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Afterstories: Chapter 10: Bringing them to the Tent 3

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“Miss Canaris, are you okay?”

Hannah spoke as she approaches Liesl, who has collapsed.

She goes on to check her conditions, only to find out that she has just temporarily fainted.

“Her body is……stable. I think she’ll wake up soon.”

Hannah let out a relieved breath as she confirmed that her teacher’s condition was unchanged.

She has a strong sense of responsibility, even though she’s still feeling uncomfortable with her legs.

“Still, it would be better if we keep her rested……hyaauun!”

That is still not enough reason to let her get away with it.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel a little guilty, but it’s not enough to overcome my sexual desire.

After all, Hannah was on all fours with her bare ass facing me.

It’s swaying slowly as if inviting me.

“You know, if you keep moving with this ass so unprotected, you’re going to attract bad bugs, like me, to take a bite on it.”

As I said this, I stretched out my hand and grabbed one of her ass cheeks.

Despite her breasts being the most prominent feature of her body, Hannah’s ass is not losing in any way in terms of attractiveness.

When I grab it with my hand, I could feel the extreme softness as my fingers sink into it.

“Kukuku, what a great texture.”

“Kyaaa, not now! I’m still checking up on Miss Canaris!”

“But you said that she’s okay. This means she’s good even if we leave her alone, right?”

I then inserted my fingers inside her private parts.

As this has swallowed my cock earlier, it was very wet.

“Nkuuh, ahuu, your finger, your finger is inside……!”

Hannah moaned at the foreign object entering her.

Her vagina also reacted to the finger, slowly beginning to tighten around it.

“Looks like your body is finally ready. Here, come closer.”

I grabbed Hannah by the shoulders and brought her towards me.

Hannah still seemed to be concerned about Liesl but also knew she had no time for that.

I brought her towards me and pushed her down on her back.

“I’m going to fuck you like this.”

I declared to focus her attention on me.

As expected, Hannah had to be conscious of me after being told so much.

In that situation, he took my meat stick and pressed it against her precious treasure.

“uu……ahh, even though I just did it a while back……”

Hannah shakes her head in dislike, but she knows that she can’t control her libido either. This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations only at this site.

Entrusting herself to me like it can’t be helped, I then moved my hips forward, piercing my dick further her insides.

“Ahhn, it’s reaching so deep all of a sudden.”

Now that she’s already unraveled, there’s no need to hold back.

I inserted the meat rod deep into her vagina with the same momentum, bringing my hips and her waist close together at once.

“……wow, it’s still tightening well. You wouldn’t think it already fought a round before this.”

The nasty feel of my meat stick being entangled didn’t even change a bit.

Rather, it seemed that after she climaxed, the movements became smoother and more appealing.

“I don’t know……the pleasure kept coming one after another that I don’t know anymore.”

As Hannah said this, her breathing became more and more ragged.

She seems to be losing her cool, but that’s good for her.

I move my hips to make her even more aroused.

But then a hand reached out from behind and grabbed my shoulder.

“……What is it? Ah, Liesl. You awake already?”

It was Liesl who was behind me.

At first, it looks like she regained her consciousness safely, but suddenly, she leans her body against me.

Then she speaks to my ear.

“Haaa, haaa……isn’t it too immature of you to go all out on a student?”

“Kukuku, you know that even I am unforgiving towards virgins from time to time.”

Rather, I have to put on my efforts more if it’s their first time, enough to carve it to their brains. That way, it will make them addicted and seek that pleasure more.

“As a colleague, I …… can’t overlook that.”

“Oh, so you’ll take care of me then?”

“Haha, no way…… I, I really want to, but I can’t do it alone……”

There was a bit of a bitter smile on Liesl’s face, wanting to monopolize me but could not, but this only made me more motivated.

I couldn’t refuse that face, so I laid her beside Hannah.

“With this, you’re going to deal with two people again……are you sure you want to continue?”

Indeed, I’m also very tired from all the work I had today.

I could even sense from my own physical condition that this bout would be my limit.

Despite that, I decided to concentrate more on satisfying the two.

“I think I’ll move on to Liesl first. I want to enjoy the difference between you and Hannah.”

Since I had a beautiful teacher and a beautiful student standing side by side, I wanted to compare their tastes.

I was overwhelmed with such a desire, so I did it right away.

Pulling the rod out of Hannah, who had been with me for a while, I inserted it directly into Liesl lying beside.

“Giyuuu! It’s all the way to the back……You really have no mercy with your partner!”

What I plunged in was a meat rod that was fully wet with Hannah’s and my love juices.

Likewise, I was able to easily insert it into Liesl’s vagina because the latter was already wet from my earlier caresses.

Then I thrust my hips back and forth to feel the shapes of their insides.

“hnn……Sir Krause, please don’t leave me alone……”

Hannah, who had my meat stick pulled out of her, says so with her vagina gaping open.

Her hips were trembling so hard that she seemed she seemed to have temporarily lost the ability to move her body.

Oh, I know. I’ll just have to satisfy you with my fingers.

I put my index and middle fingers together and inserted them into our nursing student pussy.

As it has already accustomed itself in my meat stick, it swallowed my fingers well, but as expected, there’s still the wide difference between being pierced by a meat stick and getting violated by a finger.

The meat stick was thick but basically just moves back and forth, while the fingers, despite being thinner, can move independently of each other.

I stimulated the inside of her vagina while moving each of my two fingers in a different direction.

“Ahuuuu, ahhnn! My, my insides are getting messed up!”

Hannah screamed. She was apparently not able to keep up with the change from meat stick to finger movements.

I also moved my hips on the defenseless pussy of Liesl while I’m busy with my hands.

“Gufuu! Ahiii! It’s quivering, it’s quivering inside me again……”

“That’s right. I’m gonna let it out soon. You two, come with me together.”

I declared the unbearable urge to be our destination.

Hannah’s gently enveloping vagina and Liesl’s tightly squeezing vagina.

It’s hard to choose between the two who’s best, but today I wanted to ejaculate in Lise’s vagina, which I have yet to do.

I acted on my desire to leave my essence in the both of them.

“Not good, Sir Krause, don’t move your fingers so hard, ahiiiii!”

“Ahhh, cumming, I’m going to cum once again!”

Liesl and Hannah showed their verge of cumming right in front of me.

Using my remaining strength to move my hips and hands, I tried my very best.

I used my fingers to stir the insides of Hannah’s pussy, all while slamming my meat stick down to Liesl’s cervix. If you are reading this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

This became the finishing blow, and all of us climaxed.

“Theofiiiiiillll! I’m cummiiiiinnngg!”

“Ahiiiiiii! Not good, I’m cumming aaaagggaaainnn!”


I felt my fingers and rod being grasped firmly as I spit out my semen.

It was a satisfying climax that made me feel as if I were being melted from the soul.

However. I had already reached the limit of my physical strength, I fell to bed just like that, out of energy.

“Ahh, I’m so tired……I don’t think I can move any further than I already have.”

My arms and legs that were kept being overworked were now wobbly.

It’s even difficult for me to stand up anymore.

Still, I tried my best to look at Liesl and Hannah, turning my head to my left and right to check them.

The two were lying on either side of me had the same pleasant expression on their faces.

It was especially even more for Hannah, as she looks like she has reached her limit and has fainted.

“nguu, eho, eho……don’t tell me, you aren’t satisfied yet?”

Liesl, who was coughing because she was screaming too much, asked beside.

“I can’t move anymore. Even if I still have libido, I won’t be able to do anything because I’m already out of magic.”

“is that so? Fufu……if it’s Theophil right now, then maybe I can beat you.”

“Only if you can still hold my sword without wavering in your state, that is.”

“Oh, is that a challenge? Fufufu.”

We both chuckled in laughter.

After recovering a bit, I covered Hannah with a blanket to keep her from catching a cold.

“Tomorrow morning, we have to clean up the remaining and prepare for our return.”

“I’ll do that even if you don’t tell me to. But if I can’t move tomorrow, then it’s all on you, okay?”

Liesl poked me and then closed her eyes.

The two then slept on my bed, which was fine since I had made it spacious from the start.

Between the soft bodies of the two women, I let myself fall asleep.

It will be back to my fantastic harem and teaching life after this.

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