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Chapter 698

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Yan Ruxue obviously looked at him with a jealous face and said, "you're not afraid of being tired. It's disgusting." Go back to the room and close the door.

Zhang Yaoqiang was so happy that he went to a corner and laughed for a few minutes before stopping. He took out the little ball that sealed the wolf demon king from his pocket and instantly appeared in the wolf's room with the wind.

Wolf with the wind is meditating, see him appear, frown way: "I don't want you, you go to other people! Who can stand working everyday! You are a nuisance

Zhang Yaoqiang said with a smile: "in the future, you will all be liberated. If you don't want to do it, I won't force you."

"What do you mean! You're not close to women anymore? " The wolf asked with the wind.

"Ha ha ha... Your imagination is too rich." Zhang Yaoqiang couldn't help laughing and said: "if you don't get close to women, you can't suffocate me! To tell you the truth! We have lived here for a few days. I have produced many kinds of dragon seeds, which are eaten by the elves. As a result, I have many female disciples in the city. I can't count how many people there are. In the future, I have to be busy! Ha ha ha... "

"Don't be shameful. You're not afraid to die of fatigue." The wolf laughs with the wind and says, "go away. Don't annoy me. I'm busy practicing martial arts."

Zhang Yaoqiang stopped laughing and said, "I'm not angry with you. I have something for you." Then he handed the ball in his hand.

"What is this? It's dark and ugly. " Said the wolf, catching the wind in his hand.

Zhang Yaoqiang said with a smile: "this is the wolf demon king who used to sleep with you. I sealed him, and now I'll give him to you for safekeeping. You must take good care of him. Don't let him run out, otherwise my female disciples will suffer."

"He is the wolf demon king!" Wolf with the wind immediately said with a smile: "well done, this * old * Don't * die, should be such an end, well, I will take good care of him, you * roll * egg! Don't disturb me for ten days. "

"Good wife, I'm going." Zhang Yaoqiang said, immediately transferred to the center of the Peach Blossom Fairy palace, and began to get familiar with his female disciples.

But because there were so many people, it was impossible for him to remember their names, so he suddenly thought of a numbering method to remember them.

So he arranged 001, 002, 003 in order... He worked hard for seven days to get to know them all, and numbered them to 16489.

The pretty cheeks seemed to have been specially carved for him. Yes, they were all his favorite types. So he started his passionate journey in the name of teaching the hundred acupoints classic. For half a month, he didn't stop, but he was still energetic.

This day, he was in the room of No. 3563 female disciple, when his mobile phone rang suddenly, he had to stop.

Pick up the phone to see is Zhou Hanyun's number, it suddenly rings, there are two beauties did not return! Answer a way hastily: "Hello! Elder sister, do you have a clear idea? "

Zhou Hanyun said: "Zhang Yaoqiang, you are so calm! You didn't contact us for more than 20 days. Don't you forget us? "

"How could you forget it?" Zhang Yaoqiang dressed in clothes and said, "I'll pick you up right away. Wait for me."

With that, hang up.

In the villa of Zhou family.

Zhou Hanyun and Zhou Xinyan are all dressed up and waiting on the sofa.

Zhou Xinyan vomited a tone to say: "Qing Qing this wench is also to play crazy, unexpectedly so long all don't call us."

Zhou Hanyun a little nervous said: "that girl will not be for the monster to eat it!"

"You don't believe Zhang Yaoqiang! Then why are you calling? " Zhou Xinyan looked at her and said, "if you are really afraid, you just ignore Zhang Yaoqiang and stay at home to find a son-in-law. Your father's property is all yours."

"Screw you! I'm not going to do it Zhou Hanyun immediately said: "you all go to be fairies, let me get sick and necrotic at home, I am stupid!"

"Ha ha ha... That's good." Zhang Yaoqiang burst out laughing and said, "you're right. Being a woman can live forever and be a fairy. She doesn't have to worry about food and drink. She doesn't have to do anything every day. She just eats, drinks and plays. Ha ha ha..."

"I don't understand. Why?" Zhou Xinyan frowned and said, "why does the emperor of heaven want to keep you idle people and give you a fairy mountain to eat, drink and have fun?"

"Yes! Why? Is the emperor of heaven your relative Zhou Hanyun also asked with a smile.

Zhang Yaoqiang said: "of course, there is no reason. This problem is still a secret. The emperor of heaven didn't explain what to do. He just told me that in ten years' time, I will take more than 10000 of my disciples to complete a very important task. As for the task, you don't have to worry about it. At present, you just need to practice it well."

Zhou Xinyan said: "since it's the emperor who asked you to do something, it must be a big deal. How can we little women think about it! Regardless of him, by the way, your friend's batch of equipment, my father has sent it according to the original address, and it is estimated that it has arrived at the destination now. "

"Well done, well done." Zhang Yaoqiang said with a smile: "that's all we have left to do now. Hurry to finish it! Ha ha ha... "

At the end of the speech, he immediately went forward, picked up Zhou Xinyan and ran upstairs.

"Alas! I'm the one who didn't open the bud! Why did you run with her first Zhou Hanyun says a word in a hurry, and then goes upstairs. The three of them roll on the bed together

Three people yelled and played for hours before they stopped.

After that, Zhang Yaoqiang took the two sisters back to Taohuayuan.

Just after the two sisters had settled in, their cell phone rang.

Zhang Yaoqiang takes out his mobile phone. When you see it's Qian Yuru, you don't need to answer the phone to know what she wants to do. The instant transfer appears in front of her.

Qian Yuru prepared a candlelight dinner, wearing beautiful clothes and feeling beautiful, sitting at the table waiting for him.

Zhang Yaoqiang sat in front of her, looked at her charming face and said with a smile, "Why are you so romantic

Qian Yuru picked up the red wine bottle and poured two glasses of red wine. She said with a smile, "you think too much. Today is my birthday. I just want you to accompany me. By the way, thank you for helping me find the equipment. I'll give you a toast."

Zhang Yaoqiang picked up his glass and said with a smile, "silly woman, if you don't want to be a fairy, you have to be a mortal. I really don't understand! Come on! Cheers

They touched the glass and drank it affectionately

In the following days, Zhang Yaoqiang lingered in the flowers all day, teaching the female disciple "hundred acupoints classic" while fulfilling his ambition. He must be lucky to see all the beauties in the Peach Blossom Fairy palace in the shortest time

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