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Chapter 1189

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Give a face? What exactly does this sentence mean?

No one knew, and Zhou Yang didn\'t say it. It was all understood by the heads of the three families.

Zhou Yang did send out the invitation. After rescuing the Zhou family, he asked the Zhou family to arrange it. Then Zhou Yang sent an invitation to Shen Bijun of Mingyang company, Xu family of Donghai, Su family and Sun family of Mingyang company.

Even if the task is completed, three days later, the wedding officially began.

The arrangement of the Zhou family was naturally in place. After all, after Zhou Yang came back, they immediately restored their status as the first family in the East.

How can this kind of noodles be small when the young master of the first Oriental family gets married!

Hundreds of Rolls Royce, Maserati, Porsche, Ferrari and other super luxury cars lined up in a row.

The whole imperial capital, even the whole East, all the famous and famous people or rich people who can be called the number have basically come.

Even if the children are not allowed to write down their own names at the gate, they can only remember their own names.

The Xu family, the sun family and the Su family, Zhou Yang\'s old acquaintances, can easily enter the Zhou family courtyard, which can give them a good face.

From now on, no matter how powerful you are and how deep your background is, but seeing these old acquaintances of Zhou Yang, they will sell some face in the future, and these families have become famous once.

Most interestingly, Xie Lingyu\'s relatives also came.

After all, it was a wedding with Xie Lingyu. It\'s hard to say that Xie Lingyu\'s mother was her own.

So Zhou Yang did not refuse to let these relatives in.

Before entering the courtyard of the Zhou family, these relatives were chased and intercepted by countless dignitaries for a long time, "are you relatives of Xie family?"

"Oh, my, it\'s really a scholarly family. I can educate a woman like Mrs. Zhou. Congratulations!"

"I will take care of you in the future. I hope you can accept it."

The relatives of the Zhou family were almost stunned.

They have long known that Zhou Yang is very strong, but they never know that Zhou Yang is so strong.

Who were those people just now? A lot of them are super giants that you can only see on TV! Business giant!

But all those people are fawning on them!

Of course, they knew that Zhou Yang was responsible for all this. At this moment, they could not raise any humiliation to Zhou Yang.

Now, kneel down and lick Yang\'s mind!

It took two hours just for the simple reception ahead.

But their earnings are also very good.

Not including gifts, only cash gifts, there are more than 30 billion.

If you include the value of gifts, it will be more than 10 billion.

Just receiving gifts is equivalent to the total value of a listed group.

At the end of the reception, Zhou Yang was with Xie Lingyu in her wedding dress. After visiting Tiandi and their mothers, Zhou Yang began to drive to the hotel.

Naturally, the hotel is also the most luxurious hotel in the whole East. Some people once said that it would cost 100000 yuan to have a casual meal here.

If you want to eat better and have fun, you\'re going for a million.

But today, the hotel was chartered by the Lord!

Zhou Yang is very forthright to package this hotel, can\'t help, this is only a few money.

But it\'s only three billion yuan. Zhou Yang even thought it was a little crude to hold a wedding.

But he couldn\'t find a more luxurious place than this hotel, so he had to make do with it.

The wedding begins.

In fact, in terms of process, there is no big difference with most wedding process.

The two sides come to the stage and play the reminiscent photos or wedding photos, and then under the chairmanship of the master of ceremonies, the two sides exchange rings and take vows.

The wedding is sacred, and Zhou Yangdao didn\'t want to be creative. In fact, in a sense, this process is used by lovers all over the world. In fact, only in a sense can we maintain the holiness and purity.

Zhou Yang\'s wedding is different from other people\'s, which is probably luxurious.

For example, the flowers used by others are just a bunch of simple flowers or artificial flowers.

Zhou Yang\'s rose is made of pure gold.

In order to prevent people from being hurt, the bouquet is relatively light, but in order to expand its value, Zhou Yang also inlaid some diamonds on it.

In addition, every detail of the wedding, including the wedding dress, rings, or all the jewelry on Xie Lingyu, is made by the world\'s top hand designers.

Everything is unique, and there is no second one in the world.In short, Zhou Yang\'s wedding ceremony, in addition to Hao, it really only left Hao.

What nonsense star\'s wedding of the century, in front of Zhou Yang\'s wedding, it\'s almost no residue left!

Not even a brother!

If you insist that there is no one in the world who can approach the wedding specifications of Zhou Yang, it is probably only the son of the Saudi oil guy.

The oil guy\'s son\'s marriage standard is also very high, but if you want to surpass the standard of Zhou Yang\'s wedding, it is still very impossible. It can only be said that it is close.

After going through the process, in addition to these luxurious things that blinded people, it was the speeches of two people.

Zhou Yang\'s speech was very simple. He married Xie Lingyu because he loved her and she swore that she would never let her down in her life!

But Zhou Yang said something extra.

She will never fail Xie Lingyu, but in his heart, there is another woman\'s position.

That, of course, is Shen Bijun.

In order to live up to Xie Lingyu, Zhou Yang has repeatedly and explicitly rejected Shen Bijun.

This is very cruel to Shen Bijun. At the same time, it also seriously violates Zhou Yang\'s original intention.

Today, he finally said it.

Under the stage, Shen Bijun, with tears in his eyes, covered his mouth and looked at Zhou Yang. His face was full of excitement.

Although, Zhou Yang refused her definitely many times, and also said some very hurtful words to her.

She paid so much, Zhou Yang can do, but just quietly by her side, with her when a friend.

Maybe it\'s silly.

But today, with Zhou Yang\'s words, then everything once was worth it!

Shen Bijun shed moving tears.

At this time, Xie Lingyu spoke.

Xie Lingyu\'s speech was also very simple.

Zhou Yang once told her story.

Then simply summed up, she is not worthy of Zhou Yang. She also knows that sometimes Shen Bijun is more suitable for Zhou Yang than herself.

In fact, to some extent, she can make concessions, which is not Zhou Yang\'s betrayal.

This is the end of the wedding process.

Zhou Yang also started a new life.

As for the future, who can say exactly?

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