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Chapter 3229 - Cleared

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Chapter 3229: Cleared

He had never had such a grave expression on his face when he’d had to compete with other hackers on the spot.

The programmer’s expression sank as he said, “This person’s level is too high. It’s a legendary level in our industry—something I have never witnessed before.”

“You can’t fix it?” Hou Wu asked with a frown.

Their programmer forced a smile and leaned backwards. He didn’t even bother to press any keys on his keyboard. Instead, he rubbed his face.

“Can’t fix it? Not only am I unable to fix it, I have also lost my administrative rights. That person kicked me out the moment I went online,” said the programmer.

“And now, our firewall has become useless. He has taken control of all our computers. If he changes the software slightly—”

The programmer showed a wry smile as he said, “If he does that, even if it’s our own computer, we won’t be able to use it.”

“Is it that serious?” The other people in the studio gathered around. “Is he that good?”

“I am not trying to make excuses for myself. You should know my level since I have worked here for five years. Before you hired me, you checked what level I’m at in the industry,” said the programmer.

Everyone nodded, and even Hou Wu agreed.


When they were interviewing programmers, there were a few candidates.

They did their research on all of those candidates.

The programmer that they had hired in the end was rather famous in the industry.

He was one of the top-ranked programmers.

After all, this programmer was highly valued back when he had been working at a tech company.

However, the work pressure in that tech company was too much. For an entire year, he had had to spend nearly all of his time in the office.

He’d barely had time to go home.

Had this continued, he had worried that it would have resulted in the destruction of his own house.

And so, he wanted to change jobs.

Initially, he’d had no intention of working in this office.

After all, he was famous. Even if he were to change jobs, his compensation package shouldn’t be too bad.

For a programmer like him to work in this office, it was indeed an overkill.

But Hou Wu offered such good conditions, paying him much more than what he was paid at the previous company.

The programmer didn’t have any great ambition to be famous. Even if he had stayed in the previous company, there would have been no room for improvement. As a programmer, this was the zenith of his career.

If he worked for Hou Wu, he would be paid well and wouldn’t have to work as much. Most of the time, he would have nothing to do.

And so, he came over here.

Hou Wu had already done his research on him before choosing him. And so, when Hou Wu heard him say this, he knew that the programmer was not making excuses.


In addition, during the last five years, their network had been attacked many times, but no one had ever been able to break into it.

This was the first time.

“Considering how neat his skills are and how I am unable to even counter his attack…” the programmer said. “Conservatively speaking, this hacker is most likely ranked in the top ten. Not in the country. In the whole world.

“The ones ranked in the top ten are legendary figures. Everyone in my industry knows about them. This guy is at least more powerful than the bottom three in the top ten.

“The bottom three in the top ten are foreigners, and they can’t read Chinese. There are some Chinese people ranked in the top five, a total of three. No one knows their real names, but it is rumored that these three are part of the Mount Lan Compound.

“Of course, this is just our speculation as everyone thinks that only the Mount Lan Compound would have the ability to take in such talented people. I am suspecting that this hacker is one of the three.”

“It can’t be?” everyone thought. This was somewhat unrealistic.

After all, there was no need for the Mount Lan Compound to target their small office.

“It shouldn’t be someone that highly ranked. After all, there are some who are not ranked in the list but are very powerful. No one knows about them.” After all, hackers are an illegal existence, and not everyone wants the whole world to know who they are.

Which famous hacker has never done something illegal?

If they were exposed, they would end up being caught.

The programmer didn’t argue. Instead, he nodded and said, “That’s possible too.”

However, the programmer knew his own level very clearly.

Although hackers are meant to remain anonymous, they do want their aliases to be known.

Who could handle keeping such a low profile?

In addition, if it was someone with such a low profile, how was he even found and hired?

“Try again,” Hou Wu said. “It’s better than not doing anything.”

The programmer nodded and tried to take the administrative rights back.

However, after he had typed a few lines of code, a chatbox suddenly popped up.

This time, even without the programmer’s explanation and even if they knew nothing about these things, everyone could understand the hint on the chatbox.

The programmer had typed the wrong password.

“The hacker had taken over our system,” the programmer said. “I will try to take it back.”

The programmer then typed on the keyboard, making clickety-clackety sounds.

He was so fast that no one saw what exactly he typed.

A moment later, a chatbox popped up again with a “dang” sound.

The message indicated that if the programmer continued forcing an entry, everything in the computer would be destroyed.

At this point, Hou Wu didn’t dare to let the programmer try anymore.

They had a lot of information on their computers.

“What does the hacker want?” Hou Wu said in anger and frustration.

“It must be a celebrity who had hired someone to hack us this time, right?” someone said. “But this time, the person they found is so powerful. The person who is capable of finding a god like this must be—”

The person did not finish their sentence, but everyone guessed that it was Yan Zhiqing.

Because the only people who had beef with them belonged to the entertainment industry.

There were only a few people who were capable of doing this.

He had just contacted Yan Zhiqing’s manager today, then this happened.

It was really hard not to suspect that it was Yan Zhiqing.

Yan Zhiqing watched as Wei Wucai transferred all the files from the media outlet to his own computer.

There was so much information about other celebrities.

There were so many things that even Yan Zhiqing, a person in this industry, did not know about.

Yan Zhiqing felt as though she had established new fundamental values.

Some of the information here really challenged her views.

Not only did Wei Wucai transfer the information that Hou Wu had on other celebrities, but he had also transferred all the financial information and rather personal information of the office staff to his computer.

Now, it was no longer Hou Wu’s office threatening Yan Zhiqing.

Yan Zhiqing’s side was now the one making the decisions.

They were the ones in control.

Not only had Wei Wucai transferred all the files to his computer…

But he had also cleared all the files in all of the computers in Hou Wu’s office.

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