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Chatper 1159

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"Now the nine domains have been completely taken over by the Karma Tianzong, and there are more than a dozen mysterious forces in the Tianzi Domain, which are very similar to when the Karma Tianzong appeared in other domains. I guess these forces are all from the Karma Tianzong." Heavenly Emperor Shen said.

"The news of the Star Sect, the Karma Tianzong forces are people from the outside world. They are not from the Cangshi Realm. They may have the backing of a world as powerful as the Cangshi Realm, and these forces all come from that world." Di Mei said solemnly.

"There is news from Tianjitang that there is also a powerful mysterious force in Pantianyu that is rapidly eroding Pantianyu." The emperor also said solemnly.

"Hey... Now we have to wait for the Star Sect to come, and we are no longer their opponents." For the first time, the Emperor of Heaven showed a tired face, as if he was several hundred years older.

... In the next period of time, Long Ritian was also dispatching troops. Except for the most basic staff in the Nine Regions, all the other four regions and above were transferred to the Tianzi Region.

After a year, Long Ritian\'s strength has returned to the realm of the beginning, and it is much stronger than when he was in the realm of karma, and he is no match for this realm.

Others, like Pangu, also returned to the Origin Dao Realm one after another, and their strength increased. Time passed quickly, and the sky above Tianziyu became the top of thunderclouds, and red thunder and lightning rolled in the sea of ​​clouds, as if to destroy the continent.

Tianzi domain center.

"Boom!" A 10,000-meter-long red lightning struck down, and the dark earth was illuminated by the red lightning.

Under this light, an endless figure appeared. Standing densely, a trace of aura emanated from them, gathered together, and made the thunder in the sky tumble even more.

These people are divided into two parties, one is the alliance of the three major domain sects led by Xingchen Sect, and the other is the legion of Long Ritian Karma Tianzong.

Above the two armies, Long Ritian led Pangu Dao Tiange and they floated in the air, opposite the sixth patriarch of the Star Sect and the ancestors of the top sects.

"We met again." Long Ritian said to Tiandi and the others with a smile. Heavenly Emperor and Emperor Ba, they looked at Long Ritian, felt his breath now, and their eyes were full of fear.

"Little friend, you have already occupied nine domains. Why do you need these three domains? It\'s not a good thing if you don\'t have enough people to swallow an elephant." Ancestor Nianxing looked at Long Ritian and said in a deep voice.

"How about I exchange the nine domains for these three domains?" Long Ritian said with a smile.

"Do you have to start a war to make the creatures of the Cangshi Realm suffer?"

"If you surrender, then of course no life will be ruined." Long Ritian shrugged.

"In that case, let\'s fight."

"Boom..." Two terrifying auras soared into the sky, directly tearing the clouds apart. The two armies collided, and the Great War of the Century broke out.

…time has changed. Ten years have passed since the Great War of the Son of Heaven, which was called the Great Battle of Zhucang by the people after Cang Shijie.

The Karma Tianzong powerhouse swept through all the sect powerhouses in the original Cangshi Realm. After a month of fighting, the sky collapsed and the earth cracked, and the Tianziyu was reduced to ruins in that battle.

The top powerhouses of the major sects died of casualties, self-destruction, and self-destruction. In the end, only the sixth ancestor of the Star Sect and the rest of the ancestors were left.

Finally, with the Sixth Patriarch of the Star Sect as the eye, a great seal formation was arranged, exhausting his vitality, and sealing the strongest man in this war for thousands of years.

All sects died in battle, and in the end, the Karma Tianzong unified the Cangshi Realm. But they are all waiting, waiting for a real king to return, and after thousands of years, the two worlds will merge.


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