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Chapter 124: Catching Up

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The forest in the Mystic Treasure Realm was barely awake, as the birds only now started to unfurl their feathers and prepare for breakfast.

The flowers remained tightly shut as they gently swayed in the cool breeze as the morning dew slowly began to retreat to the ground.

The sun was barely visible, with the only indication of its existence being the faint lilac glow that outlined the shape of the towering mountains.

Such a sight would\'ve quietly passed by most; however, to Zhu Na Ran, it has now become a common occurrence.

"Aiyah, almost an hour has passed, and nothing has come by!" Zhu Na Ran grumbled in frustration and panic as she carefully watched the small trap that she made remain empty.

Before, she would\'ve been still in bed at this hour, snuggled up next to her senior sister.

And yet, she somehow rose from the sun and even crafted this small trap for any unfortunate prey that may pass by.

"Ahh, why won\'t anything come? Did this auntie leave the Senior Sister\'s side for nothing, ah?" Sitting criss-crossed behind some shrubbery, the young girl tapped her finger on her knee impatiently as the sun started to peak over the leafy treetops.

As much as Zhu Na Ran longed to return to bed, she knew that if she gave up now, then undoubtedly, she would lose the bet they made!

\'How could I let that happen?! (Q A Q)

I worked so hard to get here, and I\'m so close to beating Senior Sister\'s score.\'

She may have… snuck a peek at her senior sister\'s treasure score after a particularly… vigorous "training session."

Although she felt a bit guilty at doing so, since they both vowed to see what each other\'s total score would be at the end… she was desperate!

After being together for a few nights, her senior sister started to give her indignant glares in the mornings after their nightly training.

She didn\'t know why, but after learning how much fun pushing down Ye Lian Hua was, she almost became addicted to the act. And whenever that happened, Zhu Na Ran couldn\'t help but tease the poor woman even more to relieve the flames in her heart.

Something about seeing the usually cold woman\'s face becoming flush in pink ignited some weird primal instinct within her.

Either that, or she\'s been trapped in this Mystic Treasure Realm for so long that she\'s no different than the beasts that roam here.

Although she wasn\'t too afraid of her senior sister anymore, Ye Lian Hua was still a formidable foe.

And definitely, someone that she wouldn\'t want to lose too, especially with something with as much weight as their wager.

Undoubtedly, if she lost this bet, her senior sister might return the favor tenfold! Zhu Na Ran shuddered at all of the possibilities!

Writing ten thousand character mantras, doing horse stance from dawn to eve, or perhaps being a sword dummy for her senior sister! Ah, if she lost, wouldn\'t that mean that she would be at the complete mercy of any of these?!

How could she just lay down and accept her fate ah?! (T A T)

If she thought that her time with her master was rough, she didn\'t even want to think about what Ye Lian Hua might have in store.

\'That\'s why I must win this bet no matter what!\'

A little lost sleep couldn\'t possibly equate to what she stood to lose!

"Ahh, forget it!

If this auntie can\'t bring the horse to water, then this auntie must get the water to the horse!" Slapping her legs awake, Zhu Na Ran pushed herself off the ground and swept away the dew and grass that clung to her clothes.

Picking up her trap, she quickly stashed it away. Using her foot to rub out any evidence of its existence, Zhu Na Ran decided it was about time she took a more active role in winning this wager.

"Ayy, this auntie doesn\'t want to stray too far from my love, but sacrifices must be made ah." (T v T)

Taking one last longing look in the direction of the camp, Zhu Na Ran forced herself to move forward, begrudgingly.

\'Ahh, don\'t worry too much about this junior, Senior Sister.

I\'ll be back before our first meal!\'

And with that, Zhu Na Ran pressed forward in the darkened forest. If she were lucky, she\'d find a worthy prey within the time of an incense stick.

If she were unluckily…

Ah, she\'d rather not think of the possibilities…

"Hmm, Senior Sister\'s wrath or death via monster… this auntie doesn\'t know what\'s worse ah…."



M-maybe this is worse!\' Jumping out of the way, Zhu Na Ran narrowly dodged a huge spitball of some disgusting goo.

The pungent smell instantly attacked her nose as the goo\'s putrid odor started to summon the remnants of her breakfast.


I think I\'m going to be sick!\' (>.<)

However, Zhu Na Ran wrestled back the feeling of vomiting as she quickly slashed at her beastly opponent.

"HISSSSS!" The giant three-headed snake hissed as a new wound appeared on one of its necks. Eyes narrowed and mouths wide as saliva dripped out, the snake coiled its back, preparing for its next attack.

\'Aiyah, this thing better bring this auntie a lot of points for all of this trouble!\' Although, to be frank, she did purposely incite the rage of this level-seven monster, she didn\'t expect that this snake would grow a new head with each cut!

And just like that, another head sprouted out from the neck wound, hissing with fury and vengeance.

"Aiyah! You\'ve got to be kidding me!" (;>o<)

\'There has to be an effective way to get rid of this thing!\' Zhu Na Ran grumbled as she tried to think of a way to end her misery.

\'Every time that I\'ve tried to aim for its heart, it would just move it around!

Who knew that the snake\'s heart could be so slippery!\'

And every time that Zhu Na Ran has attempted to aim for the heart, she\'d either miss or, unfortunately, spawn a new head.

\'If only there were a way to stun the snake-

Wait a minute!\' (OoO)!

Perhaps she was going about this all wrong, to begin with! Rather than muscle it out with this snake, she should\'ve just used her handy tricks from the beginning!

After all, she was quite an expert in undoing any stun seals and enchantments. She was able to break out of one last night!

\'Aiyah, how come these ideas only come when I\'ve already wasted so much time!\' (i _ i)

Never mind, never mind! She could mourn over lost time later.

\'Now, how did that enchantment go again…\' Zhu Na Ran wracked her brain as the snake started to spit out more goo balls towards her.


I got it!\' /( ^ v ^)/

Using the tip of her blade like a brush, Zhu Na Ran quickly wrote out the paralyzing enchantment.

Albeit a bit shaky in appearance, the substance of the spell was effective as soon the characters started to expand into thin gold bands. Varying in size, the bands began to multiply as they slowly started to hover towards the snake.

Sensing danger, the snake halted its spitball attacks as its heads reeled back in fear and suspicion; before quickly turning tail and starting to run away.

"Oi! Where do you think you\'re going?!" Her prey was escaping!

Luckily, it seems that the enchantment that she cast was correct as they quickly started to pursue the snake.

Forming a giant net, the golden rings grew larger and larger as they encroached upon the serpentine beast.

\'Huh, no wonder Senior Sister likes to use this spell… It\'s very effective!\' Zhu Na Ran thought as she followed behind the golden rings.

Despite having multiple heads, the snake was relatively agile and synchronized as it avoided any of the rings from landing on it.

\'Ahh, that\'s not gonna be good.\' If the snake keeps avoiding her rings, then the effectiveness of each once decreases.

In other words, she would\'ve just wasted more time and energy!

\'Aiyah looks like I can\'t avoid getting my hands dirty ah.\'

Picking up the pace, Zhu Na Ran used more spiritual energy to boost her speed. Catching up to the rings, she could see the thin gold bands slowly land onto the snake.

They weren\'t enough to completely restrain the beast, but they effectively slowed it down.

\'Hehe, I got you now!\' (`o v o\')

Lifting her sword, Zhu Na Ran swiftly hacked at the beast. Soon, the snake shrieked in pain and anger as the tip of its tail was sliced off clean!

\'Hehe, if I can\'t stab the heart, I might as well chop this snake up until I find it!\'

Sensing that the snake had faltered, the rest of the golden bands had caught up and started to bind the snake in varying areas.

Soon, it could do more than twitch on the ground as it was brought to a sudden halt.

Zhu Na Ran wasted no time in butchering the poor beast when the opportunity arrived.;

"Hiyah! Take that!

And that!

And that!" Flaying her sword towards the serpent, it soon was diced up into large chunks as purple blood sprayed out from the open wounds like a fountain.

\'Ahh, sh*t.

I should\'ve thought this through….\'

Now covered in the serpent\'s blood, Zhu Na Ran could only smile warily at the now-soaked attire and the gory mess she had made of the snake.

How could she be so careless?


Hopefully, this snake is worth something even after being butchered to bits.\' ( o 3o)

Looking at the mess and then towards the late morning sun, another sigh escaped Zhu Na Ran\'s lips.

\'If this is my current rate of treasure finding and beast killing, it is going to be a long, long day before I can catch up to Senior Sister ah.\' ( ; i v i)

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