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Chapter 984 - Honeymoon 2

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Chapter 984 Honeymoon 2

“So what? What year are we in? Same-sex relationships shouldn’t be frowned upon. Both my exes were cool women just like her. But neither of them were as good-looking. Jun Yexuan, “….”

How did they manage to run into a lesbian so randomly?!

The girl appeared unaware of Jun Yexuan’s unhappiness and continued to ask Qiao Qing, “Can I?”

Qiao Qing didn’t get to speak when Jun Yexuan pulled her in.

With a stank face, he looked at the woman, “She’s a married woman! She’s my wife! No!”

The girl bit her lips. Seeing that Qiao Qing wasn’t going to object, she walked away crying.

After the girl left, Jun Yexuan lowered his head to look at the tiny face, “You attract too many people!”

Now he had to be on defense against women too?!

Qiao Qing said, “Is it my fault?” Jun Yexuan was stifled, “Next time, wear a dress. Also, stop putting your hands in your pockets?”

He then pulled her hand out of her pocket and held onto it.

Qiao Qing said, “If I wear a dress, I might attract more men.”

Jun Yexuan was taken back. He glanced around and saw many men look their way while salivating.

His face grew dark and his grip around Qiao Qing’s hands tightened, “Are you hinting that I should hide you from everyone?!”

Qiao Qing rubbed her nose and didn’t speak.

Just then, a masculine-looking man with much muscles and straight pants walked over.

Jun Yexuan squinted his eyes and warned, “She’s my wife. If you dare to even think about it, I promise you that you won’t get to see the sunrise tomorrow.”

The muscle man was surprised, “You’re hard-headed! Just my cup of tea!”

Jun Yexuan, “???”

He was still at a loss when the muscle man shoved a hotel room card into his pocket and spanked his butt, “Tonight at 9. I won’t leave until you show up. I am going to show you the new world.” Qiao Qing, “…” Jun Yexuan, “…??!!” Just what country did he travel to?! What kind of regulations was this country ignoring?!

To be publicly spanked in the butt by a man in front of his wife… This was unbearable.

Jun Yexuan threw away the disgusting room card and shouted, “Someone get over here!” The next moment, the muscle man was taken away by guards and was taught a lesson.

Jun Yexuan didn’t feel good about this. He wondered if he should take Qiao Qing back when he heard a series of laughter.

This voice was familiar enough to make Jun Yexuan’s hair stand up.

Qiao Qing was also surprised to hear that voice. The couple turned their heads and found Gong Yi’s punchable face.

Gong Yi was there to ride the waves. He had a surfboard in hand and was only wearing swim trunks. Pearly water drops glided down his chest and made him appear sexy and raw.

Out of reflexes, Jun Yexuan covered Qiao Qing’s eyes and said to Gong Yi with an angry tone, “Are you ever going to stop this?! We are married already yet you continue to haunt us?!”

Gong Yi stabbed his board into the sand and rested his arm on top of it. He rolled his eyes, “Stop making up conspiracy theories. Just how capable do I have to be to surpass the Emperor’s guards and find out your itineraries? I’m here for business and I arrived days ago.”

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