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Chapter 238 - Orbital Magnetic Cannon

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Chapter 238 Orbital Magnetic Cannon

The Lightning Horn Rhino was not strong. There were only 30 strong ones.

The little caterpillar knew that it could not fly. It was clearly not suitable for it to charge into so many Lightning Horn Rhinos. It would leave this to Little Sword.

When the Little Sword could not resolve it and both parties were tired, he would attack and end the Lightning Horn Rhinos.

This would shock Little Sword.

This way, its ‘elder brother dignity’ and position could be maintained.

The little caterpillar slowly grew and began to have its own thoughts.

Wang Che did not point it out.

His divine sense spread out like water, sensing these Lightning Horn Rhinos clearly.

Wang Che’s divine sense was not just simple mental strength.

This was the divine sense cultivated by the Soul Cultivation Chapter.

The cultivation and location of each Lightning Horn Rhino were clearly displayed in Wang Che’s mind.

When divine sense was released at full strength, the effect was comprehensive.

Wang Che sensed the situation and transmitted it to the Magnetic Sword.

The soul contract between Wang Che and the Magnetic Sword had not reached the level of telepathy.

However, it was already very high.

“Do it!”

Wang Che looked at the Magnetic Sword, “You’ve almost comprehended that move, right?” “Ssss!”

The little caterpillar looked again. Something was wrong. Could the Little Sword really deal with it? “After cultivating the Divine Sword Lightning Control Scripture for so long, it’s time to test your strength.” Wang Che nodded.

With 999 years of soul power cultivation, it had cultivated the Divine Sword Lightning Control Scripture dozens of times. Every time it cultivated, the improvement was immense. After the Aviation Cup, the Magnetic Sword had been in a cultivation state and had rarely fought.

In this competition trial, Wang Che would try his best to train the Magnetic Sword.

Unless it encountered someone too strong, he would let the little caterpillar fight. The Lightning Horn Rhino was an extremely rare soul pet.

The average soul power cultivation of these Lightning Horn Rhinos was around 1,100 years.


The little caterpillar cried out, indicating that it should help out.

“No need, just watch.”

Hearing that, the little caterpillar felt that something was wrong. Its big brother’s status was about to be lost.

It could not help but look at the Magnetic Sword.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

A red sword beam flew out of the electromagnetic scabbard.

It made a clear sound.

The little caterpillar actually felt that the Magnetic Sword was more handsome than it was.

The Magnetic Sword flew out of the scabbard, its entire body emitting a transcendent aura.

The red sword blade emitted a brilliant sword force. The surrounding lightning energy was affected by this sword force and quickly gathered around the Magnetic Sword, actually forming a purple stream of light. The Magnetic Sword flew out and transformed into a scarlet burning light. Due to the large amount of lightning energy gathered at the tail, it dragged out a purple stream of light.


The Magnetic Sword attacked. The Lightning Horn Rhinos immediately let out a violent roar and instantly discovered the Magnetic Sword.

They seemed to have been attacked, so they were especially sensitive to auras. Immediately, their horns emitted scorching lightning Boom! Boom! Boom! Bolts of lightning began to bloom from their horns and slashed at the Magnetic Sword in the air. “Let the lightning be stronger!” The Magnetic Sword flickered with red light as it stood in the air. It absorbed all the lightning. The Lightning Slash unleashed by the 30 Lightning Horn Rhinos was even stronger than normal Heavenly Lightning. The Magnetic Sword stood diagonally in the air as the red light on its body began to change. Countless lightning bolts struck it.

Suddenly, its sword tip began to condense, and a light purple ball of light began to condense. Tree-like lightning continued to spread around the light ball.

The red light on the Magnetic Sword disappeared, as if it had entered a charging state.

A purple-red light quickly extended from its body to the tip of the sword! The moment it condensed to the tip of the sword, like a cannon being sent flying, the light ball at the tip of the sword suddenly erupted with violent purple-red lightning! With a bang, it transformed into a laser as thick as a tree and shot at the Lightning Horn Rhinos!

In an instant, a huge energy explosion occurred.

From the center, it spread out like a nuclear explosion!

The thirty Lightning Horn Rhinos were sent flying!

The purple-red energy wave instantly drowned the low crater hundreds of meters in diameter.

The surrounding walls rumbled as if they were about to collapse.

Huge energy fluctuations even reached Wang Che.

It blew the unprepared little caterpillar over and somersaulted a few times.

Swish! Swish! Swish! Then, the Magnetic Sword flew down and passed through the Lightning Horn Rhinos like a meteor.

It would finish off these Lightning Horn Rhinos.

In a moment, all 30 Lightning Horn Rhinos fell.

The smoke did not dissipate for a long time. Only the red light floated in the air, still emitting the brilliant sword force.

The little caterpillar: “?”

It did not need to help?

The little caterpillar was confused.

What was this move? Why had it never seen this before?

It was actually so powerful? The little caterpillar felt its status become unstable.

The little caterpillar looked at Wang Che with deep desire. “Orbital Magnetic Cannon.”

Wang Che explained, “It comprehended and developed this move on its own. When it was in the Aviation Cup, it had been learning it. It’s only become more proficient recently.”

The little caterpillar understood that the Magnetic Sword was secretly practicing its powerful moves.

‘I can’t accept this!

The little caterpillar looked at the Magnetic Sword in the fog and snorted.

A move that it had comprehended?

So what?

“Let’s go down and take a look.”

Wang Che brought the little caterpillar down.

The Orbital Magnetic Cannon move was a move the Magnetic Sword had comprehended from learning the Fireball Technique.

Coupled with Mechanical Charging, it could be said that the power of this move had reached the maximum.

It easily defeated 30 Lightning Horn Rhinos in one move.

The Lightning Horn Rhino itself was also lightning-type. Its skin had a great resistance to lightning However, the power of this move was not just lightning. It was a violent explosion caused by the injection of mechanical energy into the lightning. At the same time, once it locked onto a target, the speed at which it was released was extremely fast and difficult to dodge.

However, because this was the first time this move was officially used, the power was not controlled properly.

Therefore, it could not defeat so many Lightning Horn Rhinos in one move. The Magnetic Sword went to deal another blow.

It could not be helped. The Lightning Horn Rhino had thick skin and flesh, and its blood was very thick.

Wang Che carefully looked at the injuries of the Lightning Horn Rhino.

They discovered that their bodies had been shattered by this violent explosion.

Even in the berserk state, they could ignore the pain but could not resist.

“The power is still very strong. This move that I comprehended is really difficult to control.”

Wang Che looked at the center of the Lightning Horn Rhino. A round nuclear stone glowed. “That’s right, it’s actually a lightning nuclear stone. This shouldn’t be an ordinary soul stone.”

Wang Che walked to the center and under the intense explosion.

The nuclear stone was not broken. It was still round and emitted a faint purple light. Wang Che accepted it without hesitation.

Soul plants were also of a grade.

Typically, according to the energy contained in them,

Micro energy corresponded to the lowest grade resource material.

A small amount of energy corresponded to intermediate resource materials.

A large amount of energy corresponded to high-level resource materials.

Different energy levels corresponded to different grades of resources.

The higher the grade, the harder it was to obtain.

There was a slight difference in the energy level of resources of the same level. Micro, small, and large were all in the same range. There were fluctuations. This nuclear stone had barely reached the level of an intermediate resource. “Just cultivate.”

Wang Che looked at the Magnetic Sword, “Let’s see if it can break through to a thousand years.”

This small year of soul power cultivation was a natural chasm.

The little caterpillar was stuck for more than two weeks before barely breaking through. “Transform the lightning energy in this nuclear stone through Heavenly Lightning and cultivate.”

Wang Che commanded the Magnetic Sword.

At the same time, he manifested his soul ring and released the twenty burly Lightning Hyacinths to float in the air.

They triggered the lightning. The Magnetic Sword flew up as Wang Che threw the nuclear stone. It slashed the nuclear stone into two. Boundless lightning energy seeped out!


Under the Lightning Hyacinths’ guidance, the lightning struck accurately. Through the overflowing lightning energy, it suddenly increased by several times! It struck the Magnetic Sword! This time, it was related to the thousand-year cultivation breakthrough of the Magnetic Sword. Wang Che did not cultivate with it.

A thousand-year soul power cultivation was a hurdle that could not be wasted.

Wang Che and the little caterpillar waited quietly.

In less than an hour, a violent light erupted from the Magnetic Sword. A powerful energy fluctuation erupted. Thousand-year soul power cultivation! Wang Che nodded in satisfaction. With the help of that nuclear stone, the power of the lightning increased sharply and broke through to a thousand-year soul power cultivation base.

The Magnetic Sword landed and the Lightning Hyacinth returned to the little caterpillar’s soul realm.

“Let me see if there are any changes.”

Wang Che sized up the Magnetic Sword.

He did not expect the Magnetic Sword to evolve.

The evolution of mechanical soul pets was very complicated. The complicated reason was that their evolution had little to do with soul power cultivation.

It required the Contract Soul Master to use the power of his martial soul and various equipment to modify it. As a modern new type of soul pet, Contract Soul Masters could directly refine or purchase equipment to create new soul pets. In other words, the evolution of mechanical soul pets had a lot of room for maneuver. Up until now, the strongest mechanical soul pet was an extremely famous Mechanical Divine Soldier.

It was a powerful mechanical soul pet that was similar to a Gundam with destructive power.

Wang Che knew this Mechanical Divine Soldier because it was the first mechanical soul pet of the Near Ancient Era.

It was created by humans to protect humans.

It was said that this Mechanical Divine Soldier had been inherited by a family that studied mechanical soul pets. It took nearly 300 years to reach its complete form.

At first, it was just a very weak robot. It was slowly nurtured, modified, and eventually became a Mechanical Divine Soldier.

It was very legendary. Therefore, the Magnetic Sword would not evolve according to soul power cultivation. It required the Contract Soul Master to modify and evolve on his own.

This was also the charm of mechanical soul pets. The prerequisite for modification was at least a thousand years of soul power cultivation. Wang Che looked at the Magnetic Sword. Its size had increased greatly. In its normal form, it was already more than two meters long. “It’s a small sword.”

Wang Che nodded, “When you have a ten-thousand-year soul power cultivation… Hmm, I can consider modifying the Magnetic Sword in the future.”

The Magnetic Sword glowed red and let out a joyful cry.

Cultivation breakthrough was the best thing to increase a soul pet’s mood.

Wang Che used the life contract to sense the changes in the Magnetic Sword. “Hmm… the improvement in all aspects is huge.”

Wang Che glanced at the little caterpillar. If it did not activate the true caterpillar form, the little caterpillar would only have a 60% chance of winning if the two fought. This was Wang Che’s estimation. It was hard to say how it would perform. At this moment, the Magnetic Sword suddenly flew out, as if to show off. Wang Che frowned slightly. The red light on the Magnetic Sword suddenly erupted.

With the Magnetic Sword as the center, strands of special red energy suddenly flew out of the defeated Lightning Horn Rhino and gathered towards the Magnetic Sword.


Wang Che watched this scene, “It’s the red energy in the Magnetic Sword. It seems that it can’t hold back anymore?”

The red energy in the Magnetic Sword was originally the reason why the Magnetic Sword was too active and uncontrollable.

At that time, the Magnetic Sword was very difficult to get along with humans. It maintained an active state of destruction at all times.

But that was abnormal.

What was that red energy?

Wang Che had been thinking.

He had always felt that the red energy was alive.

This was because it was martial soul power. It was the power produced by a martial soul after a human from the Fallen Ancient Era died. It was not simple.

“It’s actually absorbing the remaining life force of these Lightning Horn Rhino.” Wang Che’s eyes flashed, “After signing the life contract with me, especially after cultivating the Divine Sword Lightning Control Scripture, that red energy stabilized. Now that it has broken through to a thousand-year soul power cultivation, that red energy also increased sharply. To absorb life force so violently, it seems that this martial soul is a little evil in the Fallen Ancient Era…”

Energy gathered, and the Magnetic Sword’s entire body suddenly glowed red, as if it had entered a special state. The red energy in its body seeped out. Its size increased and its aura was incomparably powerful

However, it seemed to be on the verge of losing control as its body trembled.

At the crucial moment, Wang Che’s divine sense focused. He let out an ancient voice and immediately awakened the Magnetic Sword.

The red light dissipated and the Magnetic Sword returned to its original state.

It slowly floated down.

Wang Che held the Magnetic Sword in his hand and sized it up carefully. There was nothing abnormal again. “It seems that you have to cultivate some spirit calming techniques in the future to control the red energy in your body.”

“Otherwise, the higher the cultivation, the harder it will be to control itself.”

Wang Che closed his eyes. He was not too surprised by the Magnetic Sword’s current state.

The red energy would erupt sooner or later.

Now that it had erupted at the thousand-year soul power stage, it could be resolved in advance.

“If you can completely control the red energy in your body, your strength should be able to reach a higher level.” “Ssss…” The Magnetic Sword did not understand. It did not know what had happened. It was fine if the red energy did not erupt, but it only had a slight effect on the lightning. Once that red energy erupted, it could absorb all the life force in the surroundings in a crazy manner. It was very domineering. To the Magnetic Sword, this was extremely difficult to control. Forcefully absorbing the life force would cause the Magnetic Sword to lose control of its intelligence. Now that the hidden danger was exposed, Wang Che heaved a sigh of relief for the Magnetic Sword.

“Continue to look at the space of the first level.”

Wang Che pondered for a moment.

He walked out of this valley and continued to move forward in the first level of the wilderness. Not long after, a group of Lightning Birds flew around, letting out loud sounds. Lightning Bird, an extremely rare soul beast.

It was not big. Its feathers were needle-like. After the berserk Lightning Bird lost its mind, its feathers were like steel needles.

There was a sharp beak at the mouth. When it flapped its wings, it could produce subtle electric currents. At the same time, the Lightning Bird had extremely high speed!

It was as fast as lightning.

They flashed like lightning! “So many Lightning Birds are flying over…” Wang Che took a look and knew that this was not ordinary.

ia a


Not only him, but many other students were the same.

With so many Lightning Birds flying in the same direction, could it be that some treasure had appeared?

Even if it was not, there had to be an accident, right?

“I have to follow and take a look.”

Dozens of Lightning Birds flew east, not knowing where they were going. The first level of the Thunder Soul Earth was very huge.

Most first-year students would stay on the first level for a long time.

It was not easy to enter the second level of the Thunder Soul Earth. If one entered rashly, the berserk soul beasts on the second level were even harder to deal with.

The first level basically had a soul power cultivation of about a thousand years.

At this moment, a large number of students were chasing after the Lightning Bird. But if it followed, it could not catch up. “Isn’t this Lightning Bird too fast? Who can follow it?”

“Where are they flying? Don’t tell me they’re only flying to the second level?”

“I only followed for a minute… and was left behind.”

Clearly, the speed of the Lightning Bird left most students in the dust.

Even though they clearly knew that there was definitely a problem with so many Lightning Birds flying in one direction, they could not catch up.

They immediately disappeared into the stormy horizon. “Sword Control!”

Wang Che formed a hand seal and stood on the Magnetic Sword with the little caterpillar in hand.


It transformed into a beam of light that shot into the sky from the ground like a red laser

It quickly followed behind the Lightning Birds. Its speed was not inferior at all, even faster!

The little caterpillar looked at Wang Che enviously. It did not know when it could also control the Little Sword like this.

At this moment, this scene stunned many other students.

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