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Chapter 236 - Lightning Hyacinth’s Condition

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Chapter 236 Lightning Hyacinth’s Condition

Thunder Soul Earth.

It was a small-scale Soul Earth. It was not especially famous among the many Soul Earths in the wilderness of the North River Continent.

The most famous Soul Earth was Illusionary Light Island’s Soul Earth.

It was the largest and most dangerous Soul Earth in the North River Continent.

Without the protection of middle to high-level professional Contract Soul Masters or the protection of military personnel, students would basically die if they entered.

The Thunder Soul Earth was not famous in the past, but it was quite famous now, especially in the North River Continent.

It was said that the Thunder Soul Earth had mutated because of the evolution of a soul beast.

Not only did the Soul Earth change, even the surrounding environment was greatly changed.


There were countless resources and the environment became very suitable for cultivation.

“There are really many people.”

Wang Che had followed Shen Mingluan and the others here.

This time, there were not many people in the outer area.

Because of the competition trials, they were all concentrated in the Thunder Inner Area.

It included all the students from all the universities in the North River Continent.

There were naturally many people.

Of course, not all the students were interested in participating

The competition trial did not restrict groups or individuals.

They could form a team or go alone.

However, if they formed a team, the rewards and records of the competition would be divided equally.

If they formed a team, their safety was guaranteed.

As a single person, he would gain more.

At the same time, because it was an open competition trial, any situation encountered in the Thunder Soul Earth had to be resolved by oneself.

Their lives were in danger.

The competition trial was also restricted to university students.

Wang Che registered the basic information at the entrance of the Thunder Inner Area and obtained the Trial Card.

“In this competition, we need to pass through the Thunder Inner Area and reach the Thunder Soul Earth. After giving the guarding soldiers of the Soul Earth a Trial Card to prove our identity, we can enter the Thunder Soul Earth to explore.”

“The time limit is two days. In two days, the guards will begin cleaning up.”

“If you can’t even pass through the Thunder Inner Area, it’s not recommended to go to the Thunder Soul Earth.”

The soldier in charge of registration explained patiently to the students.

Actually, the requirements and content of the competition had already been explained clearly by their respective colleges.

“Sir, what’s that?”

A student pointed at a mysterious creature that looked like a satellite above the distant Thunder Soul Earth.

In the middle was a spherical crystal with a square crystal board on each side.

“That’s a mechanical soul pet, the Cloud Sky Aviation Star.”

The soldier was still patient as he said, “It’s usually used for middle to high-level professional Contract Soul Master competitions or for the more complicated Small Soul Earth Trial Competition to investigate. After you register the information, it will be recorded into its core and locked onto each of you.”

“Once you encounter danger in the Soul Earth, it will alert us and directly rescue you.”

“At the same time, because this competition is a points system, any encounters in the Soul Earth will be calculated and given reasonable points.”

“It will also record your performance in the Soul Earth and record it in your student records.”

Many students were enlightened.

It was so powerful!

Mechanical soul pets were developed by modern scientific research.

It was still being developed and it was rare.

However, mechanical soul pets were not weak.

After all, man-made ones were created according to various needs and wouldn’t create weak soul pets.

Wang Che glanced at the Cloud Sky Aviation Star. He had never seen such a soul pet in the West Peak Continent.

It was mainly because it could not be used.

For example, in the upper area of the Floating Forest, even mechanical soul pets could not observe the Sky God Domain of the Sky God Dragon.

It was not like a small Soul Earth like the Thunder Soul Earth.

However, this soul pet was extremely difficult to create. It was usually owned by the officials.

Some large corporations might be able to create it.

The cost of production should be very high.

Due to the large number of participants in this Soul Earth Competition trial, in order to ensure the safety of most of the students, the military officials naturally had to use mechanical soul pets like the Cloud Sky Aviation Star.

After all, in the Soul Earth, most communication-type soul devices would lose their effectiveness.

They could only use mechanical soul pets to survey and observe.

After registering, they began to set off.

Most of the first-year students were in teams.

It was too dangerous for the first-year students.

It was much safer to form a team.

There were only four teams in Wang Che’s agriculture class.

There were less than 20 people in total. The other students did not intend to participate.

For example, Kong Shijin, Yun Feimo, and Shui Qingling were all participating. In the first two weeks, they had come to the Thunder Inner Area to adapt.

Wang Che naturally did not intend to team up. He planned to cultivate here. He actually did not think much of the competition trial.

As for the points he could obtain, it was up to fate.

He entered the Thunder Inner Area again.


Wang Che pondered and said, “Should we capture a batch of Lightning Hyacinths and bring them into the Thunder Soul Earth? If there are no Lightning Hyacinths in the Thunder Soul Earth, the Heavenly Lightning that descends will be difficult to control with the Magnetic Sword alone. The cultivation efficiency will decrease greatly.”

As the saying went, if one wanted to work well, they had to use the tools first.

Hmm, in that case…

Wang Che’s gaze landed on the Lightning Hyacinths.

The Lightning Hyacinths seemed to sense a familiar gaze.

They quickly scattered in the air.

As they fled, they let out a loud cry.

“Aren’t you too friendly with the Lightning Hyacinths?”

Tian Xiaoyu could not help but say, “I’ve already tried my best to be friendly with them in the past month, but when did they just retreat and open up a path?”

Ever since Wang Che gave them the suggestion a month ago, Tian Xiaoyu and the other seniors had indeed begun to develop a certain level of friendliness with the Lightning Hyacinths.

It was actually useful. At the very least, these Lightning Hyacinths would not attack them or follow them casually.

Sometimes, they could stay for half a day.

For example, the stronger Shen Mingluan could even stay for a day. Without their interference, the efficiency was very high.

“But why do I feel that…”

Shen Mingluan was a little surprised, “Those Lightning Hyacinths seem to be very afraid of you.”

“That should be your imagination.” Wang Che looked at the lightning letters. They were running so quickly and were not easy to catch.

After some thought, Wang Che said to Shen Mingluan and the others, “How about this? You guys go to the trial first. I’ll communicate with the Lightning Hyacinths here.”

Hearing Wang Che say that, they did not object.

“You’re too good to soul pets.” Tian Xiaoyu chuckled, “Junior, I have to tell you that other than soul pets, there are many beautiful and cute things in life.”

“Don’t just focus on soul pets.” “Right? Sister Luan?”

Shen Mingluan smiled and nodded, “Then we’ll leave first. This competition’s trial is a points competition. The earlier you enter, the longer you can stay, and the higher the points.” After bidding farewell to Wang Che, they headed to the Thunder Soul Earth first.

Before long, Wang Che encountered Kong Shijin and the others.

“Brother Che, what are you doing here?” Kong Shijin and the others had just finished registering and entered, “Aren’t you going to quickly enter the Thunder Soul Earth?”

“I’m here to maintain my relationship with the Lightning Hyacinth,” Wang Che said, “You guys go in first.”

When everyone heard that, they immediately felt that Wang Che was a good person.

He even wanted to take care of wild soul pets.

They bade farewell to the students.

Wang Che wandered in the Thunder Soul Earth for two to three hours.

He encountered many familiar people.

Many students also came to North River University.

Especially the first to third years.

For example, Mo Nan he met in the first activity class, as well as the old classmates of the West Peak Continent.

However, in order to prevent these old classmates from getting angry, Wang Che temporarily chose to avoid them.

After wandering for two to three hours, he barely caught ten Lightning Hyacinths.

“Actually, you don’t need to resist.”

Wang Che looked at the Lightning Hyacinths in the Insect Web and said, “If you help me cultivate, I can also help you grow. This is a win-win situation.”

The ten Lightning Hyacinths looked at him disdainfully.

‘Why would I believe you?’

“You don’t believe me.”

Wang Che sighed, “Why are you born with the ability to attract lightning? Because your evolution is related to lightning. You need to absorb a large amount of lightning to evolve, and lightning is a very strong attribute.”

“Don’t you want to go to the Thunder Soul Earth to absorb stronger Heavenly Lightning and evolve into the Lightning Crown Root King?”

“I want to choose a group of strong ones to follow me into the Thunder Soul Earth and draw the Heavenly Lightning down to cultivate.”

“Think about it yourself and discuss it with your race.”

It was indeed not easy to catch them.

Wang Che changed his strategy.

As expected, the Lightning Hyacinths believed him.

Any Lightning Hyacinth that did not want to evolve into the Lightning Crown Root King was not a good Lightning Root Doll.

Half an hour later.

Twenty robust Lightning Hyacinths with a soul power cultivation of about a thousand years came to Wang Che’s side.

The leading Lightning Hyacinth was older and had the highest soul power cultivation. It floated to Wang Che.

Wang Che had used this Lightning Hyacinth many times.

After all, it was stronger and more eye-catching. It could be used for longer.

Wang Che naturally paid extra attention.

This Lightning Hyacinth communicated with Wang Che.

Wang Che used the remaining time to learn some soul beast language and understand these words.

These Lightning Hyacinths were making conditions.

“You want me to help you find a Lightning Crown Root King in the Thunder Soul Earth?”

Hearing this request, Wang Che was slightly stunned.

Good fellow, this was a hidden mission.

However, how did this happen?

A negative affinity triggered it?

Wang Che pondered for a few seconds after hearing the Lightning Hyacinth’s words.

The incident began before the Thunder Soul Earth mutated.

They had a Lightning Hyacinth in the wilderness.

After the Thunder Soul Earth mutated, many lightning bolts fell in the nearby area, and the environment changed.

That Lightning Hyacinth had evolved into the Lightning Crown Root King.

It would become the leader of their race.

Later on, the eager Lightning Crown Root King planned to enter the Thunder Soul Earth to investigate. However, it had yet to return. As followers, they were naturally very worried about their boss.

They originally wanted to go to the Thunder Soul Earth to search.

However, the Thunder Soul Earth was sealed.

Especially wild soul pets, they wouldn’t easily enter.


“Of course!” Wang Che agreed immediately.

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