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Chapter 1015

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Chapter 1015: 1015

Chapter 1015: Not Brother-in-law Yet

The clear purple eyes met the cold starry eyes of Nangong Yu.


Nangong Yu sneered, “I remember that I warned you, if you dare to throw yourself into Xi’er again…”

Before Nangong Yu had finished speaking, Xiao Chi, who had always been quiet when facing Nangong Yu, suddenly said, “No… you are not… brother-in-law!”

Nangong Yu’s movements paused. He squinted slightly, and a dangerous aura exuded from him.

Xiao Chi continued to say without fear of death, “You’re not… brother-in-law… not married… you can’t… control me…”

“Puff–!” Hexi sprayed a sip of tea on the chessboard, took the silk kerchief from Qing Luan and laughed as she wiped it off.

Qing Luan was also holding back her laugh, and she quickly cleaned up the wet chessboard.

Nangong Yu’s face was gloomy like water was going to drip out, but he still put down Xiao Chi in the end.

Once Xiao Chi was free, he immediately ran back to Hexi and made a grimace at him with purple eyes shining brightly.

The smile in Hexi’s mind was suddenly replaced by a feeling of touch.

After getting Divine Soul Jade, Xiao Chi had just absorbed the essence of Divine Soul Jade.

Maybe it was obvious as he just absorbed it, but now she had seen that Xiao Chi had become smarter and more like a normal person.

Her only brother in the past and this life; her brother who had suffered for her, she could finally do something for him.

Xiao Chi felt Hexi’s gentle gaze, and a bright smile appeared on his face. He crawled down, resting his head on Hexi’s lap and whispering, “Sister… I like sister the most…”

Hexi bowed her head and kissed the tip of his hair, and she said with a hoarse voice, “Xiao Chi, sister also likes you, so… you must get better, understand? You’re the only relative of sister in this world.”

Qing Long couldn’t help but glance at his master’s face. Hmm, although his face was ugly, Nangong Yu didn’t do anything else or say anything this time.

However, his gaze looking at the Hexi was hot and affectionate as if it would burn at any time.

Nangong Yu: The only relative huh? Hmph, then I will be Xi’er’s only lover.


The mansion of the Li Family was located in the south of Yongan City. It had a strong spirit and a wide view. It was not far from the central street. It could be said to be the prime location in the entire Yongan City.

At this time, it was just after noon, the sun was still scorching the earth.

The guards at the entrance of the Li Mansion were a little dispirited.

In the past few days, the Li Family was chaotic because of not being able to buy the best quality pill.

Coupled with Li Zhenyu’s embarrassing speech and actions in front of the entire Yongan City people, it put shame on the entire Li Family.

Regarding this matter, the Li Family held more than a dozen meetings. Each time the topic was whether to expel Li Zhenyu from the Li Family in order to calm the anger of Shengde Hall and Xi Yue.

However, in the end, it was still suppressed by Li Zongming, the current patriarch of the Li Family and Li Zhenyu’s father.

Moreover, Li Zhenyu had the cultivation base of Gold Core Stage at a young age, and he was also the elder of the Yunlan Sect. Although he had been dismissed by the Yunlan Sect, his identity and strength couldn’t be underestimated.

So now, the Li Family was divided into 2 factions. 1 faction agreed to expel Li Zhenyu from the Li Family in exchange for the right of purchasing the best quality pill for the other children of the Li Family.

The other faction thought that they should take the opportunity to let Li Zhenyu be the family master to let him please the Doctors Association so that the Li Family could form a connection with the Doctors Association.

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