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Chapter 1831: Live for me (finale)

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Chapter 1831 Live for me (finale)

What\'s the meaning?

  Before Situ Jue understood what was going on, he saw a colorful light suddenly appearing in Lu Xingchen\'s body, and he asked a little uneasy, "What is that?"

Lu Xingchen still had a smile on his face. She didn\'t answer Situ Jue\'s question, but more and more light appeared on her body, as if her body was shot through, and the light leaked from her body Come out the same.

  Situ Jue became more and more uneasy, he said impatiently, "What\'s going on? What are you doing, Lu Xingchen? I can\'t see you clearly!"

  Below, the man in black robe and Chu Meng were also a little flustered, because they didn\'t know what the ability of the seventh man with different pupils was, but at this time, this change made them very disturbed.

  The man in black yelled at Lu Xingchen, "What are you doing? Stop immediately! Stop!"

   But his words were obviously useless. Lu Xingchen was enveloped in colorful light, as if a **** had descended, and her voice was even more distant and ethereal.

  I only heard her say softly, "Re-enact the laws of space, I want Situ Jue to become the supreme judge of time and space in this side of time and space."

  After this sentence, everyone\'s eyes widened in shock, and almost at the same moment, Situ Jue\'s strength became insignificant, and he broke away all at once, and then he went to Lu Xingchen.

  Seeing that Lu Xingchen is like a ball of light that is constantly falling, the whole person is falling slowly, and at the same time the voice continues to come, "Stop the space channel from opening, hurry up, big brother!"

Situ Jue\'s speed at this moment was astonishingly fast. He really became the absolute master here, caught Lu Xingchen in an instant, and then carefully placed it on the ground, saying softly, "You wait for me, you wait for me, I will Be right back."

   Then, his figure disappeared again, like a reaper, subdued the man in black robe and several other people with different eyes, this time he didn\'t have any soft-heartedness, and directly took their different eyes.

   Chumeng and the others yelled in pain, but Situ Jue ignored them at all, and returned to Lu Xingchen\'s side again.

  Han Xiyi, who was freed, was also standing not far away. They knew that they should not step forward at this moment, and should not disturb Lu Xingchen and Situ Jue.

  However, endless sadness welled up from the bottom of her heart, and Bai Mujin cried loudly on Han Xiyi\'s body. This was the most unbridled time she cried for a long time, and she never expected such an ending.

  Situ Jue supported Lu Xingchen, trying to lose his spiritual power to Lu Xingchen, but it was of no avail. Lu Xingchen\'s body seemed to be unable to accept the spiritual power at all.

   "Brother," Lu Xingchen forced a smile, and said with difficulty, "Don\'t waste your spiritual power, take them away. I am destined to stay here. I don\'t regret it. I am very glad that I finally married you."

   "Don\'t talk nonsense, don\'t talk nonsense." Situ Jue couldn\'t stop his tears, "I\'ll stay here with you, I won\'t leave you alone."

"Fool," Lu Xingchen\'s tears flowed down the corners of his eyes, "My ability is to exchange one identity for one wish. I don\'t regret it, big brother. From now on, no one can stop you. You are the freest person in this world." people."

   "I don\'t want it!" Situ Jue hugged Lu Xingchen tightly, and said loudly, "I don\'t want anything if you\'re not here!"

   "Don\'t be stupid, live for me, don\'t be stupid!" Lu Xingchen\'s vision gradually blurred, and his body gradually disappeared.

  Situ Jue shouted Lu Xingchen\'s name like crazy, but nothing helped. However, in the end, what was left in his arms was a snow-white cat.

   Miao Miao licked her paw, 【Meow, Miao Miao finally got the embrace of Ju Shao. 】

  Situ Jue was dumbfounded, and said hoarsely, "Who are you? Why are you here?"

Meow squinted her eyes, and then said, 【I used my last strength to save the master\'s consciousness, but she has lost the identity of this space, so I don\'t know where she will go, aren\'t you a space judge? ? The endless universe allows you to come and go freely, if you really love her, go find her! 】

  Situ Jue heard that his eyes finally brightened, and he muttered to himself, "Lu Xingchen, no matter who you become, I will find you, I will definitely find you!"

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  (end of this chapter)

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