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Chapter 12 Venerable Wang

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Hot Spring Villa, Outskirts of the capital.

"It feels nice to soak here", Su Ming leaned on the rock beside the pool and sighed in comfort. 

"Your Highness, I envy this Hot Spring Villa of yours", Jun Yuan commented as he took munched on the moon cakes.

"This Hot Spring Villa originally Xiao family. When my mother got married, the Xiao family handed the deed to my mother as a part of her dowry", Yan Xing said. 

Opposite Yan Xing, Jingsheng who had kept his eyes close while soaking in the hot spring slowly opened his eyes and looked at Yan Xing. Jun Yuan and Su Ming might not be very clear about Yan Xing's situation but he knows. This Hot Spring Villa caught the eye of many people and even the other Princes and Princess coveted it. But no one was able to snatch it away from Yan Xing. To protect his mother's dowry, Yan Xing had worked tirelessly in the dark. Due to the circumstances, he was forced to mature early. As someone who had been by his side for the longest time, Jingsheng knew that if it wasn't for Yan Xing utilizing his wits, today, they wouldn't be enjoying here.  

After soaking in the hot spring for a while, Yan Xing went to his room in the villa. After a moment, Jingsheng came looking for him.

"Your Highness, when are we making our move?", Jingsheng asked. He didn't understand what Yan Xing wanted to do by bringing along Su Ming and Jun Yuan. He doesn't believe that Yan Xing came out for Bachelor's party. Although their relationship with Su Ming and Jun Yuan was good and they get along well, they were unaware of Yan Xing's actual situation. 

"We are not in a hurry. Let's rest today", Yan Xing said picking up a book on tactics and started flipping it. 

At the same time, there was a knock on the door.

"Come in"

A shadow guard entered the room and when he saw the two young men sitting opposite to each other, he cupped his hand and greeted them lowering his head, "Your Highness, Captain!"

Gu Jingsheng holds the position of the captain of shadow guards responsible for the Fifth Prince's Safety. The team was personally trained and selected by Yan Xing himself and all of them are loyal only to him. 

"What is the situation?", Jingsheng asked.

The shadow guard immediately explained the current situation inside the capital including the two major news. "All the factions got the same information and they believed that Your Highness went out for a Bachelor's party"

Yan Xing doesn't seem to bother about his news but what piqued his interest was the news related to the Prime Minister's mansion.

"Zhao Chaun is willing to bring out that Green Cloud Qin!", even Jingsheng was quite surprised hearing the news. He made eye contact with Yan Xing. Both of them seem to think of something.

"The disease Third Miss Zhao contracted seem to uncurable and even royal physicians were helpless in front of that disease. So Zhao Chaun had to bring out that Green Cloud Qin to attract the Divine Doctor", the Shadow guard explained.

"Looks like someone had thoroughly planned it out", said Yan Xing as he curled his lips upward.

"Your Highness, you mean everything was planned out", asked Jingsheng. Xiao Yi only relied on the news and Yan Xing had already seen through it! Jingsheng sighed in admiration. The other party might have meticulously put the plan into action but in front of Yan Xing, their plan was completely transparent. 

"Just wait and watch. Focus on whose hands the Green Cloud Qin will land", said Yan Xing.

Green cloud Qin tops the ranking among the top five Qins. It is not a normal Qin. It is said that the body of the Qin was made of a thousand-year-old Bodhi tree and the strings of the Green Cloud Qin were the veins of the dragon. Although the description of the Green Cloud Qin may sound a little bit exaggerated, its fame spread far and wide. When used by someone who had cultivated internal strength, the potential of the Green Cloud Qin can be fully unleased because it is not a normal qin but a weapon. A single sound wave attack from the Green Cloud Qin can take a person's life. 

"Prime Minister Zhao wants to invite Divine Doctor Venerable Wang to treat her daughter. That's why he brought out the Green Cloud Qin. Venerable Wang's fame is renowned in the world of Jianghu, ever since Venerable Wang made his appearance in the world of Jianghu, his fame continued to shot up overshadowing the achievements of the other Divine Doctors. And since no one knows the real identity of Venerable Wang and which sect or organization he belongs to, Prime Minister Wang could only throw out the Green Cloud Qin as a bait", said Xiao Yi. As the number one shadow guard in the team, Xiao Yi was smart. He knows that his master is paying attention to the Prime Minister's household because of Second Miss Zhao so when he got the wind of Third Miss Zhao, he decided to pay special attention to it. 

"Venerable Wang!", Jingsheng said holding his chin with one hand. He seemed to be contemplating something. Since Yan Xing said that this was a well-thought-out plan, he too seems to get a clearer picture of it. He lifted his head and looked at Yan Xing who happened to pick up a moon cake they brought from the immortal touch's store. "Your Highness, aside from his unmatched medical skills, Venerable Wang is also said to be well versed in poisons. Do you think he poisoned the Third Miss Zhao himself?" Jingsheng asked.

Yan Xing looked at the moon cakes for a while and took a bite while listening to Jingsheng's conjecture. "We don't know for sure but if it is like you said, then he might be already inside the capital now"

Jinhsheng nodded his head in agreement and casually asked, "where do you think he might be staying?"

"Immortal Touch's Pavilion"

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