type martial soul.

However, if the Magnetic Sword could obtain some powerful sword souls, it could increase its grade even without modifications.

There were definitely benefits.

“The current ruin is called the Seven Absolutes Ruins. It’s officially opened. There should be another month.”

“Your identity is special. The Edgeless Heavenly King can let you go in and take a look first.”

“You can avoid fighting with the main group.”

This was a privilege.

Wang Che pondered and said, “The Magnetic Sword is still relatively weak. Even if it’s chosen by the sword soul, it doesn’t feel suitable.”

“The remnant soul in the sword soul is a test for soul pets or Contract Soul Masters.”

“As for me, forget it.”

Wang Che was familiar with the sword spirit.

Some sword spirits had a long history and were indeed powerful.

Moreover, to be able to become a sword spirit, it was definitely not weak.

However, accepting the sword spirit meant that a cause had been formed. It was still unknown what the outcome would be.

Moreover, he did not know the exact situation of the ruins yet. Wang Che was still conservative about this.

Jiang Ming asked, “How can you give up? Are you not confident in yourself?”

Wang Che said, “That’s not it. I’m afraid that if I go, no one else will get a share after I collect all the swords.”

“…” Jiang Ming.

“You’re not being modest. That’s right, Edgeless told me that your Sword Dao cultivation is extraordinary…” Lin Yang smiled, “However, since this Seven Absolutes Ruins was left behind by the Seven Absolutes Sword God, it’s not that simple.”

“To be able to awaken your second martial soul is something many people have dreamed of for a long time.”

Wang Che smiled but did not say anything.

“By the way, you’re Heavenly Kings. May I ask who the lucky beast will be this year?” Wang Che asked.

The three Heavenly Kings looked at each other. Hai Yunkong smiled and said,

“We don’t know. The arrival of the lucky beast was discussed by the four of them. No matter which one it is, if you can follow behind them, you will definitely be able to obtain some opportunities.”

“It might only stay in a normal city for a few minutes. From seven in the evening, the last time will be from the north along the coastline before entering the inland area.”

“The route might be different every year.”

The Heavenly King actually did not know either. That was quite interesting.

“Then I’ll leave first.” Wang Che glanced at Wave Zero, “I’ll see you again next time!”

“Alright!” Wave Zero replied.

Wang Che rode the Magnetic Sword and returned to Seaside City to take a look at the situation. Then, he arrived at the Continent City of the Chaotic Sea Continent and returned to the West Peak Continent on the maglev.

In half a month, the few cities in Seaside City gradually recovered.

The students had already returned home more than a week ago.

On the way, Wang Che flipped through his communication device. Many students asked Wang Che what had happened.

Wang Che found a few excuses to reply.

Many high school students asked when Wang Che would return for a gathering.

They were probably very interested in what happened in their respective universities.

Father Wang and Mother Wang did not care what Wang Che was doing. They only sent a message to ask when he would be back for the new year.

After Wang Che replied to them one by one, he rested on the maglev train for a while.

In the evening, he returned to Skyheart City and his neighborhood.

“You’re finally back. It’s going to be the new year in a few days. What did you do when you went to the Chaotic Sea Continent? This good holiday was gone in half a month.”

Mother Wang looked at the travel-worn Wang Che and said angrily, “A few of your classmates are back. A few of your university classmates even specially called to ask if you’re back. You guys went to the Chaotic Sea Continent to help. They came back a week ago. Why are you so late?”

Wang Che opened his mouth and was about to explain.

Mother Wang waved her hand and said, “Alright, don’t say anymore. Just come back. You haven’t eaten dinner yet, right? I’ve prepared it for you. There are also three soul pets. You should be eating well in the Forest Academy. After all, I heard that the academy specializes in these things… the ones prepared at home might not be comparable. Don’t mind them.”

“Where is the little caterpillar and the others?”

Wang Che released the little caterpillar.

Seeing Mother Wang, the little caterpillar pounced over affectionately.

“You don’t look like you’ve grown much.” Mother Wang hugged the little caterpillar as if she was hugging a puppy.

She touched its head and body and did not feel much different.

The little caterpillar let out a few majestic cries, indicating that it was super powerful now!

“Alright, alright, alright. I know you’ve become stronger. You do look much smarter.”

Mother Wang smiled and looked at the Magnetic Sword.

The Magnetic Sword had changed greatly, especially the sword wings.

However, the sword wings could control the size of the Magnetic Sword. Otherwise, a normal Magnetic Sword would be more than two meters long.

It was too big.

Normally, like the little caterpillar, before the sword wings unfolded, it was only dozens of centimeters long.

It was very small.

As for Bear Treasure, it was very shy.


It whispered a greeting.

“Heh, good fellow, it’s really a Bamboo Bear!” Father Wang walked over and touched the Bamboo Bear’s shoulder, “This shoulder is full of strength! It’s hard! This is a soul pet a true man should raise!”

“…” Bear Treasure.

“I like this fat and strong big guy,” Father Wang said, “It’ll be good at giving birth.”

“Are you choosing a wife?” Mother Wang glared at Father Wang, “This is a soul pet. Oh right, speaking of a wife, do you have a girlfriend in university?”

“No,” Wang Che said.

This seemed to be a question every parent would ask.

‘Especially after going to university’, Wang Che thought.

Mother Wang frowned slightly and sized up Wang Che.

At this moment, the Cuckoo Bird flew over.

To Wang Che’s surprise, other than the Cuckoo Bird raised by Mother Wang, there was also a black-gray Cuckoo Bird.

“This is the wife of Cuckoo Bird.”

Mother Wang lectured, “Look at it. Even it has found a bird. You’re already in university. It’s time to prepare.”

Hearing this, Wang Che looked at the Cuckoo Bird in surprise.

Could this silly bird find a wife?

The Cuckoo Bird that flew to Wang Che’s shoulder cried out proudly.

Wang Che shook his head helplessly.

It seemed that there were still some changes at home…

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