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Chapter 540 (END) - The Last Archmage

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Chapter 540: The Last Archmage

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

“All right, if I can do it.”

After Lei Luo finished speaking to the Good Will, he took the silver cross from him and placed his hand gently on his chest. He felt the heart of the Good Will and chanted silently in his heart.

“Instant death.”

This was a magic passed down from the demon world. It could make people die without any intuition. He held onto the Good Will’s back and slowly placed the good will’s body on the ground. Looking at the smile on his face, it had been a long time since he had laughed like this.

The six-winged angels surrounded Lei Luo and the Good Will and wailed sorrowfully. The bell in the distance rang, and the surrounding people sent off the death of the Good Will.

A white light rushed out of the cathedral in the center of the sacred city, signifying the birth of a superposition mage. This was the first superposition mage since the disappearance of the ancient Magic Empire and also the last mage.

Feeling the power of the Good Will, there were no offensive spells, and most of them were healing spells. There were even very few spells that could restrict its effects.

This came from Lei Luo’s hope and longing for everything. He did not have any distracting thoughts. The holy body that had fused with the benevolent will was already perfect. Lei Luo was at the top of the transcendence level.

After returning to the empire, Lei Luo looked at Allie who was lying on the bed. He turned the two soul flowers into the purest liquid and flowed it into Allie’s body. After two months, Allie once again saw the world outside. Lei Luo stood beside her. They held each other’s hands and saw deep love in each other’s eyes. Their comrade-in-arms was also their lover.

After staying by Allie’s side and waiting for her to recover, Lei Luo set out on the road to conquer the empire.

A month ago, the chief elder of the Council of Elders was assassinated and killed, opening the prelude to the turmoil in the empire. The Angel Army rose up among them and successively conquered many alliances in the third province, taking control of two-thirds of the Empire’s most powerful, miscellaneous, and most powerful provinces.

And the other one-third was under the control of the magic conductor army. But now, Lei Luo did not know how to face the magic conductor army. This army, which had originally been his support, was now like a hot potato.

If the node was still shrinking, then the other four worlds would undoubtedly come in and destroy the empire’s magic conductor or even Lei Luo. But to solve the problem of the magic conductor, the Empire’s war had to stop.

Sitting in the guest room in the cabin, looking at Kronin, or rather, Athena, Lei Luo’s emotions were very complicated. After saying what he knew, Lei Luo and Athena both fell silent.

Athena was the highest intelligence crystal in the ancient magic empire, and she had absolute control over the magister. But she saw the magister as her own kind, not a tool. Lei Luo could not ask Athena to do anything for the future of mankind.

“I understand.”

After Athena finished speaking in a trembling voice, her beautiful eyes looked at Lei Luo. Lei Luo understood that this was a pleading look. She wanted him to find a way to preserve the magister.

Sighing as he walked out of the room, he looked at the starry sky, following his inner thoughts, but it was still the end. Lei Luo fell into a daze.

In the following months, Lei Luo did not stay in the warship but went to every place he had ever been. He did not know where the orphanage had gone, and now only the big crater left by the Magic Cannonball was left.

As for Tolui, he stayed in the fleet and became the commander of the warship after Charlotte. With the help of Lei Luo, Charlotte returned to the fortress where the demon world and the Empire were facing each other and met his cousin. She did not have the beautiful face that Charlotte had seen before, but she was no longer elegant and her temples were gray.

The next time he saw Ulysses was in a study. He brought a girl with exquisite makeup and greeted Lei Luo. It was obvious that not much time had passed, but everyone was different.

He did not have the ambition of the past. He only asked Lei Luo to take care of his family. Everyone in the empire knew about the contraction of the nodes. There were protests against the magic conductors and the Flames of war between the alliance.

In the Southern Alliance, Lei Luo met Arthur, the youth who had once lost his life for the dream of the East God Alliance, the youth who had talked about life with him in the prison, and the youth who had befriended him because of a bag of magic crystals.

He was now the leader of the Southern Alliance. His command of warships and heavy armor operations in the Empire were all top-notch. However, Lei Luo was standing in front of him at this moment.

The tall and Big Lei Luo smiled at Lei Luo and said, “Boss, I’m back. This time, I won’t disappear again.”

Lei Luo shed tears and hugged him tightly. He could not say a word, and his heart was only filled with the joy of meeting an old friend.

After bidding farewell to Arthur, the situation in the empire could naturally stabilize. Looking at the tall city walls, Lei Luo came to the palace where Emperor Victor had stayed before he died.

It was a magnificent mural. The person in the mural held up the Kingdom of the human world and ascended to the transcendent kingdom. This mural was hidden in the secret passage of Emperor Victor’s bedroom.

Lei Luo carefully looked at the contents of the mural, trying to find the clues left behind by Emperor Victor.

“It’s incredible, isn’t it? Holding up the Kingdom of God, ascending to the transcendent realm and becoming the god of this world.”

The mist enveloped Lei Luo’s body, and it was as if Lei Luo had returned to the source.

“Who are you?”

Looking at the elegant man in a dark purple gown walking towards him, Lei Luo narrowed his eyes at the man in front of him. This was the man he had seen when he had just developed his holy physique.

“You can call me Alexander, or you can call me the Imperial preceptor of the empire, or the controller of the source.”

Alexander lowered his head and gave a noble salute to Lei Luo, then looked at the mural together with him.

“Back then, the five of us guarded the five roots separately to prevent the magic power rebellion and investigate the reason behind the recovery of the magic power. But in a long period of time, the first one to disappear was the original mage, Ellis Lei Luo. We couldn’t find him. The madness brought by the incomplete sacred body tortured the four of us, but Ellis Lei Luo didn’t give us the chance. He completely sealed the other four roots and trapped us in this cage.”

His face began to slowly twist and become ferocious. He recalled the memory in pain and grabbed Lei Luo’s shoulders with both hands.

“Do you know how painful it is for us? To fall into the Endless Abyss and not see a single ray of light. Do you know what that feels like?”

Lei Luo saw that Alexander, who was in pain, was powerless. Such pain could destroy a person’s will. When eternal life was no longer hope but a form of torture, was there still a need for this world to exist?

Alexander’s expression changed, and he looked as if he was making an important decision. He brought Lei Luo to the sealed bronze door of the central source and said, “Go, this is the last stop.”

Pushing open the bronze door, Lei Luo stood in front of the node. He saw that it looked exactly like him, but the beard on his face was very weathered. He looked at Lei Luo and said, “What is your choice?”

The moment he saw this person, Lei Luo had all of Ellis Lei Luo’s memories. This was not the first Lei Luo’s memory, but the memories of Lei Luo who had already been in several eras. They had all failed, and none of them could reach this place.

And now, Lei Luo had to choose to destroy the magic conductor, continue to imprison Alexander, preserve his magic power, and wait for the next Lei Luo to arrive. He could become the god of this world, combining all of his magic power into one.

The truth revealed to Lei Luo through the primordial magic was that this was a breeding ground for gods. In the end, only one person could obtain the magic power of this world and become a mage God, replacing the dead mage God.

Lei Luo raised the node without a doubt, while Ellis Lei Luo looked at him with gratification, turning into ashes.

The five great roots collapsed at the same time, and all the magic power of people and things was reduced to the node. The boundary kept shrinking, and the people of the four great worlds had long been waiting at the four corners of the Empire for the final result.

Lei Luo raised the nodes, and all the magic power returned to the saintly being, and from the saintly being to the divine being!

“My fellow countrymen, from today onwards, there will be no more magic in this world. I am the last mage god!”

A few years later, in a small mountain village, a fair-haired little girl ran to the side of the white-haired old man sitting on the rocking chair. She raised her big eyes and asked him, “Grandpa, Grandpa, is there really magic in this world?”

The white-haired old man stroked her head with a smile and said, “Magic is a very interesting thing!”

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