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Chapter 444: season finale

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Under the order of the mysterious patrol captain, all the team members raised their weapons and aimed at Yi Changfeng, and the lasers turned into sacred energy were fired at him without money.

For a time, Yi Changfeng\'s body was completely covered by these attacks, and he could only see the colorful holy streamer surging.

Nothing remains to be seen.

The bombardment continued for three minutes, until the patrol captain reached out to stop it, and then the dozens of patrol members finally stopped.

"Is it done?"

They stared at the halo of sacred energy in front of them with uneasy eyes.

The siege just now made the original location of Yi Changfeng turned into a small black hole.

At this time, those sacred energies were completely attracted by the terrifying gravity of the black hole and could not escape.

Of course, they controlled the power, so the black hole formed by the collapsed space did not continue to spread out.

"This guy... seems to be stronger than the one just now!"

The patrol captain\'s eyes narrowed.

He could still feel a faint and powerful aura coming from the black hole, and of course the other dozens of team members also felt this aura.

This is also the reason for their dignified expressions.

"Can\'t you kill it even so?"

They couldn\'t believe that the enemy was so powerful.

"It seems to be the guy whose body was destroyed by us before. His power is fused with that Yi Changfeng!"

"What are they going to do?"


At this time, dozens of patrol members finally realized the presence of Uzuma\'s aura.

That flash of aura was rapidly merging into Yi Changfeng\'s energy.

And it is precisely because the strength of those two people merged with each other that they sensed that Yi Changfeng\'s breath was soaring.

"The situation here seems to be out of control, Captain, do we want to report the situation here?"

"do not worry!"

"I can handle this myself!"

The patrol leader prevented his team from reporting the situation.

After finishing speaking, he put away the weapon in his hand and slowly raised his right hand, aiming his index finger at the small black black hole in front of him.

"No matter what you do, it\'s useless."

"Since you plan to resist, you can only be executed here!"

"Although, this will get me into some trouble too..."

As he spoke, his index fingertips began to condense a mass of terrifying energy.

It seemed to be only an egg-sized energy ball, but at this time it exuded an unimaginably terrifying power of destruction.

The patrol leader aimed at the small black hole, and released the condensed energy ball with a "huh".

The dozens of patrol members behind him watched helplessly as the energy ball disappeared into the black hole.

They thought that their captain would definitely be able to kill the powerful enemy in the black hole at once.

But what they didn\'t expect was that the highly concentrated divine energy ball was powerful enough to easily destroy an entire galaxy in the upper multiverse.

But after it sank into the small black hole, nothing happened.

It was as if a mud cow had entered the sea and disappeared without a trace.

"how so?"


"Captain\'s energy was absorbed by that guy?"

"No, no? The captain\'s energy intensity is at level 11!! Even if it is us, let alone absorb it, we may not be able to completely block it..."

"The energy level shown by those two guys just now is only seven at most. How could it be possible to absorb the high-level sacred energy of the captain!"

"That\'s right, so what\'s going on...??"

"Hey, don\'t forget that the powers of the two of them merged just now."

"Perhaps this caused a qualitative leap in energy!!"

"But it\'s impossible. It\'s not possible to directly raise the energy level from the seventh level to the level beyond the eleventh level? That\'s two orders of magnitude, it\'s too exaggerated!!"

Listening to the discussions of the dozens of team members behind him, the patrol captain\'s face was also uncertain.

Of course, he also saw the fusion of Yi Changfeng and Uzuma\'s energies.

But he naturally didn\'t believe that those two people could surpass himself in power level just by virtue of such a fusion.

You must know your own strength, your divine energy level, but it is at least four orders of magnitude stronger than them.

Four orders of magnitude, what does it mean?

This means that his energy level is at least 10,000 times higher than those of the two guys from the lower realm!

Such a huge gap is simply impossible to overcome by the fusion of two seventh-level energy bodies!

"No matter what the **** you\'re up to, give me death!"

Although he is certain in his heart, the enemy\'s energy level cannot exceed his own.

However, anything in the universe can happen, and they are not sure if there are any special abilities in this lower-level multiverse that they don\'t know about.

It can help them bridge the energy gap of ten thousand times through fusion...

For the sake of safety, the patrol captain slowly raised his right hand again, and once again condensed an energy ball from the index finger, which was even larger than the sacred energy ball just now.

"Captain... If you do this, it is very likely that our galaxy will also be affected!!"

Seeing that he actually condensed a fist-sized compressed sacred energy ball, the team members behind him were all startled and hurriedly reminded.

"rest assured!"

"I will control the power!"

The patrol captain gritted his teeth, his eyes became very fierce and domineering.

The compressed sacred energy ball in his hand has flown toward the small black hole mercilessly.

This is really not to blame him.

Because at this moment, the breath of Yi Changfeng in the small black hole is still soaring.

Each of them could clearly feel that Yi Changfeng\'s aura was at least a thousand times stronger than before.

This means that his energy level is also a thousand times stronger than before he fused with Uzuma.

And until now, there is no intention to stop.

And this thousand-fold energy level has reached the average energy level of the dozens of patrol members present.

In other words, every patrol member here now has no certainty of winning if he takes it out to fight against Yi Changfeng alone.

According to this situation, no one knows whether his energy will directly exceed that of the patrol captain.

Fortunately, their worries seem to be superfluous.

After the patrol leader sent out the second energy ball, the sacred energy barrier in the small black hole finally responded.

The two sacred energies slammed together, and instantly burst into a dazzling and dazzling brilliant light.

At the same time, the diameter of the small black hole with a diameter of only about one thousand kilometers was expanded to seven or eight thousand kilometers in an instant.

And it continues to expand outward at a slow speed.

"team leader!"

Seeing such a situation, the dozens of players behind them immediately couldn\'t help but remind them again.

Although the area where they are fighting now is still tens of millions of light-years away from the far shore of the starry sky behind them.

But although such a distance seems very far away, for high-level energy bodies of their level, it is just a matter of moving a finger to destroy the space of tens of millions of light-years.

If the black hole continues to spread that way, it can soon also affect the galaxies in the upper multiverse.

And this is absolutely not allowed.

This is also what the patrol captain said to himself just now. Killing Yi Changfeng here will cause some trouble for him.

"Don\'t worry, I know it!"

The patrol leader stopped his team from continuing.

He raised his eyes and looked at Yi Changfeng on the opposite side.

The concentrated sacred energy ball just now had destroyed the defensive barrier condensed by the opponent.

Now the opponent is directly exposed in front of them.

At this time, the patrol captain raised his hand again, condensing a third compressed sacred energy ball.

And this time, his attack was stronger than the previous two combined.

"Captain, it is absolutely impossible!"

The team members were even more panicked when they saw this scene.

"Yes, Captain, if it really affects our own galaxy, it\'s not a responsibility that can be shied away in a few words..."

"We will also be punished! Captain!"

"Yeah, it\'s better to imprison his power and bring it back to the time and space court for trial..."

Those team members could see that the captain from home had a strong killing intent towards the enemy.

But at the same time, they also saw that Yi Changfeng\'s strength at this moment had surpassed that of ordinary patrol members.

If you want to kill him completely, you must use serious strength.

And this power is too powerful.

No matter how carefully it controls its range of influence, it will definitely affect the galaxies in which it lives.

Although they seem to be powerful, the patrol team is only the bottom part of the upper multiverse space.

Above them, there are countless unimaginable existences that are so terrifying that they don\'t even know how powerful they are.

Those beings can obliterate them with just one thought.

Even their patrol captain is not worth mentioning in front of those existences.


"You don\'t have to say more!"

"I\'ll take it upon myself to do this!"

The patrol leader didn\'t care about the warnings and reminders of the team members.

Now he just wants to kill the powerful enemy in front of him!

Because, in such a short period of time, the aura of that enemy has increased at least a thousand times!

In other words, Yi Changfeng\'s strength at this moment is at least two thousand times stronger than before!

And it still doesn\'t mean to stop.

Continuing like this, it is really possible to threaten his own existence, so he must be removed.

And just when the patrol captain was about to make his third attack.

Suddenly, the aura on Yi Changfeng\'s body soared at an unprecedented speed.

3000 times!

4000 times!

5000 times!

6000 times!


In just a few seconds, his aura of power has skyrocketed to nine thousand times stronger than before, and it is still skyrocketing!


When the patrol captain saw the situation, his expression changed instantly.

The dozens of patrolling team members were equally stunned, and they didn\'t expect this to happen at all.

"what is going on?"

"That guy, it\'s impossible! It\'s obviously only two seventh-level energy bodies, why did they become so powerful after they merged?"

"Too, too strong... It seems that the energy level of that guy has surpassed the captain!"

"What to do? Hello?"

"What else can I do, you are stupid! Hurry up and send a report requesting support!!"

"Oh oh……"

"Ask for support? Hehe..."

Just when the dozens of team members were in a hurry and at a loss.

Suddenly, a playful sneer sounded from the depths of the black hole.

They looked up in amazement and found that Yi Changfeng had disappeared without a trace.

"That guy... is gone!"

"Have you been hiding?"

"I don\'t know, team, captain..."

"Behind you!!"

The patrol captain was concentrating on his breath, and he suddenly caught an aura that was far stronger than himself, and suddenly appeared behind them.

He turned around suddenly and reminded loudly.

But as soon as the words were spoken, a dazzling light flashed.

In that instant, his dozens of patrol members were all swallowed up by that ray of light.

Immediately afterwards, the patrol leader found that he had lost the breath perception of all the team members.



He clenched his fists fiercely, and at this time he didn\'t care about affecting his own galaxy.

He raised his hand and threw the third energy ball that had already been condensed towards the position of Yi Changfeng\'s breath.

"Call" sound.

The highly compressed sacred energy ball disappeared through the dazzling light curtain.

But in the next second, it flew back at a faster speed under the suspicious eyes of the patrol captain.


Seeing the energy ball flying back towards him, the patrol captain\'s pupils shrank suddenly.

I wanted to dodge but found that it was too late.


In horror, he pressed the button on his arm that he wanted help from the patrol headquarters.

Immediately afterwards, he was completely engulfed by the energy ball he released.



Yi Changfeng took a greedy breath.

Feeling the incessant rushing and endless flow of super sacred energy in the body, as if endless, but there is no sadness or joy in the heart.

"Is this the power they rely on and admire?"

"Twelve-level energy body..."

He looked down at himself as crystal clear as jade, with clear and transparent arms and slender fingers.

It is completely fused with Uzuma\'s energy, using the characteristics of the fusion technique, so this has caused Yi Changfeng\'s combat power to increase geometrically after the fusion is completed.

And after killing the dozens of patrol members and their patrol captains just now, he also completely absorbed the energy of these guys.

This is one of Uzuma\'s abilities.

However, because it is directly absorbed, the effect on the increase of combat power is not as strong as "fusion" in the actual sense.

Fortunately, his energy level has been directly stepped from the eleventh level to the twelfth level.

"Next, it\'s there."

Yi Changfeng raised his head and looked tens of millions of light-years away, the huge and dazzling upper multiverse galaxy emitting a sacred halo.

When he completely accepted Uzuma\'s energy, he promised the other party that he would completely destroy this so-called "upper world".

Yi Changfeng was about to start.

At this moment, he noticed that a large amount of breath was approaching here.


As soon as he felt a sense in his heart, he had already seen the target.

But in the blink of an eye, dozens of figures had appeared in front of him.

"It looks like this guy killed Umm and his team."

The group of figures that appeared was exactly the same as the patrol team just now, but the aura emanating from them was much stronger than that of the patrol team just now.

And it seems that their level is also higher, because Yi Changfeng noticed that there are some special emblems on the outside of their clothes, and every team member has them.

The members of the patrol team just now had no such mark.


The leader of the other party was about to introduce himself, but Yi Changfeng was not interested in listening to their nonsense.

Anyway, it\'s all about fighting, so it\'s better to do it directly now.

He raised his hand and threw out a mass of red-white sacred energy, only to see that the red-white sacred energy exuded a dazzling light, and it was divided into more than one point, and at the same time all the enemies were shrouded in it.


"Take him! Kill without mercy!!"

Seeing Yi Changfeng\'s disagreement, he took action, and the other party immediately started to fight back in anger.


The silent explosion followed the entire void space, as if the curtain had been pulled open, it quickly spread out.

"team leader?"

"Ignore these for now! Just fix the big deal!! Take him!! Don\'t keep it!!"


Each of the dozens of patrol members and their patrol captain is much stronger than the previous team.

Just a face-to-face confrontation, Yi Changfeng felt a terrible pressure hit.

It\'s not as easy as killing the patrol team just now.

He felt very shocked in his heart. He didn\'t expect that his current strength would still be nothing in the face of such an opponent.

After one move, Yi Changfeng immediately judged that it was impossible for him to destroy all these enemies.

The only person who loses in the battle is yourself.

He turned around immediately and planned to retreat first.

But at the moment when he turned around, with a "huh", the patrol captain in the red uniform appeared like a ghost, blocking his way.

"Do you want to run away now? It\'s too late!"

"You have committed the crime of murdering the superior multiverse time-space patrol team member, and you can honestly capture it! Lest..."

Before he could finish his words, what responded to him was a ball of divine energy thrown out by Yi Changfeng.

But the other party was indifferent to the incoming divine energy, just stared at Yi Changfeng with his arms folded.


When the attack was about to hit him, he waved his hand calmly, and slapped the ball of energy directly into a "spirited soul".


So strong!

Not one level at all.

How powerful are these guys?

Yi Changfeng was shocked in his heart, turned around and planned to break out from another direction again.

But it was too late now. Because other enemies have formed an absolute siege advantage over him.

"Obviously catch it!"

"Raise your hand!"

Dozens of figures, each exuding an aura that is no weaker than him, surrounded him.

Facing so many powerful enemies, Yi Changfeng felt powerless for the first time.

"I have a question I want to ask you."

Although he already knew the answer in his heart, Yi Changfeng still planned to ask clearly.

"A dying question? Say it."

The patrol captain spoke indifferently.

"What level is your power in your galaxy?"

Yi Changfeng stretched out his finger and pointed to the huge and incomparably bright galaxy in the distance.

"In the team you killed before, every member has just been promoted from other lower-level multiverses through reasonable and legal channels, and each is the supreme ruler of their own lower-level universe."

"And that captain, Umu, was selected from the most ordinary team members after working for 30 million years and became the captain of the ordinary patrol team."

"Do you understand what I\'m saying?"

The other party did not hide it, but explained it indifferently.

Hearing this, Yi Changfeng\'s heart instantly sank into the abyss.

Because the meaning of these words is very clear.

The so-called superior multiverse is actually a pyramid structure.

Every powerhouse who has been promoted from the lower multiverse is the lowest level here.

That is to say, the higher up, the stronger the strength of those beings.

Simply unimaginable.

"I\'m sorry...Uzuma."

Yi Changfeng is very sorry.

He really did not expect that the existences of this superior multiverse are so powerful.

Not to mention the existence of a higher status, it is impossible for him to beat the patrol team in front of him.

Looking at the special marks on the clothes of these guys, this should be a team responsible for handling special tasks, similar to the existence of "Anbu".

Facing those ferocious and terrifying faces, Yi Changfeng knew that he might die today...

Even if it will not be killed immediately, because a team of patrol members has been killed just now.

If you are caught now, basically you will not be able to do anything in the rest of your life.

When a person\'s energy and level reach this level, Yi Changfeng already knows that no matter what he does, it is impossible to change his fate today.

If you don\'t want to get caught, that\'s the only option.

If you do that, although it is not very kind, it may be possible to travel to a higher plane...

But...even so.

And definitely can\'t make these guys feel better!

We must never let their arrogant faces remain in this world!

"Thank you very much for your answer."

"It\'s impossible for you to capture me alive, now destroy it in this world with me!"

Yi Changfeng made a difficult decision.

His body began to expand rapidly, and all the energy in the body was burning frantically to produce fusion.

"Playing self-destruct?"

When the patrol captain saw this scene, his pupils shrank suddenly, and his face changed greatly.

"Withdraw! Get out of here!!"

In response, he immediately shouted at the players around him.

Immediately after, he turned his head and tried to escape the lunatic in front of him with the maximum speed.

The self-destruction of a level 12 energy body is no joke.

They thought they could escape, but unfortunately they ignored Yi Changfeng\'s self-destruction determination.

In just one ten-thousandth of a second, all the divine energy in Yi Changfeng\'s body completed fusion.

The power of energy released in an instant enveloped everything in it.

The red-white divine energy rays spread throughout every corner of the entire superior multiverse.

And because the previous space barriers of the lower multiverse had been broken, the power of Yi Changfeng\'s self-destruction at this time also affected the lower multiverse.

In an instant, two multiverses of different levels were simultaneously devastated.

As the main body of the self-destruction, Yi Changfeng, all his energy was transformed into destructive power without reservation, and continued to destroy every galaxy in the higher-level multiverse.

"I hope that after today, people from the higher multiverse can face all beings..."

After exhausting the last bit of strength, Yi Changfeng made such a sound and sent it to every area of ​​the higher multiverse.

It\'s a pity that the red-white sacred energy he released with his self-destruction quickly extinguished before his consciousness completely dissipated.

(End of the book)

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