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~: End of this testimonial

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End of this testimonial

  This is the end of the book.

  First of all, I would like to thank the readers who followed up and subscribed. It is you who gave me the motivation to keep writing here.

   Then, I would also like to thank my editor, Eggplant.

Eggplant gave me a lot of help and encouragement, and the recommendation of this book has never stopped from the beginning to the end. It is these valuable recommendations that made my book survive many periods of low grades , It also supported me to write this book to the end.

  The author Jun was overjoyed and grateful, I will always be an editor in this life, and I will follow you.

  Big Eggplant, please take me to pretend to be biu, take me to fly, take me to soar until dark! !

  To tell you the truth, in the middle of this book, I had the idea of ​​cutting off countless times.

  But after thinking about the readers who have been following up for updates, and thinking about my cutest editor, Eggplant, I finally persevered.

Because I am a part-time writer, old readers should know that the author is a construction dog. Since the first Superman, I have always wanted to run around with a bucket. I have changed several jobs in recent years, but I don’t know why. , Every time I go around and go back to the construction site.

  This is simply outrageous **** open the door for outrageous, outrageous home.

  The key point is that every time the boss draws cakes, his skills are similar. For the first time, I feel that there is a bright future waiting for me. As long as I work hard, I will be promoted and raised immediately, marry Bai Fumei, and reach the pinnacle of life! The second time I heard it, I felt that you were not fooling me by riding the horse. The third time I heard it, I immediately ran away with a bucket all night without hesitation for a minute.

   It’s as if the bosses across the country were trained by the same cake painting training class, otherwise how could this be unified across the country?

  I am not Sister Li!

Especially when I was writing the second book, The Force of the Phoenix, because of work, the boss asked me to run business with him at first, but after I negotiated a factory project with him, the guy left me on the project for various reasons. Eventually, the second book was cut off.

Although I feel that the second book is not satisfactory in many places, the kind that I am not satisfied with, and there are many unconsidered aspects of the plot, but at that time it was the peak period of Marvel, and it belonged to the era of dividends. The results in this book are better than those in this book. If you don\'t follow up and write it down, there is every hope that you will be able to win a small fine medal.

   On the contrary, I was well prepared for this book, especially the Marvel part, but there was a problem with the positioning from the very beginning.

   This book is a walking movie plot.

Everyone knows the plot of Marvel movies. It has been badly written in the past few years. I tried to write from a different angle, but the idea is good, but if I can’t get around the plot of the movie, I mostly like this kind of Readers of the subject matter have long read it badly. The so-called different angles of mine may not have been written by others, but I don\'t know it.

  This has caused the score of the Marvel chapter in the early stage of this book to be unable to improve. It is stuck after a certain point in the early stage, as if it has encountered a bottleneck, and it cannot be improved no matter what.

   Later, when I was writing the DC chapter, many friends who wrote the fanfic with me told me that if I put the DC chapter first, the results would definitely be better, and even advised me to start a new DC fanfic.

  At that time, the details of the opening chapter were all discussed, and my new book was completed, so I just cut the old ones and wrote the new one.

  After hesitating for a long time, I finally deleted the new book document.

  My friend asked me if I agreed to open a new book together, what about the new book?

  I said that I don\'t want to touch the subject matter of American comics anymore. I\'m tired, and I fell down after writing this book.

  He said, hehe, you can’t even sign an original contract.

  I\'m heartbroken...

  But I don’t know how long the theme of American manga can be written, but the only thing I can see is that the theme of American manga is becoming more and more niche.

  Back then, American manga novels accounted for a certain half of the country, but now it is less and less.

  I admit that there are still masters who can write excellently on this subject and write very good results. This requires in-depth research and deep understanding of both Marvel and DC.

I am the kind of player whose thinking is more divergent. To put it bluntly, I like to immerse myself in my own world, because I like to add my own settings to some things according to my own understanding. Meiman has a relatively large framework I\'m sure to die here, changing the settings randomly, sometimes it will become a poisonous point.

  This violates the original intention of writing fanfic to be rigorous.

  So it’s very painful for me to write comics, especially when I’m writing, I have to check the information and settings, for fear that my settings are wrong, which is very painful.

Especially in the later stage of this book, after Rorschach\'s strength reached the multiverse level, it became more and more difficult to write. Many plots could not be carried out normally. Yes, so I had to delete a lot of plots, so the ending seemed a bit rushed.

   Moreover, it is impossible for the fans of the American comics to fight monsters and upgrade maps like the fantasy fairy tales.

   At this point, I need to thank the readers who supported this book again.

In the future, I probably won’t write Marvel fanfic anymore. Although I haven’t decided what to write for the time being, I will rest for a while. The author will have an exam next month. Start preparing now, read the book well, and hope there is still time... Ghost!

   Hey, let’s focus on participation this year!

  Because of staying up late for a long time, eating supper, and various unhealthy living habits, the author has a fatty liver and a fat body. In the past, there were seven thorns on a leaf, but now there are at most three thorns on a leaf.

  Now I am too weak, my body is too weak, I need to exercise to lose weight.

  The body is the capital of writing a book.

last of the last.

  Thank you for reading the book I wrote, and I sincerely thank you all.

   See you in debt!

  (end of this chapter)

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