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CH 12

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Before leaving, the phone rang after washing the ashtray and wiping his hands.

Jiang Xia took the phone, glanced at the caller ID, and found it was the call from the blond boy before.

Of course, bad boys wouldn\'t do any meaningless things every day.

They skip classes and hang around, but they also would work part-time to earn pocket money... 

The difference was that the bad boys regularly gathered together to confirm that they were still themselves, that unique and rebellious teenager.

In fact, Jiang Xia felt that this gathering was somewhat formalistic and useless.

But the younger brothers were still good people and like to help at critical moments... So, well, they could come in handy.

So the gathering still had to go.

For example, today was the weekend.

As usual, everyone went to the game hall in the afternoon to brush up on the records.

Have a meal afterward.

In the end, when it was quiet at night, everyone would ride the motorcycle to the less-populated section of the town and be free birds that came and went like the wind.


In the past few days, Jiang Xia\'s energy had been focused on "how to make the child ghost give up becoming a matchmaker" and "how to trick the child ghost into signing contracts voluntarily."

In addition, he skipped classes every day and overlooked the weekend.

Jiang Xia almost forgot this guy...

Jiang Xia picked up the phone call from his younger brother.

At this time, The blond boy and the other little brothers have already settled down in the game hall.

Jiang Xia said he would be there soon to meet with his \'friends\'.


He initially thought that this would also be an ordinary day.

Then, unexpectedly, when he was near the game hall and was about to enter, the child ghost suddenly poked him excitedly.

Jiang Xia was stunned and followed its direction.

I saw a black Porsche parked quietly in the shade of the trees across the road.

Jiang Xia: "..." This car was familiar.

The pair of fierce eyes in the crack of the window was even more familiar.

Jiang Xia immediately froze after accidentally seeing the boss in the car.

With a child ghost, Jiang Xia was no longer care that much about Gin.

But anyway, Gin was also a boss who paid him a salary.

In front of the boss who was busy with work, while he goes to the game hall to play games...

There was always a feeling that a teacher was busy cleaning the classroom, and Jiang Xia sat with his legs crossed and played games.


Jiang Xia hesitated for a moment.

But on second thought, since Gin didn\'t take the initiative to look for him, it means that the jobs didn\'t need him.

In relief, Jiang Xia took another step toward the game hall.

After finishing work, Gin smokes a cigarette, and he raises the car window silently to see the back of Jiang Xia.

... I don\'t know if "wasting time in the game hall" was worthy of condemnation, and Gin didn\'t want to see it at all.

He still envies Jiang Xia for being able to play on weekends.

Or simply want to pretend not to know...

When the car window was closed, the line of sight was cut off by the dark film on the window, with Gin could no longer be seen. 

Jiang Xia felt a lot more at ease.

He continued walking towards the game hall and, at the same time, secretly left the ghost baby on the ground.

The ghost baby knew strictly what the master was thinking.

When it was still outside, struggling to run in the direction of Gin, and went straight to the Porsche.


The Porsche driver\'s seat was empty.

Jiang Xia guessed that Vodka was working nearby. So Gin wouldn\'t leave until he returned.

Thinking about it, Jiang Xia couldn\'t help but look forward to it.

I haven\'t seen each other for so many days, and Gin must have a new murderous aura...

Although the effect of taking a murderous aura was minimal, it could be regarded as a relief for the hard-working boss.

As expected, he is the most reasonable, appropriate, and very conscientious subordinate.


While thinking about the harvest, Jiang Xia entered the game hall and sat on a game console by the window.

Out of the corner of his eye, the child ghost ran across the street, first climbed up the Porsche\'s body along the tires, and then clucked its way inside.

Jiang Xia absentmindedly shook the joystick of the game console, pretending to be playing a game. But actually, play attention outside.

At this time, the sound of the game over was heard.


——The next seat, The blond boy looked at the "Game Over" that covered the screen and sighed unhappily.

As he returned to the main menu, he glanced at Jiang Xia next to him.

Then he was shocked to find that the boss was facing the screen with a slight smile.

The blond boy was stunned and excited: "Break the record? What\'s the new record?" After

saying that, he couldn\'t wait to lean over to take a look.

Then he saw the same "Game Over" on the screen of his boss.

Unlike him, there is a striking zero score display in the upper right corner.

The blond boy: "...?"

He thought for a while and understood.

——If other people got 0 points, they wouldn\'t be able to play normally and will crash directly at the beginning.

But the boss was different.

...this must be the boss\' newfound enjoyment!

- To control the plane, avoid all the points, get 0 points, and at the same time not fall into the trap, fly to the end.

Equivalent to twice as many things to hide.

This was a challenging operation!

Thinking of this, the blond boy rolled up his cuffs, sat back in his seat, re-injected the coin, and pressed restart.

This time, instead of manipulating the plane to get those scoring balls, he avoided all the balls along the way while avoiding traps so that the game would not end directly.

On the interface, scoring balls and traps were flying, and the blond boy was impatient.

After ten seconds, his plane accidentally hit a golden ball, and the 0 in the upper right corner became a "1".

The blond boy: "!"

Guo... It isn\'t easy.

As expected of a game invented by the boss!


Jiang Xia was still paying attention to the car outside.

After a minute or two, he saw the child ghost dragging a streamer-like murderous aura, passing through the car door, and running towards the game hall.

When the child ghost ran to his feet, Jiang Xia bent down and picked it up, saving away the murderous aura, which was very satisfying.

Then he withdrew his attention from outside, looked at the game console, took out two game coins, and prepared to restart.

When I was about to start, I suddenly felt something was wrong.

Jiang Xia looked back vigilantly.

Then, he saw his little brothers standing behind at some point, looking at him with admiration, wondering what happened when he was distracted. 

Jiang Xia: "...?"

Instead, he skillfully grabbed a younger brother closest to him, stood up, and pressed the person to his seat.

Jiang Xia put on the posture of a coach, stood behind, and patted his younger brother on the shoulder: "Have you learned it? Come play a game, and I\'ll see the result."

Let him first observe what the group of this middle school was thinking....

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