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Chapter 1188 - 1188 Own Business

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1188 Own Business

It was a Range Rover!

And it was the latest model, which was worth at least 250,000 dollars!

Moreover, Peter could tell at a glance that the chassis and tires of this car were different from ordinary Range Rover models. This car had been modified, and it was also equipped with automatic driving functions, so it cost more than a million dollars!

This car actually belongs to this shabbily-dressed pauper? Peter couldn’t believe his eyes.

Even he couldn’t get such a high-end customized Range Rover!

Peter stared enviously at the car and Lucas.

Lucas opened the car door. “I have to give you a warning. I don’t care how twisted your mind is, but Ashley is under my protection now. If you dare to harm her, you will suffer the consequences!”

Then Lucas got inside the car and drove away.

Watching Lucas drive away, Peter bit his lip with shocking murderous intent and hatred in his eyes. I don’t care who you are. Since you dare to threaten me, you’re my enemy, and I won’t let you off!

Lucas was driving speechlessly.

He originally thought that there was some irresolvable enmity between Ashley and Peter or some huge misunderstanding that caused them to turn from college sweethearts to what they were now. But he never thought that it was because of such an absurd reason.

Lucas had seen many strange things and mentally unsound people in his life. But he had never met a scumbag like Peter, who didn’t recognize that he himself was a terrible person but instead accused Ashley of deceiving his feelings and hated her for things beyond her control.

Since Peter was such a scumbag, there was no need for Ashley to feel sad because of him.

Ten minutes later, Lucas drove his Land Rover to the most prosperous area in DC and arrived at the parking lot of Club Aurora.

It was already past 9 p.m. For many people, it was already relatively late, and some were already preparing for bed.

But for a globalized metropolis like DC, 9 p.m. was the prime time when nightlife just started.

Therefore, there were countless cars and a lively crowd outside the resplendent Club Aurora.

Lucas walked to the entrance and saw a red LED sign with the words ‘The Parkers’ hanging below the giant glowing signboard of Club Aurora.

Lucas raised his brows. Turns out Club Aurora used to belong to the Waltons!

This morning, Albert, the helmsman of the Waltons, had brought several lawyers and all the relevant documents with him to the Stardust Corporation to transfer the Waltons’ assets to Lucas.

But Lucas couldn’t be bothered to deal with it and let the Parkers run the businesses under their name.

Because the handover time was too short, there was no time to make major changes, so the Parkers just added the words ‘The Parkers’ under the signboards of all the businesses they took over. It meant that these businesses now belonged to them.

For a business like Club Aurora, which enjoyed a high reputation in DC but didn’t have a name that indicated its origin, there was no need to change its name, lest it affects the customers.

But there were some businesses whose names contained the word ‘Walton’, so they would have to rename them to get rid of the Waltons’ influence.

Kenneth had asked him for permission about this early this morning.

So Lucas immediately knew that Club Aurora actually belonged to him when he saw the red LED sign with the Parkers’ name on it.

Unexpectedly, the place Peter had randomly chosen turned out to be his turf. This made Lucas feel a little emotional.

Lucas didn’t linger at the entrance for long. While he was driving here, Ashley, who had arrived in advance, had sent him the number of the private room they had booked here, so Lucas went straight to the room.

“Welcome, Mr. Gray!”

As soon as Lucas entered Club Aurora, the two beautiful attendants and two guards at the door immediately bowed and greeted him respectfully.

“Do you know me?” Lucas was surprised.

One of the pretty girls, who had a V-shaped face, said smilingly, “Mr. Gray, it’s because the first thing Mr. Parker did after taking over the club today was to send your photo to all the employees. He told us that you’re the most distinguished guest of the club and that we had to serve you with the best treatment no matter when you visited. That’s why we know you.”

Lucas immediately realized what had happened. He reckoned that Kenneth was the one who had given these instructions.

This young man, who had once been at odds with him, had gotten much better at handling things. Kenneth had only said that Lucas was the most distinguished guest of Club Aurora and instructed the staff to serve him well without revealing his identity. This was in line with what Lucas preferred.

Furthermore, the staff of Club Aurora were probably not the only people to receive these instructions. Likely all the employees of the businesses that Kenneth took over had received the same instructions to treat him as the most distinguished guest.

This indeed saved Lucas some trouble, and he would no longer be in situations where he was stopped from entering his own company like before.

The other beautiful lady stepped forward and asked respectfully, “Mr. Gray, the most prestigious King’s Room has been prepared for you. Would you like us to take you there now?”

Lucas shook his head. “No thanks. I came here with some friends today. Please take me to the Rose Room.”

“Alright, Mr. Gray, please come with me!” The beautiful lady led Lucas to the door of the private room that Peter had booked.

Lucas waved his hand and gestured for the lady to leave before pushing the door open and entering.

“Lucas, you’re here!”

As soon as Lucas entered, Ashley walked over to greet him happily.

Ashley felt regretful now. She had arrived a few minutes earlier than Lucas, and her former classmates had surrounded her and urged her to get a divorce and marry another man, making her very upset.

Upon seeing Lucas, Ashley’s eyes lit up as if she had finally seen her savior.

She really wanted to take Lucas away immediately.

She was going abroad with her mother and brother tomorrow. She had planned to spend some time alone with Lucas today to relax before going abroad. But she didn’t expect to meet her former classmates and end up stuck in such a situation.

Her friendship with her former classmates was no longer like it used to be, which made Ashley feel terrible.

Seeing Lucas enter alone without Peter and his wife, Silas immediately frowned and asked him, “Why are you here alone? Where’s Peter? Did you do something to him?”

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