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Chapter 230 - Wang Batian’s Fan

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Chapter 230 Wang Batian’s Fan

One month later.

The new students gradually adapted to life in the academy.

They all entered their own learning rhythm.

There was an activity class every week. They could go to various wilderness environments to explore and obtain various materials.

Sometimes, they would personally interact with soul pets in the wilderness.

The third week of wilderness activity class was to observe a group of Rock Weasels in a nearby mine.

Those Rock Weasels used various ores as food. Around them, there would be soil grass that contained the energy of the earth.

When Wang Che refined the main food that contained the earth life force for the little caterpillar, he had mixed it with the Earth Stone Grass.

He also collected a few stalks and planned to transplant them into the spiritual field.

In any case, Wang Che would gain something from every wilderness activity.

If there were relatively rare soul plants, he would transplant one or two stalks and store them in the first level of the Myriad Treasures Dao Palace martial soul. They could be planted after the spiritual fields expanded.

The activity class gave Wang Che a lot of understanding of the wilderness environment near the mountain.

In the past month, be it the little caterpillar, the Magnetic Sword, or Wang Che, they had all improved greatly, especially the little caterpillar.

The little caterpillar had been farming.

However, it trained itself in every aspect of farming.

It could use the Force of Nature to water the mature crops, loosen the soil, use the Object Control Technique to harvest crops, refine main food pills, process seeds, transplant seedlings, and so on.

Under Wang Che’s guidance, it improved greatly.

Now, he let the little caterpillar process the seeds itself. Normally, out of twenty Water Orchid Flower Seeds, it could already successfully process two to three seeds. Its control of its life force had reached a very good level.

The proficiency of the Force of Nature was already maxed.

It was just waiting for the little caterpillar to comprehend the Power of Awakening.

Moreover, the staple food went from the initial Floating Feathered Leaf to the spatial leaf with the Water Blue Leaf and the Earth Leaf.

If it was any other soul pet, eating so many staple foods that contained different life forces would definitely be very dangerous.

However, the little caterpillar had the Metal Devouring Art and could absorb everything.

At this moment, there were truly five types of life force in its body.

Moreover, it ate a lot of staple food, especially the one refined by Wang Che himself. The quality was extremely high!

The little caterpillar’s soul power cultivation increased extremely quickly.

A week ago, it already had a soul power cultivation of 999 years.

After the farming days, the little caterpillar ate better and grew better.

Once it entered the true caterpillar form or the First Stage True Dragon Form, its appearance would be even more majestic and powerful.

Wang Che had never tested it before.

There was no hurry.

Other than breaking through to a thousand-year soul power cultivation and gathering five different energies, the most important thing was that he could try to cultivate the five types of life force and soul power in his body into Five Elements Soul Essence.

The Five Elements Soul Essence corresponded to the five elements true essence of the cultivation world.

With the five elements true essence, the body would form a system of its own. All sorts of spells would be used with world-shaking power.

It was not easy for the little caterpillar to cultivate the Five Elements Soul Essence. First, it required five different types of life force in nature.

Now that he had gathered five types, it could officially begin condensing the Five Elements Soul Essence.

The condensation process was not easy. It also required a large amount of life force, which required countless staple resources.

Moreover, the quality could not be low.

There was still a long way to go in the path of farming

The little caterpillar was stuck for another two weeks at the thousand-year threshold. Unlike the hundred-year threshold, the little caterpillar did not break through very smoothly.

It only broke through on the day before Wang Che planned to set off for the Thunder Soul Earth to cultivate the Magnetic Sword.

Small caterpillars with a thousand-year soul power cultivation were rare in the wilderness.

However, compared to the entire soul beast world, a thousand-year soul power cultivation barely entered the starting stage.

Instead, the little caterpillar’s thousand-year soul power cultivation brought considerable changes to the first level of the Myriad Treasures Dao Palace.

One had to know that a soul pet’s soul power cultivation was related to the additional soul rings.

The stronger the soul power cultivation, the stronger the additional soul ring, and the stronger the enhancement provided by the Contract Soul Master.

Soul skills were stronger.

If a soul pet’s cultivation continued to increase, the Contract Soul Master’s various aspects would continue to increase.

After the little caterpillar reached a thousand years, Wang Che’s first soul skill, Life Hand, was even stronger.

To Wang Che’s delight, the first level of the Myriad Treasures Dao Palace had increased. The first level of the Myriad Treasures Dao Palace was opened because of the little caterpillar’s soul ring. The higher the little caterpillar’s soul power cultivation, the larger the space.

The space doubled.

Although there were still only two pieces of the spiritual field, the area had doubled.

The benefits were obvious.

The area of planting had increased. Wang Che usually used 20 soul plants as a cycle. Now, he could increase it to 40. He could also plant two other types of soul plants.

Considering the food aspect, Wang Che’s Floating Feathered Leaf could still last for a long time. He needed fire-type staple food and grass-type staple food. Previously, because the materials were scarce, Wang Che could only refine snacks.

Now that the area of the spiritual farm had increased, with the source of the raw materials and the speed at which the little caterpillar matured the crops,

The processing of ordinary crops was much easier than soul plants. To the little caterpillar, it could harvest and make them in batches.

They all needed points to exchange for, so he would not do so unless he needed some new crops.

Therefore, Wang Che used his remaining points to exchange for a soul plant that contained some fire life force, the Flame Cloth Fruit.

There were also soul plants and soul leaves that contained grass life force.

These were all low-level soul plants that contained some life force.

He did not exchange for much and only exchanged for ten stalks. He planned to slowly nurture them and process the first batch of seeds himself.

The seed processing was handed to the little caterpillar. The two spiritual fields doubled in size. Normally, growing them consumed even more of Wang Che’s soul power.

However, in this month, Wang Che had seven more wisps of Hundred Refinements soul power, reaching a total of 28.

It could barely maintain a balance when growing normally. At the same time, Wang Che also tested his soul power level. It was below Level 14.

This level surprised Wang Che. When he had ten strands of Hundred Refinements soul power, he felt that he was about Level 10. This was because he had condensed his first soul ring at that time. After reaching Level 10, the soul power standard for each level increased rapidly!

However, Wang Che did not care much about the soul power level. It was enough for him to have a clear understanding of his own strength.

The little caterpillar’s mission was complicated, but it was happy.

In order to become the Sword Kinesis Flying Worm, although it was not interested in processing plants, it had patience and motivation.

Just like that, another week passed.

After the first batch of Flame Cloth Fruits and Soul Fragrance Leaf matured, the little caterpillar’s first batch of five different flavors was temporarily completed.

Only the Floating Feathered Leaf was not refined by him.

The other four, Fire Leaf, Water Leaf, Grass Leaf, and Earth Leaf, were personally refined by Wang Che.

They were of excellent quality.

As for the three flavors of snacks, Wang Che planned to change them to other snacks after the little caterpillar finished eating.

However, the main ingredients of the five flavors were low-level soul plants.

Therefore, Wang Che listed these five types of staple food as low-level staple food.

Later on, if they encountered higher-level soul plants, he could upgrade their staple food.

“It’s about time to set off.”

On the first weekend of the second month, Wang Che packed up and planned to go to the Thunder Soul Earth to take a look.

It was time to cultivate the Magnetic Sword.

In the past month, ever since he learned about the Thunder Soul Earth from Counselor Qin Li, Wang Che had been paying attention.

As expected, the situation over there could only be maintained, but the exact situation was not completely resolved. According to Wang Che’s guess, it had not been completely resolved after so long.

Either the higher-ups did not want to completely resolve it and maintain that area, or there were some difficulties.

Wang Che was more inclined to be the first.

“Magnetic Sword, let’s go!” Wang Che shouted.

Every day, the Magnetic Sword would swing a thousand times. Ever since it had a goal, it had been very disciplined since morning.

It swung until noon. After dinner, it continued swinging in the afternoon. At night, it would rest and play with the little caterpillar.

The Magnetic Sword flew in from outside. Red light flickered on its body, making it look like an ordinary sword. Because Wang Che restricted it from using any energy when swinging the sword, the red light on its body temporarily disappeared. The mature crops on the farm outside had been collected last night.

Because it was going out, the little caterpillar did not have time to water and mature these two days, so it did not grow any for the time being.

“How do you feel?” Wang Che asked.


As if enlightened, the Magnetic Sword’s answer was very mysterious. Since three weeks ago, Wang Che had made it swing a thousand times a day.

After three weeks, the Magnetic Sword’s mental state became better and better.

What it comprehended depended on its comprehension.

At the same time, the Magnetic Sword’s soul power cultivation steadily increased to about 750 years.

When the Magnetic Sword came to Forest University, its soul power cultivation was already 630 years.

In the past month or so after entering the school, although it had not cultivated the Divine Sword Lightning Control Scripture once in more than five weeks, its soul power cultivation base was still rising.

However, it was not fast. Zhao Yixia’s Flying Lizard had a soul power cultivation of more than 800 years.

In university, the resources far exceeded those of high schools. There was also a special cultivation field. Zhao Yixia’s speed of improvement was considered slow. The increase in the Magnetic Sword’s cultivation was relatively slow, mainly because its resources could not keep up.

Mechanical soul pets had rather harsh requirements for their main food.

The required nuclear stone.

Not only was nuclear stones expensive, but the difficulty of collecting them was also high. They had to be refined and processed later.

Wang Che could refine and process it himself, but it was harder to obtain good nuclear stones.

There were actually nuclear stones that could be exchanged for in the academy’s agriculture hall. Wang Che used his remaining points to exchange for many. It was still not enough.

It was too expensive to purchase online. There were not many channels for raw materials, only mature nuclear stones.

Wang Che planned to stock up a batch of staple food for the little caterpillar for half a year and sell some soul plants on the Internet to accumulate most of the funds.

After all, the spiritual fields were planted very quickly and the quality was better.

The price could definitely be higher. Not to mention half a year, even a month was difficult.

No matter how fast the spiritual farm was planted, the little caterpillar ate very quickly.

Especially after a thousand-year soul power cultivation and having five different flavors of staple foods, it needed to eat them all at the same time!

If this resource requirement was given to other students, it would be an astronomical number.

The Five Elements Era Record was not easy to cultivate.

Not to mention the difficulty of cultivating this Great Dao that could be considered a small cultivation system in the later stages, just the resources needed were impossible to cultivate without the support of a top-notch large sect in the cultivation world.

If the first level of the Myriad Treasures Dao Palace did not have a spiritual field, he would not have chosen this path for the little caterpillar. He would have chosen a worse cultivation path.

Wang Che had chosen this path for the little caterpillar because he knew that a spiritual field would appear on the first level of the Myriad Treasures Dao Palace.

He knew the resources could be sufficient.

Moreover, the foundation had to be good. Although they were all staple food refined from low-level soul plants, they were very crucial in cultivating the Five Elements Soul Essence.

Wang Che could use the soul plants planted in the spiritual field to sell them outside and earn huge profits. Then, he could buy large amounts of refined staple food.

However, the various staple foods bought by the outside world were not of good quality.

This was a huge project. It also required time to grow the spiritual fields.

Moreover, it was like giving up the treasure.

To Wang Che, it was a huge loss to sell the meticulously planted soul plants and buy a large amount of mature staple food of ordinary quality or raw materials to refine.

The staple food and raw materials sold outside were not bad.

It was not good enough.

For ordinary soul pets, they were enough.

However, the little caterpillar was not cultivating normally.

Cultivating the Five Elements Soul Essence had a high requirement for life force and quantity.

Therefore, Wang Che naturally would not choose to do that.

In the agriculture major, other students were not omnipotent. They might not choose the secondary major, food or pharmaceutical. Only those who were interested would choose a few more secondary majors.

Therefore, after they planted soul plants, they would usually hand the soul plants they planted to the agriculture hall and entrust them to soul masters who were proficient in food or medicine to refine and process them.

However, for truly talented and capable students,

For example, Shen Mingluan specialized in food and medicine.

She planted it herself, cooked the staple food, and refined the medicine.

Not only were the agricultural plants well nurtured, but she was also proficient in food and medicine.

Her soul pets were trained better than other soul pets.

“On this trip, I hope to find some special nuclear stones in the Thunder Soul Earth.” “Speaking of which, other than the spiritual fields, there are also various mountain mines on the first floor…”

“But it doesn’t seem to be easy to materialize those…”

Wang Che sighed.

The first level was a small world.

It basically had the basic elements of the world, so it naturally did not lack anything.

He brought the little caterpillar and the Magnetic Sword on the journey. Wang Che arrived at the destination and happened to see Counselor Qin Li flying part-time.

He was a little surprised to see Wang Che. “Student Wang, are you going out?” Qin Li smiled and asked.

“Yes, I want to go to Nu River City to take a look.” Wang Che nodded, “Counselor Qin, why don’t you give me a ride?”

“Of course not.” Qin Li laughed loudly and said, “However, you have to wait because there are quite a few students going to Nu River City. Are you planning to explore the outer area of the Thunder Soul Earth? Or are you going to play?” “Play? Can you play there?” Wang Che asked. “Of course you can. A month has passed since the situation in the Thunder Soul Earth. The outer area of that place has temporarily stabilized,” Qin Li said. “It also attracted a large number of lightning-type soul beasts to migrate over. I heard that it might form a new wilderness environment. The scenery in the outer area is not bad. The thunderclouds are surging. It feels like the end of the world, but it’s not dangerous.”

“This made many students yearn for it. Some Internet celebrities even made that place into an Internet phenomenon…”

“However, it’s very dangerous near the inner area of the Thunder Soul Earth. There are many lightning-type soul beasts that have escaped from the Thunder Soul Earth. Moreover, they have gone berserk before. They are very powerful and aggressive.” “The inner area is said to have been affected by the evolution of that powerful lightning soul pet. Many plants and mountains have mutated, and the resources have undergone special changes. Therefore, the inner area is a good place to explore.”

Qin Li smiled and finished, “But it’s very dangerous to be alone.”

“What about the Thunder Soul Earth?” Wang Che asked.

This Counselor Qin Li had traveled extensively and knew quite a lot.

“I heard that the Thunder Soul Earth has been sealed by the North River Continent’s military. No one is allowed to enter for the time being.”

Qin Li frowned and said, “I don’t know the exact situation.”

Wang Che nodded. After a while, about seven or eight students came to share the car.

Qin Li’s trip was not easy. Nu River City was not far. Flying in a straight line was much faster than the maglev.

It was quite a loss for him to only receive one classmate for half an hour.

Moreover, Qin Li’s Flying Speed Bird had a soul power cultivation of more than 5,000 years and was extremely fast.

This was his first soul pet. It had been trained very well.

He naturally had to fetch a few more students.

These students were all first-year students.

Typically, second and third-year students had their own flying-type soul pets and diligently obtained a driving license to fly over.

Actually, the Magnetic Sword could also fly over.

However, the current Magnetic Sword’s soul power cultivation was not high after all. It was more time-consuming and not worth it.

In order to save time, it was the fastest to find such a transport.

“Eh, aren’t you Wang Che from the Agricultural Class 4?”

Some of the students recognized Wang Che. Wang Che had a peaceful month. However, the other students were not calm.

Many new students had a deep impression of Wang Che at the school opening ceremony.

They even went to investigate.

They naturally found out Wang Che’s background.

“Oh, you guys are going to Nu River City too.”

Wang Che smiled at these students. Four men and four women seemed to be couples walking together to play. Tsk, the taste of love had been brewing since university. “Yes, yes!”

A female classmate was surprised, “I know you. You’re the champion of the West Peak Continent’s Aviation Cup, right?! At the school opening ceremony, you used a green caterpillar to defeat Senior Shen’s Glazed Green Luan!”

This surprise made the male classmate beside her unhappy.

“Champion? That’s very impressive.”

The male classmate felt extremely uncomfortable when his girlfriend looked at the other opposite sex in admiration, but he did not want to say it. Otherwise, he would seem petty and embarrassed. He seemed to have thought of something and continued, “Speaking of the West Peak Continent, among the younger generation, there’s only one person I admire the most.”

The male classmate’s words immediately attracted his girlfriend’s attention.

“Who do you admire? Why haven’t I heard of it before?” The female classmate asked curiously.

“I’m from the Chaotic Sea Continent, very close to the West Peak Continent. Moreover, the city I’m in is also close to the West Peak Continent.” His girlfriend’s attention was attracted, which made him feel very comfortable. “I don’t know much about the West Peak Continent. The Aviation Cup champion is powerful, but I don’t know much. The only one I know is that young hero, Wang Batian.”

“I know, I know!” The female classmate’s eyes lit up, “I’ve heard of it in Cloud Border Continent!”

Wang Che: “…”

The other students echoed as if they had heard of this name before.

Compared to the young hero, Wang Batian, who had reported the entire war zone and even made the official news, the champion of the Aviation Cup was indeed not famous enough.

Moreover, the young hero, Wang Batian, had a mysterious and heroic feeling.

There were also videos of Wang Che’s competition in the Aviation Cup online.

However, there was definitely no detailed information on Wang Batian. Due to the matter of the Floating Forest being resolved, as it involved the Sky God Dragon, it had to be kept a secret.

Otherwise, regarding the Floating Forest, the young hero Wang Batian’s reputation would be even more resounding.

This was especially so for that Azure Dragon Merit Emblem. If it was not secretly given, the entire war zone would have been shaken.

“Student Wang, as the champion of the Aviation Cup, do you know Wang Batian?” the male classmate asked.

Wang Che smiled and replied, “Of course I know. This is a true hero of our West Peak Continent. How can a champion of the Aviation Cup like me compare to him? He’s far inferior. Moreover, he didn’t even participate in the Aviation Cup. He has no intention of competing with us.”

“Otherwise, this champion will definitely be him.”

The students were amused.

The male classmate immediately looked at Wang Che in a new light.

As expected of the champion, he did not expect the other party to be so magnanimous as to say such words.

But on the other hand, wasn’t this young hero Wang Batian too charming?

“You’ve seen him before?” The male classmate hurriedly asked.

“I was lucky to meet him once,” Wang Che said. “I was guided by him. He didn’t participate in the Aviation Cup because he was too strong. To us students, he was completely crushing. Therefore, he didn’t choose to participate in the Aviation Cup… but I met him only once.”

This made the male classmate very excited. He was even more excited than his girlfriend.

“Are you his fan?” Wang Che asked.

“Yes, yes!” The male classmate said excitedly, “Because the city I’m in is quite close to the Floating Forest. If something happened to the Floating Forest back then, our city would definitely not be spared.”

“Oh, I see.” Wang Che nodded, “Unfortunately, I don’t know what academy he went to. But to him, it’s the same no matter what academy he went to. He’s a mountain our West Peak Continent can’t climb.”

“Student Wang, there’s actually no need to compare yourself to Wang Batian.” The male classmate walked over and immediately said, “You’ve already far surpassed most of our peers by being able to become the champion of the Aviation Cup. In the entire war zone, only nine high school students can be compared to you.” “But after university, it’s hard to say.” Wang Che smiled and said, “Being strong in high school doesn’t mean that you’re strong in university… There are too many Contract Soul Masters who only show their potential at the later stages. They might even surpass the champion at any time.”

“That can’t be. You’re the champion with potential and talent. Not many can surpass you,” the male classmate said.

The two of them began to communicate.

The female classmate was confused. She had just started to admire him, but she did not expect her boyfriend to not be jealous at all and even talk to him affectionately.

‘Look at how serious he is. He’s not even so attentive when he coaxes me.’

Soon, everyone got along. Qin Li looked at Wang Che in surprise

‘Good fellow, impressive.’

He could take down both men and women.

Before long, they arrived at Nu River City.

“Add my number. We’ll talk again next time!” The male classmate said enthusiastically. “No problem.” Wang Che nodded.

These new students were pharmaceutical specialists. This male classmate’s family specialized in making potions.

Along the way, the male classmate told Wang Che everything he knew.

After bidding farewell to these students, Wang Che planned to go to the Wilderness Soul Earth in Nu River City.

“There are quite a number of people in Nu River City.”

Wang Che glanced at it. On the weekend, there were surprisingly many people in this small border city of the North River Continent.

“After leaving the city, you can reach the outside area a hundred miles away.”

Qin Li explained, “However, it’s a little complicated over there. Even in the outermost area, as long as a flying-type soul pet approaches, it will lose control. Therefore, you can only rent a car or go on foot. If you’re fast, you’ll arrive in half an hour.” “If you want to go to the inner area, I suggest you find a few companions. You can take care of each other when you encounter danger.”

“Of course, it’s best if you don’t go. Just look at the scenery outside.” Wang Che nodded. Because he was sufficiently prepared, he did not need to buy supplies in Nu River City or even rent a car.

Instead, he went on foot.

Wang Che had a feeling that this trip would not be wasted..

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