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Chapter 560:

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Until now, the crisis side of the prophecy began to really appear in front of him, tearing apart everything bloody!

"Damn it, he\'s already a dead person, yet he still has such a prophecy left behind!!"

The black charcoal serpent was incompetently furious there, like a wounded defeated dog, there was nowhere to vent its anger, and it could only neigh and whine constantly there.

Back then, a raging fire broke out in the Daimyo Castle in Jiuli, almost engulfing everyone in it.

After the incident, many people were indeed missing, and only at the scene, the prophecy given by Mrs. Shi, who had confirmed the real death, remained:

"The world is like a dark night and the moon is like a queen, and the report of the disabled will be absent until dawn... When Qinghui\'s eighteenth year looked through, the nine shadows were cast in the east."

A very simple sentence, telling that today, eighteen years later, it will bring unpredictable huge changes to this Wano country!

As for this change~

From Mrs. Shi\'s position and point of view, it is obvious that this is definitely not a good word for the black carbon snake.

Especially on the emperor\'s side, the relevant information given to him by the Beast Pirates.

The samurai, as well as the fur tribe, all rushed towards their side and the country of Wano.

The more clear photos sent from the fax, and the photos copied from the surveillance cameras, also allow people to recognize the characters on them at a glance.

"Kinemon, Raizo, Inuarashi..."

With scarlet eyes, the black charcoal serpent read out these names one by one, word for word.

With that gnashing of teeth, I wish I could tear this group of people into tens of thousands of pieces, only to be willing to let it go.

All of these people were retainers who followed Koyuki Oden back then, and they were also one of the Nine Heroes of the Red Sheath.

Naturally, it was also what he faced at the beginning, preventing him from ascending the position of general and dealing with the biggest group of troubles in Oden.

With his own strength, it is impossible to deal with such a group of people.

So he brought in Kaido as a rescuer and a helping hand, and used a series of intrigues and despicable methods to bring down this extremely troublesome group of people.

And also successfully put Kozuki Oden to death.

And just when he wanted to kill them all and wiped out the forces under Kozuki Oden in one fell swoop.

An accident happened. Not only did the group of warriors disappear in a strange way, but even the undercover dark son who he had placed among them disappeared with him. 1.6

Except for Mrs. Shi, a group of people could not find any trace at all, as if they had disappeared into this world out of thin air.

The Black Charcoal Orochi once made himself think that they were dead, but he knew that this world had the peculiar power of Devil Fruit, and he did not let go of his worries.

And so, until eighteen years later.

When he saw the sky above Jiuli again, the hints and information given by Anzi, which he had memorized, appeared.

Only then did the black charcoal snake realize that the prophecies left by Mrs. Shi were all true!

"Even Kozuki Oden, I can kill with Kaido, not to mention the remnants of your mere remnants!"

The black charcoal snake first stared at the figures in the photo, and then slowly exhaled a stench, showing a relieved expression.


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