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Chapter 450: : Finale (New Book Douluo: Martial Soul Scalpel)

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He looked at Wang Feng, then looked at Xun\'er beside Wang Feng, his daughter, and looked at the clan behind him, and he was in a dilemma.

"Father, go back, I\'m fine." Xiao Xun\'er called to Gu Yuan.

She already knew how strong Wang Feng was before, and she didn\'t want her father to have anything to do with the clan. When Gu Yuan heard his daughter\'s words, he looked at the clansmen controlled by Wang Feng, and weighed that he had to leave with the ancient clan.

Before leaving, Gu Yuan looked at Wang Feng and whispered, "I hope you can treat Xun\'er better, I am a request from a father."

"Don\'t worry about that, I love Xun\'er very much."

"Humph." Gu Yuan snorted coldly and left with a group of clansmen in despair.

He didn\'t know whether what Wang Feng said was true or not, but he could see that his daughter was fine, her face was even more red, and she should not have been bullied too much.

As soon as Gu Yuan left, Wang Feng looked at the figure outside the Yunlan Sect.

It was Xiao Yan.

When Xiao Yan came to Yunlanzong, Wang Feng found him.

Now, Wang Feng\'s strength has reached the peak of the world, and it is time to get rid of the protagonist Xiao Yan.

But he couldn\'t let anyone know about it.

"Little Yanzi, hurry up."

Yao Lao seemed to sense some kind of danger and urgently shouted to Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan got his life and ran away from Yun Lanzong.

"Let\'s go, go back."

Wang Feng glanced at the other eight clansmen who had fled in a hurry and ignored them, then went back to the Yunlan Sect together with Queen Medusa and Yun Yun after speaking.

After returning to Yunlanzong, Wang Feng let Xiao Xuner and Nalan Yanran be together, and Yunyun and Queen Medusa returned to the door of life and death to practice.

They want to cultivate to the top of this world.

On the other hand, Wang Feng sneered when he sensed that Xiao Yan escaped from the Yunlan Sect.

"You can\'t leave."

Wang Feng opened the door of space, walked in and disappeared into the Yunlan Sect.

On the other side, Xiao Yan, who was rushing to escape, suddenly saw a space door in the space before meeting, which scared him to stop quickly.

"Xiao Yan, long time no see!" It was Wang Feng who walked out, and he looked at Xiao Yan with a smile.

Xiao Yan stared at Wang Feng defensively, and the black ruler had already been taken out.

"It\'s troublesome now!" In Na Jie, Yao Lao seemed to have foreseen something, and his face was ugly.

"What do you want?" Xiao Yan stared at Wang Feng coldly without replying to Yao Lao\'s words.

"What do you want, huh." When Wang Feng raised his hand, a powerful force rushed towards Xiao Yan.

call out!

The next second, a soul body was taken into Wang Feng\'s hands.

It is the old medicine.

"Teacher!" Seeing Yao Lao being arrested, Xiao Yan was furious.

"Sir Yao, Yao Chen, you should die too." Wang Feng sneered, he didn\'t even have the chance to speak, Yao Chen made a loud bang, and Wang Feng crushed Yao Lao\'s soul into powder. .

"Teacher!!" Xiao Yan\'s eyes widened, looking at the teacher who had turned into a powder, he couldn\'t believe that Yao Lao, who had accompanied him for so long, died like this.

Seeing that his teacher was killed, Xiao Yan, who was furious, killed Wang Feng desperately.

But Wang Feng stretched out a finger and pinned Xiao Yan in place, unable to move.

"Wang Feng..."

Xiao Yan roared with all his might, he struggled, but he was powerless to resist in the face of Wang Feng\'s spatial confinement.

Wang Feng didn\'t care about Xiao Yan who was roaring and screaming, but looked at the white flame in his hand.

It is Yao Lao\'s bones that congeal cold fire.

He directly decomposed this strange fire into the green source space into energy.

Then he came to Xiao Yan and looked at him with a smile.

"Xiao Yan, don\'t worry, I will take care of Xiao Xun\'er for you. By the way, you should know that she is pregnant with my child."

Xiao Yan stared at Wang Feng with wide eyes, bloodshot in his eyes, but he gradually calmed down and stopped struggling.

"Goodbye Xiao Yan, I hope you will have another chance to cross again."

After Wang Feng finished speaking, a green light slowly enveloped Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan was shocked when Wang Feng uttered the word "traveling", staring at Wang Feng with an expression of wanting to eat people, wanting to say a word.

But at this time, the green light had already enveloped him, but Xiao Yan was dead in the blink of an eye.

From then on, there was no Xiao Yan in Dou Po.

After killing Xiao Yan and Yao Lao, Wang Feng didn\'t have the slightest wave in his heart.

He returned to Yunlanzong, the cultivation practice, and the poker game with his women.

Such days lasted for half a year.

Half a year later, in the back mountain of Yunlanzong, Wang Feng\'s backyard, and Xiao Xun\'er\'s room.

Xiao Xun\'er, who already had a big belly and looked a bit like a young woman, sat lazily on the rocking chair.

Now she has accepted her identity, and she has to accept that she already has children.

At this time, Wang Feng walked in.

Seeing Xiao Xun\'er lying on the rocking chair, she came to her side with a smile.

"Why are you here?" Seeing Wang Feng, Xiao Xun\'er was a little angry.

All because of the time she and Wang Feng were together, she was not safe for a single day.

Seeing Wang Feng now will naturally not have a good temper.

"Of course I miss my Xun\'er." Wang Feng picked up Xiao Xun\'er\'s soft body, sat down on the rocking chair, and then hugged Xiao Xun\'er in his arms.

The two sat on the same chair.

Then, as the rocking chair swayed slowly, the two of them also moved.

Xiao Xun\'er\'s cheeks were flushed, and she said softly, "Have you heard? The soul clan has begun to occupy the other eight clans in Zhongzhou."

"Well, I heard that."

Wang Feng also knew something about the soul clan.

Emperor Soul Heaven broke through the realm of Emperor Dou, and he believed that he was invincible in the world. Naturally, he couldn\'t contain his ambition.

"My father... ask me to speak to you." Xiao Xun\'er bowed her head embarrassedly.

"Really? So the ancients were also persecuted by the souls."

"Yeah." Xiao Xun\'er nodded.

"Okay, I\'ll go there later."

Two months ago, Wang Feng, who had Origin Qi cultivation, had reached Dou Di.

At the same time, Gu Yuena, Emperor Xue, and Bibi Dong also reached Emperor Dou.

Zhu Zhuqing, Qian Renxue, Yun Yun, and Queen Medusa also reached the Nine Stars of Dou Sheng, and they were not far from Dou Di.

With their strength, it is easy to destroy the soul clan.

In the rocking chair, Wang Feng and Xiao Xun\'er chatted for more than half an hour and then let him rest, while he went to Zhongzhou, with Wang Feng and Bibi Dong.

The reason why Bibi Dong wanted to go together was to see how strong she was now.

After all, she has been very inactive.

Wang Feng, Bibi Dong\'s purpose is very clear, the strongest person in the Soul Clan, the Emperor Soul Heaven.

They have the power of space, but after a while, the two of them came to the Soul Clan, the Soul Heaven Emperor.

Emperor Soul Tian frowned when he saw Wang Feng and Bibi Dong appear.

"It\'s you?" Obviously, Emperor Soul Tian recognized Wang Feng.

"It\'s me, I heard that your soul clan wants to dominate the world."

"So what?"

"Nothing, I just want to kill you."

Wang Feng sneered.

Raising his hand, a green light attacked towards the Soul Emperor.

Likewise, when Bibi Dong struck out with a palm, the space in front of Emperor Soul Heaven collapsed.

"You two are actually fighting emperors!!"

The Soul Emperor was horrified.

Hastily defended.

"Dong\'er, let you come."

"Okay, it just so happens that I haven\'t done anything for a long time."

Wang Feng gave up the attack, and Bibi Dong started directly.

In the face of Bibi Dong, a powerhouse who relied on a lot of Origin Qi to cultivate to the Dou Emperor, the half-hearted Dou Emperor Hun Tiandi was no match at all.

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But in a short time, he was defeated by Bibi Dong.

After killing the Soul Heaven Emperor, from then on, there will be no rivals in the world.

Wang Feng and Bibi Dong stayed in Zhongzhou for a few days, and returned to the Yunlan Sect after a period of travel and life as an immortal family.

After returning to Yunlanzong, Wang Feng gathered himself Gu Yuena, Xuedi, Zhu Zhuqing, and Yunyun girls together to announce one thing.

In the back mountain of Yunlanzong, Wang Feng\'s daughters gathered again.

"There is no need to stay in Douluo World now. Tomorrow we will be Douluo God Realm, where we will live the ideal life in our hearts. Do you have any opinions?"

Wang Feng looked at the girls and asked.

Gu Yuena shook her head: "The realm of the gods is our world, and we should go back."

"Indeed." Xue Di nodded.

"Alright, let\'s go back there to live our days." Bibi Dong said softly.

"We will never be separated from now on." Zhu Zhuqing and Qian Renxue came to Wang Feng\'s side and held his hand.

Yun Yun and Queen Medusa also nodded in agreement.

Finally, Wang Feng looked at Xiao Xun\'er.

"Xun\'er, I know that I used to have a purpose, but now I\'ll give you a chance to stay here or leave with me?"

"I..." Xiao Xun\'er looked at Wang Feng complicatedly.

Before, she solved Wang Feng with the purpose of revenge.

But after following Wang Feng, she realized that she was too naive.

Not only was she trapped in Jangwu, but she also had Wang Feng\'s child in her arms, and her desire for revenge gradually disappeared. She didn\'t know whether it was because of revenge that she stayed by Wang Feng\'s side or what.

Now Wang Feng is going to leave Douba World, and may never come back in the future. She... After hesitating for a while, her eyes firmly said:

"I haven\'t avenged you yet?"

Xiao Xun\'er could only use this reason to convince herself to follow Wang Feng.

Wang Feng smiled.

"Okay, then I\'ll wait for your revenge with me."

"But before that, you have to leave with me first."

On the second day, Wang Feng and the girls left Douluo and returned to the Douluo God Realm after finishing the matter of Douba World.

Today\'s God Realm has become a real family-style God Realm, dominated by God Emperor Wang Feng and Empress Gu Yuena.

Twelve Divine Kings: Bibi Dong, Xue Di, Qian Renxue, Zhu Zhuqing, Hu Liena, Duguyan, Yunyun, Queen Medusa, Liu Erlong, Shui Binger, Shuiyueer, Life, as a supplement.

Thirty-six main gods: Xiao Wu, Ning Rongrong, Ye Lingling, Tang Yuehua, Shui Yuner, Narcissus, Xiao Xuner, Nalan Yanran, etc..

Then add the seventy-two righteous gods.

There are three hundred and sixty other gods left.

Based on this, the harem-type **** realm was built.

Under the leadership of Wang Feng, both the God Realm and Douluo Star have undergone earth-shaking changes.

The cultivation of soul masters no longer requires hunting soul beasts, but establishes a new cultivation method with soul beasts in the form of mutual cultivation and mutual improvement.

The new Douluo Continent and the new God Realm also came from this.

One hundred years after Douluo Continent.

After waiting for a hundred years in Douluo Continent, he has already turned his hair and hair white into a bad old man.

At this time, he lived in a remote village on Douluo Continent called Laowang Village.

The village chief of Laowang Village has a very good relationship with the lousy old man, Destruction, and he brags about something from time to time.

" said God Emperor...Wang Feng came out of this village before?" Destruction asked, looking at Pharaoh, who also had white beard and hair, and whose teeth were no longer sharp.

"Yeah! At that time, I still remember that he was a little boy. He was extraordinary since he was a child. He is the pride of our Laowang Village." Laowang praised in high spirits.

Then Lao Wang kept bragging about his affairs with Wang Feng.

What kind of **** and **** took him up and so on.

"Alas!" Destruction listened and sighed. He looked towards the God Realm with a look of loneliness in his eyes.

Having lived in the Douluo Continent for a hundred years, he had no longer wanted to go to the God Realm.

"You two bad old men, what are you talking about outside before you come in for dinner?"

At this moment, an old woman walked out of the room, looked at Lao Wang and Destroyer, and shouted harshly.

The two underestimated, then with a smile on their faces, they obediently walked into the room to eat.

"See, he already has his life, so stay by my side in peace in the future."

Not far from the village, Wang Feng looked at the life beside him and said indifferently.

"Well, I\'m relieved to see him like this." The King of Life buried his head in Wang Feng\'s arms, and then the two turned to leave.

After walking a few steps, Wang Feng stopped, and he glanced at the village elder Wang who walked into the room.

"What\'s wrong?" Seeing Wang Feng\'s dazed look, the King of Life asked.

"It\'s all right." Wang Feng chuckled lightly, grabbed the waist of the God of Life and left Laowang Village.

Soon after, the two returned to the realm of the gods.


As soon as Wang Feng returned to the God Realm, a 15- or 16-year-old girl flew over and threw herself into Wang Feng\'s arms.

The girl is the daughter of Wang Feng and Bibi Dong, Wang Xin

"Hmph, bad dad, don\'t take me with you when you go down to play." Wang Xin snorted in dissatisfaction, hugging Wang Feng and reluctant to let go.

She was very unhappy that Wang Feng and her life aunt went to Douluo Mainland without taking her with them.

"Alright, alright, Xin\'er, how old you are and still like to hug your father like a spoiled child, you are not afraid of being laughed at by your auntie." Wang Feng touched his daughter\'s head and said with love.

"Aunt Sheng Sheng won\'t laugh at me." Wang Xin looked up at Sheng Sheng and asked, "Aunt Sheng Sheng, don\'t you think so?"

"Of course not." The King of Life smiled.

I also like Wang Xin\'s character, the God of Life.

"Xin\'er, where is your mother?"

"Mom, she went to find her sister and said she had something to do." Wang Xin smiled playfully when she mentioned her sister.

"Really? Let\'s go back first. Your mother should be back tonight."

Then Wang Feng returned to the palace with his life and Wang Xin followed.

She has not been in Douluo Continent for a long time, so that she is very interested in Douluo Continent now, and after returning to the palace, she will ask this question about life.

Not long after, Bibi Dong came back, with Qian Renxue and Zhu Zhuqing.

Seeing Bibi Dong, Qian Renxue, Zhu Zhuqing\'s three daughters, Wang Feng grabbed Bibi Dong\'s waist and the three daughters came into the room to chat about something.

However, Wang Xin broke through and ran in, making a fuss and wanting to go to Douluo Star to Wang Feng shook his head helplessly.

Bibi Dong was also a little helpless about her daughter\'s character, and she didn\'t know if she was out of Wang Feng.

In the end, Wang Feng had no choice but to agree to go to Douluo with Wang Xin in a few days.

Along with them were three daughters, Bibi Dong, Qian Renxue, and Zhu Zhuqing.

"It\'s decided like this, we\'re going to go on vacation."

"Well, with Gu Yuena in the God Realm, I can just go down for a few days." Bibi Dong also agreed.

A few days later, Wang Feng, Bibi Dong, Qian Renxue, and Zhu Zhuqing brought Wang Xin to Douluo Star for a vacation.

Seeing the various changes on the Douluo Continent in a hundred years, I was filled with emotion.

"Fortunately, you are with me." Wang Feng sighed as he looked at Bibi Dong, Qian Renxue, and Zhu Zhuqing\'s three daughters.


"Our days will be long, long, and the road is still long." Bibi Dong held Wang Feng\'s hand and said the most sincere words in his heart.

"Yeah, the road is still long, and the days are still long." Wang Feng smiled and looked at Bibi Dong, Qian Renxue, and Zhu Zhuqing\'s three daughters, "But I\'m lucky because I have you by my side."

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