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Chapter 547: Extra: Huo Xiao Boas Special Ability (2)

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Chapter 547: Extra: Huo Xiao Boas Special Ability (2)

Chapter 547 – Extra: Huo Xiao Boa’s Special Ability (2)

The act of bringing it up by 3 million at one go was very cool.

Third Young Master Zhu was very proud of himself.

The price was going to reach 100 to 200 million anyway, what was the point of having it go up slowly?

He leaned back leisurely against the back of his chair.

Nevertheless… one second…… two seconds had gone by…… other than the soft whispering sound within the venue, nobody else raised their signs.

“8 million yuan. Sold! Congratulations, Mr. Zhu!”

Third Young Master Zhu, “? ? ? ! ! !”

Huo Yuhong stretched his hands out while facing Huo Fufu and continued to educate her.

“If you are not familiar with something, listen and observe. Don’t rush yourself.”

The impatient Third Master Zhu took 10,000 points damage……

Li Yiru turned her head, placed her hand over her lips and smiled.

Watching the greasy man being defeated could not be more satisfying.

“Xiao Yuhong, explain it to your Aunty Xiao Yu quickly.”

Huo Yuhong nodded and pointed his still childish finger toward the screen.

“The styles between the two paintings are different. The 200 million one was Mr. Wu’s last purely scenery painting.

“This one, on the other hand, had Western oil painting style blended in. It was still ink painting, but both its perspective and the ink-splashing style differed vastly from his former unique style. This one had borrowed others’ thinking and was most likely a practice work of his.”

Naturally, one could not compare the prices of a practice work with a sophisticated work.

“Oh,” said Li Yiru as she quickly looked it up online.

Sure enough, she was able to locate the original text from Mr. Wu’s biography Painting.

“Practice…… attempting…… not happy [with the result]…… and then painted two more Luo Zhuang’s Dream and Regret of Dreams. Achieved minor success luckily.”

The auction wanted to fetch a high price so they had naturally omitted certain information.

Li Yiru quickly showed her phone to Third Young Master Zhu making his face turned beet red!

Of course a practice piece would not fetch 200 million yuan!

Had he not rushed it to 8 million, yuan others would most likely start to hesitate around 5 million!

But he wanted to show off in front of the girl and ended up screwing himself!

“The other two dream pieces should be worth over 100 million. They were, after all, successful attempts by a famed artist. You should try and buy those if the opportunity presents itself.”

That was little kid Hou Yuhong’s conclusion.

Third Young Master Zhu took another 10,000 points of damage.

He brought Li Yiru to the auction for the purpose of leaving her with the good impression that he was worldly and had unique insight; nevertheless––

Ten minutes later––

Little kid Huo Yuhong, “Aunty Xiao Yu, you can try up to 800,000 yuan for this piece Maitreya red jade. The blood red lines were rare and the carving smooth. It is a good piece to have for a girl. It will hold its value within 50 years.”

Li Yiru, “Roar!”

Little kid Huo Yuhong, “Aunty Xiao Yu, you can call up to 800 million. The scenery is hazy and had good artistic concept. It’s ink-splashing style is already very mature. The artist had no other similar work to this. It will go up in price in 10 years’ time.”

Li Yiru, “Roar!”

Little kid Huo Yuhong, “The technique on this root craving was mediocre but it is interesting and natural. 500,000 yuan.”

Little kid Huo Yuhong, “This……”

Third Young Master Zhu’s jaw dropped further and further as time went on and dared not tried to show off in front of the expert and said one more work.

Li Yiru won a couple pieces during the second half of the auction.

One of them was a birthday present for her father and the other one she won for little kid Huo Yuhong as he could not bid for himself as a minor.

Third Young Master Zhu also won another ink painting quietly after them.

He drove Li Yiru and the two kids back to their hotel after the event.

Li Yiru finally smiled at him. “Give me a good rating with the introducer, okay?”

She had done so much for her pocket money.

“I didn’t even fight you over that ink painting. If this kid said it will go up in price, then it will go up in price.”

Third Young Master Zhu, “……”

“Pray tell, was this child some sort of lucky koi?!”

“Ah huh.”

He didn’t expect Li Yiru to nod.

“Not just lucky koi, but the lucky koi son of an ink painting guru. His mother’s failed drafts were his toys since he was a child. His pre-natal education was calligraphy and ink painting. As such…… he was not a genius that a normal person could comprehend.

“Neeways, bye for now~”

Li Yiru said goodbye to him chicly and walked away in her heels without looking back.

“Thank you so much, Xiao Yuhong!”

After she had walked inside the hotel, she bent down, hugged the serious-looking little kid and gave him a kiss on his cheek.

Huo Yuhong smiled and nodded at her. He reached out his right hand for her to hold and reached out his left to hold Huo Fufu, who was eating a piece of candy and had no idea what was going on around her.

“You are welcome.

“Aunty Xiao Yu, too, is a collection that will go up in value. You deserve a more worthy collector.”

SMACK. All of the shopping bags in Li Yiru’s hand dropped onto the floor.


He was tricking her into having a boy again!

Aowu. He was so, so, so, so cute……. How she wanted to take this lucky koi child home with her. Wuwuwuwu. Tis was another day that she wanted to steal someone else’s son!

“Xiao Yuhong.”

Li Yiru was just about to pick up her shopping bags when she heard a magnetic voice next to her.

Right when she felt that this voice alone was able to impregnant someone, she looked up and saw a handsome man bending down and smiling at her. The smile was cynical with a hint of masculine fierceness.

“Hi. Are you Miss Li? I am Xiao Yuhong’s uncle. It is nice to meet you.

“I have already upgraded you to the presidential suite. Here’s your keycard.”

The second young master of the Zhang family.

Li Yiru blushed even more.

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