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CH 74

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Edited by Zaki

When Teng Shang returned to the capital, Xue Changjing still did not know that his younger brothers had sold out their military powers. 

As soon as Xue Houyang heard that Teng Shang had arrived in the Capital, he immediately had his horse prepared and went out of the Marquis’ residence to meet Teng Shang in the outskirts.

In Yunfeng Palace, Teng Yun also heard that Teng Shang was back. He asked Rui Xue to prepare casual clothes for him so he could go out of the Palace to welcome Teng Shang.

But Rui Xue just looked at him, covered her mouth and laughed: “My good master, what are you planning to do?”

Teng Yun said: “Naturally I’m going to welcome Mr.Teng. He was left alone at the fief to retrieve Marquis Zheng An’s troops and I wasn’t feeling assured. Now he is back……” 

Before he could finish speaking, Rui Xue interrupted, “Master, don’t you know that Marquis Wannian has already left his residence and has gone to the outskirts to meet him?”

Seeing Teng Yun’s expression showed that he did not understand the issue, Rui Xue sighed and laughed: “The couple are reunited after a short separation. Master, would you not be in the way, if you go there?”

Teng Yun was stunned and then felt a little embarrassed and said, “I didn’t think of it that way. It’s very thoughtful of you to remind me.”

“It’s not that this servant girl is thoughtful, rather Master did not think of this aspect at all. I pity His Majesty. He has been invincible all his life and in the end he fell into your hands.”

Teng Yun at first didn’t understand why she mentioned Xue Junliang. Then, on second thought, it turned out that Rui Xue was laughing at his slowness and not understanding Xue Junliang’s feelings.

How could Teng Yun not understand? After all, Xue Junliang had made his words so clear that even he could understand. But on one hand, Teng Yun had not yet reconciled in his heart and on the other hand, because he was thin-skinned, he was not willing to think that way. It would be better to just let nature take its course.

Rui Xue really sighed this time and said, “Master, although some words are not something that this lowly servant should say, but this lowly servant still wants to remind Master …… Do not regret until things are irredeemable. Some feelings themselves are not allowed in the world, but are reasonable. ”

Teng Yun knew she was referring to Zhao Lu and Feng Ming, so he said, “I have always wanted to hear about their experiences, but I don’t know how to ask you. Are you willing to tell me about it?” 

Rui Xue said, “There is no story, it’s just fate conspiring against people.”

Rui Xue paused for a long moment before saying : “I only followed General Zhao Lu later, but the General trusted me, or maybe because he was alone in Feng Country and had no one to talk to, so this servant became a listening ear…… When the General was a child, he lived in the vicinity of the Ming River with his parents. During that time the Feng Country was in a period of turmoil and King Feng was still the Crown Prince. He fled the Palace and took refuge with a hunter family. Later, when the pursuers came, the General’s parents were implicated due to King Feng and were killed. These things were all matters of the long forgotten past but the General only mentioned them once and never talked about it again. Just this lowly servant could see that the General was a person who cared very much about family. Even if King Feng hadn’t meant to, it was because of him that the General lost his parents and became an orphan. ”

Teng Yun said, “If it were me, I would also take revenge.”

Rui Xue nodded and said, “A man without parents is most suitable to become a spy, same as this lowly servant. Although this lowly servant is a weak woman, this so-called pain, this lowly servant has also endured. Naturally, I can understand everything. Afterwards, this lowly servant was sent to the General. Later, naturally because this slave servant could speak, often spoke about the General to King Feng. 

Rui Xue could see that although King Feng was cold-hearted and cruel, he was sincere to Zhao Lu.

Teng Yun said: “Presumably, the King treated Zhao Lu so well that General Zhao couldn’t bear it either.”

Rui Xue said with a smile: “That’s why it is said fate conspires against people. Master should cherish the Emperor’s feelings for yourself. There are many things that can’t be recovered if you miss them. No matter how much you regret it, you should stick to it all at once.”


Feng Ming looked at the map for a long time and lifted his hand to rub his forehead. In the past few days, because of the preparations for the dispatch of troops, he has done everything by himself and his mind was already a little numb. Only when you are so tired that you can’t be tired anymore, you won’t remember something that you can’t think about and shouldn’t think about.

Feng Ming’s head was propped up because he was sleepy and somewhat drowsy. He seemed to have seen that when he was a child, because his father had many children, he was often excluded. Even as a child he had a very ruthless look. When he fled to Ming River and had taken asylum in the hunter’s family, that’s when he knew what family affection was for the first time.

Although the hunter’s family was not rich, the family of three were very happy. They took Feng Ming in and let their son accompany Feng Ming.

When Feng Ming became King Feng, on his very first inspection of the Military barracks, he had seen Zhao Lu. At that time, Zhao Lu looked heroic and stood among many soldiers, looking tall and different. Feng Ming didn’t think that it was liking, after all, he had many concubines at that time. 

Later, during training inspection, Feng Ming saw the heroic soldier again, but what he didn’t expect was that this soldier turned out to be the son of the hunter; the family he took refuge with. He clearly remembered the animal tooth hanging on his neck, because the soldier was wearing armour before, so he hadn’t seen the animal tooth on his neck.

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Because King Feng appointed an important position to a small soldier, gradually, there was a rumour in the Imperial court that King Feng preferred males and there was a new favourite called Zhao Lu, a young officer. 

Feng Ming didn’t pay attention at first, and the court could always hear this unspeakable gossip. He was already used to it, but he just didn’t expect that Zhao Lu would gradually show his admiration for himself.

Zhao Lu misunderstood the gossip. He wanted to take a shortcut to get King Feng’s trust. It was only natural that what happened in bed would gain the most trust.

Feng Ming, half out of guilt and half out of freshness, also let the rumours spread wildly. But unexpectedly, at his birthday banquet when everyone was drunk, Zhao Lu forced himself on Feng Ming regardless of Feng Ming’s resistance.

From then on, the relationship between the two people became strange, gradually, bedsports became a routine for the two people and the rumours came true, Feng Ming found that his guilt also gradually changed, Zhao Lu slowly became an existence that was hard to remove from his heart. 

Feng Ming was jolted awake in a cold sweat. He wiped the sweat off his forehead with his sleeve, took a deep breath, and took out the animal tooth chain from his sleeve.

He still remembered asking Zhao Lu for this animal tooth, but he had said that he thought it looked fun. Since he saw Zhao Lu wearing it every day, he wanted to exchange tokens.

At first, Zhao Lu refused to give it, and because of this incident, there was tension between him and Feng Ming. Feng Ming knew that because this was the only keepsake left of his parents, so he never mentioned it again, but Zhao Lu came to him the next day and gave the animal tooth to Feng Ming.

Of course Feng Ming was jubilant. At that time, it didn’t even cross his mind that Zhao Lu was Xue country’s spy. He thought Zhao Lu had finally decided to be with him. But in the end it turned out that the other party just wanted to gain his trust. 

Feng Ming reached out and touched the animal tooth, but couldn’t help the sourness in his nose. It turned out that Zhao Lu had remembered everything and had been waiting for an opportunity to retaliate against him. Feng Ming could only blame himself for being too gullible and for running away from the Palace at that time.


Xue Houyang met Teng Shang’s carriage on the outskirts, and the servant outside said, “Mr. Teng, Marquis Wannian has arrived.”

Teng Shang lifted the curtain of the carriage, looked outside and said with a smile, “Lord Marquis has come all by himself to meet this Teng?” 

Xue Houyang was embarrassed by his words. Teng Shang asked him to hand over his horse to the servant, and then get into the carriage.

The carriage was prepared by Xue Changjing. Although it was not as grand as Emperor Xue’s entourage, it was definitely not shabby, in fact, it was very comfortable to sit in.

Teng Shang took out a brocade box from a case, opened it and handed it to Xue Houyang.

After Xue Houyang saw it, he was immediately surprised and said, “Sir, you really got the Tiger Seal!” 

Teng Shang said, “They easily handed it over. They were mere kids, naturally, easy to fool.”

Xue Houyang looked at the Tiger Seal and was almost too happy that he couldn’t close his mouth. He just chuckled. Then he thought of something and said, “Marquis Tengnan has been back to the Capital City for some time.”

“I know. I have troubled you.”

Teng Shang said, “Now, although you have got the Tiger Seal, it depends on what you do to gain the morale of Zheng An’s troops.” 

“Emperor Xue has released Teng Xin and made him a General. He is just waiting for the arrival of the Tiger Seal to incorporate him in the Zheng An army.”

Teng Shang nodded and said, “I’ve thought about it for a long time. Teng Xin is a rare talent, especially since he knows when to advance and retreat, if not…”

If not for King Teng favouring the concubine that resulted in abolishing the crown prince to set up another one. Teng Xin knew that his own abolition was proof that he was not far from death. Which Crown Prince could tolerate the former Crown Prince? If not, how could Teng Xin raise an army for rebellion so rashly.

However, Teng Shang didn’t want to mention these old things about the Teng country again. 

Xue Houyang understood Teng Shang’s mind and said, “Don’t worry, Sir. Emperor Xue has started to prepare and will be able to subdue Zheng An’s army. Besides, Marquis Tengnan also has the ability. My husband must know that the Emperor means to let Marquis Tengnan take charge of Zheng An’s military power.”

Teng Shang laughed and said, “You have been quite informed.”

Xue Houyang chuckled, knowing that Teng Shang was concerned about this, so he naturally inquired about the situation to make him feel at ease.

Teng Shang looked at him and smiled. He closed the brocade box and put it back in the case. He said, “The Princess of Feng Country ran away because she couldn’t tolerate the insult. If the Princess had married Lord Marquis, I’m afraid there would be no such thing right now?” 

Xue Houyang heard him say this and his nerves tensed as he responded, “How could I marry the Princess? Doesn’t my husband know my heart?”

Teng Shang raised his eyebrows and smiled. Suddenly reached out and pushed Xue Houyang on top of the soft carpet, attached himself and pressed up, smiling, “I heard people often say that a small farewell is better than a new love, I wonder if the Marquis has a new love these days.”

“Naturally, there is none.”

“Then was it hard for the Marquis to endure with this Teng being so far away?” 

Xue Houyang looked at the other party’s face that was close at hand and his heart was already beating out of its cavity, and said, “Sir, how can you tease me as soon as you come back.”

Teng Shang said, “How am I teasing you?”

As he said that, he took hold of Xue Houyang’s wrist and moved it down below. Xue Houyang was stunned and looked at Teng Shang in surprise.

Teng Shang then said, “Frankly, I can’t endure it.” 

Xue Houyang was naturally ecstatic. He held the other party’s waist tightly and turned him over fiercely pushing Teng Shang under his body and their position reversing in an instant. Xue Houyang kissed the corner of his mouth and said, “I naturally missed you. I just hoped you would come back soon but mostly I was afraid you would be in trouble.”

Teng Shang whispered, “This is a carriage. Marquis is not afraid that people outside would hear us?”

Xue Houyang bristled and said, “Husband, you still say you are not deliberately teasing me?”

Teng Shang deliberately lifted a leg and gently rubbed his knee against Xue Houyang’s bottom, laughing, “But I just want you to be in the carriage, can I?” 


When they entered the Palace, it was already afternoon, and it was rare that Teng Shang followed them into the Palace, and did not give the Tiger Seal directly to Xue Houyang.

When they were in the carriage, Teng Shang didn’t dare to moan out loudly as he was afraid of being heard by the entourage outside. However, Xue Houyang was so provoked by him that Teng Shang completely lost control and fell apart. Teng Shang promised himself that he wouldn’t dare to provoke the Marquis again next time.

After returning to the Marquis residence, he cleaned up and hurried into the Palace. 

Xue Junliang and Teng Yun were in the Warm Pavilion of the study hall. Xue Houyang and Teng Shang conveyed their greetings. Emperor Xue asked Jiang Yu to set up seats for everyone.

Teng Shang’s voice was a little hoarse, and he looked obviously uncomfortable when he sat down. Xue Junliang naturally understood the reason, but Teng Yun, being innocent of what couples do, didn’t realize it. He was very concerned about Teng Shang and asked, “Sir, have you caught the cold?”

Teng Shang, who rarely showed his embarrassment felt his face turn red on this rare occasion, and Xue Houyang felt that he had been seen through, but Xue Junliang laughed out loud.

Xue Junliang said, “Let’s get back to business. Now that we have the Tiger Seal, we can be more sure when we fight against Feng Country.” 

Teng Yun nodded and said: “As far as the troops are located, Zheng An is the closest to the Ming River. As long as Zheng An can send troops, then the Ming River can attack from two directions. This way, the odds of winning would be even greater.”

Xue Junliang nodded and said, “And by surprise.”

Teng Shang watched them respond to each other. It seemed that when these two talked about military strategies, others couldn’t get a word in. Teng Yun was well versed in the Art of War. He was very excited about the Art of War and had many unique insights. Xue Junliang listened to him with full attention and was naturally very harmonious.

The four men made a final decision on the Zheng An army. At present, they decided it was best to remain calm and let the Feng Country think that Zheng An was still under the military power of a fief. It was impossible to send large troops, so the vigilance against Zheng An army would be reduced and when the time comes, Zheng An could send the troops to reinforce the front lines unexpectedly. 

The four Tiger Seals were with the four brave Generals of Xue Junliang – Teng Xin and the three He brothers. The next step was to canonize the generals and send out the troops.

When everyone finished discussion, Teng Shang proposed to have a word with Xue Junliang alone. Xue Houyang and Teng Yun withdrew from the room totally puzzled.

The Warm Pavilion of the study was a special place where the Monarch convened with his Ministers to discuss important matters. Hence the sound insulation was very tight. Once the door was closed, people outside the door could not hear what was being said inside.

Xue Junliang said with a smile, “It’s hard for Mr. Teng to enter the Palace. How is your health? My brother sometimes does not know propriety. You’ll have to take more care of him in the future.” 

Teng Shang replied with a smile, “Marquis Wannian and I bear each other’s burden. After all, we have a harmonious marriage with each other.”

This sentence seems to have touched Xue Junliang’s sore spot. Xue Houyang and Teng Shang could be regarded as a perfect example of a couple living in conjugal harmony. They were respectful and affectionate with each other. Unlike himself,  who was still in the stage of enlightening Teng Yun.

Teng Shang said, “I don’t tell lies in front of people with true talent. Presumably, both Emperor Xue and I think it’s very tiring to talk like this, so I’ll dare to speak straight.”

“Naturally, let’s be frank.” 

Teng Shang smiled and said, “There are some things that I think Emperor Xue has known for a long time. I have watched Teng Yun grow up and no one knows his nature better than me. Teng Yun is loyal and benevolent and as an uncle, I am naturally willing for him to find a …… woman who treats him well for life. ”

Xue Junliang listened to Teng Shang emphasize the word “woman”, curbed the smile, “Mr. Teng please continue, I’m listening.”

Teng Shang said: “However, everyone has their own ideas, and I will never object to what Teng Yun likes. Teng Yun doesn’t know anything about this at all. Since someone dug a trap for him to jump, and he jumped willingly, I don’t have any opposition. I just want to tell this person that he may be successful as a King, but he didn’t do enough to treat Teng Yun … If I am not satisfied with how he treats Teng Yun, then one day I will probably persuade Teng Yun to find another spouse. ”

Xue Junliang laughed and said, “No wonder someone once told me that Minister Shang has sharp teeth and a sharp mouth. I’ve learned it today. You’re the first one to threaten this Seat, but…..” 

He paused and said, “I can swear to the heavens that Teng Yun belongs to Xue Junliang no matter what life he has, and this will not change … Naturally, I have to ask Houyang for advice on how to make foxes who specialize in eating meat, obey him. Don’t worry, Mr. Teng.”

The two put the other down once and no one had the advantage, but Teng Shang was very satisfied with Xue Junliang’s attitude towards Teng Yun.

Teng Shang turned around and when he was about to open the door to leave, he said, “Teng Yun was born to be a great General, he grew up and learned on the battlefield. You don’t have to lock him in the Palace to spoil him. It may be a good thing to let him go out.”

Xue Junliang nodded, “I know.” 

Teng Shang then opened the door, Xue Houyang and Teng Yun were outside waiting. Seeing Teng Shang come out, Xue Houyang asked, “Sir, can we go back now?”

Teng Shang nodded and said, “Yes, we better go back, it’s getting late.”

Teng Yun watched the two leave, and when he turned his head, he saw Xue Junliang waving at him, signaling him to come over inside.

When Teng Yun walked into the Warm Pavilion, Xue Junliang smiled and said, “Do you know what we are talking about?” 

Teng Yun shook his head, “Naturally, I don’t know.”

Xue Junliang changed the subject again and smiled, “Do you know why Teng Shang was uncomfortable?”

Teng Yun shook his head again, Xue Junliang supported his head with one hand and beckoned with the other, signaling him to come closer. Teng Yun took two steps closer and was dragged over by Xue Junliang, letting him sit on his lap.

Xue Junliang wrapped one hand around his waist and slowly stroked his back from his spine down to Teng Yun’s groin, and Teng Yun’s face burned and wanted to get up. 

Then Xue Junliang said, “Because they did something like this, so…”

Only now Teng Yun understood and his face immediately flushed red. When he remembered that he had asked Teng Shang whether he was ill or not, he had an urge to knock himself on the table and die of shame. How stupid of him. No wonder everyone’s facial expression was so delightful at that time.

Xue Junliang pulled his collar and their lips pressed together. Xue Junliang laughed: “When are we going to do these things too?”

Teng Yun couldn’t resist his teasing. He didn’t know what to say. Xue Junliang naturally didn’t want Teng Yun to answer him and for a while, there were only ambiguous kisses in the Warm Pavilion.

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