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Chapter 559:

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After all, the traverser will inevitably carry gold fingers, who knows how strong he will be.

Meanwhile, Tony. Stark hadn\'t doubted whether the two guys in front of him were members of the Charlotte family who was the first to open the space-time shuttle function. Although he had traded with the patriarch of the Charlotte family, he didn\'t know his appearance at all.

But in retrospect, it shouldn\'t be possible for the strength of both of them to grow so fast that he was prohibitive, so he quickly put this correct possibility behind him.

At this moment, Tony? Stark asked with an extremely guarded look: "Your Excellency, is it not very polite to come so uninvited?"

(Lee’s Zhao) Regarding this, Uchiha Madara sneered: "Politeness is something the weak need only, and the strong only need to conquer!" Just after Uchiha Madara’s words fell, it was full of iron and blood. The words instantly plunged the atmosphere into an extremely solemn degree.

Joey didn\'t mean to interfere with Uchiha Madara\'s idea, and this is what he thinks.

Looking at the contemptuous attitude of Uchiha Madara and Joey, Tony? Stark\'s face was pale now.

Against the backdrop of this steel suit, his expression was slightly distorted: "Since the words are not speculative, then I want to see if you have the strength of such a tough attitude!"" Locked in time and space, the edge of time!\ "With Tony? Stark\'s words immediately shook the two infinite gems of time and space inlaid on his chest, and that extremely bright crystal contained extremely huge power.

This force was mobilized by the battle clothes and converted through an inexplicable program nuclear device.

The immense power of time and space instantly locked towards the area where Joey and Uchiha Madara were, and the space seemed to be transformed into an extremely dignified gravitational field, sealing them both.

But this kind of intensity of space blockade, if it is for people who are not proficient in the laws of space, it is indeed a killer copper!

However, in front of Joey and Uchiha Madara, two connoisseurs of time and space, it seemed a little ridiculous.

At the same time, the power of time, incarnate as the blade of time, instantly cuts towards Joey and Uchiha Madara.

Because this involves time, and even the magical means related to cause and effect, if it is cut, it is estimated that it will be immediately deprived of life.

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Chapter 53: Don\'t Force Me, Two Xiang Fu Xian

After all, before they became true gods, they were not immortal. With the limitation of longevity, they simply couldn\'t stand the baptism of the vast and long years. Perceiving the emergence of this sense of crisis, Uchiha Madara can feel the power of this terrifying space rule in the imprisoned space with the help of the power of the revolver\'s eye. The power of this space rule is so vast that it is not Tony at all? Stark\'s level can be mobilized.

He must have used other treasures, Uchiha Madara quickly thought of the six Marvel\'s infinite gems discussed in the forum of the heavens.

Tony? Stark must mobilize the power of space gems and time gems to be able to perform such an attack.

Moreover, Uchiha Madara perceives through the power of shaking the space, because the power of manipulating the space is extremely powerful, even if he wants to break the space confinement, it will take at least a few minutes.

However, now that the light blade that is enough to kill the years has swept over, where will he be given a few minutes to break this space confinement.

So Uchiha Madara\'s gaze couldn\'t help but look at his owner Joey, and he noticed Uchiha Madara\'s gaze calling for help.

Joey exuded an extremely vast aura at this time, he looked at Tony with disdain? Stark: "You only have this means!" At the moment when Joey\'s words fell, an incomparably profound power emerged from him instantly, and that vast power broke through the blocked space.

Afterwards, Joey took Uchiha Madara directly, and disappeared in place when the blade of the years came.

"Boom!" However, the blade of time slashed into the space, splitting the space into the void.

Moreover, the power of time in that area has been shrouded in this area for a long time, and any creatures stepping into it will consume their own lives. Tony. Stark looked at the two disappeared. Although there was no expression on his face, his heart was extremely nervous.

"Damn it, where did these two guys go? And just now there was a mockery between the two people\'s words, as if he was just relying on the infinite gems to show off Tony now? Stark is full of heart now. Angry, always arrogant, coupled with systematic help, he has achieved what he is now.

The arrogance in his heart was even greater than before, 507, but Joey\'s appearance gave him a heavy blow, he was not the son of destiny, so he was instantly sober.

Just in Tony? When Stark was very angry, he told Jarvis to find Joey and Uchiha Madara.

In the next moment, Joey\'s figure has appeared in Tony. In front of Stark, I saw the figure wearing unicorn sky boots, stepping on his head with the ultimate speed and incomparably tyrannical power, and even let Tony. Stark didn\'t even react now, and he was stepped out directly by him.

"Bang!" And, that heavy force is even enough to penetrate a small world, in Tony? An extremely bright red footprint was left on Stark\'s face.

Tony. Stark is furious now, the anger in his heart is even about to extinguish his sanity. He is such an arrogant person, how could he allow someone to step on his face and humiliate him like this.

\"Unforgivable?...Unforgivable!\" With the unforgivable words, from Tony? At this time, Stark\'s mouth seemed to be extremely mad, and the mecha slowly turned in his hand, and a small square emerged.

There are many rules and powers entangled here, it can be said that it is a creation of technological civilization, and there is a strong power of time gems and space gems circulating on it. The manufacturing of this two-way foil is still Tony. Stark was inspired by the records on the forum of the heavens.

At that time, it was impossible to make it with his power, or the two-way foil made was extremely unstable.

Later, after he added the power of space gems and time gems, under the dominance of the two incomparably profound rules, the two-way foil was born, and its power is more than countless times stronger. It can be said to be Tony? One of Stark\'s killer copper.

Looking at the small and exquisite thing in front of him, Uchiha Madara\'s eyes showed deep disdain, but looking at Tony? Stark\'s very resentful attitude.

I originally thought it was some killer copper, but such a small box that was so inconspicuous really couldn\'t give Uchiha Madara the slightest sense of crisis.

But even so, Uchiha Madara was still extremely cautious, his revolving eyes tightened slightly, and he began to move directly (adeb) with the power of space.

The small space in front of me gradually began to extend indefinitely, but it was useless at all. The two-way foil locked them in.

Because of the power of space gems, Uchiha Madara can\'t fight the two-dimensional foil in the space competition.

Just when the distance between the two was close at hand, Tony? A color of surprise appeared in Stark\'s heart, and a bright smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, and then he whispered: "Start!\" It\'s Tony. When Stark\'s fluttering words sounded, the vast rules of power dormant in the two-way foil burst out instantly.

"Kacha!" The space around the two-way foil riot suddenly began to be reduced in dimension.

When this power came over, Uchiha Madara even felt a fatal crisis.

He had a hunch in his heart that if he couldn\'t escape now, and if he fell into it, then he could only be a curled ant that was slaughtered by others.

So now Uchiha Madara’s vast divine power is blessed on the eyes of the runner, and he wants to control the power of the space, taking them out of this space that is about to be reduced in dimension.

It\'s a pity that even Uchiha Madara can\'t shake it even if Uchiha Madara bursts out, the two-way foil that has lost its balance, and the two-way foil that now bursts out with all its strength is not something Uchiha Madara can struggle.

You must know that when the two-dimensional foil was born, it absorbed the enormous power of space gems and time gems.

Tony who made the two-way foil at the time? Stark was also extremely shocked, even a little regretful.

After all, it is not a simple matter to restore space gems and time gems.

But now, looking at Uchiha Madara who is in danger, Tony? Stark didn\'t feel the slightest distress anymore.

This dimensionality reduction power shrouded in an instant, Joey stood behind Uchiha Madara and didn\'t mean to resist, his eyes curiously felt his current state.

"Is this the feeling of constant dimensionality reduction? Is it really amazing?"

Just as Joey\'s melodious words sounded, Uchiha Madara looked apologetic and said: "Sorry, the patriarch is my fault!" In this regard, Joey didn\'t mean to blame at all, but comforted Uchiha Madara. Said: "This is not your fault, after all, this is beyond your ability!" Joey\'s words did not comfort Uchiha Madara at all. He was a strong character, and originally wanted to be in Joey\'s Show his strength in front of him, let Joey know his importance.

But I didn\'t expect that this would simply die before leaving the teacher, but instead would be embarrassed and embarrassed in front of Joey.

Meanwhile, Tony? Stark watched the space that had been continuously reduced in dimensionality spread, and he directly cut the reduced space into a perfect cube, and a delighted smile appeared in his eyes.

This cube, cut out of the universe, is floating on Tony? In Stark\'s hand, the figures of Joey and Uchiha Madara looked extremely small.

But Tony? The two figures Stark watched, looked at the two guys who annoyed him, thinking about how to deal with them.

In other words, they are also two diamond-level powerhouses. If they can sign a soul contract and become a slave, it may be a good choice. Soon, the opening of the space-time shuttle function will inevitably be a **** storm.

Just in Tony? While Stark was making his wishful calculations, Joey at this time used the magic of the true **** passed to him by the nemesis.

Accompanied by this, he sketched incomparably prosperous and complex runes, condensed into the true **** magic, vast power emerges, and terrifying space and time rules instantly flush this space.

\"Boom Rumble!\" The infinite gem power that originally constructed this dimensionality reduction world was moved by the power of the True God Divine Art, and fluttered in front of Joey, forming an extremely attached posture.

Even Joey could feel that he could completely absorb them as long as he wanted to.

But now in the fight, Joey will definitely not do it, who knows if it will leave him with hidden dangers.

Regarding the power left by the space gem and the time gem, why did it give him such a feeling, it should be the reason for the true **** magic that the nemesis passed on to him.

After all, these six infinite gems were formed because of the split of the Nemesis, and there is a strong connection with the Nemesis, and it is reasonable to be inspired by the gods of the true gods.

With the impact of the power of law, in Tony? In Stark\'s hand, the cut cube shattered instantly.

At the same time, the figures of Joey and Uchiha Madara slapped Uchiha Madara eagerly, and the tyrannical body punched directly at Tony. Stark\'s head was smashed, and the extreme strength was even enough to tear the space.

Although Tonyskak was a little shocked at the breaking of his ban, he watched the punches as big as sandbags hit him.

The look of his fist constantly zooming in front of his eyes made Tony? Stark looked very angry and said: "How can you be hit by the same method again!" "Bang!" I saw, Tony? Stark stretched out his hand to hold the fist he was swinging, and the two powers competed, feeling the heavy power conveyed by the fist.

Tony in an instant? Stark\'s face changed slightly, because Uchiha Madara\'s physical strength was extremely tyrannical, and it was not at all comparable to his physical strength through the technological side of civilization.

"Boom!" Tony? Stark\'s palm was immediately pierced by Uchiha Madara\'s fist, flesh and bones flying across, and his fist hit Tony in an instant? Stark hit him directly on the face.

Tony who has been beaten out now? Stark finally stabilized his body, looking at the pothole in his palm, his face looked extremely ugly.

Relying on his tyrannical body, this void was quickly restored to its original shape under the movement of the granulation, but the regular fist marks remaining on his face still brought him a great sense of humiliation.

Tony now? Stark knew that the two in front of him were not easily dismissed at all, so he couldn\'t help but show his weakness now: "What do you want to do!" Hearing this, Joey looked at him and chuckled: "Of course." It’s here to subdue you, otherwise you think we’re here to cut you off if we are full and have nothing to do?"

Joey\'s chuckle echoes in Tony? In Stark\'s ears, he furiously said: "Impossible, don\'t be delusional!" Hearing this, Joey\'s face showed a smile but not a smile: "Tony? Stark, this can\'t be up to you, Madara." , A good lesson to your future companions, meaningless struggles are useless! \"In this regard, Uchiha Madara looked at Tony with a grim look? Stark, although he can\'t kill him and relieve his own hatred, it\'s good to torture him well.

Who made this guy shame him in front of Joey, you know, this is the first time he has followed Joey through the heavens and the world.

To leave such a bad impression, I don\'t know how much effort it will take to dispel the bad impression.

Seeing Uchiha Madara\'s hideous look, the runner\'s eyes tightened slightly, and hundreds of invisible figures condensed.

Those figures condensed by Chakra attacked Tony with one punch and one kick? Stark\'s body.

Even with Tony? The physical body that Stark had strengthened now also seemed extremely embarrassed, with flesh and blood flying across the board, and the scene looked extremely cruel.

But under such severe torture, every time his physical destruction would quickly recover, but the extreme pain was even with Tony. Stark\'s gritty heart trembled slightly.

He looked at Uchiha Madara\'s appearance, staring at those eyes, and the name Madara, Tony? Stark\'s heart suddenly realized, he struggled and said: "You are Uchiha Madara!" What did Uchiha Madara say, he is also a small celebrity on the forums of the heavens.

Tony. Stark knew of his existence, but he did not expect that he would appear in his own universe now, and now the time and space shuttle function is not activated, how did he come to this world!

You know, the first to clear the tower of the brave, it is the Charlotte family that can use the space-time shuttle ability in advance.

That is to say, Uchiha Madara has already surrendered to the Charlotte family, and the annoying man in front of him should be the patriarch of the Charlotte family, the guy with whom he had traded several times.

Unexpectedly, this profiteer, using the empty glove white wolf\'s idea, wanted to completely subdue him and plunder the resources of this universe.

Tony now? In Stark\'s heart, there was already a shaky color.

But just surrender to Joey\'s feet, let Tony? Stark was extremely unwilling.

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