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Chapter 600 - Just Teaching

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Chapter 600: Just Teaching

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Ye Qiu’s words didn’t sound wrong.

Ming Yue didn’t think too much about it. After all, she had roughly heard about it before she came. Yaya’s aptitude was indeed not good. Compared to the geniuses in the same batch, she was not lacking just one or two points.

“Hmm,” She did not question him. Instead, she looked at Yaya. She had also roughly taken a look just now. Yaya’s foundation was indeed as the rumors said. She was considered an ordinary type. Then, she couldn’t help but be curious. “I heard that you embarrassed Ku Muhai in the Zenith Heaven Hall. This person will seek revenge for the smallest grievance. Aren’t you afraid that he will humiliate you with your disciple later?

“Moreover, I seem to have heard that among the new disciples of the Flower Burial lineage, there’s an extremely talented person with an innate Saint Body. Such talent will definitely be a hero in the future, an existence that attracts the attention of the world. At that time, Ku Muhai will definitely mock you. Are you mentally prepared?”

Ming Yue knew better than Ye Qiu what kind of person Ku Muhai was. This person was famous for seeking revenge for the smallest grievance. Moreover, he was sinister and cunning by nature and was extremely ambitious.


She exposed the pros and cons with just a few words. There was a deeper reason. If Ku Muhai used this as an excuse to suppress Ye Qiu’s identity, it might really cause a lot of public opinion and make Ye Qiu fall from his pedestal.

Of course, how could Ye Qiu not think of these questions?

He laughed and said, “I didn’t expect Senior Sister to care so much about me. I’m so touched. If Senior Sister hadn’t reminded me, I wouldn’t have known the pros and cons. What right do I, Ye Qiu, have to receive Senior Sister’s concern? I can’t repay you, so I can only give myself to you.”

Ming Yue’s originally good mood was swept away when Ye Qiu said such indecent words. The corner of her mouth twitched. She really wanted to slap his handsome face. She didn’t say anything else.

Ku Muhai was famous for being ruthless, but the problem was that Ye Qiu wasn’t a good person. Do you think he’s naive? This guy has a black heart. He’s not a good person.

Ming Yue pulled a long face. This detestable fellow. She had kindly reminded him. It was fine if he didn’t take it seriously, but he actually wanted to take advantage of her. You want to give yourself to me? Dream on. You’re willing, but I’m not.

The corner of Ming Yue’s mouth twitched and she couldn’t help but say coldly, “Move aside.” After saying that, she walked straight towards Yaya. She finally understood that she would never get any truth from Ye Qiu. She might as well target Yaya and see what was so special about her.

Ming Yue suddenly frowned as she walked to the edge of the cliff and looked at the girl sitting quietly meditating. She gently stretched out her hand and grabbed at the air. She felt a ball of scorching flames burning in her palm.

“Hmm? Is this… Heart Flame?”

Previously, she had heard that the Fire Nation’s inherited heart flame was extremely powerful. It was undoubtedly the Monarch’s flame.

In the past, she had seen the Fire Clan’s Heart Flame that had been passed down for generations. It was indeed powerful. However, it was as if the ball of flames on Yaya’s body was even purer and its power had increased by hundreds of times.

For a moment, Ming Yue was stunned. “No! There’s something wrong.” She, who was extremely smart, instantly noticed the abnormality. This was definitely not an ordinary heart flame. She could feel that the Heart Flame runes flowing in the sky were extremely pure. The Dao techniques were profound and powerful. She wanted to open her Heavenly Eye to see its roots, but she realized that the ball of Heavenly Fire was covering her eyes.

Ming Yue was incomparably confused. She turned around and said to Ye Qiu, “What did you do to her?”

Ye Qiu smiled and shrugged. “Senior Sister, there’s something wrong with what you said. She is my disciple. What can I do? I’m just teaching her cultivation.”

“Is it just cultivation?” Ming Yue frowned. This formation didn’t seem to be simple cultivation, right? She did not feel any Qi from Yaya, but the majestic power in her body had long surpassed the power that a Qi Mastery realm cultivator should have.

Seeing that she had noticed the abnormality, Ye Qiu didn’t hide it anymore. He smiled and said, “Hehe, of course, although I don’t have many merits, I’m famous for being good to my disciples. I saw that my disciple’s foundation was not good, so I took out all my treasures and prepared to improve her.”

Ming Yue immediately understood. So Ye Qiu had really used a great method. This way, everything made sense. Then, she nodded and praised, “I didn’t expect you to care so much for your disciple.”

She suddenly envied Yaya. Back then, she had never experienced having a master who protected her wholeheartedly. It was her honor to meet such a good master. It could save her many setbacks on the path of cultivation.

Seeing her moved and envious expression, Ye Qiu smiled indifferently and said, “This is nothing. Since they acknowledged me as their master, it’s my fate with them. It’s my mission to protect them. I don’t have any great ideals or ambitions. I only want to protect every one of them within my ability. That’s enough.”

Ming Yue was moved when she heard this. Her body trembled slightly, and her eyes revealed a strange emotion. She did not expect this extremely black-hearted man to have such a side. It seemed like she had wronged him for all her prejudices.

He was meticulous and willing to pay for the people he cared about. He was not a petty person who only cared about profit. She was very envious of Yaya. She was so lucky to have met a master who treated her sincerely.

“Hmm,” Ming Yue didn’t say anything else. She admired Ye Qiu from the bottom of her heart. With such a temperament, it was no wonder that he was so outstanding. After a while, Ming Yue continued, “What treasure did you give her? Its power is actually so terrifying.”

“There’s nothing good either. I just casually gave her a Heavenly Fire Lingzhi to try and improve her.”

As soon as these words were spoken, the originally calm Ming Yue’s heart was instantly in turmoil.

“What?” She didn’t hear it wrong, right? Heavenly Fire Lingzhi? Even the worst quality of such a treasure was at least a longevity medicine. Ye Qiu took it out so easily to improve Yaya’s physique? This was called casual?

“You… you…” The corner of Ming Yue’s mouth twitched, and she was at a loss. This guy looked so serious that she really wanted to leave a five-finger mark on his face.

“Phew…” Ming Yue was incomparably shocked. She took a deep breath and tried her best to calm down. It was fine. It was just a longevity medicine. To be honest, she could take it out. Then, she asked, “What quality?”

When Ye Qiu heard this, he pondered for a long time and slowly said, “Yes, it’s not very great. It’s just a very ordinary supreme-grade longevity medicine. Sigh, Senior Sister, I’m just casually teaching. I don’t know much. If there’s anything I don’t understand, I still have to ask you in the future.”

Ye Qiu pretended to be humble.


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