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Chapter 2553 - 2553 Side Story 57: Come Back

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2553 Side Story 57: Come Back

Chu Liuyue had long heard of the news that Tuan Zi spent a hundred years in Godly Phoenix Hall and became older. Hence, after she found out that Tuan Zi and Zi Chen were preparing to return, she couldn’t help but feel expectant and curious.

Tuan Zi followed her for two lives, and she had always been a soft ball. She had never imagined Tuan Zi’s appearance when she grew up.

Inside the Fantasy Divine Hall, Chu Liuyue was playing chess with Rong Xiu.

However, Rong Xiu quickly saw that she was rather distracted. He put away the chess piece, smiled, and said, “They have already passed through the Heaven Gate and will be here soon.”

Chu Liuyue lightly exhaled and looked out. “I know.”

Her voice was slightly tense, and her stomach was overwhelmed with unconcealable curiosity and reminiscence.

Rong Xiu held her hand. “Let me wait outside with you?”

After hesitating slightly, Chu Liuyue shook her head. “I should—”

“A’Yue!” Before she finished her sentence, a crisp and elated voice suddenly came from outside.

Chu Liuyue’s heart tingled as she immediately stood up and came to the door.

The door was open. Hence, she could instantly see the figure running toward her under the night sky.

The fireworks bloomed in the night sky, like the overwhelming fire that day, but it was different—bright, passionate, and dazzling.

The rays of light shone, and the young lady’s appearance gradually became clearer.

She had a thin waist, and the red-golden dress outlined the young lady’s curves.

The asymmetrical dress flowed with the wind, revealing her thin legs and pretty ankles.

When she ran, her long pigtails jumped and fell, and the bells rang crisply.

The most eye-catching thing was her eyes. They were blackberry-like and spherical, and they dazzled. They were like two bowls of springwater, which were extremely pure.

“A’Yue!” Seeing that Chu Liuyue had walked out of the main hall, Tuan Zi’s eyes were shockingly bright. Reminiscence rushed out almost at the highest speed.

Chu Liuyue looked at the foreign yet familiar lady in a daze.

Fireworks bloomed behind her.

She stepped on the bright light passionately.

How familiar was this scene!? But the previous time, she had landed in the ferocious sea of fire, and she couldn’t reach her.

Even after Tuan Zi was born in the fire and the matter had passed for some time, some memories were still deeply etched in her mind and could not be erased. It was a scene that would cause her entire body to tremble out of pain every time she recalled it.

But now, the scene before her eyes gradually overlapped and merged with her memories.

Chu Liuyue knew very clearly that the old scar was unerasable and that it would always exist. Hence, at this point, something slowly and gently healed the past.

Her lips curled up slowly, and emotions surged in her eyes. “Tuan Zi!”

Hearing this, Tuan Zi was even happier as she rushed forward.

She was very fast. Almost in the blink of an eye, she reached Chu Liuyue.

She instinctively wanted to directly pounce into Chu Liuyue’s arms. But when she saw the latter’s protruding stomach, she finally reacted and stopped in her tracks. “A’Yue! I’m back!”

Perhaps because she came too anxiously, or she was too emotional, but Tuan Zi’s breathing was rather erratic. Her snow-white face was flushed red.

Chu Liuyue looked at the young lady before her.

Actually, she had wondered if Tuan Zi would become foreign when she became older and if many things would change. But at this point, she realized that her worries were unnecessary.

Tuan Zi was still Tuan Zi—the Tuan Zi who had accompanied her for many years, even until she died.

She went forward and lightly ruffled Tuan Zi’s hair before pinching her face. “We haven’t seen each other in so long. Tuan Zi, you’re so pretty!”

The familiar movement successfully caused Tuan Zi’s eyes to swell up.

She rubbed her eyes as she held Chu Liuyue’s arm and softly said, “A’Yue, I miss you so much.”

It was still different.

Now, she couldn’t jump into A’Yue’s arms and whine. She could only hold the latter’s hands and hug her arms.

Chu Liuyue smiled and rubbed her head. “I miss you too, Tuan Zi.”

At this point, Zi Chen walked over as well.

Chu Liuyue exchanged glances with him and nodded with a smile.

Zi Chen had also followed her for many years. Without speaking, they could easily understand each other’s thoughts.

Chu Liuyue held Tuan Zi’s hand and walked inside. “Come, tell me—what exactly happened recently?”

Speaking of this, Tuan Zi was instantly interested and immediately stuck close.

Rong Xiu, who was ignored, was speechless.

Zi Chen, who was forgotten, was also speechless.

That night, Chu Liuyue slept with Tuan Zi.

They hadn’t seen each other in a while and had too many things to say.

Tuan Zi still felt her stomach very curiously, and her entire person was beyond emotional.

She narrated many interesting matters regarding Godly Phoenix Mountain.

Chu Liuyue occasionally chimed in. Most of the time, she was listening peacefully.

However, Tuan Zi stopped after chattering for an hour. “A’Yue, you should sleep!”

Chu Liuyue was dazed. “You don’t want to talk anymore?”

“Of course not.” Tuan Zi shook her head. “But you need to rest!”

Even if she doesn’t want to rest, her two babies need to sleep!

Hearing her reason, Chu Liuyue was caught between laughter and tears. “Who taught you all of this?”

“Zi Chen!” Tuan Zi looked proud. “He has taught me many things!”

Even though Zi Chen wasn’t personally experienced in many aspects, he was still much more mature than Tuan Zi.

Luckily, Tuan Zi was also smart. After a few reminders from Zi Chen, she understood.

Hearing her say this, Chu Liuyue relaxed. She was very relieved to leave Tuan Zi with Zi Chen.

The next day, the grand wedding began.

The entire Fantasy Divine Palace was bustling with people. Of course, many people’s hearts also shattered on this day.

Yan Qing was the Left Divine General, one of the Emperor’s most trusted and capable confidants. Even though he wasn’t very humane, he was cold and handsome with superior word skills. He had attracted quite a few girls’ hearts.

As for the Eighth Deity.. Needless to say, she was the most charming and mesmerizing passionate rose in the Fantasy Divine Palace. Who wouldn’t want her?

Many people pursued her, and the queue could reach outside the Heaven Gate. Yet, she was silently taken by the Left Divine General!

The crowd sighed guiltily. They could only curse that the Left Divine General looked cold and traditional, but he was extremely cunning! Who knew what methods he used to charm the prettiest flower in Fantasy Divine Palace?

They could not fight against him, so they could only use another method to salvage their pride. Hence, this night, many people toasted Yan Qing, including the Thirteen Yue Guards, who had also joined the team.

The usually calm and pristine Left Divine General Yan Qing, who did not touch alcohol, did not reject any incoming person.

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