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Chapter 60

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Su Kui was a little taken aback. It turned out that he knew.

No wonder…

He had gotten so furious. If that was the reason, it made sense.

It was a familiar feeling. She remembered that something similar had happened in their previous life.

She had wanted to cook a bowl of birthday noodles for Jun Mo on a whim, but she overestimated her cooking skills. Not only did she turn the noodles into a paste, but she almost burned down the kitchen.

That time, Jun Mo sent Lu Yao to the punishment hall. She was given one hundred lashes for failing in her duty to protect her master. She was only one step away from death by the time she was carried back.

Meanwhile, she herself was also tied to the bed and tortured by Jun Mo for three whole days. In the aftermath, her voice became so hoarse that she was barely able to make a sound. That was the first time ever Jun Mo had gotten mad at her, which was why she could never forget it.

She did not know if there were any words that could describe her feelings at the moment. Su Kui mumbled hesitantly, “I’m sorry…”

However, a strong hand suddenly strangled her. A pair of bloodshot eyes that were filled with rage glared at her, while the grip on her neck gradually tightened.

Her oxygen was deprived little by little, yet Su Kui did not struggle. She just looked at him quietly as tears fell from the corners of her eyes.

Looking at her tears, Song Cheng could no longer be cruel to her, and his hand slid down slowly.

Song Cheng closed his eyes feebly and said through gritted teeth, “You know, I really, really want to kill you!” His reason told him that he could no longer let this woman, who had influenced him so deeply, stay.

But damn it! He just could not do it!


Su Kui’s throat burned as she bent over the edge of the bed and coughed terribly. She felt a sharp pain in her throat.

She was regretful about her actions. She just wanted to take her chance. In the original plot, the cups of coffee that Han Guoguo held actually spilled on Song Cheng.

They then had a connection because of the incident, and Song Cheng started to feel attracted to her, until finally…

Su Kui’s fists tightened. She knew her actions were despicable. It was a tactic that she once disdained, yet she had used it to test a man’s heart.

She was afraid. Previously, Jun Mo was just a supporting character in the script. It was different this time; Song Cheng was the male lead!

As arranged by fate, the male lead and the female lead would always meet on different occasions, and they would eventually be attracted to each other.

She was afraid that if she was not careful enough, she would lose the man she loved.

However, it never occurred to her that the man who could love someone else would not be the same man she loved so much.

Was this still who she was? She did not know…

Was it always inside her? Or did something change her?

Her body was worn out, and she looked like a mess.

Yet, Su Kui was unable to concern herself with that. It was true that ever since she came into this world, she had lost herself the moment she found out that Song Cheng was Jun Mo.

She could pretend to be weak and serene, but that was not who she really was!

Thinking about it, this life was far more complicated and tougher than the first life. What would he think of her if all of his memories returned one day?

‘Have I fallen under a spell?

‘I have, haven’t I?’ But fortunately, it was not too late. Su Kui curled her lips and smiled without restraint. It was a smile that really belonged to Su Kui.

The blood on her shoulder was red like roses, enchanting and dazzling.

Song Cheng did not know how many sides one person could have. Docile, delicate, pale, voluptuous, bright, carefree…

What would it entail when all these words applied to one woman?

He used to believe that he would probably never fall in love with anyone. Though in his heart, he still preferred a woman who was quiet and elegant. But ever since this woman in front of him showed up…

Everything had become about her! Just her! No one could ever replace her!

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