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Chapter 104

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Chapter 104

Face-slapping the CV (3)

Editors: Nadralexe

“Are you talking to me?” Zhou Xu said dryly. He wasn’t enthusiastic about this at all.

“Yeah, I just want to ask if you are willing to pick up a voice act role.”

Zhou Xu finally appeared to be a little interested and asked, “Which character?”

“An… important character,” said Xie Yibo.

“What kind of importance?” Zhou Xu continued with his questions because he noticed that Xie Yibo was a little embarrassed after his first question. He guessed that it was just a way to start the conversation. Xie Yibo might not even have a plan in mind, not to mention characters.

“It’s going to be one of the important main characters. You can give it a try. We’ll talk about the screenplay tomorrow, alright?” said Xie Yibo.

Zhou Xu smiled and said, “Sure.”

He was almost certain that Xie Yibo didn’t even have the screenplay ready. Tonight, Xie Yibo would go back and find a random character from a random screenplay just to make sure the lie wouldn’t be made too obvious.

Putting out his hand, Zhou Xu said, “Thank you, Bolan Zhongtui ”

Xie Yibo shook hands with Zhou Xu and said with a husky, deep voice, “My real name is Xie Yibo.”

“Hello, Xie Yibo.”

“Hello, Zhou Xu.”

From the heat, dryness, and familiarity, Zhou Xu could confirm that it was his lover whose name was Song Chenmo.

With a smile, Zhou Xu tightly shook Xie Yibo’s hand and said, “Nice to meet you.”

“Me too.”

After that, they exchanged phone numbers and online contact info before returning to their dorms.

At night, Zhou Xu would always be online since he knew that his lover would be contacting his friend or looking for a good screenplay, and at the same time, finding someone for Zhou Xu too. If successful, his voice would even perhaps be requested.

Sure enough, at around seven in the night, Zhou Xu received a friend request from Xie Yibo.

After accepting it, Zhou Xu immediately received a text from Xie Yibo, “Zhou Xu, I’ll add you into a group chat, there might be a few lines that the group leader wants you to play. He wants to hear your voice.”


Right after, Zhou Xu was added into a group chat. There were about ten or so people in there, and they all seemed to know each other. Only after he joined for a minute, there were already over forty messages sent.

Carefully, Zhou Xu typed: “Hello, I’m new here, my name is Zhou Xu.” ”

[Planner – Burn your ex-boyfriend]: Yo, what’s up?

[Script – Moneyyy]: Hello, here, take this knife. There are some really strange people in this chat, you can use it to protect yourself.

[Editor – Saw a ghost outside my window]: Hello, I’m the editor, you can just call me Ghosty. Hug.jpg

[CV – Bolan Zhongtui]: Xiao Xu, give yourself a nickname, but if you don’t want to that’s fine too, many CVs use their real name.

[CV – I love Song Chenmo]: Then I guess I’ll just call myself this.

Suddenly, the group chat went silent.

Many people already started to DM Xie Yibo, mostly to comfort him. He already said when he entered the group chat that he wanted to chase him, so they thought that this was about to be a single-sided love.

Xie Yibo was also a little nervous, but he still wanted to make sure.

[CV – Bolan Zhongtui]: Xiao Xu, who’s Song Chenmo?

[CV – I love Song Chenmo]: My love for the second half of my life.

[CV – Bolan Zhongtui]: Second half of your life?

[CV – I love Song Chenmo]: I haven’t met him yet, but I love this name, I’ve loved it for centuries.

Zhou Xu had already confused almost everyone in the group chat, but Xie Yibo understood him. Song Chenmo was just a made-up figure, Zhou Xu’s ideal lover. As for those “centuries”, it must have been nothing more than a joke.

[CV – Xiao Xu]: Actually, never mind, I’ll just go with this.

[CV – Bolan Zhongtui]: Okay yes, this is better.

All the other members of the group chat let out a sigh of relief, for Xie Yibo. After that, Zhou Xu was requested to have his voice tested. He opened the audio message and said a few random sentences.

Upon hearing his voice, everyone who had some suspicions immediately had their doubts wiped, because Zhou Xu’s voice was exactly what they had been looking for: top-notch quality.

In fact, Xie Yibo wasn’t very much into BL shows, he only preferred heterosexual romance. Even if he had accepted a BL script before, it was all side characters. This time, he took the initiative to come to the “Evildoing Young Master” crew, which also gave them a surprise.

Xie Yibo was one of the big wigs of Xiaoxiao Club, and he had been in this industry since high school. At this point, he almost never accepts a show without a fee. This time, not only did he volunteer to do it for free, but it was also a BL. This almost startled the other members of the “Evildoing Young Master” show crew.

With a bigwig joining, any show’s crew would be jumping in excitement.

“Evildoing Young Master” was a very romantic BL novel. It was not very long, but the pace was very steady. Plus some memorable events, the novel should be pretty interesting to read and also very appealing to Zhou Xu. This was another reason Xie Yibo asked for this show and requested Zhou Xu to join.

Xie Yibo has already asked, they said that this show would finish in about three seasons, and they have chosen all the side characters already. As for the main character, they wanted to choose a famous CV, but that CV was asking too high of a price, so they ended up having to choose someone else.

Nowadays, these types of shows all work with their licensed platforms. If they play their show on their licensed platforms, they obviously would get money. But this show didn’t have any contracts with any platforms, it was purely created from interest.

Of course, if the end product turned out to be surprisingly good, they would still be likely to land a license. By the second and third season, if there were audiences who would want to pay money to listen, they and the original novel’s author might both receive some profits.

This has happened many times before, but there was always a catch, and that was the first season must be extraordinary and receive a huge audience.

And now with the addition of Xie Yibo, their chances of landing a license with a platform have just increased significantly.

As for the newbie, Zhou Xu, Xie Yibo said that he would be responsible to train him, making everyone even less worried. Now that they found the MC, they were ready to start the actual production process.

The planner was a very friendly lady. Zhou Xu didn’t know what her real name was, he only knew that her nickname was “Burn your ex-boyfriend”, so everyone called her “Burny”.

The narrator was from another club. The person had a very calm and clear voice, perfect for the role.

They mostly chatted online and rarely requested to meet. However, Xie Yibo wouldn’t be satisfied with this. He wanted to see Zhou Xu every day.

A message notification popped up. Zhou Xu opened it, and it was Xie Yibo asking him if he wanted to practice the script together.

Zhou Xu knew that they weren’t performing a drama, so there wasn’t a need to practice lines with others. But if it was for some other reason, then practicing with others would be a “must”.

“Yeah, I got time, I don’t have classes this afternoon,” Zhou Xu replied.

Then, his phone rang. He took a look at the caller ID and then smiled, it was Xie Yibo.


“Hello, Zhou Xu, this is Xie Yibo, would you like to come to the recording room?”

“There doesn’t seem to be any other recordings planned today.”

“So there wouldn’t be anyone else inside, and we don’t need to find another quiet place, what do you think?”


After hanging up, Zhou Xu quickly changed into a green T-shirt and light orange shorts, along with dark blue canvas shoes.

The color choice was very interesting and bright, but it was able to trace out his tall figure and his long pretty legs.

Zhou Xu didn’t have a lot of leg hair, and his legs were also very white. Looking from behind, his calf that was showing was very pretty.

But that was it, nothing gorgeous, just pretty.

Since this person liked legs so much, Zhou Xu decided to show a lot of his legs. If this person decided to not like him simply because his legs didn’t look good enough, then this type of person should just go marry a leg.

After he arrived at the club, there was indeed no one there, not even Xie Yibo, so he started reading a book to kill time.

The afternoon sun shone onto the teenager sitting at the corner.

The air was calm; the time came to a pause.

This scene seemed to have been carved into Xie Yibo’s memories. It was a moment that he would never forget.

His heart was racing. Xie Yibo didn’t even know why he fell in love with Zhou Xu at first sight, but since the first time they met, Xie Yibo sank in and couldn’t get out.

Maybe it was the natural attraction that people like Zhou Xu had. Xie Yibo didn’t know why, but he knew that he liked that pair of eyes, that smile, that voice… everything on Zhou Xu.

Love would sometimes be like that. It couldn’t be explained with words or logic. You just sank in without knowing why.

Realizing that someone was here, Zhou Xu looked up under the orange afternoon sunlight and smiled.

On the other side of the hallway, Xie Yibo felt like Zhou Xu was glowing like a god. He even wanted to kiss Zhou Xu’s toes to prove his loyalty.

“So, you are here,” said Zhou Xu.

For a moment, any language was useless. Xie Yibo couldn’t control himself and approached Zhou Xu, tightly enclosing him into his arms.

Zhou Xu didn’t know what Xie Yibo was feeling, but he felt secure being hugged by someone he loved.

They just hugged each other in the hallway until a beautiful girl walked by.

The girl gasped in surprise, “Ah?”

Zhou Xu and Xie Yibo finally separated. After seeing their faces, the girl turned from surprise to excitement. Zhou Xu couldn’t understand, but Xie Yibo did. That girl was the president of their club, a president that wanted a gay pair in her club.

Now she was satisfied, she probably would be excited for the whole week. But Xie Yibo still needed her to calm down. After all, Zhou Xu hadn’t accepted his love.

“President, you…”

“Please continue, continue, pretend that I don’t exist.”

“There’s no need, you came here to…”

“I’m fine, you two can go, go ahead, I’ll stay here on guard and make sure no one comes in to disturb you guys.”

Zhou Xu, Xie Yibo: “…”

“Thank you, president, but there’s no need, we just want to use the recording room.”

“Just the two of you?” Zhang Caiyu’s eyes grew even brighter. This was because the club only had three recording rooms, all of which were very small. It should only fit two people, and the space was very tight.

“What are you all doing?” At this time, another voice sounded. It was none other than Su Chengqi, who also came to record.

Just as he finished, Zhang Caiyu had already pulled him to the side. Su Chengqi looked at her in complete confusion.

And then he, an almost six-feet-tall man, was forcefully pulled away by Zhang Caiyu, who was more than half a foot shorter than him.

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