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Chapter 868 The angel's affairs: Michael

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Michael stood in front of the vessel of the water that showed the people of the living world. He watched the woman, who was having tea with her daughter-in-law, with the same pleasant smile on her lips that he had come to know before she even had entered Heaven.

"Looks like the angel's are following the same one after another," said Gabriel, who entered the room and walked towards where Michael stood.

Michael snapped his fingers for the water to create a repel, and he turned to look at his fellow archangel brother, "I was only watching."

"Of course," Gabriel smiled at Michael's words. Paschar had fallen in love with a person from the living realm, and recently, Raphael had followed him in the same footsteps. Gabriel wondered if Michael would walk in the same path. "I am sure it was easier to keep an eye when the person was in Heaven, but now difficult, as she is in the living world. Not to mention Vladimir who keeps buzzing like a fly."

Michael's expression didn't change, and they were calm. He cared for Constance, the Devil's daughter, which was ironic considering who and what he was.

He hadn't ventured too far away on the thoughts about his true feelings for Constance because he knew deciphering it would only lead to problems. She was his favourite soul from the living world because of the purity her heart held, which hadn't been soiled with not a single drop of evilness in there.

In the past, he had watched her suffer as the curse consumed her body, shortening her life. And he had been there when she was near to her death, ready to collect her soul from the living world, taking her into the gates of Heaven so that she wouldn't wander.

"He's her father," replied Michael, "It is natural for him to worry."

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"Hm," hummed Gabriel. "I heard from Helena that he has been accompanying her wherever she goes. If you want you can go and visit her in the living world, I will be here to manage things around," he offered.

Michael shook his head, "When did you start playing as a matchmaker in Heaven?" He and Gabriel slowly started to walk in the corridors where the sun's rays fell on the floor, and the light reflected on the white walls with a golden glow.

"Since love started to bloom here," smiled Gabriel.

He watched Michael not reply to his words, as if Michael was tired of others whispering about the same. He knew Michael well, and even though he had formed an unexpected attachment with Constance, he had sent her back to the living realm because he believed her happiness was there more than the peace she carried in here, in the Heavenly realm.

Now that Michael had sent Constance to the living world, he couldn't meet or see her like before and only see her through the magical vessel of water from Heaven.

"Now that she is in the living realm, do you think she will find someone to love?" Gabriel asked casually while they continued their walk.

Michael was fully aware of what Gabriel was trying to do, but at the same time, the archangel's question was something to weigh upon. "If she finds someone, then I can only be happy for her," he replied.

"Is that so? I wonder what Constance has to say about it. Let me go and find out about it," and saying this, Gabriel disappeared from there.

Michael had not expected Gabriel to do that, and he too quickly disappeared from the corridor to go to the living realm. But with Michael who disappeared, Gabriel appeared back in Heaven's garden, "Ah, that was a good practice of appearing and disappearing," he murmured with a smile before walking back into the building.

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In Hawthrone's castle, Michael appeared in the corridor and realized he couldn't sense Gabriel's presence in the castle. Mixing up with the Devil and the demon's was not a good idea, he thought to himself because of the harmless trick that had been pulled at him. But before he could disappear, he was caught by Calhoun.

"Michael, I didn't know you were going to visit us," said Calhoun. Or my mother thought the King in his mind, but his smile gave away to have the archangel frown.

Michael could tell that Calhoun had inherited every characteristic from Vladimir. Now that he was here, he decided to spend some time here before leaving.

"You wouldn't mind taking a walk with me, would you?" proposed Calhoun with a charming smile on his face, and they stepped out of the corridors and moved into the open space.

"How are things in Devon?" questioned Michael.

"Good. The whole kingdom has come under control and we are working on expanding it near the sea. With Gabriel and Raphael around, not to mention Helena, things are coming along well," replied Calhoun. "Do you plan to come and stay here?"

Michael smiled at the offer. Even though in the past there had been friction between him and Calhoun regarding the dark angel and the conflicts that had arisen, things had settled now, and everything had turned more peaceful.

"I don't think it would be easy to have three archangels in one place. It might even turn chaotic because of the Devil," stated Michael with a straight face.

Calhoun didn't comment on it right away, letting a few seconds pass. He then said, "From a long time, there has been something on my mind. There was a time in the past where I was often beaten and dragged into the darker parts of the alley until I learned to fight back. But there was this one time on a rainy day…" he paused for a moment, looking at Michael. "Was it you? Who brought me back home?"

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Calhoun could still remember the severe pain he had felt that day when he was a small boy, and for a moment, he had died. He knew he did because when he had seen the gates during the time to get Madeline back, he had found it to be familiar. But that wasn't all, he never knew how he had ended up back in the house, and he had his doubts on it.

Michael pursed his lips before saying, "I just happened to be passing by." Hearing this, Calhoun smiled.

"I also wonder what would have happened if you were the one who my mother met first and not Lawrence. Even if not the first, she seems happy and at peace in your company," said Calhoun looking ahead of him. "I am sure it is also something Vlad will agree upon even if he doesn't like the idea of it. I have come to believe that living alone in the living world can be truly lonely with no one to provide the love one deserves. Don't you agree with that?"

Calhoun didn't care what the Devil or others had to think about the situation. In the past, he had seen the way his mother had led her life without the company she deserved. Lawerence had broken her heart, and the other men had done nothing but use her.

The thought of having Michael with his mother had been odd at first, but then every person who had joined his family were different, and their family was strange.

When Michael didn't answer, Calhoun paused walking, and he turned to look at the angel, "If I still wasn't clear, if you both want to proceed, you two have my blessings," and he smiled.

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