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Chapter 237 - Trial Begins!

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Chapter 237 Trial Begins!

This was not difficult.

Seeing Wang Che agree, the twenty Lightning Hyacinths flew into the Insect Web.

This scene confused the little caterpillar.

Twenty was not many. They were wrapped in a web and looked like a large balloon from afar.

Because there was a condition attached, this time, the Lightning Hyacinths were unusually quiet.

This made the little caterpillar uncomfortable.

In the past, these Lightning Hyacinths would definitely resist violently and strike down lightning.

The little caterpillar was already prepared.

It did not expect the Lightning Hyacinths to be so calm.

But this was good too. The little caterpillar was happy.

“This is a little obvious.”

Wang Che said, “Little caterpillar, bring them into your soul realm. They’re friends now.”

The little caterpillar was a little resistant, but after thinking about it, since they were friends, it was nothing wrong to let them into its house to rest.

It brought the Lightning Hyacinths into its soul realm.

Wang Che carried the Magnetic Sword on his back and brought the little caterpillar towards the entrance of the Thunder Soul Earth.

There was a light purple membrane outside the Thunder Soul Earth.

It was like a barrier. The terrain inside was similar to a wasteland.

The terrain was said to have been slowly formed by the corpse of a Contract Soul Master’s lightning-type Transcendent soul pet after it died in the war.

There were more than ten entrances.

There was a special test at the entrance to prevent some professional Contract Soul Masters from disguised as students to enter or bring in special soul pets in the soul realm to destroy the competition environment.

It was like a security check. It was enough as long as it could detect the soul ring’s situation.

Wang Che chose an entrance and handed the Trial Card to the Soul Earth’s soldier to pass through.


Beep, beep, beep, beep…

The soldier immediately frowned and looked at Wang Che.

“Hmm… Student, there seems to be a group of Lightning Hyacinths in your soul ring. What’s going on?”

“Don’t tell me these are all your soul pets?”

“No, they’re soul beasts from the wilderness.” Wang Che coughed, “I’m very close to them. They want me to bring them into the Thunder Soul Earth to take a look.”

“Why do you have such a good relationship with the wilderness’ soul pets?” The soldier looked confused.

It was probably the first time he had encountered such a thing. The soldier thought for a long time and reported to his superior before answering Wang Che,

“There are no relatively weak soul beasts like the Lightning Hyacinths in the Thunder Soul Earth. If you bring so many in, it will be a burden. These Lightning Hyacinths can’t help you. There’s no need for you to do this.”

“It’s okay, I promised them that I would bring them in,” Wang Che said. “Moreover, these Lightning Hyacinths won’t destroy the environment of the competition, right?”

“Indeed not.” The soldier pondered for a few seconds, “But they are wilderness soul pets. You have to ensure their safety.”

“Otherwise, you can’t bring them in rashly.”

“I can guarantee their safety,” Wang Che said.

“Sorry.” The garrison soldier smiled, “Student, that won’t do. According to your information, you’re currently only a first-year student. Even if you have two soul pets, with your soul power level, we don’t think you can guarantee the safety of these twenty Lightning Hyacinths.”

“The soul beasts in the Thunder Soul Earth are all berserk and are very strong.”

“Therefore, you can’t bring them in.”

Hmm, Wang Che had expected this to happen.

As expected, there was no Lightning Hyacinth in the Thunder Soul Earth.

However, this was not a problem.

Wang Che took out a document and handed it to the soldier.

The soldier was stunned. After looking for a few seconds, his pupils shook.

“Can I bring them in now?” Wang Che asked.

“Yes.” The soldier was silent for a few seconds before returning the document to Wang Che.

Wang Che nodded and walked to the entrance of the border.

“What’s wrong with you?” A guard beside him was verifying the information of the other students. When he saw this scene, he immediately reprimanded, “Letting a student bring so many wild soul beasts in is not good for him and those soul beasts. Who’s going to be responsible if something happens?”

“But I have no right to stop him,” the soldier said. “I better report this to the higher-ups.”

With that, he walked into the base.

Inside the base, many staff members were observing

There were various equipment inside, projecting light screens in the air.

These light beams were transmitted from the Cloud Sky Aviation Star to the interior of the Thunder Soul Earth.

Because the competition exploration had already begun.

“The Thunder Soul Earth has a total of five levels… I wonder if these students can see the scenery of the fifth level.”

“I don’t think it’s going to work. From the third level, there’s the Cloudstorm Heavenly Lightning. This Heavenly Lightning is at least two or three levels stronger than ordinary Heavenly Lightning and has a powerful effect. The fifth level has the Meteorite Heavenly Lightning, which is one of the strongest Heavenly Lightning currently. It should be very difficult for students in our North River Continent to reach the fifth level.”

“From the second level onwards, there are soul beasts above 1,500 years old. The soul beasts on the fifth level are all about 4,000 years old. Normally, being able to enter the third level is already very strong.”

“It’s hard to say. A few third-year students from North River University have already passed the professional Contract Soul Master test.”

“Is he that powerful? He can pass the professional Contract Soul Master test in his third year?”

After entering the base, the soldier heard many exchanges.

Other than the senior officer of the base, there were also professors from the North River Soul Pet Research Center and the principals of the various universities.

He quickly walked to the nearest middle-aged officer and reported in a low voice.

“Oh, which academy is he from?” The middle-aged officer was shocked.

“Forest Academy.”

The middle-aged officer immediately walked to Principal Gu of the North River Forest Academy and said,

“Principal Gu, your school is amazing. Your student actually has the little black book of the Soul Earth Research Bureau’s Ninth Department? That’s a document only their researchers have.”

Principal Gu was slightly stunned and thought, ‘Why didn’t I know there was such a student?’

Not anyone could enter the Soul Earth Research Bureau’s Ninth Department.

The certificate of a researcher had to be reviewed. Then, he had to personally investigate any piece of Soul Earth in the war zone and make a useful contribution to the Soul Earth to become an official Soul Earth researcher.

These researchers were top-notch in terms of strength, knowledge, and horizons.

Moreover, they had a lot of authority.

“Really?” Principal Gu smiled, “What’s the student’s name?”

“Good fellow, you don’t even know?” The middle-aged officer laughed, “Principal Gu, I heard that a genius from the West Peak Continent came to your school. I heard that you snatched this genius away? Look, Principal Nan is looking at you.”

“Snatch? Don’t speak nonsense!” Principal Gu stroked his beard, “He came himself. I think he thinks our Forest Academy is more suitable for him, right?”

“Bullsh*t, with just your Forest Academy, I think it completely restricted his progress!” The slightly plump and amiable Principal Nan immediately smiled, “You wasted a genius for nothing. If you don’t believe me, you can tell in this competition!”

“It’s already been two months. Take a good look at how you’ve delayed his growth.”

“Not necessarily,” Principal Gu said.

The middle-aged officer watched the two of them bicker and did not join in.

“You’re off topic…” The middle-aged officer looked at Principal Gu.

“Oh, oh, sorry, sorry. What was that student’s name again?” Gu Shanhe asked.

“His name is Wang Che.”

Gu Shanhe was stunned. He did not expect this, but it was within his expectations.

“Why would the Soul Earth Research Department give a student a certificate? Can a student pass the researcher’s test?”

The principal of another university was surprised.

“I forgot to mention that it’s a certificate for an honorary researcher.” The middle-aged officer added, “It should be a certificate that doesn’t need to be tested and can be obtained by contributing to the Soul Earth with a certain amount of honor.”

“I see. He has a strong backing.” The principal sighed, “As expected of the champion of the West Peak Continent’s Aviation Cup. Old Gu, if such a genius was placed in your school, it would be a waste to stay in the agriculture major.”

“Be sensible and quickly transfer him to our academy.” Gu Shanhe: “…”

“We’ll talk about it after the competition trial,” Gu Shanhe said.

Actually, he was also feeling uneasy.

In the past two months, Wang Che’s cultivation life had been too ordinary.

The few tutors who taught him said that there was nothing to teach.

This meant that his own level was very high.

All that was lacking was cultivation resources and the environment.

His unique martial soul could not receive help.

In terms of soul pets, they were useless.

In truth, Forest University could not help him much.

Therefore, in the past two months, Gu Shanhe was also worried that Wang Che did not improve much. The environment and resources of the academy limited his development.

Even if his farming level was very high and he could even cultivate soul plants, so what?

Cultivating soul plants consumed a lot of energy and time.

At the beginner stage, even if Wang Che could nurture soul plants now, how many could he nurture in two months?

How much resources could it be converted into?

Not to mention pharmaceuticals and food, Wang Che was only a student. No matter how good his agriculture skill was, it was impossible for him to be proficient in these two aspects.

From the points exchange, Wang Che had only exchanged for about ten low-level soul plant seeds and some ordinary crops.

He did not even use his points to exchange for the rest.

The small number meant that the cultivation speed was very slow. Otherwise, there would definitely be a large number of exchanges afterwards.

He even exchanged for a few ten-year soul skills?

What was the use?

To the current him, the resources were growing slowly. The past two months had been so peaceful, but his strength had probably not increased much.

Gu Shanhe was actually considering the words of the principals.

Although he was very excited about Wang Che choosing the Forest Academy, he did not want to bury a genius’ potential.

‘If his performance in this competition is average, I should consider letting him go to a more suited academy. I can’t delay it.’ Gu Shanhe thought.

“Is this the first level of the Thunder Soul Earth?”

Wang Che looked around.

It could be described in two words: Barren Earth.

The Thunder Soul Earth had five levels.

It was a small Soul Earth. The soul beasts roaming inside would not have a soul power cultivation of more than ten thousand years.

Rocks, withered trees, wastelands, and rolling thunderclouds.

It was very desolate and dilapidated.

There was a faint electric current in the air, and occasionally, soul power fluctuations came from the distance.

A small-scale Soul Earth was only considered small relative to other Soul Earths. In fact, the Thunder Soul Earth was not small.

In the space of the first level, Wang Che could not see many students.

There were many students who came to participate in the competition trial.

“Let’s walk around the first level first.”

Wang Che sized it up.

The first level looked very desolate, but there were actually many rare materials.

There were definitely more good things on the upper levels, but they were also relatively more dangerous.

“There’s a Heavenly Lightning Zone in the distance. Let’s go and take a look.”

Before long, Wang Che discovered an area struck by the Heavenly Lightning.

These lightning bolts were much thicker than the ones in the Thunder Inner Area.

“It’s a good place to cultivate.”

Wang Che looked and planned to let the Magnetic Sword taste the Heavenly Lightning.

They approached.

“Oh, it’s a group of Lightning Horn Rhinos…”

Wang Che looked at a huge pit hundreds of meters in diameter in the distance.

A group of Lightning Horn Rhinos that were five to six meters tall was bathed in lightning.

These Lightning Horn Rhinos had a cultivation of about a thousand years. They were huge. Their purple-brown skin was as indestructible as steel armor. There was a lightning horn on their forehead.

There were more than 30 of them.

“It’s been occupied.”

Wang Che frowned slightly.

The Lightning Horn Rhino was a small to medium-sized soul beast. Not only did it have astonishing defense, but it also had powerful lightning attacks.

These Lightning Horn Rhinos had occupied this place and were absorbing the power of the Heavenly Lightning, especially the cluster that surrounded the center.

Many students took a look from afar and left.

This was not something they could deal with.

This group of soul beasts was very troublesome to deal with.

Especially when it was in the berserk state, if they were a little closer, 30 Lightning Horn Rhinos could crush them into meat paste.

Even if they knew that there was something good guarding the center of the Lightning Horn Rhino, they did not dare to go down easily.

“Are you coming, or should I bring the Magnetic Sword?”

Wang Che released the Magnetic Sword and looked at the little caterpillar.

The little caterpillar glanced at it and called out to the Magnetic Sword.

‘It is not difficult. Let Little Sword do it.’

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