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Chapter 1094 (END) - My Precious Wife (20)

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Chapter 1094: My Precious Wife (20)

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

“Baobao, come over here.” An Yibei beckoned at her with a finger.

Ai Bao went up to him in a daze. Before she realized it, An Yibei picked her up in both arms and threw her on the bed in the master bedroom.

“Go to sleep.”


“You make too much noise.”


Wrapped in the blanket, Ai Bao said “ok” in a sulky voice.

A moment later, a random thought struck her and she stuck her head out of the blanket. “Are you still going to give me your trousers?”

“…” The corner of An Yibei’s mouth twitched. He then took a velvet box out of his pocket and opened it. Inside was a diamond ring that shone resplendently under the light.

“You’ll have to make do with this.”

Ai Bao blinked. “That’s a real bargain.”

An Yibei smiled. “I think… you’re right.”

He took Ai Bao’s hand and slowly put the ring on her finger.

Ai Bao cringed involuntarily, but An Yibei didn’t give her any choice. He smiled at her. “You’re regretting it now? Too late.”

The ring ended up on Ai Bao’s ring finger and was the perfect size.

Ai Bao asked dumbly, “Is this a marriage proposal?”

“…What else did you think this was?”

“That I’m your kept woman?”

An Yibei ground his teeth. “You have all my cards now. I think I’m the kept man here!”

Ai Bao said in surprise, “I didn’t know you were into that!”

An Yibei was speechless.

Six months later.

Their wedding took place on a weekend.

After some discussion, the two families agreed on a traditional Chinese wedding. The ceremony wasn’t anything elaborate and only close family members and friends were invited.

As expected, An Yibei was inebriated.

However, no one dared messed with him, and only sent him back home and kept their imaginations to themselves.

An Xiaxia said, “I wonder when Cola and Pepsi will have a little cousin…”

Su Xiaomo said, “That can’t really be planned.”

Qi Yanxi raised an eyebrow. “If they have a daughter, I’ll wait 18 years for her!”

Sheng Yize commented, “Flower Qi, you’re as sick as ever… Xiaxia, keep Pepsi away from him. Pathetic single male animals like him are the worst.”

He Jiayu smiled. “You have a point. Momo, keep an eye on Cuddlie.”

Flower Qi felt like crying. “Single male animal? Did you just call me an animal?”

Chi Yuanfeng and Fang Shanshan, who had made up already, patted him on the shoulder. “Flower, don’t cry. It’ll go away.”

“You two are the best!” Qi Yanxi suddenly felt comforted!

Fang Shanshan said sympathetically, “And it’ll come back and hurt you more!”



Everyone laughed.

In the bridal chamber.

Ai Bao took off An Yibei’s suit and removed his glasses. Seeing his beatific sleeping face, she couldn’t help but poke his cheek.

She did it again and again, enjoying herself greatly.

She was still giggling when her finger was caught. An Yibei’s eyelashes fluttered and he opened his eyes, which reminded her of bottomless pools.

Ai Bao stared at him in disbelief. “I thought you were drunk.”

“How am I supposed to get back in bed with you if I didn’t fake it?” Ai Bao blushed at those words. An Yibei rolled over and got on top of Ai Bao.

“Wait! I need a word with you!”

An Yibei sighed. “Are you really going to ask me now if I love you?”

“No.” Ai Bao shook her head. “I want to ask you… am I really Mrs. An now?”

An Yibei smiled. “You’re not just Mrs. An, but my precious wife as well.”

You’re the most valuable and my most beloved —

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