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"Miaomiao, stop messing around, Mr. Zhao is treating you!" Lin Hengfa said, his tone carried a trace of helplessness, he couldn't bear to shout at his daughter like this.

"Dad, he's a swindler, I don't want her to see it. I'd rather die from the pain!" Lin Miaomiao was stubborn, she would not let Zhao Jinbao touch her even if he died.

Zhao Jinbao was a little speechless, he did not seem to have provoked her, why did he let his misunderstand him so much? Since Lin Miaomiao was not willing, then he was too lazy to take action.

"Boss Lin, since your daughter isn't cooperating, I think we can forget about it. After all, I'm not confident. Let's just wait for the medicine to come first."

"Miss, Miss …"

Before Zhao Jinbao could finish his sentence, he immediately fainted in pain. Lee Nan hurriedly rushed over to support her, his face turning even more anxious. If it wasn't for the fact that his legs were inconvenient, he probably would have knelt down and begged Zhao Jinbao.

"Mr. Zhao, I am begging you. When the medicine arrives, my daughter will probably be dead. You can try. "

"Boss Lin, don't worry, I will do it." Seeing Lin Hengfa's attitude, Zhao Jinbao truly could not find any reason to reject. Although Lin Miaomiao's attitude towards him was not good, he still had to give him face.

While Lin Miaomiao was unconscious temporarily, Zhao Jinbao took her from his hands and helped her sit on the bench.

Lin Miaomiao's body was very good, and her entire body was releasing a delicate fragrance, especially at this moment where she was unconscious. After Zhao Jinbao held her, she laid down softly in Zhao Jinbao's embrace, and instantly, Zhao Jinbao felt his heart beating even faster.

A woman falling unconscious in your arms, this in itself is an extremely fatal blow to a man, not to mention a beauty like Lin Miaomiao. If not for the presence of Lin Hengfa and Lee Nan, I think Zhao Jinbao would have immediately stripped Lin Miaomiao of her clothes.

Lin Miaomiao tilted her head slightly inward, adding that Zhao Jinbao had held her up high, her mouth was extremely close to Zhao Jinbao's neck, her weak breath carrying a warm feeling hit on Zhao Jinbao's neck, made him very uncomfortable.

"Mr. Zhao, what's wrong? Is Miaomiao's situation very bad? " Lin Hengfa noticed the change in's expression and asked sensitive.

"It's alright, I'll give it a try!" Zhao Jinbao coughed lightly, and then, he gently placed his hand on Lin Miaomiao's lower abdomen.

was a little nervous in his heart, but everything happened very smoothly. After being activated by Zhao Jinbao, the dragon pearl responded to Lin Miaomiao's symptoms, causing Zhao Jinbao to be happy. He did not expect the dragon pearl to be able to treat even this.

His palm slowly rubbed back and forth across Lin Miaomiao's lower abdomen, and the power of the dragon pearl was also being channeled into Lin Miaomiao's body through his palm. At the same time, Zhao Jinbao also feigned a professional attitude, taking the opportunity to eat the tofu.

"This Lin Miaomiao's figure is not bad, her lower abdomen does not have any fat, and her chest is so long that it's scary!" Zhao Jinbao swept a glance at Lin Miaomiao's slightly opened collar from the corner of her eyes.

Because of their posture, not only could Zhao Jinbao see them, he could even feel their softness. This was because half of one of the white rabbits was currently pressing down on his chest.

Lin Miaomiao who was in pain suddenly felt a warm current float past her lower abdomen, following that, the heart-wrenching pain slowly subsided, and her scattered consciousness slowly gathered together. She could vaguely feel a hand moving across her lower abdomen, and instinctively felt a misconception in her heart, but her body's reaction was hoping that she did not take this hand away, because this was really very comfortable.

Lin Hengfa and Lee Nan personally saw Lin Miaomiao's expression improve, and they were immediately overjoyed in their hearts. In the past, when Lin Miaomiao was sick, she definitely would not show any signs of improving if she did not take any medicine, and even if she did, it would still take a long time to alleviate the symptoms.

But now, Zhao Jinbao had simply spent one minute to have such a miraculous effect, how could the two of them not be shocked.

"Mr. Zhao, you really are a genius doctor, this is even more effective than taking medicine!" Lin Hengfa gave a thumbs up from the bottom of his heart, because he felt that there were no longer any words that could express the mysticality of Zhao Jinbao's medical skills.

"Fortunately, the blind cat ran into a dead rat!" Zhao Jinbao was also a little embarrassed.

Lin Miaomiao seemed to have heard their conversation and gradually woke up. But when she opened her eyes and saw Zhao Jinbao in front of her, the warmth in her heart immediately disappeared, replacing it was anger and shame. At that moment, she wanted to push Zhao Jinbao away.

Zhao Jinbao seemed to realize that Lin Zhen had woken up, and spoke with a serious tone: "If you don't want to suffer, then don't move!"

Lin Miaomiao was shocked by the sudden seriousness of the situation, and the feeling from her stomach, made it difficult for her to do so. Although she was extremely unwilling, she still laid obediently in Zhao Jinbao's embrace.

"Miaomiao, Mr. Zhao is treating you right now. It will be fine after a while. "Don't worry." Lin Hengfa interrupted.

"Right." Without refuting, Lin Miaomiao was actually as meek as a kitten. She returned it to Zhao Jinbao's embrace softly, and her voice was soft to the bones.

Zhao Jinbao felt his ear go numb, and goosebumps rose all over his body, but Lin Miaomiao was a bit of a thorn in his head, so he tried his best to maintain a dignified and upright manner, not allowing her to find any clues.

Lin Hengfa and Lee Nan watched on quietly, while Zhao Jinbao put on an act to cure his. Only Lin Miaomiao's mental activities were a bit more frequent.

He looked at the man who was only a few centimeters away from him. Although he said that this was a treatment, it was impossible to say that he didn't have any other feelings. Furthermore, looking at how Zhao Jinbao was focusing, he did not seem to be annoying at all. Just looking at him made Lin Miaomiao's heart race.

Although Zhao Jinbao didn't look at Lin Miaomiao, his attention was still focused on her. The twin temptations of feeling and smell could probably cause even Liu Xiaihui, who was sitting still in confusion, to explode.

However, Lin Miaomiao did not seem to notice anything strange about Zhao Jinbao, as her pair of beautiful eyes continued to stare at the other party.

After a while, the power of the dragon pearl gradually calmed down. Zhao Jinbao knew that the treatment this time was basically over, even though he also wanted Lin Miaomiao to lie down for a while longer, in order for Lin Hengfa to not be able to see that something was amiss, he said to Lin Miaomiao:

"It's about time, you can get up!"

Lin Miaomiao looked a little lost in thought, and actually did not hear what Zhao Jinbao said. Lin Hengfa's old face flushed, and she quickly pulled at Lin Miaomiao, whispering: "Miaomiao, it's enough, don't look anymore!"

Being pulled for a bit, Lin Miaomiao immediately reacted, her face was red, like a startled rabbit, she quickly jumped out of Zhao Jinbao's embrace.

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